homeboy was not amused

So there were two cute white boys talking to me simultaneously on campus, because they were really interested in my box braids. One was blonde and a little shorter than me and he couldn’t stop playing with them, while the other was a much taller redhead who is a physics major.

Somehow the topic of the conversation ended up being about camping and I told them I had never been but wanted to go, and the blonde stated that when we go together he would play with my braids the entire time.

I was flattered, but mostly amused because homeboy really thought he was slick making plans. I could tell the redhead was annoyed, because throughout the whole conversation he kept shooting glares from the corners of his eyes.

Overall they were both sweet and respectful, and they boosted my confidence but I didn’t give out any info to either one. It started raining pretty hard and I used that as an excuse to get out fast.