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License & Registration   By: Y. Black

Red and Blue lights flash behind me

Heart pounding

I was only 5 over the limit

Otherwise everything is intact

I pray to go he’s black

Hell, I pray I make it home


He dosen’t share the same skin as me

Automatically I’m sure I will be portrayed as the enemy

Remember no sudden moves

Get your Ls out before he reaches

Hands out the window as he walks up

Remember yes sir no sir

And its killing me because I have no respect for he

But I’d rather make home to my family

So bite the bullet

“License and registration”

My life is in the balance

The most natural of movements could be used to justify my death

Fuck in my paranoia forgot my papers in the glove box

“Sir I am going to reach in my glove box”

I’m scared

But he will say the same

Yet he has the weapon

“You know why I stopped you?”

“No… Sir”

He walks off

I can only assume he’s running my info

I’m clean, hope he let’s me go

Shit he’s coming back

“Can you step out of the car please”

I should question him

But see I’m in a state that they wave the confederate flag

All the more reason to fear becoming a hashtag

“Sir I’m going take my seat belt off”

A simple nod was all I was given

Its humiliating being the subject of suspicion

I feel like I’m on display for the world to see

This man could very well execute me

My son needs me

My family depends on me

My mom will miss me

What will my legacy be

Will the media castrate me

Deface me

Depict my character in such a way that I am not a victim

But an assailant

Deep breath


“License and Registration please”