Okay… I’ve just got a few things to say here, and I’ll (try to) make them as brief as possible.
The first is that the queue is very short (as in one post) and we’re needing submissions!
The second is that I’m going to try my best to find somewhere to upload the Chrom pun program that I made, as there’s actually been quite a few people asking for access it for all their Chrom pun related needs.
The last thing is that I just want to say that yes, you can send people the Chrom valentines if you want, send in submissions for them, and submit them here if you want! They’re probably going to be the main things we post for the next few days.

url change

((guys, I had to change my url, don’t ask why, it just had to be done! I hope nobody is going to lose me! Well, except for one special someone, but unfortunately they can’t “lose” me that easy

Going to redact the number wherever I can, it’s going to be a drag. My paintberri page stays with the same number because catty site doesn’t allow me to change the url in there, but just adress me as E-417 from now on, ok? Somehow, I used this same number in tsp rp. That’s nostalgic!))


Day 1 || 30 Day Studyblr Challenge

For my supplies, I generally divide into three parts: 

Daily Essentials
-bullet journal/muji planner
-3 way refillable customizable pen 

 School Days (class 2x a week)
-muji white binded journal
-zebra mildliners
-muji cat sticky note

 At Home Highlights
-personal journal
-muji refillable ink
-muji assorted .38 point gel pens
-metallic colored pencils (silver | gold)
-white circle stickers
-task list sticky note
-gold binder clips | paper clips | thumbtacks
+ above

Home of the Day: Tellico Cuatro

Count them, four luxurious bed and bath suites are featured in this extraordinary Natural Element Home. 

Indeed, this beautiful Tellico absolutely epitomizes the Natural Element Home.

The wrap-around porch is under roof and is fully appointed with tapered stone pillars supporting the signature trussed roof to assure that this home is the most beautiful mountain modern abode for miles around.

The 4542 square feet of heated living space is expanded and enhanced by the 2732 square feet of outdoor living under a beautiful trussed porch area replete with an outdoor fireplace for maximum enjoyment of friends and the great outdoors.