boxer!luke coming home from an underground fight in the early hours of the morning expecting you to be asleep but only to find you sitting on the couch with tears running down your face because you got scared he wasn’t going to make it home. Luke walks over to you and hushes you, holding you close even though his whole body hurts due to the strain telling you it’s ok while you mumble something about being scared for his life and he just tells you that there’s no way anything could happen to him because he always remembers you’re at home waiting for him and that’s enough to get him through a fight alive, he loves you too much to leave you even though his job is dangerous. He then kisses your forehead and pulls you into the bed room where you both lay in bed facing each other and whispering “I love you” every now and then until you both fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I like your style by tenshi-j featuring black high waisted shorts ❤ liked on Polyvore

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World’s Most Fascinating Underground Homes and Hotels

Photo Credit: koolrooms.comWith the population increasing more and more, it seems building underground homes and hotels, perhaps inspired by the Hobbits, was bound to happen. The Rogner-Bad Blumau Resort in Austria, pictured above, is a designer spa resort with grass covered roofs and surreal…


lilshyguy asked:

"I-I'm sorry for the sudden appearance, b-but I wanted to finally come out and meet you since I heard s-so much of you and all." He stood there and rubbed the back of his neck shy and nervous.

Nono, it is being okay,. *The bean smiled as he gestured for Shy to walk with him. The day was warm and Fawful had been eager to take a break from the cold confines of his underground home.* From the sound of it, you are knowing Fawful’s name. So, what is being yours?

so i was with my mom today at the mall buying some things and then head to home. we parked underground. my mom was driving with her car. so when we headed to the exit a stupid bitch with a very small car got out of her spot (how the fuck dont you even see my mom’s car? ITS FUCKING BIG FFS) and nearly crashed her right side! luckily my mom was paying attention and dogded her by few cm. we both get out and i checked the car (not a single mark) and then i shouted at the bitch while fliping of the bird while my mom was still in shock. the bitch didnt even get out of the car. she was afraid of us. if i was with my own car i surely would go to her window and sweared louder. for real now cant you be more careful? the parts are fuckin expensive!!


Some stills from the final sequence of Daniel Fawcett’s epic home movie project, SPLENDOR SOLIS, which is currently in post-production. We are currently finishing the edit of the final sequence which is very very close to being done and working on the music which we begun recording earlier this month. The world premiere will take place this September in the UK.
Daniel Fawcett’s SPLENDOR SOLIS is a twin screen film that has been compiled from footage filmed over a period of 17 years, featuring everything from home movies, unfinished films, video diaries, video experiments, filmed performances/rituals and behind the scenes footage of his other film productions.
This loosely chronological cinematic wandering charts a journey in which filmmaking is used as a tool for personal exploration of inner and outer worlds, where cinema becomes an arena for rituals of self-discovery, healing and transformation. SPLENDOR SOLIS is a personal celebration of cinema, art making, play, collaboration and friendship.

snapshots of new duward, part two: lupercalia

February 13-15: Lupercalia, a day to cleanse the underground homes and streets of New Duward and several other cities in Southern Europe of human influence. No human tools or inventions are typically used by those who celebrate the holiday, and those who do not celebrate the holiday are often frowned upon. 

Originally Lupercalia was a day to cleanse the streets of evil spirits, but since the warlocks and demons protested against this in 1895, it was changed to a purging of human effect on the underground cities.

Lupercalia is celebrated by all the creatures in different ways.
Probably the most interesting celebratory customs are those of the few remaining gorgons, who spend the first day buried completely underground asleep to kill the serpents atop their heads and to shed their old, weakened skins, then emerge on the second day with hardened membranes and pluck the dead snakes from their heads.
On the third day, they go on a hunt in forests, deserts and/or human houses to find new snakes to bond with. After they find their new companions, the gorgons use the snakes’ venom to soften their skulls then insert the snakes in by their tails, giving them a new head of “hair” and thus concluding the events of Lupercalia.

What’s left of the gorgon species usually meets up in New Duward’s underworld to partake in the celebrations together, burying themselves close to each other and going on their snake hunts as teams. They have been known to occasionally help pull the dead snakes out of each other’s heads, but such intimacy is rare among gorgons and is regarded as a strange thing to do by other supernatural creatures.

what is this life by cosmonautical featuring Zara Home ❤ liked on Polyvore

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