Good to be home
  • Good to be home
  • Claudia Auditore/Ezio Auditore
  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Ezio: Claudia,

it is good to be home. How is mother?

Claudia: She’s fine. I heard you were returning, but I am glad to see it with my own eyes. The Contessa (Countess) of Forlì is here to welcome you. I had no idea you were so famous!

Ezio: Caterina? Here?

Claudia: Is it finished, then? Is the Spaniard truly dead?

Ezio: Gather the others in Mario’s study tonight. I’ll explain everything there.

Happy birthday Claudia Auditore!

☼ 2 January 1461
† ?


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More beast than boy, that one, puffed up with pride and bloodlust…