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Homies is now in a book form!

There are two version, one comes with a print, one without. Both are signed and editioned. Part of every sale goes to Homeboy Industries.

From Straylight Press:

“HOMIES, limited to 10 signed and numbered copies, comes with an original 8x10 inch print on heavyweight rag paper.

Ten dollares from every sale will go directly to Homeboys Industries, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that helps gang members redirect their lives.

20 images, 42 pages softcover. Beautifully designed by the folks at Alphabet Creative.”

Click HERE to buy a copy.

Homegirl Café con Mariachi

Homegirl Café is a division of Homeboy Industries, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles which gives ex-offenders and high-risk youth a new lease at life through job training, counseling, and mentorship.

The café serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, and brunch on Saturdays. They also do catering and can arrange for a Mariachi to perform for you and your party. Contact Pilar at Community Services for more details.

Visit them next time you’re in Los Angeles!

For more information, visit: Homegirl Café.

Throughout November, we will be highlighting our Arts ReSTORE LA: #Westwood vendors. 

Homeboy Industries. For 25 years, Homeboy Industries has been serving high-risk, previously incarcerated, and formerly gang-involved individuals looking to change their lives. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Homeboy Industries’ headquarters is home to social enterprise businesses that provide job training, as well as a multitude of free services to those in need. 

Homeboy Industries features artisan sandwiches and salads from Homegirl Cafe, baked goods and decadent pastries from Homeboy Bakery, and a variety of Homeboy/Homegirl merchandise including tote bags, mugs and clothing.


The Calling of Delight: Fr. Greg Boyle on Gangs, Service, Kinship
  • The Calling of Delight: Fr. Greg Boyle on Gangs, Service, Kinship
  • On Being with Krista Tippett
  • On Being with Krista Tippett

With the abundance of coverage of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican, here’s our show about a Jesuit priest who’s living a life of Christian service that flies under the radar. Father Greg Boyle’s gang intervention programs in Los Angeles are becoming more well-known, but his ideas behind them often get short shrift.

He makes winsome connections between service and delight, and compassion and awe. He heads Homeboy Industries, which employs former gang members in a constellation of businesses. This is not work of helping, he says, but of finding kinship. The point of Christian service, as he lives it, is about “our common calling to delight in one another.”

~Trent Gilliss, senior editor


Adam Amengual got the idea for his portrait series “Homies” from a place that’s close to our heart – NPR.

After hearing a radio piece about Homeboy Industries, a non-profit that gives job training to former gang members in Los Angeles, he decided to cold-call the organization to work with them on a project.

To make the series, Amengual set up a portrait booth in the front lobby of Homeboy’s offices in Downtown L.A. and asked people if they could stop for a photo.

See more images from the series on KPCC’s AudioVision.

Homeboy Industries expands with a diner at City Hall. Modeled after its popular Homegirl Cafe, the diner brings a much-needed eatery to City Hall and a new revenue source for the nonprofit, which helps ex-gang members with counseling and job training.

Photo: Father Greg Boyle blesses Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, center, and Councilman Tom LaBonge, right, at the grand opening of Homeboy Diner in City Hall. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

Richard piece he wrote about on the night of the competition.

The feeling of Relief is what I could account for the day of the Acting competition at Homeboy’s . Relief because I new that the Brave Women and Men that walked in that day would be effected in a Positive way no matter if they recognized it or not. The Art of an Actor changed my Life and this was my time to give the opportunity to others of were I came from, Homeboy Industries. Two of my mentors were in the room that day Antony Gilardi and Robert Egan, so I new this would be Magical. Some of the contestants came prepared with monologues but most didn’t. But they all came in with the most Important things, Bravery and Heart. One by one they came in the room some more nervous then others, but after a few seconds talking to Anthony they all relaxed because they new this was a place of good intentions and loving energy. They all brought something different but they all did it magnificently and that is why Anthony couldn’t just choose Two of them. One of my most Ultimate Joy’s of an Artist, welcoming them all, the future generation…

Richard Cabral~