Bottling of French Wheat Beer & Tasting of #DIYdog Kohatu

So I finally managed to get around to bottling my French Wheat Beer tonight, probably a good thing I left it 14 days in the Fermenter as it had dropped another point over the last week to 1.008, which should give me a nice light 4.8% ABV. A good Summer drinking strength. As you can see it has come out a beautiful creamy yellow and it tastes lemony fresh, which probably comes from the coriander. Either way I’m very happy with the sample I tried and can’t wait for it to be conditioned. I’m even happier that it’s a thick creamy colour and hasn’t cleared at all, which is perfect. Shouldn’t really expect anything less really for a beer which is 75% wheat.

I also tried my #DIYdog Kohatu once again, it was a bit warm from the shed, but has been conditioning for about 3-4 weeks. There was zero head but it was carbonated. I did follow the Brewdog recipe to the letter, except for the dry hopping as I couldn’t really afford the amount they specified. I know why now, Kohatu is quite a mild hop and obviously you need loads to get a good aroma. I was left with a slight hint of hops amongst the biscuity malt. The taste is quite mild too, quite resinous with a slight bitterness on the tongue and a gentle sweetness from the malts. There’s not much tropical in there, it’s all pine at the moment. This might improve over time and when served at the proper temperature. It’s an okay IPA, but pretty standard. I’m certainly not bowled over by it. I think the lesson learnt here is I’m not going to follow a recipe exactly any more, I do need to adapt it to my kit and brewing style, as I think a bit of wheat in there would have given a much better head. 

In retaliation to this rather safe tasting IPA I’m planning a good tropical fruity US IPA hop monster for later in the month. Should get me well stocked with good summer styles in time.

100 Magic Items for 5e Master Post

A compilation of all of those 100 magic items I made for my first 100 followers. Here is a d100 list of the items and links to the other posts for more in-depth descriptions of the items. 

01-15 (Misc):

  • 01: Aspect Mirror
  • 02: Soulfire Armor
  • 03: Wand of Rust
  • 04: Panic Button
  • 05: Talisman of the Avenger
  • 06: Antimagic Manacles
  • 07: Tombhammer
  • 08: Standard of Courage
  • 09: Bright-Thorn
  • 10: Murderer’s Glove
  • 11: Exit-Wound Bow
  • 12: Asura Shield
  • 13: Rod of Many Wands
  • 14: Ring of Pushed Luck
  • 15: Boots of the Wanderer

16-29 (Armor and Shields)

  • 16: Rosethorn Armor
  • 17: Spectral Shroud
  • 18: Mental Fortress
  • 19: Merfolk Wetsuit
  • 20: Beastform Guard
  • 21: Kyton Mail
  • 22: Blackmetal Armor
  • 23: Dancing Armor
  • 24: Energizing Armor
  • 25: Bone Armor
  • 26: Iron Maiden
  • 27: Diamond Bulwark
  • 28: Entangling Shield
  • 29: Gorgoneye

30-43 (Wondrous Items)

  • 30: Yoke of the Cursed One
  • 31: Bulette Gloves
  • 32: Screaming Spellbook
  • 33: Explorer’s Compass
  • 34: Cornucopia of the Endless Feast
  • 35: Fork of Twinning
  • 36: Inquisitor’s Mask
  • 37: Fishscale Cape
  • 38:Talking Head
  • 39: Orb of Stasis
  • 40: Lucky Coin
  • 41: Memory Jar
  • 42: Bottle of Gas
  • 43: Clockwork Bee

44-65 (Magic Weapons)

  • 44: Screaming Scimitar
  • 45: Trepanation Blade
  • 46: Grafted Weapon
  • 47: Righteous Longsword
  • 48: Leviathan
  • 49: Ray of Light
  • 50: Axe of Maggots
  • 51: Guillotine
  • 52: Snowbiter
  • 53: Hammer of the Forge
  • 54: Skullfire Mace
  • 55: Lightning Dagger
  • 56: Spectral Shiv
  • 57: Fan Dagger
  • 58: Pain Bow
  • 59: Dragging Crossbow
  • 60: Starflinger
  • 61: Katars of Insanity
  • 62: Dragon Lash
  • 63: Scythe of Woe
  • 64: Wrecking Ball
  • 65: Quarterstaff of the Wilds

66-80 (Staves, Wands, and Rods)

  • 66: Staff of Blight
  • 67: Rod of the Typhoon
  • 68: Rod of Squirrel Command
  • 69: Wand of Spell Transfer
  • 70: Staff of Dark Speech
  • 71: Wand of Disarming
  • 72: Staff of Influence
  • 73: Wand of the Weaver
  • 74: Wand of Fleshwarping
  • 75: Rod of Overflowing Wealth
  • 76: Staff of Mirrors
  • 77: Wand of Dreams
  • 78: Staff of Smiting
  • 79: Rod of Slime
  • 80: Wand of Vipers

81-90 (More Wondrous Items)

  • 81: Periapt of Greed
  • 82: Cursed Mask of Everlife
  • 83: Needles of Pain
  • 84: Doll of Torment
  • 85: Banner of Claim
  • 86: Mantle of the Inferno
  • 87: Bottle of Endless Sand
  • 88: Prayer Beads
  • 89: Unholy Host
  • 90: Veil of Sight

91-00 (More Magic Weapons)

  • 91: Shadowself Blade
  • 92: Whirlwind Glaive
  • 93: Rhythm
  • 94: Titan’s Hammer
  • 95: Invisible Dagger
  • 96: Imprisoning Longbow
  • 97: Two-Faced Blade
  • 98: Tormentor’s Whip
  • 99: Viper Claws
  • 00: Vexing Dart
Easy Homebrew set up

A lot of people seem to be trying to set up Homebrew and not realising the steps are way simpler than they seem. So here is the simplest version of what needs to be done if you are on the most recent update (11.0.0-33):

1) On your 3DS homescreen, remove all badge arcade badges and set your theme to the default white.
2) Put your 3DS SD card in your PC. (Or connect wirelessly - N3DS only.)
3) Click this link and select Open (not save!)
4) Select all 3 items and click Extract, when asked for a destination folder chose your SD card.
5) Put your SD card back in your 3DS.
6) Open the 3DS browser (Blue icon at the top left of the homescreen).
7) If you have an old 3DS, type in http://yls8.mtheall.com/spider31hax.php as an URL and let it load.
a) If you have an N3DS go to http://yls8.mtheall.com/skater31hax.php instead.
It will load for a little bit and should open up the homebrew menu. - This sometimes takes a few attempts!
8) Now you are in, scroll to the Menuhax Manager v3.0 and select it.
9) Press A on Install and let it load.
10) You can now hold L when you first turn your 3DS on (while the screen is black before home menu pops up!) and homebrew will open immediately. Do not update your 3DS after setting this up or you risk losing access to Homebrew. Check around online before updating to confirm Homebrew can still be accessed.

11) If you want to make sure you are less likely to be affected by future updates. Install as many “Game"hax things as you can, following their various instructions on http://smealum.github.io/3ds/.

Common Problems:
@Step 7) Check your SD card folders looks the same as on this link

If it has 1 folder instead of the 3ds, Themes and boot.3dsx folders/file then you did not extract the files correctly at step 3.

If your SD card is set up correctly, check your DNS settings are set to auto-obtain on system settings, and NOT set to the Tubehax DNS (

@Step 9) If the install fails, most of the time the problem is you have a badge somewhere still on your home screen. - badges on folders count and need to be removed too!

If this is not the case, and you have previously had menuhax set up, the problem could be you need to delete the extdata on your 3ds related to the home menu. Some info on that error is here, message me if help is needed.

Date of last edit: 04/08/16 - click here for up to date info if later than this.


I finally  got around to gathering all the custom character sheet files I prepared for my D&D group. So,here you will find all the custom stuff for halfling rangers, tiefling warlocks, tiefling sorcerors and dragonborn paladins, also inventory and spellcasting sheets.Not only just the full resolution jpegs, but also all the editable source files, all the PSD files that I created for these, so they are fully editable in case you want to move stuff around, add your own character portrait, maybe change the character background, etc. I didn’t think I would be sharing these when I worked on them, so layers may be a bit messy in the PSDs, but now that I’m thinking I’m going to be sharing all the stuff I produce for my D&D games, stuff will be better organized in future releases.

I’m also including the ready to print jpegs and editable PSDs for some of the printable minis I use with my group. I wanted to keep a consistent visual style with the sheets and the characters and I draw as much as I can for each session, so I will be adding a lot of monsters and character printable minis in the future as well. The PSDs have lineart and colors in different layers so you can adjust and personalize them if you want.

I’ve prepared everything and uploaded it to Gumroad, where I will be probably making all the D&D minis, sheets, items, maps and stuff I make for my games available for FREE, but it’s set to “pay what you want”, so if you want to support me creating stuff like this, it’d be really appreciated and it’d certainly make it easier for me to create more content like this.

Anyway, I hope this is useful! Do let me know if you have any suggestions!

LINK :   https://gum.co/OJctv

(note: the font I use in the sheets is Fritz quadrata, in case you want to keep that, if you dont like the font in the sheets you can always change it)

The Sony Ericsson K800i (and others)? Yeah, it runs Doom.

I had a phone like this many, many years ago. I just had a quick look and found it sitting on my bookshelf. It’s really friggin’ tiny compared to my current iPhone!

Quoth @darklordoflinux, who submitted this:

It has no sound, but otherwise runs okay. This is made possible by patching the firmware to run custom executables in the .elf format. It’s a port of SieDoom, a Doom elf for Siemens phones (which I might try, and of course send here, sometime too - I have some laying around).

Thanks for submitting, darklordoflinux!


Strongholds are awesome. They make players feel rewarded, they feel a need to defend it, and they feel an obligation to protect the land it’s in (unless they are evil, then they have plenty of people around them to subvert or vie for power)

image credit: Sam Burley

How to use strongholds

Keep reading

Sorry for the lack of updates. Visited home for the weekend, lazed around a bunch. Here’s v1.0 of the Abyss-Touched sorcerer, which will be part of my Abyss-themed homebrew splat. Look forward to it!

Art Sources (All will be properly attributed within the final pdf):




UPDATED: D&D Monster Maker Download
This tool allows you to create monsters and then output them...



5.1.5: Added more SRD content and now parentheses in senses properly format. If you selected “Blindsense” and then added “(blind beyond this range)” into the drop down, it’ll properly insert the speed BEFORE the parentheses.

5.1.1: A minor bug was found in relation to formatting abilities and has been corrected.

5.1.0: Added scroll bars to the main panels. Feel free to resize the window, run it on a tablet or whatever. Go crazy!

5.0.2: Turned the target box in attacks to be a drop down. You can still enter whatever you want into this field, but it has the two choices that are used in all creatures in the MM except for Vampire.

5.0.1: Fixed some spelling errors and added a semi-filling ‘multiattack’ area (it’s a pretty common ability, figured it wouldn’t hurt to add). Remember to please, go through and actually edit that code. It just gives a little bit of a start.

5.0.0: Was saving this one until I completed the SRD content, but a bug fix had to be patched. Added SRD content ‘library’. This allows you to quickly use creatures from the SRD as a base for your creations. Also fixed a bug where anything in the lower abilities area was red.

Thanks to The Genius Inc, this is the thing I use to make all my homebrew creatures.


It’s finished! I hope you enjoy it.

This is the racial stats for the Carolili, an original race of plant people. Perfect for people who are tired of playing grizzled veterans and want to try hugging the enemy into submission.

Close, but no cigar.

So long story short, my and my usual bunch were playing some good old homebrew DnD. Well, very loose DnD. See, I had never had a legitimate group before, and the only one of us who did wasn’t interested so he didn’t participate. So after looking up and dumbing down a lot of mechanics, we set off into the woods to pick a side in the Orc Civil War. Along the way, we met a group of Vampiric giant mages. And as unsettling as that was, we managed to persuade them to give us Vamparism if we killed a Druid that had been bothering them with various attacks, spells, etc. So we went there and our scout rolled to see what was in the cave, and golly gee was this a bad idea. BUT. The scout decided to roll for sneak, and more or less go past everything for an assassination attempt.
I had no idea wtf was going on, as he was sneaking past literally everything. He was only lvl 3 and he got past a Dragon.
So he gets to the main chamber and learns that the Druid is actually an Arch Druid. He rolls to silence the Arch Druid then kill him in one fell swoop, but he botched the silencing roll.
Pros: He killed the Arch Druid.
Cons: Literally the /entire/ forest knows we just killed the Arch Druid.

I’m sure we all know what Pokemon Go is by now. It’s everywhere. I myself am sadly unable to play as none of my devices are new enough, such is life. 

That aside I was a bit inspired by the war of the three Teams that has arisen on the internet. These teams and their vague ideological concepts are intriguing and that’s why I put them to use in D&D terms.

So here you have them folks. The Oaths of Valor, Mysticism, and Instinct. Vaguely pokemon themed but 100% D&D with some new and fun abilities that bring out their unique flavor of Paladin. Enjoy!

As always artists are tagged on each page and all Homebrewing is done by me.