Brownstone Clad Walls

Today i want to share with you a bunch of freshly made Wallpapers for your urban Needs.

Because there weren`t any decent Brownstone Walls around,i made them myself and next to several shades of Brown i also added a few other Colors.

Brownstone is a brown sandstone which was once a popular building material.

It was a common cladding for Rowhouses and Townhouses during the 19th and early 20th Century.It was later surpresst by modern materials like cast stone (concrete).

The Term Brownstone also refers to the infamous Townhouses/Rowhouses which where covered with the material.

I present you 40 Walls in 10 Colors.Each Color has 4 Wallpapers to give the Walls a less repetetive Pattern.

Download the Set here

Now let the Brownstone constructing begin,okay?

I really love colorful things, so I made some walls! Actually this is my first wall set, and I had a nice fight with the Homecrafter stretching, but I think they turned out to be quite good. I dunno if these patterns have been done before or not, but I didn’t find them in my downloads folder. I hope you like it!

Credits: Patterns by Colourlovers, molding by Trapping (with some stretching)

Swatch (is included)

Download - Alternate


Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been awhile since my last cc contribution - I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks.

However, now that I’ve got Homecrafter to work, I come bringing walls! These walls are originally from Left 4 Dead (Not necessarily L4D2 - that was a mistake in the preview.) and they’re my absolute favorite painted walls. So, I decided to combine them with my absolute favorite color actions - Aelia’s jewels. (However, Savory and Botanical are NOT included - for some reason, whenever I use either of those actions, they come out super dark. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I use CS2.)

Also note that the textures of some of these walls might be a little pixelated - I’m not sure how to fix this.


(And if you decide you love these walls as much as I do, there are more recolors here and here.)


Bungalow #9, all done. I captioned the pics, just ‘cuz.

One more to go, then I can finalize the contiguous landscaping between the lots and work on packaging up copies of all of them. But first…Off to torture myself with Homecrafter and its aftermath some more. :p

Floor plan: