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What can you do in Mother 4? ⊟

You can do a lot of cute stuff! This fan-made, unauthorized continuation of the Mother/Earthbound series looks pretty fun. After working on the Windows / Mac / Linux project for more than five years (with “serious work” starting two years ago), the team behind this now hopes to release the game this June.

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Ofelia Alessandra Carlevari may come across as your average halfling teenager, but behind her Rumeskan Orthodox (think fantasy Catholic) schoolgirl facade resides her Asgardian heritage as the current incarnation of Hel, which grants her necromantic powers, the ability to communicate with spirits, and a bond with the legendary knife Famine and the legendary dish Hunger, which serve as both weapons and wise (albeit somewhat odd) companions, offering strategic advice and knowledge to the young and inexperienced heroine in her self-appointed war against crime, injustice and the untold monstrosities that perpetrate them, humanoid or otherwise.  

Ofelia loves adventure novels, loud music and her mama’s endless repertoire of pasta recipes. She plays defense in her school’s futbol team and dances like a dork when no one’s watching. 

The story behind this impressive Snatcher demo for Virtual Boy is touching ⊟

It’s remarkable enough that German coder Thunderstruck ported a working Virtual Boy demo for Hideo Kojima’s cult classic Snatcher on the adventure game’s 25th anniversary of the console –  every image in the game has been converted to stereoscopic 3D for the Virtual Boy, and the port features a dynamic dialog system, PCM music and sound effects, a dynamic inventory system that reacts to people in the room, and more.

Thunderstruck’s motivation behind its creation, though, is bittersweet. The original idea came from another developer, Red Metal, who hoped to make a port of Snatcher for a coding competition at Planet Virtual Boy, but he unfortunately passed away before he could share any work.

“I had never talked to him but from his post I could tell that he was a very nice person,” said Thunderstruck on the Planet VB forum. “I felt like I missed my chance to get to know him. I tried to express that in a post but somehow my words felt meaningless to me.”

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Health Benefits of Beer

I’ve been wanting to write about the health benefits of beer for a while, well, because there are many of them!  Also, I find lots of people coming up and joking about how unhealthy beer is and the mythical “beer belly” - when we’re actually referring to alcohol and how unhealthy copious amounts of it can be harmful.  Moral of the story - don’t hate on beer.

Vitiman B-apalooza

Probably the healthiest part of beer is the amount and types of Vitamin B it provides, especially in traditional English “real ales”, microbrews, and (of course) homebrews.

Yeast supply beer with nearly the entire range of B-complex vitamins.  In fact, one 12-oz can of beer contains 12.6% of a person’s daily B-6 vitamin intake! We see a higher presence of B-vitamins in unfiltered beers and homebrews where the Vitiman B is not filtered out.  When unfiltered, this vitamin actually helps combat the side-effects of alcohol, most notably hangovers.  Thanks, yeasties!

So, why isn’t beer the king of Vitamin B?  Well, alcohol kind of negates this as it lessens the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.  In theory, non-alcoholic beers are really the super-drink in this scenario where alcohol doesn’t impede on our vitamin absorption.


Our grain provides quite a few nutrients as well.  Most notably, it provides a large amount of fiber!  In fact, a liter of beer contains 20% to 60% of our daily recommended intake of fiber!  Holy crap.  Derived from the barley cell walls, fiber helps aid in digestion, helps control blood-cholesterol levels and blood-sugar levels which, helps combat heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Hell yea fiber!

Other Good Stuff

Aside from being packed with great vitamins and fiber, beer is rich in other healthy elements.  Obviously, beer is rich in carbohydrates, which is why drinking beer post-run is great for replenishing those carbs and sugars.  Potassium makes a small appearance in beer as well as large levels of Niacin which maintain healthy bones and higher bone densities.

Another interesting element of beer is the amount of flavonoids found in it.  Flavonoids act as antioxidants, similar to the ones found in superfoods and green tea.  In fact, beer (especially lagers) contain higher concentrations of these antioxidants than green tea.  Seriously.  

So, again, why isn’t beer on the food pyramid?? Alcohol. 

The Beer Belly and other Bad Guys

Alcohol basically negates all things healthy in beer and is the actual culprit for the mythical “beer belly”.

Typically, those consuming enough beer on a regular basis to create a beer belly lead an inactive lifestyle with poor nutritional intake.  This alone is enough to give anyone a gut.  But, alcohol also aids in this process.  When consuming alcohol, you are lowering your inhibitions and typically eating high-sodium or unhealthy options when the alcohol-induced hunger comes on.

Another part of the beer belly theory has to do with our fat storage.  Alcohol not only lessens the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, it also lessens our ability to burn stored fat.  So, any fat you got in your pouch already is staying there because alcohol wants it to - not beer!

All in all, we should make it a point of calling it an “alcohol belly” because that is what gives us the plump.  Sorry, booze.

I didn’t draw her tail in those pictures for two reasons: Like i said, i had a dumb ideas with a tail-less Samia still trying to be somewhat scorpion-like and also because, as you might have noticed from the pictures themselves, a scorpion girl without a scorpion tail is nothing but a plain, regular girl. It being such an important element for her character and personality it needed to have it’s own, small brain storm.

Her tail is not just another appendage but a representation of her ancient, semi-divine space bug heritage. It supposed to not only look like a scorpion tail but also evoke a bit of an antlion. I went for that on a couple of these, the others i did just for fun.

Looks a bit small in here but you get the idea.

I think they also call it “Rule of Cool”, “South Korean approach to visual design” and “Because i say so”

Brobarian Feats

Just some silly, fun feats for strength-based characters. Mainly barbarians. 

Buns of Steel, Abs of Iron

You’re so ripped you don’t need armour; your enemies’ attacks just bounce off your invincible core muscles. 
Prerequisite: Con 18
Benefit: When not wearing armour, you may add your Constitution bonus to your AC. This does not protect against touch attacks, but does provide a bonus when flat-footed.

Core Strength of Gods

Your muscles are now so incredibly huge that they are borderline invulnerable. Good workout, bro.
Prerequisite: Buns of Steel, Abs of Iron, Str 20, BAB +7
Benefit: When not wearing armour, you may add your Strength bonus to your AC as well as your Constitution Bonus. As with Buns of Steel, Abs of Iron, this bonus does not protect against touch attacks, but is still applied to flat-footed AC.


You gotta keep up your protein intake, brah.
Prerequisite: Buns of Steel, Abs of Iron
Benefit: As a standard action, you can eat or drink something that contains a high amount of protein, i.e. meat, eggs or powdered whey. You gain a +6 bonus to your Strength for 2 turns.

Feel the Burn!

You’ve felt the burn in the gym, now your enemies can feel the burn on the battlefield.
Prerequsite: Buns of Steel, Abs of Iron, BAB +6
Benefit: As a standard action, you flex your muscles, transferring the stored energy of your ripped frame into the air around you. All creatures in a 10ft radius around you take fire damage equal to d6 time your BAB, plus your strength modifier. You may do this a number of times per day equal to ½ your BAB plus your strength modifier. This can provoke attacks of opportunity, though if anything is brotactular enough to survive this you should probably invite them to hang at the gym.

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Latest 3DS update cracks down on browser tomfoolery ⊟

Nintendo put out another firmware update (v9.5.0-23) for the 3DS yesterday, but there’s more to the release than the vague “improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments” mentioned in the changelog.

The new firmware neutralizes the exploit allowing you to run unauthorized code through the 3DS’s built-in browser. Unfortunately this shuts down hacks like the one enabling you to load games from other regions, but it also turns off the shenanigans people pulled to emulate Game Boy Color ROMs, unlock rare Pokémon in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, and bypass microtransactions in recently released free-to-play eShop game Pokémon Shuffle.

That last issue should more than explain why patching the hack became a priority for Nintendo, but it’s probably not a good idea for the company to leave an exploit in its system’s web browser anyway. And the move will appease publishers and devs who are worried about piracy – some studios like Renegade Kid are already applauding the update.

Meanwhile homebrew hacker Smealum says it should be possible to make 3DSes region-free on the latest firmware through another unreleased exploit. The photo showing off the custom theme above, by the way, is via Justabomb.


I stole a bunch of ideas and threw them all together at the same time in hopes of making a new character for our game. I wanted to do something particularly loud and colorful for my Fantasy NotEgyptian Scorpion Woman.


((A little bit of worldbuilding!))

((So this week we’ve just started out on Patreon! We’re quite new to it and still figuring things out, so it will be getting better over time. Right now you might just get strips a little sooner? We were a little unsure about starting one for something silly and fun like this, but you know, it can’t hurt, and someone mentioned it was wanted so maybe other people think so too! If you’ve been throwing money at your screen but nothing’s been happening, this is a better way to do that.))

((We really appreciate support in any form–likes, follows, reblogs, comments, asks, all of it. It’s been amazing having people care about our babies. And WHO KNOWS maybe this could lead to more stuff with them? That’s what we’re hoping!))

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The Mad Wizard: A Candelabra Chronicle, a new NES game ⊟

Here’s a nice looking homebrew RPG/adventure thing for NES, from Sly Dog Studios. It’s got a cool mechanic: instead of jumping, you get around by levitating, an ability you upgrade over the course of the game. Here’s a bit from a nice 4cr interview:

The Mad Wizard is the first in a series of games that take place in the setting of a fantasy world, which will eventually tell the story of what the “Candelabra” is and of the people working to uncover it and what it is capable of. This particular game centers on a wizard named Hekl. He was part of an order of wizards called The Order of the Talon, but he was expelled for reasons not divulged to him specifically. One of the members of this order, Amondus, set forth to take over his homeland and destroy Hekl himself.

You can order the game, on an NES cartridge, from RetroUSB.

Pools of Magic Blessings, Updated

Having trouble thinking about treasure options that you know your PC’s will never purchase? Want something mysterious to bless them magically and beyond their comprehension? Well these pools are magical energized pools of water that can be found almost anywhere in any world so long as the GM takes a little bit of time for justification. In my setting pools are generated and granted power by a specific deity known as the deity of pools, or Broseidon (that is another story entirely). His placement of pools is fairly random, but they usually are only in place of danger and mystic import. All that said you can use the pools in any capacity (even without them being pools).

The four pools are made for different times in character development and serve somewhat different purposes. The pool of gifts and the pool of power are straight forward, one is for pre 10th level and the other is for post 10th level. The pool of enhancement is generally for levels beyond 6 and is placed on a weapon (unarmed and natural weapons do count). The pool of abilities is also generally for after level 6 and has a slew of interesting SLA’s and other such trinkets (including a powerful wish which can be most anything the person desires at a scale above the 9th level wish spell though the PC must make the wish immediately and cannot save it.