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My new bedroom wall in my new flat :D I think I will add some cards on the left an right walls for a little fading effect (but this alone took about four hours with the help of a friend, so I just haven’t got it done today). My bed will be in front of that wall, that’s why I didn’t put cards all the way down to the ground.
Well, I love it :D And it’s way cooler than paint the wall white.

The Zodiac Signs as Places of a House

Aries: Kitchen

Taurus: Garden

Gemini: Library

Cancer: Closet

Leo: Front yard

Virgo: Office

Libra: Entrance

Scorpio: Bedroom

Sagittarius: Living Room

Capricorn: Basement

Aquarius: Attic

Pisces: Bathroom


House by Charles Henry
Via Flickr:
Navasota, TX, 2017

Feb 8, 2017 -on a cold day in late Jan, two of the older hens…a White Plymouth Rock and a Black Australorp cross.. decided that rather than wander around outside in the cold with the rest of the flock, they would relax together in the chicken house, and enjoy the late afternoon sun that was streamihng in through the window -taken Jan 27, 2017