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Fall For You (M) | 03 (Final)

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 13,742
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, sprinkling of feelings
A/N: I feel like I’m sending my child to their first day of kindergarten oh my goodness. I hope you guys enjoy the last part!!

Part 01. Part 02 + Drabbles

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A mistake.

It absolutely had to be a mistake.

There was no way you were in love with Jeon Jungkook, absolutely no way in hell you had feelings for him that ran any deeper than discontent. It had been the moment, the conversation with Jungkook, the awe you’d felt when he showed you his forest. You had gotten caught up in that moment, and your mind had tricked itself into thinking you liked Jungkook.

You didn’t love Jungkook.

You loved his dick. And that was all.

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  • Steve: hey buck remember that time we rode home in the ice truck? And you dated that girl? Remember how hard you worked to win that prize? Lol memories.
  • Bucky: I can't believe it's been 95 years and you still don't get that I'm gay as fuck for you I played that game to impress you you are blind as shit why do you remember her name you wanna know what I remember your shirt was white and your eyes are as blue as the sky Steve listen to me punk it's been actually 84 years can we kiss or what

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Could you write about Niall and his inexperienced gf please? That would be so cute how he'd care for her

can u write a blurb or something where u catch niall wanking off and ur kinda dissapointed cause ya know u werent doing anything, he couldve just asked you… and he can tell ur a bit sad about it?? thanku!!

I joined these two.  Enjoy

I liked to surprise Niall sometimes.  Even though I knew he hated surprises, he tolerated it from me.  Mostly because - in his words - “Ya look so goddamn cute about it.”  I tried to quell my need to surprise him to just once a week, because I wasn’t a total asshole.  When your hot, famous, incredibly kind boyfriend asks you politely to cool it with the surprises, you do it.  

But this week was special.  Niall was finally home from tour and I had graduated college three days ago.  No more date interruptions because I had to be home to study for a test.  No more scheduling dates around my class schedule.  No more having to leave the safe, warm, soft embrace of his capable arms because I had to finish a paper.

It was done.  

So my first surprise that week had been when he got home from tour.  I excitedly decorated his house with some of his friends and threw him an impromptu welcome home party.  He tried to act angry about it, said something about being exhausted, but I knew he wasn’t really mad.  Especially when he wound his arm around my waist and turned his lips to press to my temple,

“Look so pretty, Angel.”  He whispered, sending shivers down my spine all the way to the tips of my pink nail polish covered toenails.

I spent the night that night, slightly disappointed that he didn’t try anything the entire night.  He simply laid down, wrapped his arms around my waist and cuddled into my back.  He sputtered out a mumbly “G’night, Love.” and was softly sawing Z’s in seconds.

See, I’m a virgin.

A big one.

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Imagine Ransom or Holster meeting during bumper-to-bumper traffic.

From 555-555-1234:
Can you believe this traffic, bro?

Holster checks his phone, then he checks the number again. He doesn’t recognize it.

From 555-555-1234:
Who’s this?

From 555-555-1234:
Behind you, bro!

Holster turns in his seat to peak through the paint on his back window to look at the car behind him.

A bright smile in a handsome face beamed at him from an older gray Honda Accord. 

From 555-555-1234:
You’ve got your number on your window!

And…that is true. Holster’s driving his dad’s old pickup truck back home for Thanksgiving. He’d taken it to school after his Nissan had crapped out on him. His dad had told him to try and sell it so that they could get a down payment for a safer car with better gas mileage. Holster had decided to go with the tried and true driving advertisement. It’s limited success so far meant he was planning to set up a craigslist ad when he got home for the break.

To 555-555-1234:
I do
You interested in buying man?

From 555-555-1234:

To 555-555-1234:
So you just hit me up to chat?

From 555-555-1234:
I mean….
We’ve been at a standstill for like 15 min
And I need some sort of distraction from the hunger pains
I did NOT pack enough snacks for this

Holster laughs. This is maybe the weirdest thing to happen to him on a road trip, but the traffic has been maddening and - while it’s a bit hard to tell in the dimming light - Chatty looks cute.

To 555-555-1234:
Alright - how about them Falconers?

As it turns out this was just the right question to ask. Chatty (who goes by Ransom) happens to play intramural hockey at Samwell. He has a LOT of feelings about Alexei Mashkov.

From Ransom:
Come on, bro!
On ice!

From Holster:
Yes, acknowledged, lol
He’s a specimen 

From Ransom:
Mmm, yes, bro

From Holster:
So you’ve got a type ;)

From Ransom:
Tall, broad defensemen - hell yes

From Holster:
Good to know

So, you follow SMH at all?

The traffic chooses then to let up and allow them to move, which is maybe for the best. Holster’s not 100% sure what he’s doing (not that it’s stopped him from doing much else in his life), but he’s got some butterflies going and he hasn’t had those since. Well, since, March.

From Ransom:
Ok - favorite Disney song?

The traffic’s stalled back out again and Ransom’s been hitting him with a lightening round of 21 questions.

From Holster:
Hakuna Matata

From Ransom:
Did you have to mention food, bro??
I’m starving!

From Holster:
Slugs? The tangential mention of bugs has upset you?

From Ransom:
1. The use of three + syllable words - hot
2. I’m THAT hungry

Holster drums his fingers against his steering wheel and eyes the bag full of candy and jerky, protein bars he’d stocked up on before getting on the highway. On one hand, he knows  that inviting strangers into your space is dangerous. On the other hand, there’s a lot of witnesses around, and Ransom actually goes to his school. 

The Haus GroupMe:

Holster: I’m….about to invite a stranger into my car
Lardo: now Adam - we talked about Stranger Danger just last week
Shitty: Holtz, man, I know you and March were serious but…. 
Jack: Birkholtz, no
Nursey: Are they hot?
Dex: Nursey!
Holster: I’m not really sure
Holster: We’ve been texting for the last hour
Lardo: ADAM!
Jack: Birkholtz!
Shitty: Holster!
Holster: Not WHILE driving!
Holster: Traffic’s been shit - I just - we’ve been talking - flirting some
Holster: I think
Nursey: Nice!
Holster: Anyway - just wanted to let you know in case I get murdered
Holster: His name’s Justin Oluransi - goes to Samwell
Chowder: Go with your gut, bro - we’ll file the necessary reports, if needed

From Holster:
I’ve got snacks in the truck if you want to run up

From Ransom:

The knock that comes to Holster’s window is quick and sharp. Outside he sees a bundle of hoodie and scarf, a wool hat and hunched shoulders. He pops his lock and Ransom slides inside.

“Oh shit, you’re hot.”

Holster’s momentarily thunderstruck. 1.) He’s never been greeted this way, especially not in his glasses. 2.) He’s pretty sure it’d be trite to repeat someone’s greeting back to them verbatim.

“Also, given that your Adam Birkholtz, Samwell’s defenseman, I’m assuming that statement isn’t going to get me punched. Or - you know - lose me those snacks.”

Holster chuckles.

“Yeah, no - punching you is not - that’s um - you’ve nothing to worry about - I’ve um. Snacks.”


He hands Ransom the bag of goods and watches as he makes his choices, chattering excitedly about the selection. His voice is rich and kind. His smile, so bright from afar, is stunning up close. And his eyes - Holster’s never seen a deeper brown that shone so vividly.

“Thanks, bro! You’ve saved my life!” Ransom says at last. And, with a burst of cold air and the slam of the truck’s ancient door, is gone.

The Haus GroupMe:

Holster: I’m alive
Holster: Also, maybe, in love
Shitty: …..
Lardo: I’m too old for this
Nursey: Go get ‘em, tiger!
Dex: …..
Keep us posted, bro

kitestarry  asked:

Question for an ENFP mod: you mention at times that even considering the idea of being an extrovert can often mean that the person doing this is one. But what is the explanation behind this?

Introverts usually know intense socialization / external demands drain them and that being alone replenishes their internal resources. They also prefer to be alone for significant periods of time and are capable of doing that without entering a depressive period as a result of lack of external stimulation.

I have yet to meet a single introvert in real life who thought they were an extrovert instead, but I know a ton of extroverts who think they might be / are introverts, because they do not understand introversion, what it means, how it creates a barrier between you and immediate action or the outside world, and that everyone needs alone time on occasion. To them, needing a few minutes alone or even a couple of hours on your own implies introvert.

That’s not how it works. INTROVERT means Introverted Dominant Function: an internal barrier between you and the external world, which excessive interaction with the outside world ‘drains.’ Extroverts can get drained by socialization, but for different reasons: put a Se-dom on some tedious, boring, menial task, and even if there are six other people in the room, he’s going to be bored out of his mind. As an ENFP to sit in a room and go over details with twelve people, with no room for Ne innovation, and she will slump into the elevator and hate people. Ask a Te-dom to give emotional advice and refrain from practical advice for 8 hours in a group of people and she’s going to be drained. Plant a Fe-dom in a room where no one is getting along, extreme hostility is unfolding, he cannot make anyone listen to anyone else, and the topic all ranges around and exhausts his lower thinking function and he’s going to be toast.

These extroverts go home, slump in a chair, hate everyone and everything, and think, “Gosh, am I an introvert? I’m so TIRED,” when really are they are feeling is external draining demands and pressures on their lower functions and/or introverted functions – simple re-activation of what comes naturally to them will make them easily able to and eager to socially re-engage.

I used to wonder how the hell I could be an extrovert when hanging out with my sensor friends drained me every time, and then I realized – I’m not really able to “Ne” around them that much other than in the wisecracking department, so I’m relying more on lower functions (Fi for human connections, Te for offering practical advice when asked for it) – so I would come home feeling like a truck ran over me, but then get annoyed if I couldn’t find anyone online to “Ne” with (discuss an idea, talk about a character’s motivations, etc). I also replenish myself through writing, since it activates my Ne – but at the end of the day, after I’ve done a lot of work and am happy with my writing (a solitary skill), if I don’t have socialization, my mood plummets.

So, keep those things in mind as you figure out your type: extroverts, since they are so tuned into the outside world and often not into themselves (and some cannot see themselves clearly), often do not know they are extroverts.

- ENFP Mod