2B (hopefully)
  • Malec: adopt Madzie, move in together, buy a home, take up gardening and homecraft diys, live a peaceful life, have lots of sex, are left alone and are allowed to be happy together, have lots of wonderful healthy communicative moments
  • Simon: comes to his senses and begs his way back into the clans good graces, shamelessly pursues Raphael and embarasses him with declarations of love in front of the clan until Raphael says yes just to shut him up. is totally ok with Raph's asexuality. is free from CCs terrible fuckboi arc for him
  • Raphael: finally gets the goddamn selfrespecting dignified story arc he deserves, leads the clan to greatness and happiness, pretends to be grumpy about Simon wooing him but really loves it, gets to live his good Catholic life without people abusing and using him
  • Izzy: overcomes her addiction, becomes an advocate for other shadowhunters/downworlders/people who have gone through struggles like hers, has a heart to heart and apologizes to Raphael, goes back to her badass bitch roots, takes up cooking classes, tears it up at the gay clubs at night, revolutionizes shadowhunter fashion, babysits Madzie on the reg, is loved and adored as she deserves
  • Jace: gets a hug and a nice long nap, decides to go on vacation and comes back with a septum piercing and green hair, hits up the gay bars with Izzy and is everyones favorite token Straight™ friend
  • Clary: gets over herself
Brownstone Clad Walls

Today i want to share with you a bunch of freshly made Wallpapers for your urban Needs.

Because there weren`t any decent Brownstone Walls around,i made them myself and next to several shades of Brown i also added a few other Colors.

Brownstone is a brown sandstone which was once a popular building material.

It was a common cladding for Rowhouses and Townhouses during the 19th and early 20th Century.It was later surpresst by modern materials like cast stone (concrete).

The Term Brownstone also refers to the infamous Townhouses/Rowhouses which where covered with the material.

I present you 40 Walls in 10 Colors.Each Color has 4 Wallpapers to give the Walls a less repetetive Pattern.

Download the Set here

Now let the Brownstone constructing begin,okay?


Bungalow #9, all done. I captioned the pics, just ‘cuz.

One more to go, then I can finalize the contiguous landscaping between the lots and work on packaging up copies of all of them. But first…Off to torture myself with Homecrafter and its aftermath some more. :p

Floor plan: