*You actually made it to the altar with homeboy? You cray cray. But hey! Looks like your ex-boyfriend wasn’t going to let the wedding happen…*

N: N will bust through those double doors like nobody’s business causing everyone at the ceremony to turn and look at him. N could care less that all eyes are on him as his eyes will only be on you.  As N slowly approaches you at the altar, he would pour his heart out to you and if anyone tries to interrupt him interrupting your wedding, then he would yell at them. “No! You can’t do this. I love you and I always have and always will. We belong together and you know it! And no, Grandma I’m not done talking!”

Leo: Leo would interrupt your wedding, but he wouldn’t start shouting at you from a distance. Instead, he would march right up to you, grab your arm, and pull you out of the ceremony so he could dump all his feelings on you outside. He would tell you exactly how he is feeling, reminding you of the big mistake you are about to make, all while holding onto you for dear life as if afraid he would lose you forever. “Listen. You can’t do this. I’m still in love with you, and I want us to be together forever. Please. Don’t. Do. This.”

Ken: When the person marrying you and homeboy asks if there is anyone who thinks the two of you shouldn’t marry, Ken would be the one to boldly say “I OBJECT!” As everyone would turn to him, he would then say, “Because I love her!” causing everyone to gasp loudly. He would then walk up to you and take you to the side before telling you his true feelings. “I kind of just ruined your wedding, but hey, I don’t think you should marry this clown anyway. Marry me instead because I still love you and I know you still love me…”

Ravi: Ravi isn’t going to crash your wedding. He’s going to make sure you don’t actually have a wedding by confronting you in your dressing room. He would take your hands in his and tell you everything he needs to say to get you to realize your soon-to-be mistake. He would also try to convince you to run away with him and leave homeboy at the altar. “Look at me! You haven’t thought this through. He’s not the one for you. I am. We are meant to be.”

HongBin: HongBin would show up uninvited to the wedding and sit in the section that allows him to have direct eye contact with you. He wouldn’t object, or cause a scene and he would remain silent because he wants his presence to do all that work for him. He would want to see how long it would take you to come to your senses by giving you heart shattering looks or see if you could really marry homeboy in his presence. Once you give up and run out the ceremony, he would run behind you with tears and embrace you outside. The talk can come later. “*sigh* I knew you’d come to your senses. It’s meant to be us.”

Hyuk: When the doors open for you to walk down the aisle, you’ll grab onto your father’s arm and proceed forward. However, who you thought was your father is actually Hyuk. Somehow he managed to convice your father to use that opportunity as a way to let you know how he feels. As he walks you down the aisle, you’ll garner odd looks from the guests and even homeboy. This won’t bother Hyuk as he would be too busy telling you how much he loves you and how that should be him standing on the altar waiting for you. “Every step you take forward is one step closer to the biggest mistake of your life…Plus, why are you so surprised? I told you your dad was #TeamHyuk.”

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Homeboy your gonna wish one day you were sittin’ on the gate of a truck by the lake with your high school flame on one side, ice cold beer on the other. Ain’t no shame in a blue collar forty, little house; little kids; little small town story. If you don’t ever do anything else for me, just do this for me brother, come on home, boy.
—  “Homeboy” - Eric Church