black widow | the things they say about her“times stops. time stands still. time spits in your eye and grins. the wheel stops spinning, your gamble fails, the numbers went against you after all. you lose, natasha.”

  Are you an overwhelmed MCU fan who wants to get into comics but doesn’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. Here’s a compilation of the comics you may be seeing on your dash; they’re all great places to start reading! If you have any questions or want to talk comics, you can find me here.

  To read them, you’ll need a program like CDisplayX! And if you end up liking the comic you read, please support the comic book artist/writer by buying your own copy. 


after that: Hawkeye vs Deadpool, Young Avengers if you’re interested in more Kate Bishop, Secret Avengers

Black Widow 

after that: Name of the Rose, Widowmaker, Kiss or Kill, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Breakdown, Homecoming, The Things They Say About Her, Deadly Origins

Young Avengers

after that: Reading Order of Young Avengers Comics, Volume 1, Children’s Crusade, YA Presents, Runaways

Man Out of Time

after that: Captain America Masterpost

Captain Marvel (Volume 8)

after that: Ms. Marvel, Volume 7

A-Babies vs X-Babies

after that: giggle to yourself about how cute it was

Regarding the MJ casting rumors, because people keep asking my thoughts-

If the rumors are true (and that is still a big if, they haven’t been backed by any legitimate source yet) I can get into it. I haven’t seen Zendaya act in anything yet, but but from what I’ve seen of her in interviews, I can totally see MJ. Marvel hasn’t dropped the ball in terms of casting for a film yet, and I really doubt they cut corners on their flagship character’s franchise.

I love me some comic book MJ. And that version isn’t going anywhere (at least more than she already has, looking at you, Slott). Being a white redhead isn’t vital to the character, but the correct personality is- something we’ve yet to see with that character. I can’t wait to see Homecoming, and assuming the rumors are true, what Zendaya brings to the role of Mary Jane Watson.