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Prompt: Mulder's thought after Scully left for the ICU and he's still at the crime scene.

Here’s some angsty Mulder inner monologue for you, anon,  Thanks for the prompt!

Ficlet:  “You Go”

Rating: General Audiences

“You go,” he tells her, his hand squeezing her shoulder, her body already cold and numb.  He turns her and nudges her like she is learning to ride a two-wheeled bike.  He feels a lump in his throat, notices his hands are shaking as she turns the corner despondently.

He thinks she likes to process things alone.  He thinks she wants the sense of security that business is being conducted as usual, that she is not leaving a hole in the universe by tending to her own life. But as he hears the shadow of her footsteps disappear down the hall, he has to choke down the urge to scramble after her and change his instructions to, “Let’s go.”  He has to remind himself she is not his to scramble after anymore.

He goes through the motions of the investigation, as he implicitly promised he would - examining evidence, talking to the cop, even developing theories.  But he reserves a part of his mind’s eye for Scully.  He sees himself with her – she is resting her forehead on the window as he drives, staring as a flurry of drab yellows and greens slur by, giving her name hoarsely to the receptionist at the hospital. He reminds himself she is not his to be with, and he feels a pang of guilt as he realizes his focus has shifted to his own loss rather than hers.  

The investigation continues, his theories taking on lives of their own, but he is struggling as Scully must every day not to dismiss it all as nonsense.  It is not that he’s become skeptical, it’s just that he can only see her.

She is lying in a hospital bed unconscious as he holds vigil. He has not known her very long, but is already non-functional without her.  He foolishly dismisses the power of faith, of wishing her back alive, while he indulges himself in self-blame.  It is Maggie who wakes him up, who sends him to her.  He smiles ruefully to himself - he had almost killed himself over a girl he could not admit to loving.

She is sitting by his ailing mother’s hospital bed with him, her voice even and reassuring, stretching to great lengths to unify her beliefs with his own to give him some sort of honest peace.  Even as she annoys him, he is grasping her hand to remind himself there are things in the world that are untainted.

She is standing before X-rays of her brain, coldly diagnosing herself.  The word cancer flicks like an executioner’s switch, sending paralyzing fear flowing through his veins.  He is crying at her bedside, the skin on her hand so pale it appears to be dematerializing, her eyes sunken in dark circles.

She is trapped in glass cage at the bottom of the earth, her eyes frozen open, her body stripped and jaundiced.  He covers her, he carries her, he drags her, he shivers at the onset of hypothermia, and knows that there is nowhere he wouldn’t go, no ridiculous thing that he wouldn’t do to keep her safe.

She is cradling him in her arms in his apartment, summoning the strength to tell him the truth of his mother’s death.  She climbs beside him into his bed, fully clothed, so consumed with helping him that she doesn’t look for a t-shirt to borrow.  She strokes his forehead and his arm until he falls asleep.  He is shaken awake by his grief, and when he opens his heavy eyelids and sees her still lying there beside him, skin striped with sunlight coming in the blinds, he knows eventually he will be okay.  

He sees himself panicked and swearing in a flurry of countless near-misses, moments of seemingly trivial, passing uncertainty when he didn’t know where she was, or if she was safe, or if she would be sick, or be abducted again, or be there when he got back, or if she would forgive him… if she would forgive him… if she would forgive him.  He sees her walking out of their house as he stands there furious with her, with himself, for letting this happen now that she was finally his to lose.

He turns the car around and cancels his motel reservation.  He speeds up the highway double-time flashing his badge at more than one state trooper.  Emergency, he says.  

He feels vulnerable as he approaches the ICU, but he is willing to be turned away, willing to have to apologize for violating boundaries – she is worth the risk.  When she looks over, her face is painted in gratitude and relief, and he knows he is in the right place.  And when it is over, and she is broken, and she says, “Let’s go to Philadelphia,” he realizes she has never not been his to scramble after, to be with, to lose.

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>.< I don't know why I picked this one... but could you do RFA+ Saeran and V finding out MC has a kid? It has been in my head for days and won't go away. I'm sorry!

never be sorry about requesting things! i’m always glad to answer them!! thank you for stopping by~ \(◕ ◡ ◕\)


  • oh 
  • he doesn’t mind at all, really, he wants kids
  • it’s just that now it’s hard for them to be public and such
  • but when they do go public, the fans don’t mind 
  • and respect the kid’s privacy
  • zen wants to be the ‘cool stepdad’
  • and he is, but he’s also a giant dork
  • the three of them act out his scripts together
  • sometimes, zen lets the kid take his role and he plays the bad guy
  • who needs story time when you can act it out?
  • also teaches the kid how to dance and sings them songs, they perform for mc at home
  • again, now zen’s fridge is full… and they have to get a new place 
  • he made a dad joke once, ok it was hilarious and totally sarcastic
  • because the kid called him ‘dad’ and he just responded with “dad? what’s the matter, sport? need some fatherly advice?” i made myself laugh imagining this
  • the kid says they’re never calling him that again, but he apologizes


  • oh boy, yoosung, let’s get that degree, yeah?
  • this is why he’s the fastest to do it
  • but he loves kids!!
  • teaches them how to cook
  • they make breakfast in bed for mc, it’s adorable
  • when the kid needs help with homework, yoosung is There
  • the best mentor, kid is blessed
  • mc loves watching them study together
  • he’s actually such a good father figure
  • the kid looks up to him, he’s so flattered
  • family game nights!! 
  • they play LOLOL and board games 
  • all of them get super competitive uh oh 


  • wasn’t really ready for kids, but is totally okay with it
  • even better, this kid is an angel
  • and a musical fan!!
  • wowie wow jaehee liked this kid
  • and the kid liked jaehee! 
  • they bond over hot chocolate because jaehee shows them the amazingness that is putting cinnamon in it too
  • true story: i did that of my own accord and it’s great i have seen light
  • mc joins in too and that’s how we have family bonding~
  • the kid helps jaehee become more affectionate like
  • hugs !! all the time!!
  • forehead kisses to say goodnight!
  • jaehee is a really good story teller wow mc wants bedtime stories too


  • did someone say ‘spoiled’?
  • this kid is spoiled rotten 
  • but has good manners, of course 
  • jumin loves the kid and gets said kid anything and everything
  • but mc’s kid, and mc’s favorite, thing he does is when he reads to them
  • jumin puts on silly voices sometimes for the characters, it makes everyone laugh
  • oh oh and piggyback rides!
  • basically jumin is the best stepdad ever 
  • totally supports the kid’s dreams and will help at every step of the way
  • mc thinks he’s a great dad
  • “…would you want more kids one day, my dear spouse?” 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • damnit v wh y 
  • he can’t like mc, the kid would be in danger too 
  • but he still does, damnit saeyoung
  • when he comes over and is all distant and stuff, the kid is really the only one who can get to him
  • because saeyoung can’t be too mean to a child
  • accidentally spills his crush on mc to mc’s child
  • and they just shake their head and is like ‘i knew it’
  • helps saeyoung sort out his feelings
  • after that distant episode, he and the kid are really good friends
  • called saeyoung ‘dad’ once and he couldn’t stop grinning
  • mc is actually really proud of the two of them
  • they always make them laugh

v / jihyun

  • oh boy what did he do
  • did he really let this happen, bad jihyun what were you thinking
  • and there’s a bomb in the apartment oh my go d
  • makes it a point to come to the party and apologizes a minimum of 6 times
  • mc tells him that it’s okay, but he’s insistent he do something in return
  • which is why v is babysitting for the day
  • turns out, the kid likes him!
  • asks about all his pictures and v tells the kid stories about them
  • also teaches mc’s kid about cameras 
  • mc came to pick their child up and the kid doesn’t wanna go
  • so they stay for dinner and the kid is like “parent…date this guy.” 
  • you are like 7 calm down
  • but then the kid falls asleep on the couch and jihyun offers to let them stay the night
  • the two of them talk over tea and mc lets it slip that jihyun would make a great dad (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • v blushes and then it gets to the whole ‘awkward crush’ territory
  • the kid, supposedly asleep on the couch, goes “date already” im the kid


  • shit
  • this was a mistake
  • i mean, yeah, mint eye is gone now, but look at all he put mc and their kid through!
  • apologizes to both of them
  • the kid also becomes his best friend
  • but this time because they just keep talking to him and being nice
  • saeran thinks he doesn’t deserve it 
  • but they just?? keep sticking by him???
  • even when mc can tell he’s uncomfortable and tries to pull them away
  • eventually, he gets used to it and their conversations become more interesting
  • everyone is surprised 
  • but he’s really nice to the kid 
  • and they’re mc and saeran’s #1 fan
  • literally ‘whoop’ed when he saw them hold hands lol 
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Bolded - I’ve finished

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(?) - something I won’t include or debating on doing it

because of my busy schedule and inability to keep up with requests, a few of them will be made into drabbles. I sincerely apologize to those who wanted full shots.

Here they are in the order I received them:

BTS - Jungkook (angst): you break up with Jimin because he is way too jealous and your best friend, Jungkook, helps you forget him 

GOT7 - JB: being dominant/rough, dirty talking in your ear, giving you multiple orgasms 

GOT7 - JB: he comes home to find you watching a movie in just your lace bra and underwear 

BTS - V (fluff): you run a daycare his cousins go to and he ends up falling in love with you 

iKON - Bobby: heavy dirty talking 

BTS- V: BTS did a comeback with female dancers and you’re paired with V. You go out to celebrate and are dared to do a sexy dance. V gets jealous and fucks you in the bathroom 

EXO - Suho: sex in a car, heavy dirty talk, dry humping 

EXO - Xiumin: he’s stressed from work and his gf relieves his stress by dressing up as a sexy school girl. Starts off really kinky with grinding on a pillow. (?)

BTS - V: based on the song Birthday Cake by Rihanna (?)

GOT7 - Jr: jealous/angry sex, professor au or possessive friend who’s had a long time crush 

EXO - Kai x Baekhyun: threesome, they both dominate you (?)

BTS - V: submissive, taking place during class (might end up being a drabble and will not complete smut)

GOT7 - Bambam: it’s your first time but it isn’t for him. 

BTS - Jimin: first time on your one year anniversary. You had dinner at a hotel and planned to stay a night together in a suite 

EXO - Chanyeol: you just started dating but you said that you would want to have a quicky with him but he doesn’t want a quicky with you and ends up fucking you hard with intense love session.

EXO - Sehun: he fucks you with your skirt covering in your shared home

Again, thank you for all of the requests. I will try my best to complete them in the proper order and make sure they live up to your expectations. :)

- Bri x

Phalloplasty - Supplies

On April 25th, 2016 I had stage 1 RFF phalloplasty with Dr. Chen in San Francisco. This post will go over the supplies I brought and break it into categories based on what I did and didn’t use, what I needed to buy, and what I didn’t use until I’d gone home. You may need different supplies depending on who your surgeon is, what kind of technique they’re using, what your donor site is, and based on your own personal comfort. I ordered the majority of what I needed online, some of the supplies was given to me by my electrologist, and some was given to me by a friend who’d undergone phalloplasty two months prior. I thought I’d make this list of supplies to help guide others preparing for their operations. For more information on the operation itself you can look through my “phalloplasty” tag and for posts specifically about my surgery you can look through my “gendercube phalloplasty” tag.

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“One month is too long.”

Westley stepped carefully down from the passenger seat of the jeep, one arm cradling his side as the other hoisted his bag and gear onto his shoulder. The one not attached to his temporarily bad left side. He ventured a glance up at his teammates, his gaze focusing on Titan, who gave Nomad a shove. The action earned Dom a shove of his own and he laughed before wrapping an arm around Jason’s shoulders and giving the others a wave. “We’ll catch up later, mates.”

Wes heard Jason mumble something dryly, which earned him another laugh from Dom as the two walked away. Wes smiled at the sniper team and turned back to the jeep to grab the rest of his gear, but Scarecrow and Konstantin were already loading everything onto their own shoulders. Wes frowned.

“I can carry my things guys.”

“Not a chance, Captain. I remember havin’ bruised ribs. Hurts like Hell.” Shane smiled, lightening the mood in a way that was only natural for him. He glanced over at Konstantin, who nodded in agreement.

“Shane is right, Westley.” Konstantin always insisted on a first name basis, despite not being part of the 141. He had been a huge help on the mission though, so Wes wouldn’t complain about how his name sounded in the thick Russian accent.

Hearing shuffling coming from behind him, Wes turned to investigate. Prophet greeted his curiosity with a friendly wink and linked her arm with Spartan’s, the veteran not particularly thrilled with the contact. A few feet away, Viper shook his head and grabbed the rest of the gear they had. He started towards the barracks, his only greeting being a wave of his hand as he walked away. 

“See you boys later.” Dani smiled warmly at the three left at the jeeps and then used her arm linked with Spartan’s to pull him towards the barracks as well. 

Shane and Konstantin were still waiting patiently for Wes, a fact he took note of with mild embarrassment, so he quickly readjusted the bags he held and followed after the others. He immediately regretted moving the heavy baggage so suddenly, since the action sent pain shooting through his side. Fortunately, no one could see him wince, but he had a feeling the two men following him knew it was a poor move to make regardless.


It would be an hour before Wes would finally get to sit down and take a relaxed breath. He quickly found his way to the rec room and sunk down into the couch, taking in the familiar surroundings of this sort of home. He felt guilty quite suddenly. There was something he should have been doing first thing, but his exhausted body just wasn’t cooperating. 

He wondered where Ben was. In their room maybe? Wes could have gone there, but the rec room was closer and less closed off. Being surrounded by teammates on mission for a month must have made him crave a social atmosphere, among other things. Like Ben, for example.

Whatever the case was, Wes would either go find Ben in a few minutes or Ben would find him first. His body hoped for the latter so he wouldn’t have to go searching for his boyfriend. Be less painful that way.

Home Again // War and Evie

War was home. War was actually home. She hadn’t seen him in so long! Evie hurried down the hallways to War’s room. She couldn’t wait to see her big brother again. As soon as the servant’s had alerted her of his arrival, she’d run out of her room to find him. She let herself into his room and threw herself on him in a big hug “Gege, you’re home!”

Home Again ⇨ Christopher

Emma never thought she’d come back, not after the place left so many miserable memories for her. She had been stupid and because of that stupidity, she spent her life in jail. So, why was she back? This place wasn’t exactly home, not for her really. It’s not for you she had to remind herself as she looked up at Granny’s breakfast and inn. It was the only place she could find that had vacancy and that was enough for her. Once she had checked into a room, Emma headed upstairs to her room. The old woman behind the counter questioned her belongings but Emma shook her head. “I’m just here for a visit and i’ll be leaving soon.” All she wanted was her kid, she had enough clothes to last her a couple of days, and that’s all she really needed. 

Once the old woman allowed her to leave, Emma headed up to her room to see that it was actually nice, unlike the entire building. She was expecting cow-webs and rats everywhere, but her room was actually neat. It was well furnished, and the bed sheets looked clean. Once she threw her bag to the side, Emma walked over to the window, opening it before taking a seat next to the window sill. “Of all the places, you had to be here?” she asked –more herself than anyone else. 

Seeing that she wasn’t going to achieve anything if she just sat there, Emma stood up and grabbed her keys before heading out of her room. It had been ten years since she was back, she needed to know what had changed, and what hadn’t, but first she wanted to grab a coffee and a bite to eat. 

The walk down to the diner hadn’t taken long, and just as she entered, Emma could feel the few people that sat there staring at her. Unfortunately for her, her life story wasn’t exactly private and rather than giving in to the looks and leaving, Emma walked up to the counter to place her order. “Just a coffee and fries please?” she asked before taking a seat on one of the stools next to the counter. Emma looked around the diner before back at the waitress who was now pouring her a cup of coffee. “Thanks.” she said before turning to the person who was seated a couple of seats away from her. 

Emma had realized that she had seen him before, and when she realized she was staring, she instantly looked back down at her cup of coffee. Of course you’ll see familiar faces, you’re not exactly new to this she told herself before taking a sip of her coffee, just as her fries arrived.


LAX #homeagain (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

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