Happy Ending (Prince Adam)

word count: 397

request: So beast after he’s human again x reader (Who replaced bell. So like (Y/N) instead of belle?) And like steamy kissing and fluff?

requested by: @makingpeoplesmile97

a/n: Fluff? Something I will never get right. I also don’t think it helped that I wrote this while listening to music like NWA, Kanye West…etc. It’s short and hopefully sweet. Again, Fluff isn’t exactly my specialty. Angst on the other hand? Yeeep.

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“She went to visit your papa.”

oKAY BUT everyone would be at least double as upset with him because Gracia is an unarmed housewife and also Maes’ wife and everyone knows that they’re literally made for eachother and that she’d never kill him but Roy ‘burned her to death’ despite the few evidences there are and that’s just??? not to mention that he technically ‘turned Elicia into an orphan’