Water Bath Canning and Pressure Canning: Explained

Master water bath canning and pressure canning and there’ll be nothing you can’t can.

by the United States Department of Agriculture

(I’m so sorry guys I know I have replies but I’m out of town so here’s some a picture of the sukiyaki I made today with my friend @ravibun)

a constant joke in izzie’s way home was the sea cucumber character talking about farting out his intestines. this same character, of course, belches a lot and is depicted as fat and possibly mexican (they gave him this mustache thing and a chain marking around his neck and it rly gives off the vibe idk) so that was Gross

Canning Peppers

Canning peppers using a pressure canner is an easy way to preserve this tasty, versatile crop. Learn how to can peppers with the USDA Guide to Home Canning.

From the United States Department of Agriculture
aaaand i’m back

Sorry about the general quietness around here and delay in responding to messages / tags / etc. lately; I’ve just gotten home from several busy days visiting the Land of Enchantment. Highlights of my trip:

  • This guy on my flight looked exactly like Bill Hader, if Bill Hader were twenty years younger and wore backward camo baseball caps.
  • The mountains were by no means the biggest or most impressive mountains in the world, but I’ve not seen many mountains at all, so I was pretty excited. They were precisely as lovely and mountainous as promised. Kudos for delivering, mountains.
  • I spent one night sleeping in a bathtub and another night barely sleeping at all.
  • “Dog,” I whispered reverently upon entering a bookshop and seeing a beautiful pupper trotting toward me. He was swiftly followed by two more puppers. “Dooggggggs!!!” I rejoiced, awash in books and fur.
  • Many beautiful fossils, many beautiful cows. Some very loud goats.
  • The desert is not (and never has been) a place I actually enjoy being, especially in the dead of summer, but I liked seeing all the different cacti, and I can appreciate the overall aesthetic. I just don’t appreciate baking to death.
  • Seriously it was so hot.

Overall wow I am so tired, please excuse me while I sleep for ten years.

askprofpiplup  asked:

What can't you buy with money?

Senal: You can buy homes, food, water, security, friends, clothes, poeple-

Senal: Wait I wonder if you can buy humans, that would be really cool.

Senal: But you can also buy: toys, clothes, did I say clothes? 

Senal: Candy, maybe some robots, someone to play music for you all day, oh a bath would be nice right about now, leadership…

Can Dogs Eat Human Foods? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just about all dogs owners alloww their dogs to eat human foods. But is that okay?

Several foods that are harmless and healthy for humans might be hazardous for dogs, resulting in serious health issues.

However, a good amount of human foods could be given to dogs not having providing health benefits.

The subsequent graphic shows you foods and their potential risk to trigger health complications in dogs.