homecoming week

Spirit Week: Pack Day

Day one: character/pack day

My friends and I went as the sander sides!

I was Anxiety/Virgil, while my friends @communistchexmix was Creativiy/Roman/Princey and @ashburrytaylor was Logic/Logan


Thomas: We all love you and wish you the best! Please keep making videos that inspire things like this! You’re amazing and good luck with everything!!

The real college experience

- Depression nap at noon
- “I haven’t been to that class in 2 weeks lmao”
- sometimes ya just see ppl crying and that’s okay
- sometimes ya just see ppl napping and that’s okay
- “Is it free?”
- “will there be free food?”
- profs walking in late, hungover in pajamas
- profs saying the fuck word and the freshies being surprised
- *prof walks in 15 minutes late* “y'all want some milk duds”
- a second Depression nap
- finding a lost temple in the middle of the campus gardens and using it as a study and napping spot
- seriously why has no one else found this spot
- accidentally getting locked into a building because you studied until 3am and you have to escape through a fire escape on the second floor
- Hammock Squad™
- witnessing a mental breakdown at least once a semester
- IHOP at 2am with the squad
- having to throw away your favorite water bottle because it smells like the alcohol you drank that one time you almost died on homecoming week
- the apartment 2 doors down is having a party and they saw you walking to get your mail and invited you and now you’re drunk and sitting on the floor with their dog
- The Weed Smell
- The First Crossfaded Experience
- everyone’s gay
- that one prof you become best friends with and ppl wonder if y'all are fuckin but in reality y'all are probably just chillin and watchin cowboy bebop or some shit

So it’s spirit week at school, aka homecoming week, and for those of you non-’mericans, basically everyday there’s a different theme that you have to dress to accordingly. Today was alphabet day, meaning you had to dress up as something that began either with the first or last letter of your name. So if your name is Anna, you could be an Angel. If your last name is Johnson, you could be a jellybean or whatever floats your booty. This one guy whose name is Payton went as patriotic and

this is literally what being American means

  • Me: I need to stop obsessing towards my faves and everything they do.
  • Them: *breathe*
  • Me: *inhales* you are the cutest thing i love you so much and i would die for you and keep you safe and give you lots of hugs and lots of kisses and make you breakfast in the morning and i'd make sure you were always happy and make you smile and laugh *exhales*
Slow your scroll. It’s time for Fandometrics.

Congratulations are in order

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People and things who will do better next time:

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Different | 02

Summary: You weren’t like them. You didn’t submit yourself to experiments, unlike them, you didn’t have a choice in becoming what you were. Now, years later Mr. Stark has sent you over to Queens to watch over one of his newest proteges in order to get your mind off of your sister.

Word Count: 3,135

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader/Spiderman x Reader

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 34 |

A/N: Thank you all so much for helping me reach that many notes! I worked on this maybe a day and a half, so that’s why it’s shorter. I wanted to focus more on the reader and Peter for this one so I hope I captured that, basically I got the inspiration form when Gwen meets with Peter in The Amazing Spiderman 2. For the next chapter, it’s gonna be quite long so it may take me a week or so to finish. Please like, reblog, comment, or ask! I appreciate the feedback! Enjoy sweeties!

You were leaning against the bus with the other Decathlon members as Cindy loaded her bags onto the bus when Peter runs towards your group, out of breath. Upon catching his breath, he looks over at you, just about ready to talk to you when Michelle stands in front of you, blocking your view. Her arms are crossed over her chest, and her hip is tilted toward the left which meant only one thing, Michelle was mad.

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imagine a world where brendon urie and tom holland are in a musical together, that world has no climate change, no wars, everyone loves each other, the bees are safe. that, my friends, that is a beautiful world and hint hint we should work on it

One of the many pictures taken today! It’s homecoming week at school and today’s day was Woody’s round up day. It’s basicaly cowboys but I decided to dress up as buzz lightyear from the Toy Story series! These two beside me are my lovely friends and are in the band! The one dressed as Jessie plays flute and the other cowgirl plays tenor sax