home was us

So I just want to point out that Magnus’ red couch seems to be in his bedroom due to the curtains and window ledge:

except the original bedroom set seems to not have allowed room for a couch, suggesting they might have widened it after the picture was taken or something? but anyway, given these two items, i just want to say that there’s a possibility, however distant, of Alec and Magnus making out on that couch and then moving onto the bed and continuing there.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.07 | Invasion!

Celebrating July 4th early?


Many Moons

When I was a little boy,
it  seemed to me that there
were many moons.
My grandmother had a moon,
and my other grandmother had
one too. We had a moon over 
backyard, and my best friend
art had moonlight in his bedroom
from his moon
when we visited our relatives
in Chicago, I was not surprised
to discover their moon.
Then one night, as we returned
from a visit to my grandmother
I watched out of the car’s back
window and saw her moon
follow us home.
Her moon was our moon
there was just one moon !
Now the sky seemed so empty.

Duane Michals, 1989

© Mercedes Werner ph

well it took about six hours of negotiations and me refusing to be a puppet president twice (??? apparently vine is a tool of the resistance here and me and lucky turned into a meme during the battle ???) but moon princess pepper and mobster jane and mermaid sue have agreed to pool their resources and send us home

fucking finally

i am so tired you guys

also i asked around and matt and foggy and karen and a bunch of other people walled off hells kitchen and seceded from the union like two years ago and thats why no one will talk about them

last i heard america was petitioning to become a part of their country

what is this world even

The fall air leaves chills on my body
Like you used to do when you kissed me in summer
When we would wake up to each other
And when the only thing i cried from was laughter
When you held onto your promises
The same way you would hold onto my hand
The times you drove us home in the middle of the night
Because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other
And instead of watching the road
You always watched me
You said “I promise to love you, I promise to love you”
But you didn’t hold onto your promise
And you stopped holding my hand
We started waking up separately
And instead of driving us home
You take me back to my old house
And say
“I tried to love you, I tried to love you”

Sharna was driving to Val’s place. She wanted to spend time with one of her best friends. She started developing feelings for Val but she was too afraid to tell him. She didn’t want to ruin their relationship. Sharna arrived at Val’s apartment building. She walked inside and took the elevator to his floor. She got out and walked to his door. She knocked and Amber open the door. Sharna felt her heart break.
Amber: Hi Sharna!
Sharna: Hey Amber.
Val: Amber who is at the door.
Val came to the door shirtless. Sharna needed to get out of there she couldn’t handle seeing them together.
Val: Shar, everything okay?
Sharna: Yeah I just came to see if you wanted to go out for dinner but it looks like your busy. So I’m just going to head home.
Amber: Join us.
Sharna: Oh no. I can’t do that. You two should go have fun.
Val: Are you sure babe?
Sharna: Yeah.
Amber: Maybe next time. I’m going to get my shoes on. It was nice seeing you Sharna.
Sharna: You too.

Val: Are you sure your okay?
Sharna: Yeah. I’m going to leave. Have fun on your date.
Val: How about tomorrow you and me lunch together.
Sharna: I’ll check my schedule.
Val pulled Sharna into and a hug. She felt a tear going down her face. She quickly pulled away from Val and wiped the tear. Val saw that and began to worry.
Val: Shar…
Sharna: Bye
Sharna quickly left before Val had a chance to ask her anymore questions. She got into the elevator and began to cry. She couldn’t believe he was with Amber. She lost him. She texted Lindsay to meet her at her apartment. She needed someone to talk too. She would usually go to Peta in these cases but Peta was in New York getting ready for the baby. She climbed into her car. She grabbed a tissue and began to wipe the tears and smeared make up off her face.

Val stood by his window watching her. He was trying to figure out what was wrong with her. He had never seen her like that. He felt like he should cancel his plans with Amber. He saw her drive away. He grabbed his phone and texted her.
Val- Babe.
Sharna saw her phone light up. Val sent her text. She read the message and texted him back.
Sharna- I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Have fun.
Val- I can cancel if you want. I can come over your house. I didn’t like seeing you like that.
Sharna- No don’t cancel for me. Lindsay is coming to keep me company.
Val- Alright text me if you need anything okay.
Sharna- Okay. Thanks Val.
Sharna arrived at her apartment. She unlocked the door and Lindsay was there already. Sharna gave her a key a long time ago. Sharna ran to Lindsay and began to cry. She explain everything to Lindsay; her feelings towards and Amber being at his place.
Lindsay: Shar, tell him.
Sharna: I can’t Lindsay. It’s late. He is with Amber now. I need to respect that.
Lindsay: What about you? It’s not fair for you.
Sharna: I’ll move on.
Lindsay pulled Sharna into a hug.

The next morning Val walked into the studio. He came an hour early to talk to Sharna about last night. He walked into her rehearsal with James and saw them practicing their tango. He began to clap his hand. Sharna turned around and saw him.
Val: That was beautiful.
James: Thanks man. That is all Sharna there.
Val: She is amazing. James do you mind giving us a few minutes alone. I need her help.
James: No problem. I’m going to get some food. I’ll bring you back something Sharna.
Sharna: Thanks love.
James left the room. Sharna and Val stared at each other. Neither one knew where to start.

Val: Shar, what happen last night?
Sharna: Nothing Val.
Val: Bullshit. You never cry for no reason.
Sharna: What do you want me to say Val?
Val: The truth would work.
Sharna: I’m in love with you Val. It broke my heart to see you with Amber okay. There now you know. Can you please leave me alone.
Val: You expect me to leave after you just told me you love me?
Sharna: Yes
Val: Don’t you want to hear how I feel?
Sharna: Not really. It was clear last night that you have eyes for someone else.
Val: You’re wrong. I’m in love with you too Sharna. I love you.
Sharna: What.
Val: You heard me. I’m in love with you too.
Val walked up to Sharna and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Sharna started to cry again. She couldn’t believe he felt the same way about her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. Lindsay walked into the room and saw them. She took a picture of them and sent it to Peta, Witney and Sharna.
Lindsay: YESSSSSS!!!!!!
Sharna and Val pulled apart and saw the blonde jumping for joy. They started to laugh.

We know the foundation of faith is not what we can see, it isn’t our emotions, nor our intellect.

Faith is the belief that you will be rewarded for your trust. Trust is where we place our worth.

People who say they have trust issues usually say this because they’ve been let down. Men and woman who say they have lost faith in humanity usually say this because they have been exposed to multiple tragic experiences of human failure and have been deeply discouraged or heartbroken.

Faith in God doesn’t begin through the disappointments and failures and broken trusts we have known. Faith in God is realized when we abandon those false ideas of hope, of self-love and appreciation for the motivating thought that God has surpassed the limits of all things in order to make His home inside of us.

The human mind always wants a reason to believe and to hope and to trust and to wait, but love never needs one. And that is the beauty of having faith in God. He believed in us in Him far before we ever had a chance to believe in Him, and sent His Son as proof of His love and of this truth.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

i took my cambridge proficiency exam this morning and:

  • i cant believe i am actually alive, after a 4h long exam
  • it was. less difficult than i thought but i still felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest during the whole thing
  • that might also have been the ridiculous amount of caffeine in my body at the time but still
  • when i walked out i felt all the pent up adrenaline leave my body and i shit u not i almost fell down
  • so u know what doesnt kill u makes u wish u were dead
  • good things: my dad brought me to lush and i bought bath bombs and took a nice warm bath when i got home
  • theyre gonna send us the results in abt a month so you know fingers crossed
well that was exciting

Okay guys so my dad calls home right, and he tells us HE PICKED  UP A STRAY DOG! now this obviously excited and confused us, where had the pup come from? well my dad was driving home from work and he just badly misses hitting this poor pup and when he goes back to see if he’s okay THE DOG JUMPS THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW. So my dad sees that he’s not rabid and that’s he’s got a harnes with tags on so he brings him home. the pupper is named Harper and he’s a golden lab and friendly af. so we call the owner and he has some trouble finding our driveway (it was dark and our driveway has a bunch of trees right beside it.) but eventually he gets here. Aperantly Harper slipped through the dodor when the guy got home and took off.   So long story short Harper is back home safe!