On this day, August 28th, in 2007: Hilly Kristal died from complications of lung cancer, he was 75.

Today’s soundtrack: Television, Blondie, Talking Heads, Ramones, Patti Smith, the Dead Boys, Pere Ubu, Jayne County, and 8 million other bands. 

Today’s ill-advised screening: CBGB

Today’s book club: “CBGB & OMFUG: Thirty Years from the Home of Underground Rock” by Hilly Kristal

Today’s faithful companion: Jonathan the dog. 

Today’s photo: Hilly in NYC, 1992. © Charlie Samuels

Today’s drink on tap: Fresca

Today’s quote: “I grew up thinking I was going to be a concert violinist, and I played with the high school orchestra when I was eight or nine, but I kind of backed into folk music.”

Today’s ill-advised tattoos:

Today’s ill-advised sweet snack: http://tinyurl.com/o7elw62

I wonder what the Vuvalini were like before so many of them were abducted. Did they have men and boys in their group that were the first ones Joe and his gang abducted? Was it a matriarchal society? Did they meet with people of nearby groups without incorporating them in their society? Is there a single leader? Where do they get their fuel? Do they have permanent homes hidden underground?

My soul fills with books

What is it about all your flaws
That I love so much
My eyes rest so well
On your crooked smile
If I make you laugh
My whole being is aloft
Are you with me now?
I trim my nails
I can’t remember the last time
I did this or the time before that
Did I ever do this when I lived
Far away from you?
Long before you ever appear
How did I see the world?
Did I ever even think this dream
Was real?
I hear cicadas outside
I think about their effort
To dig a home underground
Are you with me?
For now?

Michael Baumgart

open starter

Eris paced through the music room in her underground home. She ran her hands through her hair trying furiously to think and getting nowhere. She scattered pages of her half composed piece to the floor in frustration. Her cry of frustration was cut short by the bell that warned of an intruder on her lake, she silently exited her home to inspect the visitor.

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I thought up of this head canon to make the PMD world in my fanfiction seem more lively. Every dungeon you're in has towns and homes almost like Treasure Town/Other Hubs. It's just that most pokemon either build their homes underground, in mountains, etc. The reason they'd be hostile to you is because of fear of bad pokemon, anyone they don't know coming into their homes must be a bad pokemon threatening their existence.

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Have you ever read anything about the theories that Tinkerbell is supposed to have mixed traits of the upper and lower class?

Actually, I was just reading a little article about it the other day! I’ve certainly noticed it myself, Tink is described as a common fairy and a tinker, but when her room in the underground home is described, it’s made obvious that she has a refined taste and thinks of herself as higher than others.

This article explained that Peter Pan is full of contradictions like this, including Peter himself being at once innocent and heartless, Wendy being a child and a mother, and Never Land being a dream and a nightmare. I would add that Hook is both somewhat of a gentleman and a pirate. He’s evil, but he’s completely focused on good form too.

I don’t think that’s really a theory, it’s just fact that Tinker Bell displays upper and lower class attitudes. She rejects Peter calling her a “lady” and she furnishes her apartment with only the finest. She is a common repair worker who mends pots and kettles and she wears exquisite gowns. She flies around with a bunch of dirty children all the time and she has a certain contempt of them as if she’s higher up than them.