home yard

Feb 8, 2017 -on a cold day in late Jan, two of the older hens…a White Plymouth Rock and a Black Australorp cross.. decided that rather than wander around outside in the cold with the rest of the flock, they would relax together in the chicken house, and enjoy the late afternoon sun that was streamihng in through the window -taken Jan 27, 2017

March 10, 2017 - just now out the window. It was spring like yesterday, and now this today.

These Dark-eyed Juncos arrive on the Island around Oct to spend the winter here. In another month, usually sometime around mid-April, they will completely disappear from the landscape here, to return to their breeding grounds in more northerly states and Canada. I always miss them when they go.


He pushes open the gate, heart rate just starting to return to its baseline. Bitty’s kneeling in the dirt, tending to his vegetable patch. He wipes his sweaty face with his shirt as Bits says, “Hey, honey.” Bitty stands, jeans slightly muddy, and crosses his arms. “Jack.” Jack looks at him expectantly. He rolls his eyes and points with the trowel behind Jack. Jack spins and find a tiny muddy puppy at his heels.


“Hon, we’ll have to check missing pets,” Bitty warns. But he’s smiling, knowing Jack’s got a horrible habit of taking in strays. Jack’s already got the puppy cradled to his chest, cooing some nonsense at it. “And you’re not letting that dog run around in my clean house until you rinse him off.”

Jack grins at him, knowing Bitty’s caved already. Besides, what’s one more animal in the menagerie?

He strides to Bits and kisses him properly. “I’ll get the dog bathed while you think of what to name him.”

“Just once, I don’t let you name a guinea pig and now I’m the official name picker?”


“Jack, you need a shower.” Bitty pecks a kiss on Jack’s cheek and then pushes him towards the house.

“You gonna join me?”

“I don’t think my knees can do that anymore, sweetheart,” Bitty says regretfully, “but if you make it quick with the puppy, I’ll be in the bedroom.”

“Deal.” Jack kisses Bitty one more time and then jogs off to scrub down a wriggly puppy. From the way Jack’s talking to it, Bitty suspects it’ll be a while. That’s okay though. Since Jack retired, they’ve got all the time in the world to spend together.