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$448/room in a collective

The Omega House is a unique cooperative located just south of downtown Minneapolis in the Whittier neighborhood. Our household is an intentional community of adults striving to live well and care for our home together. We currently have a room available and are looking for a like minded individual to join us. 

Founded in 1968, the Omega organization is comprised of our house the adjacent community gardens, and a 280-acre plot of land in Northern Wisconsin. We operate according to flexible principles of consensus and residents are expected to contribute financially, share maintenance responsibilities, and engage with the community through labor and regular meetings. 

Omega purchases food collectively and the house is always stocked with a plentiful supply of fresh, local fruits and vegetables and a wide variety of vegetarian staples. Common spaces include a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, library, living room and a bathroom on each floor. Off-street parking and locked bicycle storage are available. The available second floor room features hardwood floors, ample closet area, and southern and western facing windows overlooking our gardens next door. 

Minneapolis, MN

Highway 2: Westward

The road out of Duluth was straight, but crooked. It was like the hairpin curve of your lips after I made a bad joke. I drove for two days straight, going from sun up to sun down to lights in illuminated prairie cities to blending to sun to sun behind storm clouds. It was a long journey, a way to put perspective on the half a decade I spent by Lake Superior. The cities in which I lived still haunt me, and I don’t think I can go back without tracing the scars it left on me. And those scars are beautiful, twisting their way around my arms, growing like vines. The names of each street are carved into the bones that broke, poking out through skin. The road out of Duluth was straight, but crooked, like the scars you left.


Ramsey House 3sp by Greg Riekens
Via Flickr:
The Alexander Ramsey house near downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.