the amount of times i’ve heard the “my bf is 5+ yrs my senior, has cheated on me 4 times, stays @ home all day on the couch playing video games while i work double shifts bc he got fired from his 6th job in the past 6 months, he doesn’t wash his ass, we consistently fight bc we just love each other so much and i just make him so upset sometimes, bc of how much he loves me, i couldn’t ever leave him” in essentially the same flavor w/ only a few differences from multiple women is just… dump him. go. be free

Best friends

Requested: Can you do one where you are shawns best friend and one day he confesses his love for you?

Shawn Mendes x Reader

words: 1637

Originally posted by shxwnmendess

Shawn was you best friend since you can remember. You lived in the same street and were in the same class since primary school. Your mothers spent much time together and made sure that Shawn and you got along well. It almost was like they had planned your friendship. Like they knew that their kids would fit perfectly together.

With the time your families grew together and it was normal for you two to sleep or eat at each other’s place, it was like a second home. There was barely a day when you didn´t see each other and you couldn´t complain about it.

He was one of the kindest persons you knew, trustful and honest. He truly cared about you and whenever you were feeling not good he did anything to make you feel better. He´s one of the few people who could make you laugh even though you were in a bad mood. Even when you tell him to leave you alone because you want to be alone, he wouldn´t go without telling you how much you meant to him. You were extremely thankful for having him in your life and when you thought about him you weren´t sure if this really was just friendship anymore. Since a few months, you felt a lot more feelings than usual when he was around and you also thought about him a lot more than before.

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Dear Journal,

Today Regulus took Teddy to the movies. He was staying home for a few days and he wanted to spend some time with his nephew which worked greatly with Sirius’ and I plans! Today, we were going to pick up our new puppy at the animal shelter. We wanted to suprise Teddy on his birthday tommorow. We would have a small party with the close family and Teddy couldn’t wait to celebrate his birthday. Regulus arrived home for breakfast. We all ate these delicious cinnamon rolls Sirius made himself. When Regulus entered the house, I kinda stayed shocked. I realised that he wasn’t the teenager he once was. He was growing into a handsome man. In the past years, I really got to learn more about him. I always thought he was like his parents, but I was wrong. He was trapped. Scared. And most of all, Innocent. We took him under our wings when he was in 7th year and I never regreted doing so. He walked closer to Sirius and dipped his finger into the sugar icing, giggling. Sirius pushed his hand away and both boys laughed. And it hit me. They were both so much alike. They had the same grey eyes covered with thick dark lashes. They both had the same full lips and the well-sculpted jaw. I was glad the two of them made up. Sirius had no family left. Seeing them together and happy made me smile.

“Uncle Reggie! Come see my drawing!” Teddy said, taking Regulus’ hand and showing him the colourfull drawing that slept on the refrigerator.

“Wow Teddy this is beautiful!” Regulus said, bending his knees to be on Teddy’s level.

“It’s for you! See this is me, and this is you and we are playing quidditch!” Teddy said, smiling.

“Thank you Teddy! Do you want come with me and put it in my room?” Regulus asked.

“Okay! I can do more so your wall will be filled with them!” Teddy said, as Regulus took his hand, walking upstairs.

I walked to Sirius and wrapped my arms around his thorso.

“They’re adorable.. I’m so glad Regulus is in his life..” Sirius said.

“Me too. Are we going to get our puppy today?” I smiled.

“Oh Remus I can’t wait! Can we get a black one?” Sirius asked.

“We’ll see, but a black one could be nice.”

Regulus and Teddy came back and we ate breakfast together. Regulus had gotten himself a job at a pub nearby so he could visit us more often.

“That’s great Reg! You know, your room is always available if you want to stay here.” Sirius said.

“Okay, thanks brother.” He smiled.

“Which movie are you two going to see?” I asked.

“Nemo!” Teddy said clapping his hands together.

“Apparently all kids must see this!” Regulus said, smiling.

They both left hand in hand with their windbreakers on. I looked at Sirius and he was smiling. It made him the happiest to see his little brother with his son. I took his hand and kissed his lips softly.

“Let’s go get our puppy.”

The animal shelter was filled with abandoned puppies. Sirius insited on getting an abandoned one because he wanted to give him a better life just like we did with Teddy. I turned the corner and saw an empty cage. Except it wasn’t empty.. there was a small puppy hidden in the darkness of the cage. I put my finger inbetween two bars, and tried to see the puppy’s face. Sirius kneeled beside me and the puppy turned around. He was beautiful. He looked a bit sad, that poor thing.

“It’s the one.” Sirius said.

“Yes, it’s the one.” I responded, looking at my husband.

We got the puppy a little bed, a few toys and some food. The minute we got to hold him, he already looked happier. His tail was moving around, which meant he was excited. We wanted Teddy to name him so we called him puppy all day long! When we got home we brang him to the backyard before putting him in our room so Teddy could see him until tommorow. He was running and jumping in the grass.

“He’s so cute Remus..”

Sirius said, while olaying with the small dog. He looked at me and I knew what that look meant.

“Please? Can I?” Sirius asked.

“… okay..” I smiled.

Sirius changed into padfoot and started playing with the puppy. It was so funny to watch! Before Teddy and Regulus got home, we hid the puppy into our room so he had room to play.

“Thank you Regulus for taking me to the movies! It was fun!” Teddy said, hugging his uncle.

“I had fun too monkey.” Regulus responded.

After dinner, Regulus went up to his room and we put Teddy to sleep. Sirius and I watched a movie together, cuddled on the couch.

“Merlin I love you so damn much!” Sirius said, in the middle of the movie.

“You just realised that?” I laughed.

“I just felt like saying it.” He smiled.

“Well I love you too, my husband.” I said, kissing his lips sensualy.

We just kissed and kissed, without paying any attention to the movie.

May 28th 1998

HIHIHI! Update time! Ok so I was talking with Nate, and he was telling me about how his older brother was coming to visit on Saturday and how he isn’t looking forward to it. And on Saturday we were gonna celebrate my brothers 25th birthday (nothing big, just a barbecue) and so I told him if he didn’t want to be at home that day, that he could come over. And he was like “alright I’ll be there” and so Saturday rolls around and when he gets here I’m like “hey!” and let him come inside and he’s like “I’ve never seen you outside of the uniform before wow” which, I was wearing a daisy print romper from forever 21, there’s nothing wow about it BUT STILL. And so I introduce him to my family, our friends, pretty much everyone there. I’m like “this is my friend from work, Nate” and my brothers like “you’re the one who keeps her company when I’m running late right?” and he’s just like “yeah, I can’t let her wait by herself” and my brothers like “how do you get home?” and he was like “oh I go on the bus, uber when it rains” and my brother was like “If you ever want a ride home let me know, I got you” and Nate was like “oh thanks man! Appreciate it” And me and my brother were walking out to the back yard and my brother pushed me into the wall, so I twisted his nipple and then he pulled my hair and I’m like “MOM” and I turn around and Nate and my mom are just smiling at us and she’s like “it’s always like this” and I got embarrassed because hello? the boy I have a crush on just saw me fight with my brother how bad is that. And my mom asked him if it’s like that in his house and he was like “no I’ve never really had a good relationship with my brother..that’s why she invited me over today” and my mom was like “well having 5 kids in the house, it’s never quiet, but you’re always welcome to hide out here” and of course everyone else was like “you can’t fight with him today, it’s his birthday!” and Im like “wtf he started it!!” ANYWAY, fast forward and we’re all eating, laughing, etc. And then “despacito” comes on and I LOVE THAT SONG, and he knows that because I’m always singing it. So he turns to me and says “bailamos?” and I’M SHOOK BC HE SPOKE TO ME IN SPANISH. And so we’re like awkwardly swaying back and forth but I don’t even care because at least I’m dancing with him. And once the song was over we went to sit back down and I was like “I thought you didn’t dance” and he was like “I don’t. But I thought I’d try. For you” AND I SWEAR TO GOD I FELL IN LOVE RIGHT THEN AND THERE. And eventually it’s time to go so he’s like “thanks for having me over you guys, I appreciate it so much” and everyone was like “of course!! Come back any time! You’re always welcome here!” and as soon as he left my sisters like “your boyfriends cute” and I’m like “OH MY GOD. he’s not my boyfriend” and my other sister was like “are you sure? because the way he looked at you says different” and all four of my older siblings were teasing me and my mom was like “alright that’s enough! she isn’t gonna bring her boyfriend around anymore if you keep teasing her” and I was like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME”


this is so god damn cute i feel like i’m reading a damn synopsis to a romcom novel

So in about 2 hours if everything will be as planned I’ll be on a surgery. I hope it will end fine and I’ll be home in a few days ….

have i mentioned how much i love my beautiful fashionista son

because i love him a lot

Tangled Up In Blue ‘Deleted Scenes’

Chapter 2: The best form of therapy is you

Summary: Killian gets a massage from Emma. Fluffiness ensues.

Notes: Set sometime before Emma goes into labor and based on a combination of prompts.

Prompt 1: What about Emma giving Killian a nice massage once, as a reward to his very sweet effort to take care of her all the time?

Prompt 2: Now I would like Killian enjoying touching her belly like singing to her baby etc

For those of you waiting for an update of A Helping Hand, it will be next, I just had to get this one out of my system first.

Rated: T

Read: DS 1

Also Available on: AO3 FF.N

Killian came home late from a really long day at the clinic. He was sore, his whole body aching, there was a wobble in his step and he was just overall exhausted. The thought of a good, satisfying sleep sounded like heaven as he threw his keys on the counter and trudged through the house.

The warm light in the family room illuminated through the doorway, so he walked in, finding Emma sitting on the couch knitting. She looked absolutely adorable in her white tank top and pajama bottoms, her pregnant belly protruding underneath the scarf she was working on. His sister-in-law had gotten Emma into knitting a couple of weeks ago and it gave her something relaxing to do when she wasn’t working.

He stood there watching her, a smile struggling to make it’s way across his lips as her eyes lifted from her task. Her beauty alone made his whole body dissolve. He wanted to hug and kiss her, and give her his undivided attention, but he was afraid that he just did not have it in him to do so.

“Oh goodness, I didn’t even hear you come in,” she breathed, a bit struck as her hand went to her heart.

“Sorry, love. Didn’t mean to startle you.”

She was smiling but her features fell when she scanned him up and down, studying him intently. She immediately set down her knitting supplies, holding her belly as she pulled herself up from the couch. “You look exhausted, baby. You poor thing.” Her words were soothing as she walked over to him, eyes glowing with a mixture of concern and love.

“I’m fine. Just a little tired and sore, that’s all.”

He could tell she wasn’t completely buying it as she cupped his cheeks in her hands, gracing him with a soft smile. Her touch was warm and instantly helped him to relax a bit. “Are you hungry? Dinner’s in the refrigerator. I can get it for you,” she murmured softly before pressing a kiss to his lips.

“Not really. Just mostly want to sleep,” he assured her, his hands finding her waist and wrapping around her as he pressed another tender kiss to her lips. Since they’ve been living together, he would normally come home to a warm meal when he wasn’t so late, the house was always clean by her hands, even though he insisted that she leave it to the maid. And she would take care of him and help him to bed when he was too tired to do anything but rest.

Killian attempted to offer a smile but it hurt too much for even the small gesture and when she gently rested her hands on his shoulders to remove his jacket, he winced.

He could see Emma’s motherly instincts kick in as worry washed over her features and once she pulled his jacket from his arms and draped it over the sofa, she came back to him, tugging on his hand. “Come on. I think the doctor needs some good doctoring.”

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Quick harry concept: what if you come home one day super stressed, near tears from a long day, wanting to take your mind off everything through sex but harry isn't in the mood for sex, like I could imagine him just fingering her, there's not a lot of fingering talk around here 😭

Umm…not a lot of fingering talk around here?! How dare you insinuate that aqua-harry dot tumblr dot com is not a place in which fingering is not worshiped and written about at length!  

Have you read Ruin You? I will have you know that it is an epic tale about how Harry puts you in the corner of the kitchen and fingers you so skillfully, you squirt. 

RIP to you, anon. RIP to you!

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Heya! Can I request Birthday sex for 2D and his female s/o? :)

I want birthday sex

2D got home from a long day at the studio. It was around 1 A.M when he got home at your shared apartment and he didnt even realize it was the 23th of March. In his head it was still the 22. He opened the door and walked in to the living room. Suddenly, all types of christmas lights went on. It was in all types of different colors and it gave the room the most beautiful atmosphere. Suddenly his eyes fell on someone standing in the middle of the living room. The rope you were wearing was lying on the ground and you looked 2D straight in the eyes as you were standing there naked. You had put your hair up and you gave him a shy smirk. 2D dropped his bag and stared at you, mouth hanging open and glaring up and down. The christmas lights were shining lightly on your skin and made flickering in your eyes. He walked up to you, taking his shirt off in the meantime, and grabbed your face as your lips crashed together. You gasped as you felt his cold hand grab your boob. He lifted you up, as you wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you to the big sofa. Your kisses were passionate and your hands were all up in his hair. He sat you down on the sofa and you were facing his belt as you put your hands on it. You pulled his pants down and a smile grew on your face as you saw his boner. 

‘Fuck Y/N’ you heard him say as he pushed you against the sofa and kissed you again. You felt how you began to become wet, but once 2D placed kisses on your collarbone, breast, stomach and ended licking your pussy, you lost it. Your moaning filled the apartment and 2D new exactly what spot to have to get you there. But right before you came, he went back to kissing you and you cursed a bit. Suddenly he filled you up and you gasped loudly as you didnt expect it to happen. You could feel his breath in your neck and it made you want to come more. The fact that already had stimulated you, made you come first. You moaned and pinned your nails in his back as he pressed kisses in your neck. 2D pounded a little bit harder, causing your back to lift up and then he came to. 

He rolled next to you, both trying to catch your breath. After that you placed a kiss on his cheek and smiled.

‘Happy birthday love’ you whispered. 

A gentle reminder

Today is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor the legacy of the men and women who have paid the ultimate price and given their lives to defend this great country of ours.

Please do not thank a veteran today, or even our armed forces… this is a day set aside to honor the fallen, and honestly most veterans and armed forces members take great offense at being thanked for a holiday that is not their own. If you do wish to thank a veteran, do so any other day of the year (I highly encourage it, they deserve our thanks), but especially on Veteran’s Day, that is the holiday set aside to honor those who have served, and returned home alive.

Also, Armed Forces Day is set aside strictly to honor those men and women currently serving our country.

With that being said, I’d like to thank all the men and women who have laid down their lives so that I may be where I am today, in the country of freedom and liberty, where we take great pride in our servicemen and servicewomen, I appreciate every sacrifice made for this beautiful country of ours! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


I don’t want to come home :-)

The last few days I’ve been swimming at the beach, going to markets, drawing/painting, cooking for my friend and I don’t wanna leave!!

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