(5/6) “I didn’t really have time to reflect immediately after the ambush. I just ate dinner and tried to go to sleep because we had another patrol the next day. But I’ve had nightmares ever since. I lie in bed and replay the situation over and over. I wasn’t the leader that I should have been. I failed under pressure and somebody got hurt. I have no confidence left. I can’t take a leadership position of any kind. I tried to stay in the army after I came home from Afghanistan. But one night we were doing a training exercise. Our objective was a forward passage of lines— meaning that two platoons were supposed to pass through each other in the dark. But everything was going wrong. Our platoon leader got lost and I had to take over. Soldiers were all over the place and the mission was failing. I was messing up. It was happening to me all over again and the pressure was too much. So I just ran into a bush and took out my knife and started slashing my wrists as hard and as fast as I could.”

I know you’re an army doctor and you’ve been invalided home from Afghanistan. I know you’ve got a brother who’s worried about you, but you won’t go to him for help because you don’t approve of him—possibly because he’s an alcoholic, more likely because he recently walked out on his wife. And I know that your therapist thinks your limp’s psychosomatic, quite correctly I’m afraid. That’s enough to be going on with, don’t you think?

I have just been reminded of one of the other things that angered me about Age of Ultron, which I may have neglected in the screaming rage of Natasha.

When they find out what Ultron did, Tony says “he killed Jarvis”. Like it’s nothing. Like it’s just “oh well. Computer broke. Sad.”




Tony Stark is a man who loves his creations. Dum-E was the first robot he ever built and is completely useless, but Tony still keeps him and repairs him and talks to him. When he comes home from Afghanistan, JARVIS states that he kept monitoring the news for signs he might be returning and Tony says “I missed you too”. And when the Mandarin attacks, and Tony has nothing but his suit and JARVIS has flown them to the middle of nowhere, when JARVIS is fading, Tony says - in a place where no one but his machine can hear him - “don’t leave me buddy”.

Tony Stark fricking loves JARVIS. JARVIS was based on his surrogate father figure, Edwin Jarvis. JARVIS was what he made when he lost the real thing. JARVIS is his friend and support and even his family.

And all we get is witty banter, witty banter, oops I made a small booboo, “he killed JARVIS” and then NOTHING? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?

Imagine a love story. A woman comes home from Afghanistan with a wounded body and mind. She meets an old friend and the friend introduces her to a man. The man she just met asks the friend for his phone and the woman gives hers to him immediately.  After a brief conversation, the woman has an address and a flatmate.  Two days later, the woman kills someone so the man won’t die.

The woman and the man become a team. They solve crimes. The woman goes on a date with another man. At some point, when the woman is about to be killed, the means rescues her and her date. The woman and the other man broke up shortly after.

One day, the woman is kidnapped. The man goes on a rampage to find the woman. He finds her. In a bomb vest, with snipers trained on her. The woman jumps forward, holding the kidnapper in a choke hold. When the snipers take aim on the man, the woman lets go and backs away. They both live.

They go to a small town to look for a monster. The monster nearly attacks, the woman shoots it dead to protect the man. The man returns the favor later.

Snipers trained on a woman and two of the man’s friends. The man jumps to his death as the woman watches. The man died to protect the woman.

It’s two years later when the woman is proposing to another man when the man comes back. The woman is so angry at the two years of loneliness and depression that she attacks the man, holding him down on a tiled restaurant floor, the wounds of the two years of torture reopen.

The woman forgave him after nearly breaking the man’s nose. They found more crimes. The man and the woman find themselves in a ticking bus, filled with bombs around them. The man can’t stop the bomb. The woman tells the man that he was the wisest person she’d met.The man tells the woman that she can leave, but she chooses to die in the underground with the man.  

The man laughs at the woman who thought he was serious.

The woman goes through with her marriage to the other man. She and the man go out for the stag night and get drunk at a bar on every street where there was a crime scene they had been at. A client came and they went to a crime scene drunk.

They woke up in a cell with the DI laughing. He’d never seen them drunk, and he thought it was hilarious.

The man figured out someone was going to murder one of the woman’s good friends at her wedding. He stopped the murder. The man was wonderful playing the violin, he played a waltz for the woman and her husband, tears in his eyes.

The man left the wedding early.

The woman’s husband shot him and nearly killed him.

Johnlock - Study In Pink Meta

Hello there, So instead of making a long note. I’m just gonna get stuck into this meta (I’m sorry if it isn’t all that good). Don’t forget to comment and tell me if I have missed anything. (P.S. SLIGHT SPOILERS)

So lets start off with John

Oh yes John Watson, the army Doctor who has just come home from the Afghanistan war. He has a therapist - who seems like an annoying unsympathetic ass. This therapist has diagnosed him with trust issues, a intermittent tremor in his dominant (left) hand and lets not forget the psychosomatic limp in his right leg.

Now I’m obviously not going to recite the whole episode but here are some basic points as to why I BELIEVE Johnlock may POSSIBLY happen one day - I’m not actually confirming it will (God I hope it will).

Trust Issues

Now as I previously stated - John has supposed trust issues. I believe the therapist as most previous army soldiers/people involved in the army do suffer from trust issues (plus people who have to just moved into another country ((he hasn’t been in England for a while, he has no friends or family to go to) often do not trust people or feel really skittish.)

But John seems to be very calm and trustworthy around Sherlock, including when he just met him.

Ok, here’s some points;

John moved in with someone he just met - Okay, now even people WITHOUT trust issues would not do that. God, he has already witnessed slightly in St. Bart’s that he was odd, but yet he is fine with going along with this, just knowing that he is a bit odd, a genius, prefers texting to calling and who wants to flat share at a place called 221b Baker Street. Ok, yeah sure. Sounds fun, lets do it. Oh right, and lets not forget that NO ONE wants to share a flat with him, his AND Mike’s words.

Ok, not good enough

Well what about the fact that he GAVE A STRANGER HIS PHONE. Nobody does that, ok sure. He can’t run and he knows who would have taken it, but so what? He could have put a tracking device or a bug or something on the phone, could have gone through all his personal details or something.

Oh wait… No, right. I forgot, John is a very trusting person. Why would any of us think otherwise??

Ok, and another thing along with the trust issues (this one isn’t really as trust issueish as the others)

But John sticks with Sherlock, even though Donovan has gone and told him he is a freak and he enjoys people’s deaths and that he is obviously a psychopath. Or Mycroft has gone and KIDNAPPED John just to ask for him to spill everything about Sherlock (as if he doesn’t think OH SHIT HE HAS ENEMIES AND I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED OH NO THIS GUY COULD GET ME INTO A LOT OF DANGER (but we soon realize he likes the danger).) Mycroft also DID warn John. And yet, John doesn’t question it even though he can tell that Sherlock’s odd. John doesn’t seem to second question about living with Sherlock.

The only reason I can come up with as to why John instantly trusts Sherlock is because he is attracted to him, it’s love at first sight or John is just really fascinated and infatuated with him and how odd he is.

Another thing;

John feels quite intimidated around Sherlock and seems very nervous even though he drops his walls around him.

As soon as he saw Sherlock in St. Bart’s he looked very darty (with his eyes) and almost awed at Sherlock. I have 4 possible reasons as to why he acts like this (and one isn’t that he is shy - John Watson is a very confident and independent man who is well mannered and sweet.)

  • Looks
  • Aura
  • Lust
  • Attraction

Now those all have to do with Sherlock (of course) and I think that it could possibly be all these reasons as to why John is nervous. Like I said, John is very confident, we have seen him meet Mrs Hudson this episode, Lestrade, Donovan, Anderson and Mycroft. Not nervous towards any of them (a bit intimidated around Lestrade and Mycroft but that’s because Lestrade is a DI and Mycroft kidnapped him).

John also risked his life TWICE this episode, one well. Nobody really considers.

Whilst chasing the cabs he wasn’t going to jump over the two buildings and risk falling towards his death, but then we hear Sherlock “C’mon John, we’re losing him” So John jumped. To either;

  • Keep Sherlock happy
  • To not disappoint him

And the second time he risked his life was to shoot the serial killer, he risked his life because he became a criminal at that moment. Sure he saved Sherlock - but they just met, so what, I don’t think I’d kill someone for that. Maybe shoot somewhere in the room to distract them - allow Sherlock to use that time to escape or use self-defense. But, nope.

Now it is Sherlock’s turn

As almost everyone knows, Sherlock Holmes is our lovely Sociopath who doesn’t get when is the right time and when is not. He is quite inappropriate and rude (as we have seen by the way he treated Molly). I will be bringing the long run into this part of the meta, but judging that you are reading this - you are missing Sherlock and have watched every blooper reel and every episode and are waiting for the Christmas special and Season 4 which seems to never be coming out.

Anywho. So; Sherlock really never shows any signs of joking around - he is normally serious or just doesn’t know how to joke. He doesn’t really show any signs of humility. But yet here we are;


You all don’t understand right now how serious this is. We have NEVER seen Sherlock wink in an episode or show any signs of flirting - which this definitely was. You only ever wink once you have said something cheeky and funny, you notice that someone is attracted to you or you are flirting.

Let’s go with the second and the latter.


  • It doesn’t seem to me that Sherlock has said a joke.. Unless I’ve missed something


  • It is quite obvious John was in awe of Sherlock 

Now, this point could have just been me seeing things

But when Sherlock and John meet at 221b and when Mrs Hudson answers the door, right after Mrs Hudson and Sherlock hug, John and Mrs Hudson greet each other. And if you are looking at Sherlock the whole time while saying “Mrs Hudson - Dr. John Watson” Before, during (and even after) he is smiling, almost giddy but not completely. Almost a truly loving, awing smile.

Could possibly be the fact that he cares about Mrs Hudson and she has met someone he feels a connection with.

It’s almost the smile you’d pull when your boyfriend/girlfriend just met your parents but you were trying not to go full blast grinning.

And can I also mention the fact… he isn’t looking at Mrs Hudson.

(sorry about the play button in the one above, I needed to get that exact moment)

And when they are inside, after John mentions it’s a mess, well let’s just say

Sherlock will clean up his messy house for a stranger (oh and can I also bring up after being friends for some time Sherlock seems to clean up his act - he learns a lot of humane things from John, perhaps this was foreshadowing slightly then - showing someone could actually make a stubborn Sociopath budge).

Now, I have three possible reasons as to why he did clean up for John;

  • Desperate for a roommate (but yet Sherlock didn’t seem to have asked Mike for a room mate, I believe Mike brought it up with him)
  • He likes John
  • He is attracted to John

So, I believe ‘Desperate for a roommate’ is out of the question. And oh. Right, we also forget - Sherlock is a SOCIOPATH he believes that and always tells everyone it. Plus, he is always told by Mycroft and always brings up that feelings and relationships are dumb and worthless.

So he didn’t really want a roommate who would mess up his stuff and always complain about how rude he is and how crazy he is.

And what about a completely obvious one

So when John’s asking him questions in the cab, Sherlock seems quite happy to answer them - he never is though.

He normally gets really annoyed when people don’t just SEE or KNOW.

But nope, not with his dear John.

I believe Sherlock may be gay/bisexual or has previously dated/had a fling with a man.

Which is where I believe Mrs Hudson and Mycroft got the idea they were together/getting together. Sure, people normally do call straight people gay - but not brothers and old friends. No.

What about us girls, when we meet a knew person (a female) my brother doesn’t ask me “how’s your girlfriend going” no - cause I’m not gay.


Explain that to me.

Oh, and also what about when John is asking about his relationships, when he asks about a girlfriend, Sherlock instantly denies it “not really my area”.

But when he asks about a boyfriend, Sherlock doesn’t actually deny being gay, he simply replies with;

“No, I don’t have one”“I am married to my work”“I know it is alright”Oh, well ok then Sherlock.

And now things in general

They have an eye conversation right after meeting and knowing each other for a day (when John finds out Sherlock’s drug problem). Tell me how that’s possible, and like. I mean, I’ve known people for years and still can’t do that - they have a special connection. They just click.

And what about a quote that I actually didn’t think about the first time I watched A Study in Pink. Whilst Sherlock is deducing the Serial Killer, he brings up that “Love is a much more vicious motivator”. Wait… why am I instantly having these flashes of John and Sherlock saving each other…?


John risked his life to go to prison in this episode by killing the cabbie. And Sherlock has risked his life for John multiple times in future episodes.

And Sherlock doesn’t have feelings right (sentiment) so why would he risk his life for John or care if he is hurt or in danger.

Hmmm, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.


Anywho, that’s the end of my first meta, hope you all enjoyed it and there will be one next month (maybe earlier) on S1 E2.


“I am a widow at the age of 20, my late husband took his own life 7 months after returning home from Afghanistan and developing PTSD. We have a son together. He is my strength and hope” -jazmin


Burgess Believers

Strong in belief despite their age the Burgess Believers are still around exploring and adventuring in a world unseen by others. Jamie Bennett now operates a small radio channel where he connects with other believers and shares news on recent cryptid sightings or even talks of his own escapades with his crew. Even now he writes stories among his notes in his old leather bound journal gifted from North, filled with sketches, theories and plans. Sophie Bennett has grown into quite an artist with a flair for watercolors and nature inspired works, no doubt influenced by an affection for a certain holiday figure. Young Cupcake has grown stronger over the years, now a renowned regional boxer who does physical therapy training with a mixed clientele both at the gym and with horses. The largest concern in her life though is keeping her friends alive as Jamie bucks the group head first into the world of unbelievable creatures and beings. Monty, good old Monty is returned home from Afghanistan after a fateful IED explosion that cost him a limb. Happy to leave the military as it was never his true cup of tea Monty serves as the group’s researcher into the supernatural, eager as Jamie to stay up into the night delving into old books and of course a large stack of comics. Nerds forever. Pippa grew into the genius that her parents groomed her to be of course, but instead of turning her large IQ towards Harvard law she opened a small book shop cafe where she reads fortunes as one of the strongest psychics around. The twins Claude and Caleb lead the busy yet somehow very relaxed life, operating a YouTube channel of their parkour skills, a small nightclub and working at their uncle’s diner. Yet all the contacts have granted the pair trusted access to many rumors and people, making them the suppliers of most of the trails that Jamie chooses to chase after.

John Watson speaks to me. I love what Moffat and Gatiss have done with him. I personally know too many soldiers who have returned home from Afghanistan and died thrill seeking (my step father being one of them). I know too many soldiers who have hurt themselves because they need danger in their lives. I love John Watson’s psychology. I love how much Sherlock has saved John. I don’t think Sherlock realises how much he has saved John because he knows how much John saved him. That whole dynamic is just beautiful.

anonymous asked:

John Watson woke up wearing a straight jacket in a white room with padded walls. "What the hell is this?" he asked though no one was there to reply. "You are in the Baker Street Asylum, Mr. Watson, the same place you have been since you returned home from Afghanistan and given your present condition it is likely that you will remain here until you die," the voice of Mycroft Holmes told him over the P.A. system. "Mycroft?" John questioned angrily. "My name isn't Mycroft, it's Dr. Jim Moriarty"

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SOLDIER BRINGS HOME STRAY PUPPY FROM AFGHANISTAN - “When I walked in and saw him, it was awesome. I’m not gonna say a tear came to my eye, but it was hiding back there…”

While serving in Afghanistan, a Special Forces soldier named Aaron Eleby met a seven-month-old puppy named Yakkul. They bonded and Eleby started efforts to bring the puppy home to the U.S. With the help of volunteers and Steve Caporizzo’s Pet Connection, funds were raised and Yakkul was transported to New York. Eleby and Yakkul were recently reunited. Read more from WTEN:

However, it was love at first sight for now 7-month-old Yakkul and Eleby.

“He was literally looking up, like, ‘what are you going to do man?’ ya know, like what are you going to do next? It’s your call so,” he continued.

Eleby said he didn’t ask anyone, he just knew he had to take the puppy with him.

The cost to bring a dog home though, is over $4,000 but thanks to family, friends and Steve Caporizzo’s Pet Connection, it was quick.

“We were actually gone for two weeks straight on a mission and I came back and the money was raised,” said Eleby.

After the money was raised, it was a two and a half hour drive to the rescue group, Nozrad.

“He actually had to drive with a military escort because you drive around out there by yourself with a dog they are going to be like "who? Why are you doing this?” said Eleby.

The 6,000 mile trip was made from Afghanistan to JFK Airport recently.

It looks like Yakkul and Eleby make a great pair. Click here for the full story and a news video. (Photos from Steve Caporizzo’s Pet Connection Facebook page)

My husbands dad took this picture of him walking directly towards me when he came home from Afghanistan, I was so excited and nervous and happy for that deployment to have been over.. and now he’s leaving again and this time I’ll give birth while he’s away. The next picture taken like this, he’ll be walking towards his daughter for the first time. :) Can’t wait.

Sherlock and Hamilton meet
  • Sherlock:I know you’re an Army doctor and you’ve been invalided home from Afghanistan. I know you’ve got a brother who’s worried about you but you won’t go to him for help because you don’t approve of him – possibly because he’s an alcoholic; more likely because he recently walked out on his wife. And I know that your therapist thinks your limp’s psychosomatic – quite correctly, I’m afraid.
  • Hamilton:DAMN. Now that was fire! You take faster than I rap, with your deductions! Have you considered being in Hamilton. Just add a beat to that and ooooooohhhh
  • John:oh no no no, do NOT get him started-
  • John:oh god why.

Dean lounged on the couch, staring at the tv with the bottle of whiskey in his hand. He’d been home from Afghanistan for less than a week, and the funeral of his best bud was tomorrow. He was laying in his own filth, his face scruffy, having not showered since he’d been home. He couldn’t will himself to move, so all he did was lay there and drink the grief away.

Road trip! Lots of awesome news today! My niece Nina was born! @devonbeck365 brother Brent came home from Afghanistan! God is good! Family time but I had to show you this hurr hunty! This is a combo of @asiamnaturally butter cream and #ecostylergel! Loves it! Racquel is showing off today! #teamnatural #naturalhair #naturalhairguru #etcblogmag #yolandarenee #youtubeguru #twistout #hangingbantuknotout #naturalhairtips #naturalhairstyles

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