homebound film

hey whoa it’s that time again!

Do you go to SCAD?  Do you know anyone who does?  Do you not go to SCAD but do something animation-y and have an interest in working remotely on a film?

Well you/they should work on my film!  It’s a story about catharsis and moving on, as told by cats and ghosts.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please hit me up at camiwoodruff (at) gmail (dot) com, or come to the interest meeting in Montgomery Hall on Wednesday the 25th.

As always, reblogs are appreciated!  Thanks!


Homebound is finally ready to leave the nest!

Wish us luck with festival submissions!  Festival appearances and any other publicity updates will be posted here on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled for sad cartoon cat news.

Also please feel free to recommend festivals if you think Homebound would be a good fit!

Thanks for all your support!

Hey, do you do any of the above things or know anyone who does?  Because if so, you/they should work on my thesis film this summer!

If you’re at SCAD, please come to the listed interest meeting, and if you aren’t, then you should e-mail me!  camiwoodruff (at) gmail (dot) com

I’ll need to see samples of your work, of course, so please also send me your reel (stills are fine for layout artists).

If you’re not in animation but would be willing to pass this along, I’d appreciate it a lot!


I have spent all day on this and there is some fixin’ and tonin’ left to throw in, but I think for someone who hates cleanup as much as I do, it actually doesn’t suck as much as I anticipated!

There will be a point where I stop posting these as much, at least when they start nearing a more finished look, since I want the film to be a surprise.  This one and the next one I’m doing are really just look tests though, to make sure the overall treatment is going to work.


Animation test of Anima first leaving the house.

Homebound is slated to be finished sometime in the next couple days!  Who’s excited?  (I sure am)

For those who want to see it after it’s completed, unfortunately entrance into festivals requires that it not be posted publicly online.  However, I’m planning to hold several livestream screenings of it in the next week or so.  Stay tuned for a screening schedule!


Feels like a while since I’ve been able to animate something myself!  But I got the chance today, and remembered how much I enjoy it.  Especially when it’s kitties. 

The layouts are by the illustrious Laurie Ross Dionne.


Getting closer…

This is a test of the near-final look in the climactic scene.  

Animation - Cami Woodruff (me)

Cleanup - Topher Esker

Layout - Karen Rosenbusch

Compositing - Robert Paulsen.