NEW! Smartflower POP - All-in-One Solar System

The astronomical control system allows the solar modular fan to track the sun in all weather conditions, even when it’s very cloudy outside, during the entire day. This is quite the achievement, considering its small size. The world’s first all-in-one solar system which boasts an easy setup and up to 40% percent more energy output than regular rooftop solar panels.

Build a Solar Cart Instead of Removing Trees

By Linda Holliday

At least 4,000 years ago, the Chinese built their roads wide, running east and west so every building benefits from a southerly exposure in winter. In the last 100 or so years, those building practices were all but abandoned in industrialized nations. Middle class Americans could build 5,000-square-foot homes facing any which way, so long as there was electricity and fossil fuels to heat, cool and light them.

Resurgence in popularity of solar systems to reduce electric bills or to transition to off-grid lifestyles has many folks wondering what to do about the weeping willow and magnolia shading the yard. My husband solved the solar-power/shade-tree dilemma for us last week. [Keep reading…]

The Amish Ordnung stresses the concepts of modesty, necessity, productivity, and especially community. Nothing in there says anything about shunning the Internet. It’s just that the idea of sitting alone in the dark while reading dick jokes off a $2,000 glowing rectangle is pretty much their idea of hell. They’re completely cool with modern gadgetry when its use is necessaryand doesn’t cause adverse effects to the community. And contrary to what you might have heard, they have nothing against electricity. They just think the public grid is bullshit, so they use home generators, solar power, and batteries instead. The attitudes vary between communities, but all in all, things like cellphones and washing machines are not unusual. An Amish mother can totally take a taxi to Walmart and use an ATM card to buy disposable diapers, a pint of Rocky Road, and prescription Valium.

And as for that idyllic image of Amish farmers raising barns built with their own bare hands? We’re sorry, but that’s also just not accurate. The man in this picture isn’t some Portland hipster building a green-sourced hot dog stand.

5 Myths You Probably Believe About Major Religions

Sell electricity back to the power company!  With home solar power you may be able to generate more electricity than your home needs especially when you are away from home and/or there is a string of particularly bright and sunny days.  In that case you can sell that power back to the electric company.  How easy is it to do this?  Incredibly easy!  Basically what happens is that your electric meter spins backwards instead of forwards, and the electric company either gives you a credit on your bill or sends you a check.

These types of home solar installations are called “on-grid” or “grid-tied” and are also the type that often come with government tax credits or utility incentives.