Good wood - bought a bit of land but it’s too narrow to build a house on? Well you need to call these guys… Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects has completed an exceptionally narrow (2.5m wide only!!!) timber house in Kobe, featuring an atrium that allows daylight to reach each of its levels.


Happy Thanksgiving Babes!
Amazing video from @bugsologist Each night In an exhibit the fruit needs to be removed and replaced with new fruit in the mornings. This is the best way to remove them without harming them by plucking them off.
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Good wood - introducing Portugal’s most idillic getaway. ‘Sublime Comporta’ is an award-winning hotel integrated into the rural coastal landscape, surrounded by rice fields, umbrella pines, vineyards, and miles of pristine white beaches. Heaven!


Good wood - quirky shapes and style in abundance make up this small wooden cabin in Quebec by Canadian studio YH2. ‘La Colombière’ features stairs without walls and elevated areas without protective railings just to mix it all up.

These vases always remind me of sea urchins. The form is a challenge for me to make for the same reason it’s fun — making a tall cylinder then stretching the middle section out while bringing in the top. Any time the clay wall becomes horizontal and doesn’t have support below, it’s asking to cave in. Working quickly without much water seems help prevent the clay from getting tired, wanting to lay down and take a nap.   bobdinetz.com


Good wood - another awesome log cabin, this one was designed by Manhattan studio JacobsChang in upstate New York and built on a shoestring. Love the contrast between the blackened timber exterior and the cool, calming, minimalist white interior.