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Summary: You’re becoming more and more a part of the Avengers, you feel as if you’ve found your place, but it’s possible that the mistakes of your pass is coming back to haunt you.

Warnings: None.

Words: 3 357

A/N: And so it continues… There are 100% typos in here somewhere cause I did not read through it :)))) Anyway, hope you enjoy! Please tell me your thoughts!

Also this chapter is a bit longer but I wouldn’t mind making it even longer. Is that cool?


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She woke up in the room she had already come to love. The sun had just begun to rise, meaning it was earlier than usual for her, but she couldn’t mind less as orange and peach rays of light streamed through the tall windows. She crawled out of her bed towards the glass wall, looking out over Manhattan in the breathtaking dusk. In the far distance she could spot Brooklyn and Queens, and she was almost sure the next thing was Bronx. Much nearer she could see the outlines of Central Park’s greenness break the concrete and brick that covered the island.

She looked down her bare body stripped down to her underwear, seeing the healed tissue of her scars glisten in the sun. Some were barely visible but others were so badly sown it seemed as though the stitches were still left in her flesh. She knew the villagers who saved her life said a few pieces of the missile entered her body and settled too deep to remove. She wondered how many, and if she could find out in the Stark Tower.

Her stomach growled, and she would not disobey its command. She walked to the wardrobe and was surprised to find it had been restocked with clothes suited for her. The day before, there had been both male and female clothes of various sizes. Tony must have had that arranged during their dinner somehow.

She found a pair of yoga pants with looked far more tactical than anything she had seen on the market. She put them on and grabbed a black, slim fit tank top. She made the bed afterwards before heading out of her room.

The building was completely silent, which was relaxing. Everyone was still asleep as it was only six in the morning, but she hoped no one would mind that she came early to the breakfast table and helped herself out. Since the evening prior, she felt as if she had already became more part of the team. Even if it wasn’t official, it seemed as if it eventually would be as long as she still wanted it.

She descended down the gentle slope from the floor of everyone’s rooms to the lounge and kitchen area, almost smiling at the beautiful sunrise casting long streaks of golden light through the walls of windows.

She made her way up to the kitchen and began to seek through it for everything she needed. She found a pan eventually and some oil, turning on the stove before heading to the fridge where she found some eggs. She began to make an omelet in the comfortable solitude.

“Good morning?” She jumped by unfamiliar voice and turned around towards the elevator where a man stood, a duffel bag in his hands and black attire, a glistening arm made of metal at his side which captivated her eyes. She tried to not look at the bionic limb but maintained the manors she had learned to value highly in the military.

She moved the frying pan off the stove and went up to the man. “You must be Bucky.” She held her hand out to shake his to his surprise.

“And you must be Y/N. Steve told me you’d be around.” He explained. “Said you know Sam.”

“That, I do.” She headed back to the stove and got out another plate, splitting the omelet in half with the spatula and making it into two servings. “We served in the military together.”

“Really?” He raised his eyebrows, impressed and surprised.

“Five years.” She assured as she brought the plates to the table. She hurried back to the fridge where she grabbed the pitcher of orange juice she had seen when getting the eggs and got two glasses along the way. “Please, have a seat.” She motioned for the two plates she had sat down in front of one another.

Bucky was hesitant but listened, taking a seat and watching her pour up a glass of juice for him and place it down by his plate kindly. “Thank you.”

“I’m no true chef, but I’ve never found it that difficult to mix up some eggs, salt and pepper.” She chuckled, grabbing a bite.

“I don’t mean to come off as rude, but Steve told me some extraordinary things about you…” Bucky suggested and she nodded, realizing what he was getting at.

“I was in an accident in Afghanistan. Barely survived a missile explosion. After that, I somehow posses the power to see the close future. Although I’m afraid I’ll have to demonstrate later. I’m very drained in the mornings and let’s just say that yesterday, I got to experience what happens if I defy that fact.”

He was astonished. “How far ahead can you see?”

“Thirty minutes is my best.” She smiled, taking a sip of her drink and continuing her breakfast which Bucky had seemed to have forgotten in the moment.

“Still, thirty seconds is so useful. You can see your enemies attacks before they even know them themselves. That’s absolutely brilliant.”

Her smile widened, an airy and short laugh leaving her parted lips as Bucky had been the only one to point that fact out. When she first got her powers, she felt as if there was something wrong considering how short ahead she could see. In movies and books, people who could see the future could see decades ahead. But over time, she learned that she didn’t want to be able to see that much. Thirty minutes was more than enough for her.

“Exactly. It’s saved my life more times than I can possibly count.”

“I can only imagine.” Bucky pressed his lips together in a smile. He thought the breakfast would have been awkward and cold considering how they were strangers, but perhaps it came easier to them considering their military past and abnormal abilities and appearances? “Is that from the accident?”

A couple of scars were seen on her arms, the least brutal ones thankfully. “Yes. Villagers from a nearby settlement of the accident stitched me up. Their sowing is a little rough, but I didn’t get some strange disease and the wounds all healed properly, so I don’t have anything to complain about.”

She was tempted to ask about his arm, but she would not risk stepping on any toes or pick at any wounds. If he wanted to speak of it, she was sure he would.

“I was told yesterday that you were on a mission. I take it went well considering that no one spoke about you returning so soon?” She changed the subject to avoid any tension.

“It did indeed. I was only retrieving some files lost in an explosion in Wakanda when we were there over a year ago, helping out a friend of ours.”

“The king, right?” She wondered. “The king of Wakanda?”

“Yes, T'Challa. He works with us whenever he can but doesn’t stick around here like the rest of the lot. After all, he has an entire country to take care of.”

“Seems reasonable.” She smiled, the conversations flowing on easily all the way up until she glimpsed that Steve would show up within a few seconds.

“Steve’s coming down.” She stated, glancing towards the landslide from the bedroom floor.

“What?” Bucky had already forgotten what her abilities were and stared at Steve in surprise as he appeared.

Bucky?” Steve furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at the friend he hadn’t expected to find. “What are you doing here so soon?”

“Mission was a success. The lost files have been returned to Wakandan authorities… Also, T'Challa says hi.” Bucky embraced himself as Steve went for a quick and harsh hug, surely not as brutal for the two elites as it would have been for her for example.

“Well, I see you’ve met Y/N already, Sam’s friend I told you about a week ago.”

“Yes, she had the kindness to serve me breakfast actually.” Bucky smiled towards the girl who had been so much nicer than what he had thought of a stranger.

“How are you feeling today?” Steve said, evidently hinting the small accident the day before. She hadn’t given it any thought, which was a good sign in her book.

“I feel like my normal self. In an hour I’ll be in top shape, I’m sure.” She gave him a firm nod to reassure the man who took it upon himself that everyone on the team were always well.

“Good, I believe Tony wants us to move to the new base up north. If you’re alright with that, of course.” Steve had to ask if she was alright with anything, which was a strange contrast compared to the military where she was ordered to do things whether she liked them or not.

“New base?” She hadn’t heard any plans of moving at the dinner the night before. Had Tony truly made them before seven in the morning a Saturday after a night drowned with wine? She didn’t find it very likely, even after knowing Tony for merely a day.

“It’s this dislocated place here in New York but further up north. It’s off the grid, spacious, and a lot more secluded. So if you ever want to do some extraordinary training, you don’t have to care about the public eye.”

She did like the sound of that, even if she had just started to fall for the Stark Tower. “We’re moving today?” She wanted to know the details.

“Well, it’s not so much moving as it is traveling. We just pack up our most personal things and then everything else exists in the new facility already.” Steve explained with a confirming nod from Bucky beside him. “If you’re not in on this whole thing yet and don’t want to move I understand but-”

“No, it’s good. This is good. I’m devoted to this whole being-a-hero thing now so moving location is no concern of mine.” She smiled. “The sooner the better? Or when are we leaving?”

“If you had a ride of your own you could get on the road in a minute, but I believe me and Sam said around nine. I’ll be merrily surprised if Stark as much as gets out of bed before eleven.” Steve sighed and Bucky huffed, a subtle way of laughing, knowing how well Steve’s words fit into Tony’s character.

“I’ll leave with you then. I already have my bag packed from when I got here.”

The corner of Steve’s mouth twisted up slightly. “Old military habit? Not packing your bag up since you don’t know when you’ll have to leave?”

She nodded, looking down at the floor as it was all too true, still smiling. “Ha, yeah I guess it is. Old habits die hard, isn’t that what they say?”

“I believe so.” Steve placed his hand on her shoulder briefly as he passed her by, a way of him to express what he couldn’t put in words when it came to him relating to Y/N’s military background.

“Thank you for breakfast, by the way.” Bucky said as Steve opened up the fridge in the kitchen and reminded him of the omelet he had eaten. “It was very good.”

“What can I say? Three-ingredient-dishes are my speciality.”

As they came to New Jersey and the island of Manhattan became smaller and smaller in the reflection of the rear view mirror, she felt as if she could finally relax, but that lasted only for a second.

“Right, so I was thinking about how to physically explain your abilities. My best theory is that it’s something related to wormholes…” Peter spoke excitingly and pointed at the many doodles and numbers in the notebook in his lap which he had been focused on all morning.

“That’s an interesting theory.” She said, glancing down as the hasty handwriting she could scarcely read.

She sat in the middle backseat of the car which Sam drove, Steve in the passenger seat and Bucky to he left with Peter to her right. They were literally squeezed together and at first she almost submitted and went with the later departure with Tony, Bruce, Natasha and Scott who would be taking an aircraft of some sorts, which sounded a lot more spacious than the car she was sat in.

“In some way, you must have access to a wormhole which has its other end in the near future-”

“How do you explain the drainage of her power then?” Sam asked, half seriously, half mockingly that he was completely nerding down in Y/N’s gift.

“Well… Her ability could be that she can access wormholes. You know, like naturally gifted? Like Clint with his incredible aim?”

“He practiced that.” Sam stated as his eyes remained on the road.

“He told me he was born with his amazing aim.”

“He’s bragging.” Steve glanced to the backseat, smiling hopelessly at Clint’s persona which still took presence even when he wasn’t around himself.

“Well, there are others who have gifts. Maybe Y/N is one of them?”

“I got my powers after a missile went off?” She attempted to get answers from the young boy who had only begun to explain his theories, not actually diagnose.

“Maybe the ability you already had was somehow triggered by the explosion? Wormholes are usually created after a large and powerful eruption which shifts the matter around or within it, causing a hole in the matter around it and breaking the space-time-continuum-”

“Okay, pause… I feel like I’m a three year old talking with Einstein, and I’m older than you and we’re talking about my abilities.”

“I have a headache.” Bucky confessed to her left, glancing across her lap to Peter’s notebook.

“It’s not that complicated. I’m sure Bruce can explain it even further.” Peter tried but he had already lost the rest of the passengers with his scientific explanation of Y/N being able to see the future.

“Get into the left lane. There’s a car blocking the right one further up.” She stated from out of nowhere. Without questioning, Sam flicked on the blinkers and went to the other side. Within a few seconds they could see the truck which seemed to have run out of gas, blocking the lane like she had promised.

“You just accessed a wormhole which was just a few seconds ahead, making you see the future-”

“That’s enough science-talk, spidey.” Sam glanced back in the rear view mirror for a second. He was also beginning to feel a headache begin to surge and would rather avoid it if he could.

“We can talk about it with Banner later, alright?” Y/N had seen the embarrassment in Peter upon having his excitement shut down. She couldn’t let him feel so bad about simply wanting to explain her powers to her.

He nodded, smiling.

The car went silent for the first time since they had left the Tower. She sat looking out the front window further ahead, watching the distant suburbs of New Jersey spread out. As time went by, the houses progressively began to appear with more distance between one another and the suburbs faded to countryside to forest. After an hour of driving they were surrounded by miles upon miles of thick forests which had a calm to it the city could never match.

“Wasn’t that the car that was behind us before?” Peter suddenly broke the silent which had lasted for half an hour almost. Y/N looked at the teen who had his upper body twisted around, eyes staring through the back window intensely. She followed his gaze to the black car which drove behind them, its windows suspiciously tinted and Peter’s notice of seeing it earlier was alarming.

“We’re being followed.” She stated, sinking back to her seat with fear in her features.

“Shit…” Sam said calmly as he too caught a glance of the vehicle through the rear view mirror. “Are we?” He didn’t want to believe it.

“I’m one hundred percent certain it’s the same car as fifteen minutes ago, and there’s an identical car riding behind it.”

“That’s a tail.” Steve confirmed, looking through the side mirrors. “What the hell is this? Anyone in here feel like they have a reason to be followed?”

The three in the backseat looked amongst each other, looking forward to Steve and Sam afterwards with clueless looks.

“I just came back from a mission where T'Challa and I pretty much put an entire organization to the ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t like that…”

“Still seems unlikely that they would have been able to track you after all of our security protocols and then hunt you on U.S soil.” Steve said whilst continuing to watch the vehicles behind them.

Y/N sat still, eyes lost into space and time where only she could see. Peter was the one who noticed.

“Guys…” He called out, watching the color flow around in her eyes like a blurry movie. She seemed unreachable, or at least she did not make an effort to speak in the moment.

Bucky looked at her in amazement as he had never seen her powers visually before. Steve turned around in his seat and Sam glimpsed back whenever he felt he could. Y/N remained still, eyes glued forward.

“Update, Y/N. What’s going on?” Steve needed to know.

“I’m pushing a little further ahead, trying to see what’s going to happ- oh god…” She gasped, eyes snapping back to reality. “They’re going to open fire in about one minute, just as we pass the next road sign.”

“Shit!” Sam repeated himself, gripping the steering wheel tightly and accelerating.

“No! The reason they’ll open fire is cause we’ve noticed them. Just drive like we’ve done all along.” Her eyes were faded with colorful lights again but only for a short moment. “We’ve bought some time, I can’t see them shooting at us within the next five minutes.”

“Okay, that’s good. I’ll contact Tony and the others, see what they think we should do.” Steve brought out his phone which he handled like an old man, his fingers clumsy and pressing harshly on the touchscreen.

She tried to think of any reason why she should be the one to have someone tailing her. She liked to think it was someone else from within the car, but the likeliness of her past catching up with her was too plausible for her to ignore. She didn’t want to be the target. She was a newcomer to the team which she wasn’t even officially on yet. She didn’t need her past to bring unnecessary complications like men chasing after her in tinted cars with machine guns.

“…Tony, shut up…” Steve snapped, surprising everyone, even Y/N who didn’t know the man. “This is no time for your jokes and your sarcasm, we’re being followed… Yes… No I- hold up… Y/N? What are you seeing?”

Steve tore away from the phone call with agony and looked back at her. She didn’t say anything at first but looked ahead in time, the color in her eyes enough to let Steve know she was looking for an update of what was to come.

“One of the cars is going to drive past us to be ahead, putting us in between them. No guns yet.” She said as she came back from the film which had metaphorically played inside of her head.

“They’re going to lock us in. A minute ago she saw them opening fire but we’ve avoided it… Yes, you see, that’s the beauty of having the future revealed to you. You can change it…” Steve sounded more than tired of Tony on the other end. “Where are you guys?… Alright. We’ll wait for air support then.”

He hung up.

“What’s the plan?” Bucky asked, not liking the staring headlights from the car behind them.

“We wait for Tony and the others to arrive. They’re a few miles away but the Quinjet will make it in five I’m sure-”

“We might not have that long…” Y/N stated, no one noticing her glowing eyes until she spoke. “We have a few seconds before bullets come flying.”

Masked - Part 2

Word Count: 1890

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter x Reader (later on)

Warnings:  Language

A/N: Finally Part 2 woooo! Sorry guys I had a really bad cold but I’m feeling much better :) Anyway thank so much for the feedback! It was so wonderful and heartwarming <3


Masked Masterlist

Part 1

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The next morning was definitely a rough one. You awoke with a killer ache echoing in the back of your head, causing you to wince. Your body then protested as you rolled over and stretched before reaching for your glasses. Looking at the time you out a loud groan and plopped your head back onto the pillow. You knew you had to get up for classes but a part of you just wanted to stay in bed all day. Fixing your glasses, you sat up and swung your feet over the side of the bed.

Slowly making your way to the kitchen, you scrolled through your phone looking for the latest news. Smiling at the mostly positive reports on your crime fighting, you started a cup of coffee. As you yawned and opened your laptop, you searched for today’s assignments - which was way more work than you were hoping for, and groaned as your coffee machine alerted you that your coffee was ready.  You grabbed your cup and proceeded to sit down in front of your laptop, ready to complete the ginormous workload you had.

Sure, you loved majoring in electrical engineering, but some days you didn’t have the motivation to do the work that went along with it- especially after the long nights of crime fighting. However, both of your parents were electrical engineers and you wanted to make them proud wherever they are. As a child, you excelled in school but mostly in the sciences just like your parents. Some teachers even compared you Tony Stark as you skipped through grades. By the time you were fourteen, you were able to hack into almost everything- excluding any government systems. Could you break through the government’s firewalls? Yes, but you did not want to test your luck with the government finding you. You would not like to deal with that aftermath if you ever tried. Before you got your powers you had one goal to get your masters and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

After listening to a few lectures and copying down notes, you shut your laptop. Putting your empty mug in the sink your stomach began to growl. Realizing that you forgot to eat something, you opened the fridge hoping for something good. Inside was a few takeout boxes and water bottles, nothing you wanted right now. You definitely needed to stop putting off grocery shopping but with your hectic schedule take out was always a quicker option. Not wanting to stare at the empty contents of your fridge, you shut the door and walked over to your wardrobe to get changed.

Your outfit was nothing too fancy; it was just a flannel, band tee, jeans, and an old pair of Converse. Pulling your semi-dirty hair out of your face, you gather up the contents your suit and put them into your backpack. You had no idea when an emergency would happen so you needed to be ready. Grabbing your phone, headphones, keys, and wallet, you made your way down to a small diner near you.

Locking your door behind you, you notice one of your elderly neighbors trying to juggle bags in their hands while fumbling with their keys. Putting your keys in your pocket, you made your way over to your neighbor.

“Here, Mrs. Roberts let me help you with your bags,” You offered before grabbing most of the bags.

“Gracias, (Y/N). You’re a true hero,” She joked as you laughed awkwardly.

“You wouldn’t know the half of it,” You muttered following her into the apartment. “Grandkids coming over again?” You gestured to the many assortments of junk food.

“Why, yes. They are and they can’t seem to stop talking about this masked vigilante. What’s their name? It’s uh-”

“Rogue Hex.”

“Ah, there it is. Are you a fan?” She asked.

“I-I uh well hear about them on the news and such,” You said while pushing up your glasses on the bridge of your nose. “I have some errands to do, so I should be going.”

“Oh, don’t let me stop you! Thanks for the help!”

“No problem, Mrs. Roberts,” You replied shutting the door.

Letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, you adjusted your backpack and walked down the hall. Reaching the door to the stairs you were stopped by a few janitors cleaning whatever mess just happened.

“Kid puked on the stairs take the elevator,” One of the janitors said annoyed.

“The elevator?” You whispered. “C-Can I just squeeze by everyone? I mean I’m sure it isn’t that much.”

“Trust me, kid, there is. Now go take the elevator or you’ll be here a while.”

Silently nodding you walked away to the elevators trying to calm your nerves. You weren’t afraid of elevators per say but to you being trapped in tiny places was not your strong suit. When aliens invaded, you went through something no twelve-year-old should have gone through. It affected so much that you small places such as an elevator freak you out.

Sure it was just an elevator but to you, it was a death trap waiting to happen. But nothing could come between you and your food. You could already hear the growls of your stomach growing louder. Pressing the button for the elevator, you waited for the doors to open and reluctantly went inside. You were fine getting in but once the doors shut the room started to get smaller. Slowing sinking to the floor in panic, you watched the floor numbers decrease as you tried to remind yourself that nothing was going to happen.

You weren’t back in that place. You were just in an elevator.

Once the doors opened, you sprang from the floor and pushed passed the group of confused people. Ignoring the glares of people, you ran outside. Rubbing your temples, you began walking to the diner hoping that there wasn’t a huge line. Luckily for you, there were only a few people in line by the time you walked inside. Ordering your food, you sat down by a window and pulled out your phone while you waited.

“Hey is this taken?” A stranger said snapping you out of your thoughts. “There are no other seats.”

“No you can-” You began before you made eye contact with the good-looking stranger with weird pizza shirt. “Y-You can sit here.”

“I’m uh Peter,” He said sitting down with his hand extended.

“I-I’m (Y/N). Nice to me you,” You said gripping his hand a bit too long.

You were very smooth.

“Skipping school too?”

“Excuse me?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Well it’s a weekday so unless you go to some weird school you have classes today,” He responded. “You know it’s my first time skipping and I’m kind of nervous.”

Letting out a laugh, you slapped your hand over your mouth as Peter rolled his eyes. Before you could apologize for your behavior you heard that your order was ready. Mouthing to him to wait a minute you quickly got up and grabbed your food. Returning to your seat, you sheepishly got out your food before chuckling to yourself.

“Sorry that was rude of me,” You said taking a bite of your sandwich. “And Peter I’m not in high school, I’m in college.”

Peter’s eyes widened. “Wait, what?! How old are you?”


“You’re the same age as me damn,” He mumbled as you shrugged. “Makes sense on why you’re not in school. Online classes or are you somewhere local?”

“Online, it’s just easier,” You began with a mouth full of food. “Or well sometimes I do have to go in for a class or two. Electrical engineering can be pretty hard.”

“Again damn you are smart,” Peter laughed. “See I just find old things like computers or DVD players and revamp them.”

“Same! It’s honestly a money saver.”

“Finally someone agrees with me,” He said as you felt your face blush.

You just met this random dude and you’re already developing a crush on him. What could you say; you were a hopeless romantic deep down. Even though you never really had time to even think about a relationship let alone even the concept of dating. With school and saving the city, you barely had time to do anything else.

“So Peter why did you cut school?” You asked wiggling your eyebrows.

“Not so loud!” He exclaimed as you laughed. “I mean it one wrong move and I’m toast.”

Scoffing, you finished your sandwich as you notice Peter looking frantically around. Confuse you glanced around the diner to see what he was all worked up about. When you looked around, however, you found nothing out of the ordinary. His body language was almost like he was waiting for something like a text or single.

“Earth to Peter,” You said waving your hand in front of his face. “You need to relax no one gives a shit that you skipped school.”

“Uh yeah,” He mumbled while checking his phone. “Can I ask you for your number?”


He just asked for your number. This was actually happening.

“Oh sorry that was a bit strong I didn’t mean-”

“No, you’re ok. Just caught me off guard that’s all.”

Giving Peter your phone you gave him yours as you both typed your numbers in. As a smile never left your face, you returned his phone. Fixing your glasses you, notice Peter’s face dropped as his phone buzzed. As he read whatever he was just sent, two cop cars flew past the diner. Slowing getting up from your seat, you unlocked your phone and brought up your homemade police scanner.

One of the reasons why you always knew about crimes before everyone else was due mostly to you hacking into the NYPD scanner to give you updates. As another cop car flew by, Peter was distracted along with everyone else. Quickly reading what was showing up on the scanner you realized that a robbery and possible hostage situation was taking place a few blocks away.

“Hey Peter I love to stay and chat but I uh have um some work I need to finish. I’ll text you later.” You said slinging your bag over your shoulder.

“U-Uh yeah I actually promised to meet up with my team-uh I mean friends,” He responded grabbing his bag as well.

Staring at his backpack for a brief moment, you notice another cop car fly by. Whatever was happening definitely wasn’t good. Mumbling a quick goodbye, you sprinted out of the diner and down a few blocks to a nearby alleyway. Once you knew you were out of sight, you pulled out your suit and began to put it on. Taking off your glasses, you slipped on your mask while strapping on your gloves that you designed for better control of your powers. Lacing up your boots and adjusting your mask, you focused on the small ledge above you and aim one of your tentacles at it.

Using it as a grappling hook, you shot up onto the roof as your made your way to the scene of the crime. Feeling the adrenaline run through you, you couldn’t help but smile. After a nice breakfast, you were ready to kick some ass. And that’s exactly what you were going to do.

Part 3

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Rebel Rebel. (Part two.)

II Peter Parker X Rebel!Fem!Reader. II  

Warnings: None!  

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It had been two days since you had talked to him, and Peter’s crush had only gotten even bigger…to the point where Ned had to actually snap him out of daydreaming in class a few times. Okay, more than a few times. He couldn’t get over it - over the fact that you paid attention to him. Yes, you only spoke a few words, but to him, it felt like a million. He’d admit that he was being completely dramatic, but it really didn’t matter.

Peter had a plan, a very very stupid one at that, but it was a plan. He would go up to you at lunch, and sit with you. Yeah, that was about it; he hadn’t planned out the rest, and it was a little too late at that point. Amidst the noisy, crowded cafeteria seating, he was already halfway to your table, and where he normally sat was in the other direction, so if he turned back he’d look dumb. He had to sit there, with you. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, making sure that he was still breathing. You were still a human, it couldn’t be that hard.

“Hi,” he muttered, sitting down at the table. He gulped down his fear, or at least he tried. He swore that it was 20 degrees hotter than it had been 5 minutes ago.

“Hey, kid.” Your lips curved into a polite smile, greeting him back with a surprising amount of fondness. “The name’s Peter, right?”

“Y-yeah, how’d you know?” Peter stuttered, a little caught off guard that you’d known his name. He thought no one knew his name.

“Hard to block out people talking about one of the top students,” you said, starting to pick at your food. There was silence between you after that, as you two slowly ate your garbage school food. He stole a few glances whenever he could, admiring how gorgeous you looked. It was really weird to be right next to you, instead of dreaming of sitting next to you.

“So, what brings you here?”

“I, um…just wanted to sit with you,” Peter admitted. He tried to keep a blush from rising from the simple interaction, but it didn’t work.

“Wow…you know, you’ve got some nerve. I like that,” you smirked. He couldn’t quite place your tone of voice, which was slightly concerning to him. He was surprised at almost every reply you’d given him, but he should have known that a girl like you would be unpredictable.

“Nerve for…?” he genuinely asked, wondering if he had actually heard you right.

“Maybe you should look around at the lack of others sitting here.” You gestured to the empty seats around you. “People are scared of me.”

“I’m not scared of you.” You shot him an amused look. He was sure no one had ever told you that before, but he didn’t mean it to insult you, and you knew that.

“And why is that?”

“Because you’re beautiful.” His eyes widened as soon as he said that, automatically trying to justify it. “I…I…mean,” but he was cut off by you laughing. Wait, laughing?  

“Beautiful can still be scary,” you replied. The smirk that you seemed to almost always have faded into a warm smile.

He wasn’t exactly right, when he thought you would be the death of him.

You already were.

What is favourite MCU film/TV show and which film/TV shows are you most looking forward to?

(I don’t take credit for some of the fanmade logos)

Rowaelin High School AU: Part II

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. Working on part III right now, so that’ll hopefully be up in the next couple days or so. Thinking I’m going to continue it as one-shot type scenes that are still connected/part of the same story line. As always, characters belong to sjmaas. Please feel free to reblog or give feedback!

Part I

               Rowan felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out and opened his messages.

               meet me in the teacher’s lounge during the assembly

               A small smile formed on his lips as he shoved his phone back into his pocket. Of course, there was no way of knowing for certain what Aelin had planned, but given that every teacher would be in the gym for the homecoming assembly, the teacher’s lounge would give them plenty of privacy to pick up where they had left off.

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Masked Masterlist

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Summary: During the Battle of New York the Reader is exposed to alien tech that gives them enhanced abilities. After a few years of hiding their new powers, they start to use them for good. Soon enough they draw the attention of the Avengers and certain Spiderling.

Part One

Part Two 

Part Three 

Part Four 

Part Five 

Part Six 

Part Seven (Coming Soon!)

Everyone looks at the two of you laughing at a distant table, admiring how great you two are together. “They are so perfect for each other.” Natasha states. A wide grin on her face. Her little trainer falling in love, Too cute!

 "I just hope they don’t suck faces in the middle of missions.“ Clint retorts.

 "You don’t ship (y/s/n)?” Tony asks, taken aback.

 "Not really.“ Clint shrugs. “Neither do I.” Steve adds. Natasha, tony, and Sam look shocked. Betrayal on their faces. 

 "Team single!“ Steve, Clint and Wanda side. "Team (y/s/n)!” They all start yelling reasons why they loved/hated you two together. While you and Peter just stared at them like crazy people. 

 "They know we can hear them, right?“ Peter asks. 

 "I don’t think they care at this point- oh dang! Nat threw the pie!” You respond, turning back to the better than TV channel.

Karmy (Faking It) - Why It’s Meant To Be. The Ultimate Karmy Pairing Analysis.

So, lately I’ve been obsessed with MTV’s show Faking It way beyond the allowed, healthy limit. Normally, I ship the hell out of pretty much everything on screen, because I’m built like that, but, to be honest, not being part of the LGBT community, I’ve never really imagined I would ship the hell out of two female fictional characters. It’s not that I’m against LGBT, quite the contrary, it’s just that no potential pair has tugged at my heartstrings like that before. But, boy oh boy, then came Karmy and their story is so sweet and relateable it’s not even funny. They’re like Ross and Rachel - they’re that pair everyone falls for because it’s obvious and meant to be - which is why they will most likely be facing A LOT as the show progresses - frustrating, but totally worth it in the end. I swear, I’m going down with this ship. They have been designed to be endgame from the very beginning - Carter knows it, we know it. So, as a relatively new member of the Karmy army, I’m here to present our ship, and why I firmly believe our little babies are meant to be.

1. Amy and Karma’s friendship. The main part of the plot revolves around Amy Raudenfeld and Karma Ashcroft’s ten-year-old friendship, one that makes us all envious because it is that PERFECT, it’s the ultimate portrayal of genuine, heartfelt and mutually supportive, it’s everything you could ask for. These girls share a bond that is so strong, one that forgives and forgets, one that goes beyond words. Amy knows Karma better than she knows herself and vice versa. You simply CAN’T top this. And while Reamy is alright, Regan will never get to that level of emotional intimacy with Amy (sorry Reamy shippers, but we both know it’s the truth). And why is that? Because Amy will never allow anyone else to reach the place in her heart that’s already been filled by someone else – her best friend and soulmate.

2. The wedding confession and Karma’s denial. Most see this moment as our ship taking a crushing blow and sinking to the bottom of the ocean, but let me tell you, it was the exact opposite and I will explain. Yes, Amy confessed her love and apparently got rejected, and yes, she drunk slept with Liam as a form of revenge – she was angry, hurt and miserable.

But Karma has been in denial about her feelings since the beginning of season 1. By rejecting Amy, Karma was protecting herself. By sleeping with Liam at the end of 2a, Karma was enforcing her DENIAL and trying to ignore her heart. The roles have been reversed and now Karma finds herself in Amy’s shoes after the homecoming assembly – confused and scared, and not wanting to have those feelings. 2b will hopefully analyze that. Back to the wedding scene – the build up that has led to this scene apparently leads us to believe that Karma is straight and let Amy down gently. But, in the words of Shane, the voice of the people, as two girls on Youtube so gracefully put it – THERE ARE ALWAYS SIGNS.

Exhibit A – Karma didn’t feel weird about kissing Amy at the homecoming assembly – “I thought you were great.” Amy tried to mask her true feelings by saying she felt like “kissing her sister”, yet Karma didn’t agree, even though supposedly she should be feeling exactly like that if they were best friends/family only. Regardless of how well you know someone, there should’ve been some sort of awkwardness there if both girls were straight as an arrow. That’s a given.
Exhibit B – “Whoa” – “I Know” – those are not the type of lines you exchange with your best friend unless you FELT something when you kissed, unless those moments meant something, unless you were taken aback by how strongly you felt and could only utter a breathy, soft whoa, Karma. And we all know you were staring at Amy’s abs during the threesome. You weren’t exactly being discreet, let’s get real here.
Exhibit C – Liam AKA Hottie Doucheface (I didn’t come up with that name but I wish I had because it’s hilarious) – Karma has been overcompensating all right. Every single time Karma gets confused about her feelings for Amy, she goes to Liam. Why?

Because he helps her burry her feelings deep inside and live her childhood fantasy. She doesn’t want to admit that she no longer wants Prince Charming but Princess Sarcasm, even though part of her always knew that.

Amy and Karma are very different and have opposite approaches to their feelings. Amy, being the sarcastic, self-assured girl who doesn’t need others as a form of self validation, came to terms with her feelings easier, even though she’s also had her fair share of self-doubt. But she also had Shane to confide in, who helped her realize there was no shame, nothing wrong with the way she was feeling.

Karma, on the other hand, only had Amy. And when Amy took a backseat in her quest for popularity, Karma’s denial only grew stronger. She kept pursuing her childhood fantasy because she is insecure and desperately seeks people’s approval. Only when Karma will learn to love herself, she will be truthful and let  herself succumb to her feelings, all the while letting Amy in - because she knows Amy is the only person who would gladly give her the world without asking for anything in return.

So, then why did Karma reject Amy at the wedding? Because she is not ready to face her own fears, because her struggles are a lot bigger than Amy’s when it comes to self-acceptance, and I think her parents played a huge part in this. She DREADS being like them, and it’s why she pursues popularity with such stubborness. Karma gets a lot of hate from the fanbase, but I believe her character is very complex and vastly misunderstood.

3. The threesome.  Or a moment of simple clarity. If Karma had any lingering doubts up until then, her look before and after kissing Amy at the threesome was as certain as it could get. Karma tries to hide it yet again, and while she’s undoubtedly a better liar than Amy, her eyes still manage to give everything away for the viewers - they are, after all, the windows to her soul. Like Amy so beautifully captured it - “It was like seeing each other, maybe for the first time”. For Karma, it was simple clarity, which she later tried to cover up by overcompensating with Liam as a form of self-preservation. Karma is afraid, she is scared to death in that scene, that’s why she runs. In her own words, “Everything got out of control.” Or maybe just her feelings did.

4. In comes Reagan. Anyone who thinks Karma was not jealous at the Communal needs a new pair of eyes. And while the discussion revolves around the possibility of Karma being jealous because she thought she was being replaced in Amy’s life AS A BEST FRIEND ONLY, I believe it was more than that. I believe it was another moment of clarity for Karma, just like the threesome. She realized that Amy might get over her, and she didn’t want that. Liam, oddly enough the voice of reason in the Date Expectations episode, put it best “You’re just scared that someday Amy might love somebody as much as she loves you.” Let’s face it, folks – Karma is not that needy. If we’re strictly talking about friendship, I’m sure Karma would not object to Amy having another close friend – after all, she had nothing against Shane and Lauren, slowly bonding with her. No, Karma was territorial for a whole different set of reasons. She felt her slipping away.

5. The jail scene. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we met.” Those words shook Karma to the core, and despite her betrayed trust, hurt and anger, it is these words that compel Karma to sleep with Liam (overcompensate – because that’s what she does when she’s scared of the magnitude of her feelings for Amy). But, as it turns out, Karma’s dreams at the end of 2A reflect her self best, they are our first glance in Karma’s head, our first glance at her true character, outside of her interactions with Amy, who is the closest person to her. Karma’s dreams reveal her true feelings for Amy, and her fears of being hurt again also, even though she set herself up for it. This means our ship has all the premises to go back on track, but it will take time. However, when hasn’t the Karmy Army been patient, dedicated and supportive? We believe in these characters and we’ll wait for them to come to their senses, because they’re soulmates, the normal rules don’t apply to them. They’re spending the rest of their lives together.


Katie Steven’s face after she finished singing at her American Idol audition and again after the scene where Karma and Amy kiss at the homecoming assembly. This is so important. Seeing that her facial expressions while acting parallel her real-life facial expressions just serves to prove how amazing of an actress she truly is.

Masked - Part 1

Word Count: 1423

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter x Reader (later on)

Warnings: Blood, Language 

A/N: I decided to start a new series (it will only have a few parts) and I’m very excited about this idea. I saw some weird story prompt and became inspired. I only took a few elements from the prompt though since I actually forgot where I found it. 


Masked Masterlist

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Out of all the productive things you could be doing, you decided pissing off the Avengers was a good use of your time. Were you dead wrong? Why, yes. Yes, you were.

This was not a simple task at hand but somehow you managed to get yourself in an awkward predicament. Long story short, you- a masked vigilante- were on one of your nighttime escapades when you stumbled upon the ragtag gang of superheroes. Somehow in the chaos of trying to take down a group of criminals, the Iron Tin Man got in the way of your shot. As you can imagine, you ended up blasting him into a building, but as he flew backwards, he also managed to slam into a few of his unsuspecting teammates. Thus, more destruction ensued and the group of baddies slipped away. Right now you were getting some pretty great glares from everyone as you took that as your cue to leave.

“Pietro, grab the kid. They caused me enough trouble already,” The metal man grumbled.

“It’s been a pleasure, everyone. Until we meet again,” you bowed, blinding everyone with a huge blast of energy.

You had to love your abilities in times like these. By the time everyone’s eyes adjusted, you would have been a few blocks over swinging from building to building. Though, a blast like that definitely took a lot out of you. You’ve had your powers for a while, but even then you still had certain limitations. Ever since aliens invaded New York, you came in contact with something you assumed was part of their alien tech. Of course, you didn’t realize until many days later that, whatever that thing was, it gave you strange and amazing powers. You could create energy shields around you and a certain radius around others as well. Using that same energy, you could shoot energy beams from your hands. 

However, the strangest new ability of them all was the things you referred to as tentacles that grew from your back. At first, you freaked out waking up one morning finding four purple alien thingies growing out of you. However, once you realize you could summon and unsummon the tentacles at will, you grew to love them. For an added bonus, they could also withstand twice the weight of a bus, which definitely helped when you had to escape from the clutches of two super soldiers.

Landing on the top of a building effortlessly, you stretched your shoulder blades as your head pounded. One of the many joys in overusing your powers was the headaches that followed afterwards. What caught you off guard was the wet sticky feeling you felt under your mask. Taking your mask off, you wiped your face to find, yup, a bloody nose.


You knew crime fighting was hard work but, man, you forgot how draining it could be. You couldn’t complain, however; you chose to help make the city a safer place. Even if your little crime fighting may or may not be illegal in some sense. But, you still couldn’t figure out why Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were so hell bent on taking you in. Despite all the banter you shared with the Avengers, there were more action than words and sometimes they were like your own little fan club.  They acted like you were this criminal wanting to destroy the city but really you were just looking out for the little guy. To be fair you have- on many occasions- kicked their asses and knowing some of them, they don’t like their pride being stepped on.

You thanked your lucky stars that your parents decided to sign you up for defense classes instead of letting you sit around all day.

Wiping the rest of the blood on your sleeve, you scaled down the building into a dark alley where you stashed your normal clothes. Quickly changing out of your “superhero” get up, you grabbed your phone a prayed that you actually charged it for once. When it lit up you let out a sigh of relief as you pulled up your GPS. Knowing your superhero friends would be searching for you, you couldn’t just swing home.

As thunder boomed in the distance, you pull the hood of your jacket over your head as the rain began pouring down heavily. Joining in the huge mob of people passing by, you smirked when you saw a similar metal man flying overhead. They had to be a lot faster than that if they wanted to find you. Following your GPS, you made your way back to your apartment.

By the time you made it back to little apartment you were soaked from head to toe. Slipping off your shoes and jacket, you threw them to the side before running your hand through your tangled wet hair. Sure it was a tiny place but it was better than living in some group home. Setting your bag down you stopped at an old picture of you and your parents. Smiling sadly at the photo, you touched the wooden frame around it before sighing. The day you got your powers was also the day your parents died. That was four years ago and it still felt like they were just there yesterday.

After spending some time in the foster care system, you eventually turned the right age to become emancipated. Sure, living on your own as a teenager was difficult but you couldn’t spend another minute in that system. Luckily your parents left you enough money to live off of and to put you through college. What can you say; you were a smart kid. When you weren’t crime-fighting, you were taking online classes to keep you busy. You had to do something in your free time since that Spider-Boy managed to get a handle on most of the crime. Even through the hardships, you managed to keep a positive outlook in the chaos. But it felt like you were missing something… you could just never put your finger on it.

Once you were changed out of your drenched clothes, you collapsed face-first onto the bed. As your face hit the pillow sleep overtook you rather quickly.

“What do you mean you can’t find them FRIDAY?” Tony barked into the air. “We have voice recognition and videos circulating through programs and we still have nothing?”

“Unfortunately, sir, there isn’t much to go on,” the AI replied.

Tony threw his hands up in the air as he let out an exasperated sigh. He used all that his best tech had to offer, but somehow this masked vigilante still managed to slip through his fingertips. Growling to himself, he typed away on his tablet trying to think of other solutions.

How could one person manage to slip away so easily let alone stay so well hidden? It also didn’t help that the only way to draw you out was decent size robbery or some disaster that needed attention.  Walking into the common room where everyone was seated, he flopped down onto the couch with a sour face.

“And nothing again,” He grumbled.

Steve knocked his head against the back of the couch and sighed. “No records or anything?”

Tony returned Steve’s question with a simple nod as the team collectively sighed. They were all becoming way too tired of chasing whoever this enhanced vigilante was.  

“Unless I can get a face or some DNA, there isn’t much I can do. Now, I need a few drinks. This is giving me an annoying headache,” He said making his way over to the kitchen.

“You know,” Bucky piped in, “I’ve been thinking.”

“That’s dangerous coming from frosty,” Sam joked as Bucky slapped the back of his head.

“We could stage something to draw them out of hiding?” He continued as the team shared a few curious looks. “They only show up when there’s danger. So, let’s set up a trap for them.”

“We could make it near the tower so they can’t get very far,” Natasha added.

“It could work but I don’t want to underestimate someone who clearly doesn’t want to be found. Hell, they may be just a kid but they fight like Natasha. There’s no telling what they can do if we try and trap them,” Clint said fiddling with some of his arrows as the team nodded.

Tony popped his head up from the fridge with a mouthful of blueberries and a beer. Smirking, he stuffed some more blueberries into his mouth.

“I’ve got a perfect idea.“

Part 2

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“Oh my god peter stop!!! i give in!” You laugh. He stops tickling you.

“Thanks for your cooperation.” Yeter says, as you hand him the bag of chips.

“god can you two get a room!” Clint yells. You give him a questioning look.

“You both have googly eyes for each other like all the time!” Clint points out.

“He has a point.” Steve adds. 

 “No, no, no we’re not-” You start. “We definitely aren’t-” Peter tries to finish, but falters.  “We’re just friends.” You sigh. Awkwardness filled the room. and was almost quiet, besides nat trying to cover her giggles. 

Tony walks in the room, drink in hand. He looks like he was going to say something, but just furrows his eyebrows, Feeling the tension in the room.

“What, did spider-boy and y/n/n just admit their love?” Tony jokes. You two shift on the shared couch. All of a sudden feeling how close you actually are. You stare at the floor, a blush clear of your face. And peter fiddles with his web-shooter.

“They totally have a thing for each other.” Natasha smirks.

Theory: Karma has been in love with Amy the whole time

So, it’s a pretty accepted fact that Amy has feelings for Karma but Karma doesn’t have have feelings for Amy (yet). I disagree with this. I think Karma has had feelings for Amy not since the threesome kiss, not since the homecoming assembly kiss, but even before they started “faking” being lesbians.

I first suspected something when Karma sang the song she wrote in front of the whole school.

Listen closely to the lyrics:

I’ve got a secret inside

It gets so easy to be someone else

“But that’s about Liam. The secret is she’s sneaking around with him while the whole school thinks she’s dating Amy.”

When I’m with you I don’t have to hide

When I’m with you I can be myself

It doesn’t make sense that it starts off about Liam. When she’s with Liam, she is constantly lying. She can’t be herself with Liam, in fact, she has to do the complete opposite. She feels like she has to “make Liam fall in love with her” instead of just being herself.

Amy, on the other hand, has seen Karma at her best and her worst. She knows Karma better than Karma knows herself. When Karma is with Amy, she doesn’t have to hide. She can be herself. Her secret is that she’s in love with Amy, but Amy doesn’t know it. It gets so easy to be someone else because she’s been hiding it from Amy for a long time.

So, why does the song switch over to Liam halfway through? As Shane said in episode 4:

Interesting what the episode in which Karma sings her song is titled:

Overcompensation: the process of overly concealing or offsetting a psychological difficulty by developing in another direction. Karma, like Amy, is scared of these feelings for her best friend. Instead of confronting her feelings, she is attempting to make herself believe these feelings are for Liam, although, deep down, she knows she’s in love with her best friend. Subconsciously, that comes out through the first few lines in her song. She wants to be with Amy, but she thinks she can’t be, so she tries to create the same relationship dynamic with Liam.

When she’s in the quad sitting with Amy and writing her song, there’s no doubt she is putting a lot of emotion into it

Funny how the only time that Karma kisses Amy first (not counting dream sequences) is the time that she’s supposedly writing a song for “Liam”

“But then she takes a picture for instagram. That’s why she kissed her!”

She kisses Amy for a good few seconds before she takes the picture. Do you really need to kiss someone that intensely for an instagram picture? Of course Karma needed an excuse to kiss her. She didn’t want to arise any suspicion from Amy, the girl she thinks is straight as an arrow.

“But it’s so obvious Amy’s in love with her. How could she not know?”

And this was just from one scene. Amy is constantly covering up the fact that she is in love with Karma while she is around Karma. Remember, we mostly see the show from Amy’s perspective. If we only saw Amy when she interacted with Karma, we wouldn’t know she has feelings for Karma either.

Notice in the beginning of the season, Karma seems excited to be in a “fake” relationship with Amy. She says it’s because she wants to be popular, but after seeing all the little hints that she actually has feelings for Amy, it looks like she’s excited because she just wants to be with Amy.

Alternatively, in the beginning, Amy is very hesitant to be in a relationship with Karma. She clearly has feelings for Karma, but is too terrified of these feelings to show them.

Amy deals with her feelings for Karma by talking them out with Shane.  By acknowledging her feelings, she is being honest with herself and allowing her feelings to grow instead of repressing them. Amy goes from this:

to this:

Karma deals with her feelings for Amy by trying to ignore them and romanticizing Liam. By repressing her feelings, she is lying to herself and although the feelings are still there, she becomes ashamed of them, and they become more and more subconscious as the show goes on. Karma goes from this:

to this:

In episode 6, Karma suggests the threesome, and again, Shane is adamant on Karma’s feelings for Amy

Karma says the reason she suggested the threesome with Liam was because Liam didn’t feel comfortable sneaking around behind Amy’s back. But at this point, Liam was already developing feelings for Karma, so why didn’t Karma just suggest to break up with Amy?

How does Shane always seem to be the only one to know what’s going on? He’s been openly gay since the 4th grade. He’s been through the same thing Karma and Amy are going through and he can see the signs more clearly than they can, having already experienced it.

Karma then suggests that her and Amy practice for the threesome, yet another subconscious cry to be with Amy.

“If she actually wanted to practice with Amy, why did she put her hand over her mouth when she kissed her?”

Amy wasn’t the only one looking for a sign that the feelings were mutual. Karma wanted to practice to test the waters. When she pulled off Amy's trench coat to reveal this:

she assumed Amy wasn’t committed to the threesome, and that she was only doing a favor for Karma. Karma then, for the first time, brings up the fact that Amy won’t be staying for the threesome. Notice how she only brings this up after she (thinks she) finds out that Amy isn’t into the threesome.

At this point, Karma’s feelings for Amy are shoved down pretty far, but not far enough. At the actual threesome, when Amy takes off her trench coat to reveal this:

it’s pretty clear that Karma is attracted to her

The episode after they kiss, Amy is talking to Shane and says, “When we came up for air, [Karma and I] saw each other, really saw each other, maybe for the first time.” This is because, in that moment, Karma finally felt like Amy had feelings for her, and Amy finally felt like Karma had feelings for her. It was a moment of brief unspoken honesty.

So, why didn’t they decide to be together right then and there? Before either of them got a chance to do anything, this happened:

Karma immediately decided that Amy was only at the threesome because she was into Liam:

Which is why she looked so very hurt after Liam and Amy kissed.

This wasn’t a look of betrayal, this was a look of heartbreak. For a moment, she thought the girl she’s in love with felt the same way for her, only to have that reality ripped from her in a matter of seconds.

This is why she feels the need to breakup with Amy in episode 7. She is ashamed of her feelings for her best friend, and she wants to end them as soon as possible. By wanting to end her relationship with Amy, she is acknowledging the fact that her attempt to be with Amy has failed, filling her with more shame about these feelings than ever. This allows her to completely cut the conscious tie to her feelings for Amy and allows herself to move on and finally sleep with Liam.

Then comes the wedding. At this point, Liam and Karma had been seeing each other for a while now, and Karma has distanced herself from her feelings for Amy enough to act normal around her again. 

When Amy and Karma’s song comes on and they perform their little dance routine, Liam says:

to which Karma looks like a deer in the headlights

Karma reacts defensively to this because she does not want to believe there is something between her and Amy. She still feels an incredible amount of shame for her feelings. At this point, she is denying her feelings for Amy to herself. So by the time the confession rolls around:

Karma doesn’t want to hear it

So when Amy tells Karma how she really feels

her reaction is this

The writers said when they created a show like Faking It, that they created an accepting environment so they could focus on the internal struggles of gay/bisexual youth. When they said this, it was assumed they were talking about Amy, but Amy came to terms with her feelings fairly quickly with little to no shame. Karma, on the other hand, was dealing with her feelings in a far more destructive way that created so much shame and self-denial that when Amy had finally told Karma she loved her, Karma wasn’t ready to deal with it.

Karma faces a challenge that many young lesbian/bisexual women face: self-acceptance. Karma is a far more complex character than the first season gives her credit for, and I believe that as the show goes on, this will be revealed.

Thanks to mcwithaminthetardis for inspiring me to write out this theory. I would really love to hear what everyone thinks about this theory!

The Art of Timing

This is a new series I’m working on based on the first episode of season 2. It’s going to incorporate certain things from the super teaser, and also from the episodes as the season goes on. It’s basically the way I want season 2 to go. I promise you Karmy is endgame. Why else would we be here?

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