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Richard piece he wrote about on the night of the competition.

The feeling of Relief is what I could account for the day of the Acting competition at Homeboy’s . Relief because I new that the Brave Women and Men that walked in that day would be effected in a Positive way no matter if they recognized it or not. The Art of an Actor changed my Life and this was my time to give the opportunity to others of were I came from, Homeboy Industries. Two of my mentors were in the room that day Antony Gilardi and Robert Egan, so I new this would be Magical. Some of the contestants came prepared with monologues but most didn’t. But they all came in with the most Important things, Bravery and Heart. One by one they came in the room some more nervous then others, but after a few seconds talking to Anthony they all relaxed because they new this was a place of good intentions and loving energy. They all brought something different but they all did it magnificently and that is why Anthony couldn’t just choose Two of them. One of my most Ultimate Joy’s of an Artist, welcoming them all, the future generation…

Richard Cabral~

Part 2 from Richard after they won the competition, what it meant to him.

              Congratulations with a Hug is how I greeted them all. The winners of the Homeboy Acting Competition. They were starting off there New Journey as an Actor as an Artist. None knew what the other side was to behold, but they knew it was to something Great and that’s all that mattered. The true meaning of an Actor is to know thy self, and were we came from we never Truly new ourself. This was my Intention to hopefully let them see that. To let them see that it wasn’t our fault the way we grew up and there is something special in everyone of them and the world wants to see it. Aspiration’s, Dreams there all just waiting and I know if they take this Journey to wherever it takes them it would change there lives.  They thanked me for the opportunity and for putting the competition together, but I couldn’t have done it alone. It feels good to be thanked but that is not why I did it. I did because were we came from no one cared to share the Light, now it will be upon us to spread the Light. The Beauty of an Artist, may Homeboy’s continue to Shine… Richard Cabral~

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I love that Misha is not only doing his regularly scheduled Atlanta convention activities this weekend, he's also making time to do the 5k charity run for Homeboy Industries AND getting out there in Georgia campaigning some more for Hillary Rodham Clinton/encouraging people to vote, talk, ask questions, discuss the election and generally be engaged with the democratic process. (AND he's doing the extra Castiel photo ops on Sunday and donating part of the proceeds to Random Acts.) #MishaFTW #LOVE

he’s a good bean