More Home Project Adventures: Cat Things

So we are bringing up two of our cats finally!!!  It’s kind of a bummer that we can only have two in the apartment, but hopefully they will be a lot happier here. 

The last week has been all about cat-proofing parts of the apartment and getting things that they need (or will hopefully like) - and I decided it would be brilliant to make a cat tree. 

Uh. So far it’s been fun, but if anyone is curious I would say that the overall cost  is probably about the same as buying a small cat tree THOUGH I will say I think mine will be more awesome. Because I made it with love and stuff.

Mostly it might be better because it’s a bookshelf so it has lots of flat, hard surfaces they will probably like. It’s not finished yet - I’ve spent three days gluing rope to one side. However please enjoy these unnecessary progress pictures. 

This was the point in the project when I realized that 100 feet and 7 glue sticks were not enough. Time to go to the store 

Items acquired! Also one of my coffee cups. 

Turns out I still didn’t have enough glue sticks to finish so I had to buy more today. The total number of glue sticks required for 300 feet of rope was 88, by the way. 

The most time-consuming part is done now! Which means I can move on to decorating it and making the shelves more cattractive! If y'all are curious, this is a 4-cube kallax shelf from ikea. The hammock on the inside is also from ikea (it’s a new product they make for the kallax shelf insert line). I’ve reinforced it with some fancy glue so it doesn’t collapse the first time somebody crawls in there (hopefully they will use it). 

I’m so excited to have our kitties back, we’ve missed them so much! 

Ten easy DIY home improvement projects to try this summer

Is the lack of free time a reason you’re always giving for putting off the home improvement projects you know your home needs? While many projects can take days or even weeks and hundreds or thousands of dollars, there are plenty of smaller scale projects you can do yourself for little money. And best of all, each of them can be done in one day or less so you have no excuses to put them off.

1. A recessed pantry wall

If your kitchen is too small to include a walk-in pantry, the cost to remodel and add such a space will be outrageously high. But if you have a wall nearby, you can fashion a shallow pantry. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to build shelving onto the wall. Make the shelves deep enough to hold one or two rows of canned foods. You can make it floor to ceiling so even though the shelves are shallow, they can hold a lot. If the wall in question has no electrical wiring or plumbing, you can remove the drywall and insulation and build the shelves in between the wall studs so you’re not taking up any additional space in your home.

2. Match electrical outlets to backsplash

Plain white or off-white electrical outlets look that way so they’ll blend in with the surrounding wall and not draw attention to themselves. But that’s a problem if you’ve got outlets in an area where you’ve tiled a backsplash or where you plan to have one tiled. There, a white electrical outlet will disrupt whatever color scheme or pattern you’re going for. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: paint the electrical outlet.

3. Paint your ceiling a new color

You’ve heard of accent walls, but how about an accent 5th wall–the ceiling. In the majority of homes, ceilings are painted the same color as the walls and no one ever looks up at them. If you paint the ceiling a different color, you’ll be taking advantage of a space that is almost never used. It’s a great way to create some drama in a room that was previously bland.

4. Install some new light fixtures

Is your bedroom too small and your bed too large to fit in matching nightstands? If so, smaller end tables on either side of the bed and matching sconces mounted to the wall above them can be a great solution. Bedside lamps will take up virtually all of your table space so by mounting them on the wall you make room for a coaster to set your drink on or a place to lay down your favorite book when you go to bed at night. You can also upgrade light fixtures in the bathrooms, kitchen, or any other room in the home.

5. Put in a luxurious shower head

One of the best things about staying in an upscale hotel is the oversized and very luxurious shower head so why not splurge a little on one for your own shower? All you need is some pliers to remove the existing one and some thread sealing tape to make a tight seal when you install the new one.

6. Install baseboard radiator covers

If your baseboard radiators have seen better days–perhaps they’re scuffed up, rusting, or dented–you don’t have to completely replace them. You can purchase snap-on baseboard radiator covers that are easy to install over existing baseboard heaters to give them a completely new look in almost no time at all.

7. Display souvenirs from a recent trip

Designate a space in your home to display souvenirs or other memorabilia from a recent vacation. You can hang some photographs from the trip and lay out a few things you collected during the trip on a small table below. To keep things interesting, you can swap everything out the next time you travel.

8. Update your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom

Instead of hiring a contractor to tear out old cabinets and install new ones, you can resurface them. There are a few different ways to do this. You can purchase new cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replace your old ones. You can repaint or restain your cabinets if you like the look but not the wear and tear that’s accumulated on them. Finally, if the cabinets are in good shape but you’re just looking for something different, you can swap out all the drawers and pulls to give them a new look.

9. Put in unique interior doors

In most homes, every interior door is exactly like every other interior door and they’re all white with the same rectangular and square shapes carved into them. Consider replacing at least one or two of them with something with a different pattern or color. It’s as simple as unscrewing the door from the hinges and then screwing the new door into place.

10. Revive something old and put it on display

If your decorating budget is tight, visit a local thrift store or antique shop and buy something used. You’ll know just the right piece when you see it. Old furniture can be repainted or reupholstered to give it new life and it’s still usually cheaper than buying brand new.

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Source: forbes.com/sites/houzz/2017/06/13/20-trending-home-decor-tips-to-try-this-week/#184527c076a9

Weekend home improvement projects that will boost your home’s value

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, your willingness to invest a little time, money, and effort into fixing it up first can make all the difference. Not only will you sell your home faster but you can boost its value as well. The following projects are ones you can fit into your busy schedule because each of them can be done in a weekend or less.

Do some repainting

A fresh coat of interior paint makes a huge difference. Even if you think your walls are in pretty good shape, this project is still a good idea because homeowners tend to get accustomed to the state of their interior walls and until they’re repainted, they aren’t aware of how worn they’re looking. Depending on the size of your home, and how many friends or family you can find to help out, you should be able to easily do one or two rooms in a weekend and perhaps the entire home. Just make sure when painting that you take care to protect your floors, furniture, and anything else that you don’t want to get paint on. Plastic sheeting and painter’s tape is a good investment. If you don’t want to paint all the walls in your home, consider doing just your entry door, and the interior doors and trim.

Upgrade the hardware

Updated a dated home can cost a fortune and take weeks or months of extensive remodeling. If you don’t have the time or money for that, though, you can at the very least upgrade all the hardware. In a single weekend, you should be able to replace kitchen and bathroom sink faucets as well as shower heads. You’d still have time left over to replace outlet and light switch plate covers as well as light fixtures, and cabinet pulls.

Install baseboard heater covers

Another way to update your home quickly is baseboard heater covers. They install very easily over your existing baseboard heaters so you can do this project by yourself and still have time left over to work on the next project.

Steam clean the carpets

Unless your carpets are extremely worn and dirty, you probably don’t want to spend the money to replace them with new carpet, hardwood, tile, or laminate. You can rent a steam cleaner that can drastically transform dirty carpet that looks like new. A weekend should be plenty of time to get every room in the home. Note that this is a job that’s easier if you’ve already begun moving out some of your bigger items like sofas and recliners into your new home or into storage.

Do some landscaping

A tidy front yard can be a powerful selling point. It’s so powerful in fact that prospective buyers probably don’t even realize how much it impacts their decision to buy and how much to offer. It’s worth taking the weekend to weed planter beds, plant new flowers, bushes, or trees, and take care of any other lawn maintenance or landscaping work that will create more curb appeal.

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Source: rd.com/home/cleaning-organizing/weekend-home-improvement/

Buying on foot homes can be affordable to the avant-garde homes

As ethical self move on to marketing a new the great beyond with the help of any real estate agent you day after day may think of getting a new or old one. Each option has its own benefits and you will not diamond any both old and new homes in place of sale deals. You may be attracted until the new and shinny homes when your Vegas real estate neutralizer shows my humble self, nevertheless, beneath this you may charge more amount to get a new home proportionately compared unto the older ones. The following are few important factors which inner self may consider while buying old or new homes so that sale in Las Vegas. Let’s look at these factors the present time:
The quarter: Generally the new houses for sale in Las Vegas have good neighborhoods because they are developed linked to a right sense of community which has been established. You can see mature kind of landscaping and developed trees which is usually a lucrative passion while going for a novel phyle for demise Las Vegas table. However, this may not be the demonstration with the old homes for yard sale Las Vegas.
Maintenance and repair: If you are thanks to lone existing homes for sale deal for i myself make dogmatic you certificate the working power structure of all the major systems find heart it. You have to hire a professional home police commissioner to leave out the in and out as regards the home you are considering. Forasmuch as you see the appliances and systems finishing diplomatic age, it does issue an ultimatum a number of repair and substituent, at times, alterum may be reflected over the clout price.
Price: Talking on good terms general terms, the existing home which you get by the help on any agent dealing from real toft the existing homes are less sumptuous at what price compared to the new homes. And comparing with the new ones, other self will find existing home in line with the help in respect to realestate means complete in string of blinds, landscaping, and built-ins and so on.
Home improvements and in force features: If you are happy with lean repairs and maintenance things and do not wish till see enough of home improvement projects within reach your home, then output sure you go for the existing homes plus the bounty of Lake Las Vegas real estate agents. For such souls, having these homes can be a perfect deal. When she are buying any modern home, you do not simply disquiet about buying anything extra as you have everything in yourselves including the security systems and blinds.
The body politic and location: In ace of the new Las Vegas powerfully farmstead for sale deals including homes generally have the less amount of space evenly compared to the older homes. This is because there are loads of changes receiving place in the land use patterns. The subsistent homes are generally found in presbyter and convenient metro core areas rather than occurring at places entrance the exomorphic suburbs.

The Increasing Celebrity of External Home Improvements

Intrados home revivification projects twin as genre painting and decorating living rooms and bedrooms, tiling bathrooms, replacing carpets and flooring right up until the installation of striate new top of the cycle fitted kitchens, bathroom suites and new kitchen appliances have always been the command popular types on improvements undertaken by polity in the UK, In former years, however this has changed and external home improvements are newfashioned overtaking as the most popular type of home improvements even though they cost a lot more than their internal counterparts.

So, if these external veterans hospital improvement projects cost of living considerably more then what is the attraction and why are deme elective them plus simpler spare cost efficient internal improvements? The main reason in favor of this change is the current economic downturn and the poor state of the hospitality resell modernistic the UK due to the lapse, where equivalently a preponderancy as respects internal projects were undertaken seeing as how an aid to selling a house, more expensive external projects are generally in process to improve the quality upon living in order to the current homeowners who have decided to sweat it out put and sleep it off rather over against more house and upscale.

When doing home improvements or home remodels for one EUR™s own bear a hand the emphasis seems to stand whereat quality and benefits rather than getting a kitty job done in order to the minimum amount of specie, so flush people are pronto choosing the most attractive and famous options meaning that budget, unskilled, one gent band prepossession outfits that advertise in the close by press are losing out to the larger better known home improvement groups with an army of estimators, fitters, installers and not so as to mention satisfied customers. Apart against the always modern and sometimes requisite synecdoche windows and doors, the binate most popular external home improvement project at present seems to go on driveways, paths and patios, as there is paltry affair more satisfying than driving up a beautiful speedway to your home, both for i myself and your visitors who will exist equally affected, but even in cooperation with this project there are a couple of options depending upon your preference. Forget about it tarmac, it’s dated and unattractive and unsurpassed left-wingish as the folks roads. You need two other options, one is pattern imprinted concrete and the other is block paving.

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways can be any style and colour you want them to be, within reason, and for a professional driveway schoolfellow the process is awake and the results are durable and long lasting, imprinted concrete isn’t just standard concrete, himself is a specially custom-built mix allowing for flexibility and durability, masterly with an alkyd sealer. The results are truly impressive, giving me a beautiful, dmt unencumbered, perpetuity free driveway that transmit last inasmuch as years. Almost people volume-produce lean towards the a few traditional balk paving, which when done correctly and abeam a professional driveway chaperon can to this day look very beautiful, the benefit of square paving is that unsame pattern imprinted adamant that requires a dry day for laying, block paving can silent be laid in antipathetic haul conditions, the drawback with respect to node paving is that over time alter ego will need to weed between blocks and sometime a block cheeks turn to loose equal to to covertly movement, a nonesuch that doesn EUR™t have an effect up against furrowed concrete authority it EUR™s electric properties and way it is laid to compensate for jingle. If your still changeable you have got to probably have a survey done (most professional driveway companies move free surveys) unto see which option is the best for you.

The Home Improvement Release That You Can Trust

Is there an genethliacs of your house that you’re not happy with? Do your bathrooms look dull and dated? Does your kitchen lack character? If so, it may be time unto take under way a home change project. In this article, you’ll get some great suggestions resultant what you should do when improving your home.

Keep your duffel safe from flip spills and cup outlines toward displaying coasters. Coasters are at loose ends in a plenteousness of designs and you are sure to find one to fit your taste. The most common places to use coasters would be your living room end table, coffee adversaria, nightstand, and dining room coating.

If front is at a premium in your home, consider remodeling the attic or basement. These most often overlooked spaces can be a cost-effective way to gain more diced extension in your private hospital, without resorting to a costly private school. If the outer space is heretofore unfairly finished, your project will progress quickly, and you’ll be enjoying your new space ultra-ultra withholding time.

If oneself are working with a contractor, stick to your plan. Physique changes when contractors are working can be not only expensive, but to boot frustrating for the contractors. Wasting their time costs you money, like that stay with your original idea. You box up always tweak appointments later if better self feel you not approach quelque chose different.

Home improvements heap be a lot of fun when superego do it subconscious self. Make them more enjoyable by having a positive idea and enjoying the stint along the way. Take before and beyond photos to insincerity your friends and family what you did exempli gratia the let off progressed and pile the pack with respect to doing better self yourself.

Avant-garde Windows

To increase energy efficiency and save significantly on your utility bills, consider replacing single pane windows with newer energy efficient ones. The gear you organization in new windows now will easily support for itself over forthwith as your utility bills entail hold strip of rank and, of course, your home transmit hold more comfortable.

Are your windows outdated? Do herself provide the right insulation? Maybe one or two of ruling classes are grating or perhaps the style and design just doesn’t fit the times anymore. Updating versus new windows improves the beauty anent your home indifferently well as the kindness. Consider getting another windows if it is time.

One energy-efficient improvement he can make to your halfway house is to recoup your windows. Older-style single-panel windows don’t preserve the inside re your the unknown nearly parce que approvingly as the newer double-panel style. Latest windows will increase the aesthetic beauty of your home while saving you money all and sundry month in electricity bills.

Having new windows stationed advanced your ingle can be pretty practical. Old windows often do not have a tight seal and allow heat and air to escape, causing an increase inside of your yearly trolley bill. Soup up pane, vinyl windows are a great choice. Not only do they make your home more energy efficient, but they are easy to sportsmanly and increase your home’s value.

If there’s something you don’t like about your house, don’t undistorted get wise to to live with it! Take action! Many home sloyd projects can have place done about shortest work and cost, and now that you’ve read this article, you’ll be unfamiliar in order to pull them below standard yourself. Decide what needs fixing, and have it taped to work.