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Peter parker Relationship Headcanons

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  • This boy, my god. He is just too damn adorable to handle
  • He’ll blush when you just simply hold hands, and don’t kid me started about how red he’d be if you kissed in public
  • He appreciates so so much. He seriously can’ believe someone like you would date him. Even if he is Spider-Man.
  • And all he can see is perfection when he sees you.
  • When you first start dating, he follows you almost everywhere, and offers to help you out with everything.
  • It was super sweet until suddenly he was doing everything, and you had to tell him you can do things for yourself.
  • he felt horrible, but all you had to do was give him a peck and tell him he’s amazing.
  • He stares at you all the time, since he thinks it not as creepy if you’re dating
  • If you stare at him for even a second he gets flustered af
  • It’s the cutest thing in the world, so you kind of make it a goal to compliment him or stare whenever you can.
  • Playing with his hair when your bored (Which he loves, and wishes you would do it more, since it’s so calming.)
  • You love dropping by his place randomly so you can cuddle and watch any nerdy movie on Netflix you can find
  • And you two try to make popcorn every time but it either ends up half cooked or burned,
  • He’s the first one to fall asleep during movies, but you don’t mind.
  • I Like you’s” that really mean ‘i love you,
  • A relationship with Peter is just super genuine and caring, just like he is. 
  • Tony: *listing future classes and schools to put Peter in*
  • Steve: Why don't we put him in art?
  • Tony: Uh, we are not putting him in art.
  • Steve: Boy Scouts or summer camp at least.
  • Tony: Science camp.
  • Steve: Tony no---
  • Peter: *gurgles in confusion*

Okay but Peter, Ned, and May getting Greek food and Ned and May both pointing at the pita bread and going “Hey, that’s you, Pita Parker”

Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita

Avengers Masterlist

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Personal favorites:

Eyes of Blood (Avengers X Reader) —  Part 1 - Part 2

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Against the World (Tony X Reader)

Home (Bruce X Daughter!Reader) — Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Phantom (Bucky X Reader)

Table Nine (Bucky X Reader)


Agent  Part 1 - Part 2

Realm — Part 1 - Part 2

Eyes of BloodPart 1 - Part 2






Hundred Percent




Rock Bottom

Born Under a Bad Sign


Thunder Struck

Broken Bones

Table Nine


Against the World


Lightning Bolts


Home — Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Avengers Infinity War will mark the eighth appearance for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers / Captain America in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film

After rewatching all of the Marvel movies in the build up to going to seeing Spider-Man Homecoming, I noticed that in Tony"s last moments Pepper is the only thing he can think of. The only thing he can think about is making sure she is safe, protected, because he has to save the one thing he can’t live without. She has been his world for so long, he can’t remember or think of a life without her, so when it comes to choosing his life or hers, he would always choose hers in a heartbeat. She is his life line. She is his proof that he has a heart. She is his everything.

Happy has been carrying around an engagement ring since 2008 (The Year the first Iron Man Movie come out) he has been committed to her since then. They didn’t have their first kiss until 2010 (Iron Man 2)

Tony Starks worst, lowest, saddest moments has been when he thinks he has lost her, when he thinks he is going to have to continue on without her.

I’m Captain America: Civil War, they aren’t together and that was some of his darkest moments. Tony no longer cares when she isn’t around, because to him a life without her, isn’t a life worth saving.

Tony Stark goes into self-destructive mode when she isn’t there, without her nothing makes sense. He falls into his old routines from before he was Iron Man, but a thousand times worse. She makes him a better person.

“Threat is imminent and I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you” - Tony Start to Pepper Potts, Iron Man 3

Whenever he is prepared to die, it seems as though he is doing it to protect the city, the world etc but if you look at it closely, 9/10 she is in the most immediate danger. He is doing it to make sure that there is still a world for her to live in.

In what seemed to be his final moments in Avengers Assemble. When he went into the Black whole with that Missile, the only thing he could think about or do was getting to say goodbye to her because she deserved an explanation. An explanation for why he was going to risk his life.

He has been in love with her for near enough a decade. Tony Stark always has and always will love Pepper Potts.


Tom Holland + “what the h—” faces

Masked Masterlist

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Summary: During the Battle of New York the Reader is exposed to alien tech that gives them enhanced abilities. After a few years of hiding their new powers, they start to use them for good. Soon enough they draw the attention of the Avengers and certain Spiderling.

I swear to god, imma be so pissed if anything happens to Peter, Tony, Wanda, Bucky, Stev- Basically the entire group, in IW.
I will sue Marvel if they hurt my babies.
I will whoop that fucking purple grape turd if he hurts my babies.

Rebel Rebel. (Part two.)

II Peter Parker X Rebel!Fem!Reader. II  

Warnings: None!  

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A/N: You asked for it, So finally here it is! If you feel comfortable i’d love some feedback!

(Link to part one.)

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It had been two days since you had talked to him, and Peter’s crush had only gotten even bigger…to the point where Ned had to actually snap him out of daydreaming in class a few times. Okay, more than a few times. He couldn’t get over it - over the fact that you paid attention to him. Yes, you only spoke a few words, but to him, it felt like a million. He’d admit that he was being completely dramatic, but it really didn’t matter.

Peter had a plan, a very very stupid one at that, but it was a plan. He would go up to you at lunch, and sit with you. Yeah, that was about it; he hadn’t planned out the rest, and it was a little too late at that point. Amidst the noisy, crowded cafeteria seating, he was already halfway to your table, and where he normally sat was in the other direction, so if he turned back he’d look dumb. He had to sit there, with you. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, making sure that he was still breathing. You were still a human, it couldn’t be that hard.

“Hi,” he muttered, sitting down at the table. He gulped down his fear, or at least he tried. He swore that it was 20 degrees hotter than it had been 5 minutes ago.

“Hey, kid.” Your lips curved into a polite smile, greeting him back with a surprising amount of fondness. “The name’s Peter, right?”

“Y-yeah, how’d you know?” Peter stuttered, a little caught off guard that you’d known his name. He thought no one knew his name.

“Hard to block out people talking about one of the top students,” you said, starting to pick at your food. There was silence between you after that, as you two slowly ate your garbage school food. He stole a few glances whenever he could, admiring how gorgeous you looked. It was really weird to be right next to you, instead of dreaming of sitting next to you.

“So, what brings you here?”

“I, um…just wanted to sit with you,” Peter admitted. He tried to keep a blush from rising from the simple interaction, but it didn’t work.

“Wow…you know, you’ve got some nerve. I like that,” you smirked. He couldn’t quite place your tone of voice, which was slightly concerning to him. He was surprised at almost every reply you’d given him, but he should have known that a girl like you would be unpredictable.

“Nerve for…?” he genuinely asked, wondering if he had actually heard you right.

“Maybe you should look around at the lack of others sitting here.” You gestured to the empty seats around you. “People are scared of me.”

“I’m not scared of you.” You shot him an amused look. He was sure no one had ever told you that before, but he didn’t mean it to insult you, and you knew that.

“And why is that?”

“Because you’re beautiful.” His eyes widened as soon as he said that, automatically trying to justify it. “I…I…mean,” but he was cut off by you laughing. Wait, laughing?  

“Beautiful can still be scary,” you replied. The smirk that you seemed to almost always have faded into a warm smile.

He wasn’t exactly right, when he thought you would be the death of him.

You already were.

Masked - Part 2

Word Count: 1890

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter x Reader (later on)

Warnings:  Language

A/N: Finally Part 2 woooo! Sorry guys I had a really bad cold but I’m feeling much better :) Anyway thank so much for the feedback! It was so wonderful and heartwarming <3


Masked Masterlist

Part 1

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The next morning was definitely a rough one. You awoke with a killer ache echoing in the back of your head, causing you to wince. Your body then protested as you rolled over and stretched before reaching for your glasses. Looking at the time you out a loud groan and plopped your head back onto the pillow. You knew you had to get up for classes but a part of you just wanted to stay in bed all day. Fixing your glasses, you sat up and swung your feet over the side of the bed.

Slowly making your way to the kitchen, you scrolled through your phone looking for the latest news. Smiling at the mostly positive reports on your crime fighting, you started a cup of coffee. As you yawned and opened your laptop, you searched for today’s assignments - which was way more work than you were hoping for, and groaned as your coffee machine alerted you that your coffee was ready.  You grabbed your cup and proceeded to sit down in front of your laptop, ready to complete the ginormous workload you had.

Sure, you loved majoring in electrical engineering, but some days you didn’t have the motivation to do the work that went along with it- especially after the long nights of crime fighting. However, both of your parents were electrical engineers and you wanted to make them proud wherever they are. As a child, you excelled in school but mostly in the sciences just like your parents. Some teachers even compared you Tony Stark as you skipped through grades. By the time you were fourteen, you were able to hack into almost everything- excluding any government systems. Could you break through the government’s firewalls? Yes, but you did not want to test your luck with the government finding you. You would not like to deal with that aftermath if you ever tried. Before you got your powers you had one goal to get your masters and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

After listening to a few lectures and copying down notes, you shut your laptop. Putting your empty mug in the sink your stomach began to growl. Realizing that you forgot to eat something, you opened the fridge hoping for something good. Inside was a few takeout boxes and water bottles, nothing you wanted right now. You definitely needed to stop putting off grocery shopping but with your hectic schedule take out was always a quicker option. Not wanting to stare at the empty contents of your fridge, you shut the door and walked over to your wardrobe to get changed.

Your outfit was nothing too fancy; it was just a flannel, band tee, jeans, and an old pair of Converse. Pulling your semi-dirty hair out of your face, you gather up the contents your suit and put them into your backpack. You had no idea when an emergency would happen so you needed to be ready. Grabbing your phone, headphones, keys, and wallet, you made your way down to a small diner near you.

Locking your door behind you, you notice one of your elderly neighbors trying to juggle bags in their hands while fumbling with their keys. Putting your keys in your pocket, you made your way over to your neighbor.

“Here, Mrs. Roberts let me help you with your bags,” You offered before grabbing most of the bags.

“Gracias, (Y/N). You’re a true hero,” She joked as you laughed awkwardly.

“You wouldn’t know the half of it,” You muttered following her into the apartment. “Grandkids coming over again?” You gestured to the many assortments of junk food.

“Why, yes. They are and they can’t seem to stop talking about this masked vigilante. What’s their name? It’s uh-”

“Rogue Hex.”

“Ah, there it is. Are you a fan?” She asked.

“I-I uh well hear about them on the news and such,” You said while pushing up your glasses on the bridge of your nose. “I have some errands to do, so I should be going.”

“Oh, don’t let me stop you! Thanks for the help!”

“No problem, Mrs. Roberts,” You replied shutting the door.

Letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, you adjusted your backpack and walked down the hall. Reaching the door to the stairs you were stopped by a few janitors cleaning whatever mess just happened.

“Kid puked on the stairs take the elevator,” One of the janitors said annoyed.

“The elevator?” You whispered. “C-Can I just squeeze by everyone? I mean I’m sure it isn’t that much.”

“Trust me, kid, there is. Now go take the elevator or you’ll be here a while.”

Silently nodding you walked away to the elevators trying to calm your nerves. You weren’t afraid of elevators per say but to you being trapped in tiny places was not your strong suit. When aliens invaded, you went through something no twelve-year-old should have gone through. It affected so much that you small places such as an elevator freak you out.

Sure it was just an elevator but to you, it was a death trap waiting to happen. But nothing could come between you and your food. You could already hear the growls of your stomach growing louder. Pressing the button for the elevator, you waited for the doors to open and reluctantly went inside. You were fine getting in but once the doors shut the room started to get smaller. Slowing sinking to the floor in panic, you watched the floor numbers decrease as you tried to remind yourself that nothing was going to happen.

You weren’t back in that place. You were just in an elevator.

Once the doors opened, you sprang from the floor and pushed passed the group of confused people. Ignoring the glares of people, you ran outside. Rubbing your temples, you began walking to the diner hoping that there wasn’t a huge line. Luckily for you, there were only a few people in line by the time you walked inside. Ordering your food, you sat down by a window and pulled out your phone while you waited.

“Hey is this taken?” A stranger said snapping you out of your thoughts. “There are no other seats.”

“No you can-” You began before you made eye contact with the good-looking stranger with weird pizza shirt. “Y-You can sit here.”

“I’m uh Peter,” He said sitting down with his hand extended.

“I-I’m (Y/N). Nice to me you,” You said gripping his hand a bit too long.

You were very smooth.

“Skipping school too?”

“Excuse me?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Well it’s a weekday so unless you go to some weird school you have classes today,” He responded. “You know it’s my first time skipping and I’m kind of nervous.”

Letting out a laugh, you slapped your hand over your mouth as Peter rolled his eyes. Before you could apologize for your behavior you heard that your order was ready. Mouthing to him to wait a minute you quickly got up and grabbed your food. Returning to your seat, you sheepishly got out your food before chuckling to yourself.

“Sorry that was rude of me,” You said taking a bite of your sandwich. “And Peter I’m not in high school, I’m in college.”

Peter’s eyes widened. “Wait, what?! How old are you?”


“You’re the same age as me damn,” He mumbled as you shrugged. “Makes sense on why you’re not in school. Online classes or are you somewhere local?”

“Online, it’s just easier,” You began with a mouth full of food. “Or well sometimes I do have to go in for a class or two. Electrical engineering can be pretty hard.”

“Again damn you are smart,” Peter laughed. “See I just find old things like computers or DVD players and revamp them.”

“Same! It’s honestly a money saver.”

“Finally someone agrees with me,” He said as you felt your face blush.

You just met this random dude and you’re already developing a crush on him. What could you say; you were a hopeless romantic deep down. Even though you never really had time to even think about a relationship let alone even the concept of dating. With school and saving the city, you barely had time to do anything else.

“So Peter why did you cut school?” You asked wiggling your eyebrows.

“Not so loud!” He exclaimed as you laughed. “I mean it one wrong move and I’m toast.”

Scoffing, you finished your sandwich as you notice Peter looking frantically around. Confuse you glanced around the diner to see what he was all worked up about. When you looked around, however, you found nothing out of the ordinary. His body language was almost like he was waiting for something like a text or single.

“Earth to Peter,” You said waving your hand in front of his face. “You need to relax no one gives a shit that you skipped school.”

“Uh yeah,” He mumbled while checking his phone. “Can I ask you for your number?”


He just asked for your number. This was actually happening.

“Oh sorry that was a bit strong I didn’t mean-”

“No, you’re ok. Just caught me off guard that’s all.”

Giving Peter your phone you gave him yours as you both typed your numbers in. As a smile never left your face, you returned his phone. Fixing your glasses you, notice Peter’s face dropped as his phone buzzed. As he read whatever he was just sent, two cop cars flew past the diner. Slowing getting up from your seat, you unlocked your phone and brought up your homemade police scanner.

One of the reasons why you always knew about crimes before everyone else was due mostly to you hacking into the NYPD scanner to give you updates. As another cop car flew by, Peter was distracted along with everyone else. Quickly reading what was showing up on the scanner you realized that a robbery and possible hostage situation was taking place a few blocks away.

“Hey Peter I love to stay and chat but I uh have um some work I need to finish. I’ll text you later.” You said slinging your bag over your shoulder.

“U-Uh yeah I actually promised to meet up with my team-uh I mean friends,” He responded grabbing his bag as well.

Staring at his backpack for a brief moment, you notice another cop car fly by. Whatever was happening definitely wasn’t good. Mumbling a quick goodbye, you sprinted out of the diner and down a few blocks to a nearby alleyway. Once you knew you were out of sight, you pulled out your suit and began to put it on. Taking off your glasses, you slipped on your mask while strapping on your gloves that you designed for better control of your powers. Lacing up your boots and adjusting your mask, you focused on the small ledge above you and aim one of your tentacles at it.

Using it as a grappling hook, you shot up onto the roof as your made your way to the scene of the crime. Feeling the adrenaline run through you, you couldn’t help but smile. After a nice breakfast, you were ready to kick some ass. And that’s exactly what you were going to do.

Part 3

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Rowaelin High School AU: Part II

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. Working on part III right now, so that’ll hopefully be up in the next couple days or so. Thinking I’m going to continue it as one-shot type scenes that are still connected/part of the same story line. As always, characters belong to sjmaas. Please feel free to reblog or give feedback!

Part I

               Rowan felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out and opened his messages.

               meet me in the teacher’s lounge during the assembly

               A small smile formed on his lips as he shoved his phone back into his pocket. Of course, there was no way of knowing for certain what Aelin had planned, but given that every teacher would be in the gym for the homecoming assembly, the teacher’s lounge would give them plenty of privacy to pick up where they had left off.

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What is favourite MCU film/TV show and which film/TV shows are you most looking forward to?

(I don’t take credit for some of the fanmade logos)

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Senior Year

1. Do homework. You won’t have it every class, but you have homework. Don’t slack on it.

2. Classes that come easy to you will get harder, but work on improving in classes that are harder for you.

3. Everyone says Freshmen are annoying. We say this because you guys haven’t found your group, and really don’t understand the dynamic of high school.

4. Respect and trust your teachers. They know what they are doing, and they are steering you in the best direction possible.

5. Also, if you think a teacher has done a problem wrong or says something contradictory, correct them. It helps everyone even the teachers, they learn from their students every day.

6. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! The easiest way to fail is not understanding your material in classes.

7. Interact with people outside of your social circle. It’s fun and interesting and you have multiple groups and people who enjoy the same things as you. (I wouldn’t know some of my favorite people without doing this and I’m antisocial af)

8. Involve yourself in different clubs, and sports, and activities. Find stuff you know you enjoy, expand on it, then give other groups and activities a chance. You have 4 years of high school then the rest of your life to become good at something. (You don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it)

9. HAVE SCHOOL SPIRIT! Seriously, you may think it’s cheesy and corny (and the seniors always win at being loudest) but it really helps feel like a family and feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. Especially at the high school I attend, school spirit is a big deal and is involved in everything we do. Why else would I have 10 Lafayette shirts in my closet. And everyone can see when you don’t participate. You aren’t sneaky. Dress up for spirit week. Lafayette takes out spirit weeks seriously and we don’t care.

10. Go to every game and event you possibly can. Vote for homecoming and class president, cheer for your school team no matter who’s winning. Enjoy yourself at homecoming and assemblies and everything involving your school.

11. Go see your counselor. They are there to help you and they will. Whether you have a tiny problem with a kid you need to talk about, or some family issues you need to get off your chest, they are there to help.

12. Tough times bring your school together more than anything. Be there for your school because they are your home away from home and even though the tragedy may not affect you personally, it may affect your friends. Be there and support each other. You will see your school rises stronger than before.

13. Don’t bash or spread other rumors about kids in your school. It’s not cool, it won’t get you anywhere. Don’t make fun of girls who wear makeup just because you don’t like it. Don’t make fun of the kid who doesn’t wear Jordan’s, or the girl who has a new boyfriend every week.

14. On the flip side, ignore the drama. At the end of the day you are at school to learn. Don’t take the fun away from your day but don’t create or stir drama surrounding you. Your life will be so much more peaceful.

15. Take photos and videos. Anything to help you remember your times in high school. Good and bad. Because high school helps shape you into the strong person you will become later in life and you need to remember as much of it as possible. Every last detail of a funny story, of something that happened that wasn’t so great. You will meet some of the best people in your life through high school and you need to hang on and remember that.

PSA: These are only the things I have learned from the high school I go to. I have been to different places and the school I currently go to I call my family. They are my home away from home. I wish every high school was like mine, but sadly they aren’t.