Home and Away Season 29 Episode 3

Home and Away Season 29 Episode 2

Home and Away Season 29 Episode 1

Ash is interviewed as a murder suspect. Josh finds out that Evie and Andy kissed.

Shane Withington, Johnny Ruffo, Lynne McGranger, Charlie Clausen, Pia Miller, Matthew Little, Philippa Northeast, Nic Westaway, Kassandra Clementi, Emily Symons, Jackson Gallagher, Isabella Giovinazzo, Cassie Howarth, Jake Speer, Georgie Parker, Tai Hara, Reece Milne, Raechelle Banno, George Mason, Kyle Pryor, Ray Meagher, Ada Nicodemou, Alec Snow, Scott Lee, Bonnie Sveen, Tessa de Josselin


Ed Sheeran to make cameo appearance as ‘Teddy’ in Home and Away x


Ed Sheeran on Home and Away (Full Episode)

Brax sitting alone on the beach watching the waves they’d goofed around in only that morning as he scrubbed Casey’s blood from his hands with the sand was so loaded with imagery. Blood and sand - the Riverboy code, literally in his hands and he’d lost the one person he’d fought to protect from all that.
—  izzyhoyland - Back To The Bay