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Jacob Portman Having a Crush on You Would Include...

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  • going on constant adventures with him
  • getting smothered with hugs when you least expect them
  • him secretly checking you out whenever you were in the same room together
  • him standing obnoxiously close to you whenever you spoke to any of the other peculiar boys
  • him constantly being around you
  • The both of you staying up late to talk about redundant things
  • Constant teasing/nonchalant flirting
  • He’d help you with your chores around the house
  • His hugs last longer than normal (not that you’re complaining)
  • He’d give you his sweater when you get cold, and tells you to keep it
  • Emma would be your worst enemy right now tbh (she’ll get over it, she has… eternity, if you really think about it)
  • he’d literally trip over himself trying to get to you if you called for him
  • you turning red whenever he complimented you
  • him slowly catching on that you like him too (it makes hims a little too cocky)
  • he would tell you that he likes you after dinner, to which you’d probably think he’s joking
  • and then he’d kiss you and you’d just be floored because he’s so adorable and omg
  • you two becoming ‘official’ the next morning when Olive spots a dark spot on your neck (*wink* *wink*)

a/n: it’s one in the morning and this was the only way to relieve my stress for my exam (which is technically now today). 

When a male character and a female character in a movie/TV show start giving each other the Meaningful Look™