i came home and bought nameless right away lol currently installing….. :3c
(in case anyone else is interested in nameless or dandelion, there’s a summer sale on steam right now and they’re 20% off !)

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UT/UF bros are somewhere else (at work, at home or far away), and their SO sends to them a malicious and suggestive message, asking to the boys if they want to do some sex-text or an erotic call to pass the time or because they both need it. What do the skellis say? Do they enjoy it or find this thing obscene?

Mmmmm im not a fan of it myself. i dont trust most of my personal pics on any device really. but for you i can write it hun))

you guys go ahead and do the thing, him almost getting caught, cause hes still at work, but it only makes it better for him lol
(did i forget to add ‘risky’ to his kink list? i think i did…oh well. Ill fix it later.))

Nope nope nope nope nope. none of that while hes not at home please. its very unsettling and he doesn’t want to be stuck hot and bothered while hes out. He Doesn’t even look at his phone the rest of the day. Though he might do something with you later if that’s what you want. but apologize pls, he really was uncomfortable.

As soon as he saw the first text, he teleported back home and pinned you to the bed/couch. you should have known better than to tease him dollface, now youre gonna get it~

uhhhhhhh hes not sure how to respond to this. he cant text back, being in the royal guard and all, but he will be caught smiling at his phone from time to time…~
yep you gonna get it when he gets home.

Joel once joked that he wasn’t pretty enough to be cast in the popular Australian soap operas ‘Home and Away’ and 'Neighbours’ as it seems 95% of his acting peers were, but some commentators took his remarks a bit too literally. He recently tried to set the record straight…

“I want to qualify this. It wasn’t like I went into a room and someone said, ‘Hey, you ain’t pretty.’ It was more about being an awkward teenager. I wasn’t a swaggering, young, tanned thing. I hadn’t got it together like some kids are able to do, just like that. [snapping his fingers]. I took my time to stumble my way through a nice, slow-build career. That’s been important for me. And I’m happy about the way everything has happened.”