Eldritch Tiefling Wizard I’ve been homebrewing a lot of my own content lately for 5th edition DnD and this is one of the races I’ve gotten around to making.

Eldritch Tieflings are a variant of the Tiefling race that rather than being descended from a pact with a devil they are descended from Great Old Ones. Rather than their more charismatic counterparts, these Tieflings gain a bonus to intelligence to reflect the nature of their unknowable influences.

A bit of the design for this character is inspired by some of the work of @phobso, definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

spelljammer setting ideas:

each species has its own home system/crystal sphere. they also have control of most of the spheres in an area around them. the further out from their territory the more likely they are to share a sphere with a nearby species. so there’s a homesphere for elves, for dwarves, orcs, and halflings but where the territory overlaps you’d start getting crossbreeds.

so like an elf and a dwarf would be something like a Mul from dark sun. an elf and orc would be like a combo of a typical half-elf and half-orc, something like a wild elf or a voldur. and elf and a halfling would be like a wood elf, making the “regular” elves something like a high elf. a halfling and a dwarf would be a gnome while a halfling and an orc would be a goblin. not sure what a dwarf and an orc would be but google comes back with something called a dareog. and then when you mix all of them together you get a “mutt” called a Human.

so in this case Common isn’t the human language because of imperialism bullshit but because its the trade language all the other groups share and when you’re lineage is super mixed its more likely your parents had different languages and thus spoke a common one while you were growing up. it would also finally explain why humans are in that whole “jack of all trades, master of none” thing when it comes to stats and abilities.

not sure what to do with the drow though. like i don’t want any “pure evil” races. like sure they won’t all get along but no need to be all scapegoaty either. prolly make the dark elves part of the “high elf” group. so it’d be dark elves, sun elves, and moon elves as the “original” elves. maybe in their home sytem they’ve got three habitable worlds. one in the warm end of the goldilocks zone, one in the middle, and one in the cool end of the zone. so you’d have the dark elves in the warm end, the sun elves in the middle, the moon elves off by elf pluto.

the dark elves wouldn’t be as sun-adverse as they normally are but hey their whole schtick was fucked up from the start. besides i like the elder scrolls version of dark elves better. still assholes but not inherently bad.

also not sure what to do with the “beast” races either. like where do dragonborn come in? are the dragons a spacefaring race too? would that make dragonborn part of the human category? or are they something else?

similar problem with tieflings, aasimar, and genasi.

guess i’ll have to think on it more


Spectral Whistle - 400 gp
Teal crystalline whistle on a red thread necklace.

When blown, emits a shrill call. Roll a d20.
1 - A spectral ex-lover runs up to you, bawling, and slaps you, dealing 1 necrotic damage
2 - A spectral thief appears and can be commanded to unlock a single nonmagical lock of your choosing
3 - A spectral courier appears and can deliver a message to any being friendly to you, and will return with a response in 1d10+5 minutes
4 - A spectral steed charges toward you and will be friendly to you. Steed has a movement speed of 80 and lasts for 3d10+10 minutes
5 - a spectral waiter with a silver platter appears and serves you a spectral version of any food item of your choice. It restores 5d4 of your health
6 - A spectral sniper contacts you telepathically. You can choose any creature in sight of you, and an unseen archer will fire a single arrow at them, with a +2 on hit, and deals 2d8+4 damage
7 - A spectral parade appears and follows you for 3d10 minutes, playing music and giving you advantage on persuasion and performance checks.
8 - A spectral gang appears behind you, and gives you advantage on intimidation checks for 3d10 minutes
9 - A spectral raven lands on your wrist. Choose an point in sight, and in 1d4 minutes, an unseen catapault will fire a massive flaming bolder on that location, dealing 4d12+8 fire damage in a 10 ft radius.
10 - A spectral barber appears and will shave or cut your hair for free.
11 - A spectral dove lands on your wrist, with an olive branch. You can choose any hostile humanoid in range, and it must pass a DC 15 Charisma saving throw, or become non-hostile to you. It will still remember why it was mad, but will not feel hostile or violent towards you.
12 - A spectral bartender appears, and offers you a spectral version of any beverage, and restores 1 spell slot, or 1d12+4 hitpoints
13 - A spectral hobo appears and will offer advice in exchange for at least 10 gp of items, money, food or drink
14 - A spectral thief appears and steals 20 gp
15 - A spectral dog runs up to you, and licks your face.
16 - A spectral shopkeeper appears, amd can sell you an endless inventory of common items for half the price
17 - A spectral wizard appears, and can identify a magical item for you
18 - A spectral king appears and gives you 300 gp
19 - A spectral lover appears, and will “comfort” you for a short or long rest. You gain one inspiration.
20 - God appears, and gives you a high-five. You can improve a single ability score.

Has 3 uses.

Cleric Week: New/Converted Spells

image credit: Josu Hernaiz

It’s hard to come up with new healing and buff spells for a system like 5e, so I converted a bunch of D&D 3.5e ones! They then gave me a few ideas so I sprinkled in a few of new spells, as well.

Delay Death

Necromancy spell. Clr 3.

One dying creature you can see within 30 ft. is warded from death and damage while you maintain concentration for up to 1 minute. That creature does not need to make death saving throws and damage does not cause them to gain an automatic failed death save. Only if the creature takes more than 20 damage from a single source do they gain a failed death save.

Divine Agility

Transmutation spell. Clr 4.

One creature you target has a DEX score of 20 for one minute using while you maintain concentration. This spell has no effect if the creature already has over 20 DEX.

Extract Poison

Transmutation spell. Clr 3.

One creature you touch is cured of poison and no longer suffers from the Poisoned condition as you extract the poison from their body and into a plain stone that could fit in the palm of your hand. The stone turns black and can be thrown at a range of 20/60 ft. When a creature is hit with a poisoned stone, it deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage plus 6d10 poison damage and the creature becomes Poisoned for 1 minute. A successful CON saving throw halves the poison damage and negates the Poisoned condition.

Faith Healing

Evocation spell. Clr 1.

As Cure Wounds, except that it heals 1d12 + your spellcasting ability modifier. However, this spell does not have any effect on creatures that do not worship your deity.

Holy Star

Conjuration spell. Clr 7.

You summon a mote of radiant light that hovers just over your shoulder. It remains there for 1 minute as long as you maintain concentration. The mote of light will do one of the following options of your choice during each of your turns. Each turn you may change what you wish for it to do. The star takes up no actions as it acts completely on its own through your will.

  • The star will negate the effects of up to 1d4+3 spell levels of spells cast that target only you until your next turn.
  • The star grants you +2 AC as it shields you from attacks until your next turn.
  • The star casts Sacred Flame using your spellcasting ability modifier and caster level against a target of your choice.

Mystic Aegis

Abjuration spell. Clr 3.

You may use your reaction to cast Mystic Aegis. The next time that a harmful spell targets only you, you may force the caster of the spell to make a CHA saving throw against your spell save DC. If they succeed, you reduce the damage of the incoming spell by half. If they fail, their spell has no effect on you and is wasted.


Abjuration spell. Clr 1.

You may cast Resurgence as a bonus action. One creature of your choice that can hear you may make another saving throw immediately against an ongoing spell or effect that is currently afflicting them. If the new saving throw succeeds, the effect ends.

Soul Vessel

Necromancy spell. Clr 4.

When a living creature dies within 60 ft. of you, you may use your reaction to cast Soul Vessel. The creature’s soul, instead of departing to the afterlife, is drawn into a focus of your spell. The focus must be a vessel of some kind (a jar, a vial, a basket, etc.). The creature’s soul is stored in the vessel and can be spoken with as if it was still alive. As long as the creature’s soul vessel is not destroyed or damaged, the creature can be resurrected up to 1 year later without the need for a body. A new one is formed out of material from the astral and ethereal planes.

Spiritual Adviser

Divination spell. Clr 3.

For up to ten minutes using concentration, a small whispering mote of light hovers just by your ear and gives you advice that you can only hear. While it is active, you have a +1 bonus to Insight and Perception skill checks. You can cast Augury up to three times while the spiritual adviser is active. After the third casting, the adviser vanishes and the spell ends.

Surge of Health

Evocation spell. Clr 2.

You may cast Surge of Health using different actions, having varying effects. You target one creature within 15 ft. that you can see.

  • If you cast Surge of Health as a reaction, the creature regains 1 hit point.
  • If you cast Surge of Health as a bonus action, the creature regains 1d4 hit points.
  • If you cast Surge of Health as an action, the creature regains 4d4 hit points.
  • If you cast Surge of Health over the course of 1 minute, the creature regains 8d4 hit points.


Transmutation spell. Clr 1.

One creature you touch is no longer afflicted by a condition that you choose, a poison, a disease, a curse, or a spell currently afflicting it. You then become afflicted with the same condition, poison, disease, curse, or spell as if you had just gained it.


Transmutation spell. Clr 2.

One creature you touch regains 1 hit point each round that it has at least 1 hit point for 1 minute. This spell does not require concentration. 

Crested Gecko Swarm

2nd level conjuration

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 300 feet

Components: V, S, M (some kind of squashed fruit)

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes.
Saving throw: Charisma
Spell resistance: N/A

You summon a swarm of crested geckos centered on a point you choose within range. Upon summoning, the swarm fills a 10-foot radius circle. The swarm is comprised of large squishy crested geckos that immediately attempt to fling themselves in random directions. The geckos do no damage whatsoever; however, any sentient creature within the 10 foot radius circle must make a saving throw against charisma. Failing the roll means that they are incapacitated for one round as they accidentally look at the gecko face on and have to stop to laugh.

seriously, look at that face. it’s a potato with eyes. picture taken by @queeblo. 

Cleric Week: New Magic Items

image: Sarira Reliquary, Daegu National Museum, Korea

Here is a collection of D&D 5e homebrew magic items designed with clerics in mind. Many can be used by non-clerics, especially the ones simply inspired by the core pantheon of Dungeons & Dragons deities. Hope you enjoy them!

+1 Holy Symbol

Wondrous Item, Rare, Requires attunement by a cleric

A cleric attuned to this holy symbol that uses it as their spellcasting focus has +1 to their spell attacks and deals +1 damage with their damaging spells.

Goblet of Purity

Wondrous Item, Rare, Requires attunement by a cleric

A cleric attuned to the goblet can bless water poured into it. Water blessed in this way becomes free of disease and becomes crystal clear. Creatures drinking from the goblet are cured of all diseases ailing them.

Blessed Tidestar

Morningstar, Rare, Requires attunement by a cleric

This morningstar is coated in holy water, which flows constantly and magically from coral-like patterns in the head of the weapon down to the spiraling conical spikes adorning it. The holy water does not drip unless swung, and holy water spilled from it disappears where it lands. The weapon deals an additional 1d4 acid damage to undead and fiends, even ones that might be normally immune or resistant to acid damage.

Censor of Divinity

Wondrous Item, Uncommon, Requires attunement by a cleric

Once per day, when incense is burned in the censor and waved about, the cleric can increase the DC of one of their Channel Divinity abilities by 1.

Incense of Peaceful Rest

Wondrous Item, Common

Creatures resting within 60 ft. while this incense burns may heal one hit die in addition to any hit dice spent to heal themselves.

Prayer Beads of Recall

Wondrous Item, Uncommon, Requires attunement by a cleric

As you pray to your deity and run these beads through your fingers, you can teleport yourself and up to 9 allies to the nearest temple of your deity over the course of 1 minute. This ability works once before the beads disappear in a silent flicker of light. A creature must attune to this item by praying in a temple of their deity over a long rest.


Wondrous Item, Varied Rarity, Requires attunement by a cleric

The forms of reliquaries vary greatly. They can be bones or clothes of saints or notable religious figures or pieces of history from your religion, and can be completely unadorned or within an intricate vessel or chest ranging in size but usually able to be carried on your person. A reliquary can have one or more abilities based on its rarity:

  • Rare: The reliquary can cast Lesser Restoration on a creature that touches it once per day. The object passively emits daylight out to 30 ft. and dim light for another 30 ft.
  • Very Rare: The reliquary has the abilities of a rare reliquary. In addition, the reliquary can grant a creature that touches it an effect similar to a Bless spell for 1 hour once per day. This ability does not stack with other Bless spells. Creatures within 30 ft. of the reliquary also cannot become frightened.
  • Legendary: The reliquary has the abilities of a rare and very rare reliquary. In addition, the reliquary can cast Heal on a creature that touches it once per day and creatures slain within 60 ft. of the reliquary cannot be turned into undead.

Book of Boccob

Wondrous Item, Rare, Requires attunement 

Poring over this book grants the attuned user a +1 bonus on arcana and religion checks. The book can also be used once a week to cast a Commune spell.

Exquisite Mantle of Corellon Larethian

Wondrous Item, Rare, Requires attunement

This item cannot be attuned to a Drow, Orc, or Half-Orc; races despised by Corellon Larethian. The cloak can be used once per day to shroud the attuned creature in unearthly beauty. All creatures within 60 ft. that can see the creature must make a CHA saving throw with a DC of 13. Evil creatures that fail become frightened and blinded for 1d4+1 rounds. Nonevil, nongood creatures that fail become frightened and blinded for 1 round. Good creatures that fail suffer no ill effects.

Burrowing Arrow of Gruumsh

Any arrow or bolt, Uncommon, Requires attunement

Elves cannot attune to this item; a race despised by Gruumsh. This arrow is tipped with a red stone arrowhead with an eye carved into it. The shaft has a texture like that of a rat. When the arrow hits a creature with a discernible anatomy, it transforms into a rabid rat that gnaws deeper into the hit creature. The rat deals 1d6 damage on the start of each of the creature’s turns until they rip it out with a DC 11 STR check or by dealing 5 damage to it.

Claw of Nerull

Rod, Uncommon, Requires attunement

This disembodied skeletal forearm is tipped with a pointing finger and is covered with dried blood. When the command word is spoken and the rod is pointed at a living creature of Large size or smaller up to 30 ft. away, skeletal hands emerge from the ground and grasp at the creature, holding them in place for up to 1 minute. The creature must make a DC 15 DEX saving throw to evade the emerging hands or a DC 16 STR saving throw to break free of them. The rod can be used in this way once per day.

Hextor’s Gauntlet of Dominion

Wondrous Item, Rare, Requires attunement

A black iron spiked gauntlet that oils itself with blood and sweat. Once per day you may clench the gauntlet into a fist before you. You may cast Command as a bonus action targeting a creature that can hear and see you within 60 ft. Each round that you maintain concentration and keep your fist clenched for up to 1 minute, you can cast Command again as a bonus action, but you must target the same creature with it each round. While your fist is clenched in this way you cannot use it for other actions such as attacking or holding things.

Briarknot Armor of Obad-Hai

Armor, Rare, Requires attunement

A brooch that looks like a fetish of leaves, twigs, and flowers that can be affixed to your clothing. When the command word is spoken, it rapidly grows to cover your body in a form-fitting armor of thorny vines. The armor changes your base AC to 17 (no benefit from DEX bonus). Creatures that touch you or hit you with a natural or unarmed melee attack take 1d6 piercing damage. The armor wilts and dies when the command word is spoken once more, but the brooch remains intact to be called upon again.

Ruby Dagger of Wee Jas

Dagger, Very Rare, Requires attunement by a cleric

This +1 dagger is made from a shard of a large magical ruby and has an intricate golden hilt. When a creature is slain by this dagger their soul exits their body, ignites, and surges towards the nearest enemy within 30 ft., dealing 7d6 fire damage before leaving for the afterlife. A creature that makes a DC 15 DEX saving throw takes only half of this damage.

Vessel of Vecna

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

A skull of a humanoid that was missing their left eye. When a secret, thought, or memory is whispered to the skull’s face, it causes its good eye socket to glow with a tiny point of green light. The creature that whispered to the vessel completely forgets their thought, memory, or secret and cannot recall it even through magical means. It is as if they never knew it in the first place and are forbidden from thinking about it further. A creature that whispers a command word to a vessel with such a glow within it learns the secret held within, emptying the vessel once more. Destroying a Vessel of Vecna with a secret stored within it does not restore the memories of the initial creature.

Yondalla’s Blessed Seeds

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

These simple-looking seeds come in a pouch featuring Yondalla’s holy symbol on the side. A pouch typically contains 2d4+1 seeds when found. When one of the seeds is thrown onto a patch of dirt at least 5 ft. in diameter, it rapidly grows into a full-grown tree over the course of one round. The tree is about 4 feet in diameter and is 60 feet in height. Climbing such a tree requires a DC 12 Athletics or Acrobatics check.

Hammer of Moradin

Wondrous Item, Rare, Requires attunement

This item can be used as a warhammer. If attuned to a dwarf, it is instead treated as a +1 warhammer. Once per day, the hammer can be used to repair any item made of metal or stone up to a 10-ft. cube. Alternatively, it can be used to cast Fabricate but only on stone or metal material.

Dowsing Rod of Garl Glittergold

Rod, Uncommon, Requires attunement

This golden rod can be used once per day to point its wielder in the direction of the largest collection of wealth (in gems and/or minerals) within 500 ft.

Ehlonna’s Horn

Wondrous Item, Very Rare, Requires attunement by a non-evil cleric, druid, paladin, or ranger

This spiraling white horn can be blown to summon a Unicorn mount. The unicorn serves faithfully and will fight for the creature it is attuned to but if it is asked to perform an evil act then it will vanish and the horn will crumble into pieces. The unicorn cannot cast its Teleport spell and cannot use its Legendary Actions while summoned in this way. When the unicorn is slain it instead vanishes, returning to the place it was summoned from. The horn can only be used during a new moon (once a month) and only one unicorn can be summoned at a time.

Bard Week Master Post

Forgot to make a “master post” for bard week way back.

Making the Bard Feel Important - A guide to making a support character feel like they belong in your campaign

Musical Puzzles - Some examples of music-based puzzles for the bard to solve in your dungeon

Karest, the Storymaker - An encounter with a werewolf bard that makes up their own endings

New Bard Colleges - Four new subclasses for the bard including colleges of the ringing voice, of fables, of gambol, and of the worldspeaker

Magically Musical Equipment - New magic items for the bard