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where is this "archetype" comic for a scrub who is only very recently back into the phandom

Hooo nelly, you’re in for a treat. I linked it in that pic I drew but you can can read it on joe-the-hoe’s deviantart HERE

It’s a super good, really dark, grungy horror AU with over 400 pages, but that’s all i’m going to say about it in case of spoilers.

Also - the artist responsible for this masterpiece is @homeboysammy here on tumblr, though as far as I know deviantart is the only place they post the comic.

Lucifer's DP Headcanon Masterpost

A masterpost for my too fucking many Danny Phantom headcanons so they’re easier to keep track of

Family dynamics:

Middle names

Awkward moments

Maddie and Jack + Danny’s portal accident

Danny & Maddie + additions

Future Sam & Danny + pets - bonus Aunty Val (collaboration with mahimahi713)

Maddie & Alicia

Characters & character relationships (of all kinds, romantic/platonic/etc):

Danny & Dash (collaboration with homeboysammy)

Sam & Kwan - plus artwork

Danny & Sam + first date + bonus Kinks + privacy what is privacy (mostly mahi’s marvellous handy-work on this one)

More Danny & Sam + bonus brief mentions of Sam/Val friendships and Manson family dynamics (collaboration with mahimahi713)

Sam + guilt (collaboration with mahimahi713 & Becca)

Danny & Tuck + wonderful addition by creatingpathstowander

Danny & Valerie

Danielle (collaboration with mahimahi713)

More Danielle

Future Val & Dan + excellent tag commentary (a response to onesentencemusings’s post)

Trio + horror movies (collaboration with mahimahi713)

Tucker + sexism (collaboration with mahimahi713)

Tucker + gas

Vlad + Phantom Planet (a response to onesentencemusings’s post)

Danny + Ghosts

Dan & Clockwork + Val (borderline AU)

King Tuck + that hilarious King Duelaman mess started by anthropwashere

Danny + maturity

Danny & Box Ghost + addition by the-good-witch-of-babble

Danny + his accident

Extreme Ghost Breakers

Aro/Ace Jazz (a response to ghostfiish’s post)


Tucker + ice skating (a response to melancholicmarionette’s post)

Favourite bands & movies bonus Tucker shenanigans

Maddie, Jack & Vlad (response to onesentencemusings’s post) + college fun

Ghost anatomy/powers/other:

Ecto-energy + emotions

Ghost cores

Ghost speak (a response to puppetmaster55’s post)

Clockwork’s clock-work body

Cloning + Halfa brain activity (collaboration with mahimahi713)

More cloning

Casper High’s view on Danny (borderline fanfic)

Overshadowing (a response to onesentencemusings’s post)

Ghostly Wail

Danny’s Lichtenberg scar (collaboration with elphieblw, n7-jaeger and ectoimp)

Regular scars

Halfa brains + ghost speak

Danny’s Motorbike


The Incredibles + bonus

Magical Girl Transformation

Supernatural ghost hunting techniques + Amity Park ghosts


Danny + getting mugged

Danny + ‘bathroom breaks’

Valerie’s hugs - bonus a+ pic usage

Dash in a B-Grade horror flick - (a response to maximum-the-tanuki’s post)

After series 'cure’ headcanon (borderline AU)

Constellation face syndrome

Bullying (a response to Becca’s post)

Dick jokes are classy

Ghost Child

Danny the little halfa

Various ghost backstories (collaboration with mahimahi713)

Far Frozen Yetis backstory

Maddie & Jack + Fenton Ghost Catcher (a response to dashuramod’s post)

Sam + Tattoos + wedding rings - also mentions of overshadow-prevention tattoos (collaboration with mahimahi713)

Ghost Sea Sponges

Seven Deadly Sins