Well thanks to Dennis dog getting knocked up in Arkansas, we’re gonna be stuck couch hopping around Illinois until we find homes for all the fuzzy little shits. I’m already going fucking nuts, and they’re not even born yet. I can’t wait until we get back out on the road..

Homebums Everywhere

Stupid homebums everywhere, they ain’t got no life
Drinking all the vodka, drinking all the beer
With their half pints and tall boys in their campsites everywhere
I’d like to get a homebum and fuck him with my knife

They’re taking all the spange away, they’ll ask a little kid
Homebums everywhere is something to get rid
A homebum holocaust, to me. is so ideal
A homebum, to me, should be killed

I hate their stupid bikes, where the fuck do they go
Where do you go when you’ve got a home
Homebums are like zombies, everywhere they roam
If a homebum asks for change, please say no

“I am starting to hate homeless people.”

In reference to something a friend of a friend posted:

It is not wise to profile an entire group based on the actions of a few. I was homeless for two years, and never accepted money from anyone. I knew many people in my travels that were the same way. Most of the “street kids” were the most beautiful and giving souls that I had ever encountered at that point, and since. They would, and *did* (I witnessed very literally) give the shirt off their back to someone in need. The monetary system in most of the subculture is a barter system - “Those are some wicked shoes, brother.” “Yeah, and I really like that diskman. How about a trade?” “Seems legit!”
(…Cigarettes and Snickers bars will get you pretty much anything, they are like gold)

Yes, there are many people that are only looking for a handout, some of these people actually have very nice homes, and begging for money is their “job”, which indeed pays very well.

Not all of us are like this. It is not an acceptable or accurate microcosm of the entire subculture. Many of us are homeless of our own design, and prefer to stay that way. The lifestyle is one of freedom, travel, adventure. The stresses in that way of life are *real* stresses: what am I going to eat, where am I going to sleep, does that sister have enough food to feed herself, etc. It is a very cathartic way to live and view the world.

The “bums” that most people encounter are the ones us street kids called “Home-bums”, people that stay in one city (and typically, one specific locale, within about half a dozen city blocks), and do indeed just mooch off of people.

But please, don’t judge all “homeless” people this way. The vast majority of us just want to live and help others - we don’t need or want your money. If we find ourselves in that bad of a place, we generally seek out a temp employment agency for a couple of days, or a blood donation center where we can sell plasma, or something of that nature.

A statement like “I am starting to hate homeless people” is one of a very closed mind.

Most of us just want to see the world smile.