Good wood - Beijing based Arch Studio renovated a traditional courtyard house in the Chinese capital, adding grey-brick paving that flows from the floor of the outdoor space to form internal walls and roofs. All combined with minimal wooden interiors makes for a stunning abode.

These vases always remind me of sea urchins. The form is a challenge for me to make for the same reason it’s fun — making a tall cylinder then stretching the middle section out while bringing in the top. Any time the clay wall becomes horizontal and doesn’t have support below, it’s asking to cave in. Working quickly without much water seems help prevent the clay from getting tired, wanting to lay down and take a nap.   bobdinetz.com


Good wood - feels like you’re in some kind of warren with this house in Makinohara, Japan, by Japanese studio mA-style architects. The aptly named ‘Ant House’ looks like a totally different house to what you’d expect inside the minimalist industrial shell.


Good wood - minimal and perhaps a tad brutal from the outside but an oasis of calm on the inside. This heavenly concrete house with wooden accents has been built into a steep slope in the Eisack Valley, South Tyrol, Italy, by local architect Andreas Gruber.


#foliagefriday - something interesting happened during this time lapse: as the day progressed, watch how the #oxalis stems become flaccid. When I arrived home from work I noticed this and immediately added some water - watch for the soil disturbance at around 6pm. This allowed the stems to perk up to their usual position just in time for the leaf closing. Looks like I need to do another one at this angle and I’ll be sure to keep the soil moist for the shoot!
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