Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo Notes

Hi everyone! I’m going to post my notes on what I figure out/find out for the new Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo update that went live this morning!

Stuff I know so far:

  • Secret Store Room: You need to talk to Tom Nook and take out yet another loan for this upgrade. It’s about 158k bells. It will be added the next day to your home.
  • In order to connect your Happy Home Designer data, save game after you first enter upon updating it, exit, and it should show up in the start screen menu. Isabelle will help you out with this. Click to connect data and it will ask if you have download or retail (physical copy). Lottie shows up explains treats. I believe this means you can now use the new furniture that they made for Happy Home Designer.
  • Still can’t find Wisp’s magic lamp FOUND WISP! Walk around your town and he will call out to you! Then you take him home!
  • Check your TPC card (your little in game ID card) and there are now daily tasks to earn meow tickets. Note– once you complete the task it will not do a happy little victory dance or anything. The ticket machine will flash at town hall and then you can use it to get your tickets. 
  • Amiibo Camera is also in the start screen menu.
  • I time traveled ahead a day. The Secret Storage now shows up once you enter the house you live in. It’s a sliding door icon on touch screen.
  • Secret Storage consists of 4 tabs (playing card suits) with 9 trays in each. Yay for hoarding all that junk in game!
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“Ahem.  To Yellow Diamond:”

“What the hell is wrong with you?  I told you the Crystal Gems were still active on this lump of rock, and all you sent with me was some unstable, self-serving old idiot and a cowardly wet blanket more useful as a decoration than as an informant!”

“Now I’m stuck in this primitive hellhole, and I don’t know which is worse: that the locals haven’t progressed beyond circuit boards or that I have to deal with the degraded, malfunctioning dregs of our settlement’s technology!  If you’d given me the troops I asked for we’d be on our way home with all the data you wanted and a crushed bag of Crystal Gem shards for you to, to snort lines of or whatever it is you rich assholes do with your spare time!”

“I need to get home!  The Galaxy Warp code can’t manage without me!  The team you had replace me are illiterate piles of slag!  I have to get back to my baby!”

“End report.  Glory to the Empire, blah blah, good luck managing things without me at home, idiots.”