Preparing the meat that we raised together as a family.
July 11th 2016
Atlanta, Georgia

This is our fourth year of running our backyard rabbitry. Our rabbits are cared for and loved. We have a great admiration and respect for the animal. Before we butcher our rabbits my children have learned to say, “Thank you for being here for us and for making us stronger, we will not waste your meat, you are now a part of us.” The children do not have any problems with the harvesting of the rabbits they help raise. They are excited and feel like they are contributing to the family. We believe this makes them more confident growing into the people they will become and more respectful to the environment they are growing within. There is something that has changed within us since we began raising our own meat. There is an understanding that is gained by being responsible for the lives that we end so we can continue. We are tighter as a family because we shoulder the reality of understanding how much dies to keep us alive. Past experience in sharing these particular endeavors that we engage in as a family lead me to believe that many of you reading this may find it unsettling, to say the least. We only ask that you try to understand that we are choosing not to participate in factory farmed meats. The meat that we harvest and eat in our house has been loved or, if hunted, has lived a real life.

We hope our latest family blog post finds you doing well and in the present moment with an open mind.

Most respectfully,


Garden to table rainbow salad! Fresh veggies are the yummiest 😋🌿. Kale, swiss chard, yellow zucchini, cherry tomatoes, baby amaranth leaves, roasted potatoes (I steamed them first, then when they were cooked through I tossed them in the oven with a few sprinkles of garlic powder for about 10 mins to crisp up), cucumber, nasturtiums (edible flowers), and the only two not homegrown ingredients: avocado & lime. To learn how to make the little avocado “flower”, check out @secretsquirrelfood… she has a video showing exactly how to do it!
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Box of veggies & flowers I picked this morning for a friend. One of the coolest things about having a garden is being able to give friends and family fresh produce 🌿🍅 in the box are a whole bunch of different dahlia flower varieties, a cucumber, some zucchinis, red lettuce, young pink swiss chard, “dragons tongue” bush beans, snow peas, shelling peas, basil, amaranth seedling leaves, kale, & tomatoes. #homegrown #organicgarden #sunshinecoastbc #thehappygardeninglife

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