Abuse is a spectrum. Abusers are not a spectrum.

Abuse victims come in all forms. Their abuse could have been intense and often, or rare and nonviolent, or some combination. Victims could experience many symptoms, or no symptoms. Victims can experience symptoms very strongly or barely at all. Victims could have varying reactions to the abuse, such as fighting back and yelling at their parents, or they could believe it was normal. Victims could tell you an uncomfortable amount of information, not tell you anything at all, or tell you not to tell anyone else, and you should respect their wishes. Victims could have been taken away from their homes by CPS, run away, gotten emancipated, or been left at home.

Abusers are all equally horrible monsters, and abusers who regret having done it can work their way to not being a monster. Abusers all made the decision to hurt someone. Abusers all put their needs ahead of someone else’s. Don’t forgive an abuser because “it wasn’t that bad” or “it built character” or say that a sexual abuser is worse than an emotional abuser. Unless an abuser specifically works towards being less terrible and helping abuse victims, they are horrible and should not be given a second chance.

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Now I need Alex fluff!! Alex curling up on Clarke and burrowing her face in the GEC. Lexa comes home and joines the cuddle session, wrapping both of her girls in her arms.

Lexa coming home from a weekend away and just scooping Alex up and munching on those chubby cheeks with kisses

The Hunt

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“But yes, along the river and the outer edges of the graveyard, I think they wait for a stupid grave robber to get lost or flee from a ghoul. Then chomp!” Annest said as they walked along the path towards their destination, remaining close to the half-elf’s side. She still was troubled from earlier with Dura and Aiden but this distraction was rather welcomed. It was a task she threw herself wholly in as they continued their stroll, meanwhile, Helena continued her singing of shanties. 

Finally, Annest resorted to just holding Emilia’s hand as they returned to the place the girl called home for so long. Breaking away she moved in the usual silence, “If we scope out the outer edges there is usually a few wolves, they sometimes feast upon the dead when they are hungry enough.” The half-elf smiled, allowing the girl to lead the way, "Well, let’s not disappoint Father, hm?” Annest peeked over her shoulder, “Really? Do I need to call him that? He isn’t my Father… Mine is a nasty mage who disowned me,” This would possibly be a potential argument but after a few minutes, she held a hand up, ducking behind a tree. 

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The half-elf moved with her usual grace to Annest’s side, the shadows guiding her motions and concealing as well. Peering around the tree she pointed at a silver pelted wolf, “See?” The girl whispers, as she turned to look, Emilia was gone. Poof. Clearly confused she turned and saw to her surprise the wolf already pinned to the ground by shadowy threads as the half-elf loomed over the creature who snarled and snapped its maw. Crossing the grass, Annest approached looking down at the wolf, “How many do we need?” Looking back to the white-haired woman who gave a shrug, “Father wanted a few,” Annest gave a nod, while no expert she did lean down and drew her blade before running the sharpened edge along its throat as warm crimson flowed freely as the lupine’s eyes began to grow dim as it’s body grew limp. 

Then, before Annest’s eyes, the body was swallowed up by the shadows that the other woman had conjured, “That is neat…” The girl murmurs as Emilia smiles, ruffling the girl’s raven locks, “And the sea she called such a lovely o’ love…” Helena sang as she decided to serenade the two women, Annest giggling before moving along the rusted and broken down fence of Raven Hill.

Another pause, this reason was much more noticeable as a lumber black bear was shambling with its muzzle to the ground, sniffling. Oh, Annest wasn’t going to let Emilia get this one! Without a word, Annest took a step forward and a swoosh of air she was gone, but in the next breath she was atop the bear’s back as it snarled and reared up, “Ahhh!” Annest cried out as the half-elf rushed over in time to see the young woman let out a guttural snarl tearing those two blades of hers into the space behind the bear’s ears over and over, blood spraying into the air as it twisted and thrashed, throwing it’s self backwards with Annest beneath as she let out another ghoulish howl, knives biting into thick fur and meat. A blade buries it’s self into the eye of the massive creature before she twisted it before it’s chest heaved, red foam filling its mouth before it grew limp with the girl beneath as her hands flailed some, “Uh help…”

Laughter, Emilia laughed at the helpless and pinned Annest, “You should be more careful, maybe I outta punish you another week, hm?” A groan came from the trapped girl, “No… Come on… Make it disappear…” She tried to wiggle free but to no avail before those shadows from before began to consume the dead creature leaving behind a blood coated Annest as she took a deep gasp for air, “Freedom!” She cried out before pushing herself up, giving the taller woman a thumbs up, “One more! Let’s go!" 

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With a shake of her head, Emilia smiled, "Alright my little Dove,” The name made Annest smile as she moved down a slowly sloping hill before a snarl was heard as two wolves saw the skinny girl and viewed her as easy prey. 

Shit!” Annest curses as Emilia appeared from the shadows behind one wolf, grabbing it as she almost effortlessly snapped its neck, the girl even heard the bones snap and break. This minor distraction cause Annest to look towards the woman with awe before the remaining wolf pounced on Annest, “Ack!” Falling back she hit the ground hard, wincing as she threw her arm up to block the lupine’s maw from capturing her throat but in return, her arm was captured in its teeth. The weight of its mouth bearing down as her own forearm began to crack and give, a pained, feral sound coming from Annest. The noises a wounded animal would make before shadows suddenly encased the animal, “Not my Annest!” She heard the elf snarl in a protective, primal tone. Blood and bits of sinew ran down her arm as her hand fell limp, useless from the creature trying to tear through the forearm to catch its real goal; Annest’s throat. 

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It never had a chance, the shadows encircled like a serpent, tighter and tighter until an audible crunch was heard, the bones of the lupine crushed beneath the pressure, it didn’t even get to whimper it’s final breath before it’s raggedy corpse was tossed aside like a useless toy. Annest though remained frozen, arm still stuck in that defensive pose, eyes wide, her pupils were pinpricks even in the twilight of the land.

“Little Dove! Annest!” Emilia rushed over to cradle the wounded girl who managed a pained whimper, but a trooper through and through she mumbles, “Did we get enough?” Lifting her gaze she offered the half-elf a weak smile as Nyx nodded, “Yes, you did well. Come let’s go home,” She scooped up the wounded girl in her arms, Annest’s own mangled arm laying limp across her own stomach while being carried bridal style. 

The shadows like before with Aiden and his father, swallowed the two female up, the mangled corpse even tagging along for the ride back to the tower.

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My Soul Alight: XIV

My Soul Alight
Chapter XIV - find it right here!
As always, let me know what you think :)

XIV Preview:

Abandoned alleys become familiar streets, and when Clarke turns the corner and passes that tiny Vietnamese take-out place Raven loves, it strikes Clarke she’s home.


Away from Heda’s world and glowing hands and healing energy. Back to normal. Except Clarke doesn’t feel normal. Clarke walks through Polis City dressed in clothes from Heda’s world. She feels out of place and right where she’s supposed to be at the same time. The street lamps glow a dull orange and Clarke realizes she hasn’t been surrounded by electricity in four days. Her first thought is she didn’t miss it. And by some obscure link she can’t pinpoint, it makes her think about Lexa and light stones. And the pride in her own heart that reflected that of Lexa’s lips when Clarke finally lit it herself.

Clarke finds herself stopping in front of her apartment building. She pulls out her key and pushes it into the lock. It’s odd to be entering a door like this; a door that didn’t magically appear as she approached it.

A simple, normal door with a lock and a key.

Yeah, Raven is never going to believe her.

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Gwyn was clearly quite stressed. He never talked about it when he was, always seeming determined to solve his problems alone. At his writing desk, he went over various documents and signed things, intending to send them off. The Madam would likely notice he kept his distance from her siblings, letting them all interact without him. As well, he could be seen reaching in to his pocket and touching something, seemingly calming slightly after doing so.

To assume the Madam was oblivious and blind to the discomfort of the Lord LaCrux was an insulting idea, ludicrous even!  It wasn’t even an hour into him being home and tucked away in his office before Susan detached from her siblings with a gentle farewell and promptly made her grand approach to the familiar sets of office doors. WIth a gentle push of the knob and the door the Madam would slip in– likely unnoticed, but if she knew her beau the man could sense a mouse scampering down the hall.

Thus she didn’t even attempt to stay quiet for long, humming out in the midst of closing the door behind her, “My, my,” she coos out in a most condescending manner, her heels clicking as noisily as the walls would echo the sounds throughout the enclosed office space, her hips giving a slow sway with each dramatic dip, “Don’t you look like you need a reprieve!”

With this the Madam would carefully draw herself to stand behind the gentleman’s head chair, nimble fingers reaching to gather and dig into the flesh of Gwynepaine’s shoulders, massaging the muscle as slowly and carefully as she had plenty of clients before him. All the while the Madam lowered so her lips lingered just inches from the man’s ear, musing gently: “What has you so stressed, my Knight in bloody armor?”


Goodies from Japan!! My sister is home after almost a month away! She and my brother did not kill each other! Yay. I can now sleep with my bedroom door unlocked, remove the baseball bat from my bedside and bring the chef knife back to the kitchen…😑 I don’t do very well at night by myself. I’m a weenie with a very active brain, living in a very old creaky apartment.

⇁ dick n’ go (m)

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pairing ⇁  Seokjin x Reader

 genre  smut, crack || shopping for dicc!au

warnings  male objectification, superficiality, fuckgirl!reader, dirty talk, and cocky!jin if that isn’t your thing

word count  12.8k 

After trooping through a series of horrendous first dates and mediocre hookups, you were convinced you would never find a man capable of satisfying your needs. Your friend recommends you try a slightly unconventional method to remedy your bad luck.  

alternatively: seokjin has a five star dick and you decide to give it a go

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