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Helloo~~ What are your fave stage outfits for Hobi? :3

oh my god!! i literally love anything and everything he wears, but if i had to choose….


i love this look because WOW HE’S SO PRETTY! and that wet hair .. yes, bless

listEN, Hoseok’s rap during the perfect man performance had be on the floor sobbing, it was so good!!

a look

by far one of my favourites because holy shit he is the hottest most sexylicious

if you didn’t know already, hobi in all black is my religion

any outfit from danger era is my fav, hands down, that hair was a blessing


i really love these jeans, idk i just love them! he has nice knees :) 

60 years, Ronald has held onto that grudge. Sixty. Years.

Eh, sorry, long post.

today was such a good chill day like ???
i didn’t have class today so I got to sleep in, my morning was nice and quiet cause my brother was working so I was home alone. Had a burrito for breakfast, watched some Dir En Grey lives on youtube. Worked out and showered. And like I said, my shirt kinda match my underwear, and with my packer and binder I felt super masc and I felt good about myself for once in a long time. Then I got dressed and went to my trans guy group, it was really fun. And I had to go to Kohls and get pants, which I was dreading because I’ve never found mens pants that fit and look good BUT I FOUND SOME. They fit a lil more snug than I’d like cause I couldn’t find a bigger size, but I’m losing weight anyways so ye. I also had to get a button up shirt and I got one a size smaller than my usual size BECAUSE IT FIT. I’m thinking maybe it’s a mix of me losing weight and maybe my fat is already getting distributed differently from the testosterone, cause that’s a thing that happens. Also this associate was really super nice and I saved an extra 25%. I did a kohls survey and put in super duper feedback. ANYWAYS, I had a good day for not doing much. I also think my meds are helping a lot too!!

Home of the Day: Tellico Cuatro

Count them, four luxurious bed and bath suites are featured in this extraordinary Natural Element Home. 

Indeed, this beautiful Tellico absolutely epitomizes the Natural Element Home.

The wrap-around porch is under roof and is fully appointed with tapered stone pillars supporting the signature trussed roof to assure that this home is the most beautiful mountain modern abode for miles around.

The 4542 square feet of heated living space is expanded and enhanced by the 2732 square feet of outdoor living under a beautiful trussed porch area replete with an outdoor fireplace for maximum enjoyment of friends and the great outdoors.

and here i thought Louis was free to enjoy his family time home on his own


aokagamonth 2016 Day 18: Family + Day 25: Home 

“How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be with me for the last ride
And every road you take will always lead you home, home

- See you Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth.