home troopers

but is kix doing okay though

is he happy

can he sleep without nightmares

is he eating enough

are the other pirates nice to him

do i need to go pick him up

Name: CT-9999 aka Nine

Age: 14 (looks 25)

Specie: Human Clone

Home World: Kamino

Job: trooper and medic of the Republic

Skills: being the only clone with the force made him impredictable and powerfull. He can do everything with force including fighting.

Weakness: he fears that the jedi council discovers him and sent him back to Kamino to be tested and be treated as a defective

Personality: kind, playfully, gets frustated and angry really quickly

Background: Nine almost got killed on his first mission, thats when he knew he had the force. He could heal himself and kept fighting.
By seeing the way masters teached his padawans he could learn the ways of the force all by himself. Still he tries to controls his emotions and blend in on the army so the jedi dont discovers him.

anonymous asked:

What is Prompto's preferred subject matter when it comes to his photography, and what makes that meaningful to him?

                   prompto’s preferred subject matter is,  probably unsurprisingly,  people.  i was going to say his friends  &  loved ones but i really don’t it’s that particular.  he loves capturing little snapshots of people’s lives;  loves the way his photos able to capture people in ways that perhaps wouldn’t be possible if it were in a face-to-face interactions.  for example,  he may get an incredible shot of a child laughing at something his or her pet has done,  and it’s just this little moment of joy that prompto’s been able to capture forever.  he loves being able to retain treasures like that,  knowing it’s a small part of a larger story.  that’s what makes it meaningful to him,  that he’s able to hold this little part of someone’s life in the palm of his hands,  you know?

Name: CT-3222 aka Nexu

Age: 11 (looks 20)

Specie: Human Clone

Home World: Kamino

Job: trooper of the Republic

Skills: really good on using snipers and any other long range blaster

Weakness: he as the fear of the dark

Personality: kind, respectfull, obedient

Background: Nexu made his ARC training and become the leader of the special forces of moonlight battalion. He was one of the clones that could survive the order 66 and fought along side with the rebelion. He fought on the most important battles like on Hoth and Endor.

On one hand, I love writing little snippets.

On the other hand, now what am I supposed to do with the knowledge that Shmi likes and is so grateful to Padme for buying her freedom, getting her off Tatooine, setting her up on Coruscant, but also resents her a little for just—dropping her there, with no way of actually seeing Anakin. 

(Not that Palpatine was much better, Shmi does not like Palpatine, even if she genuinely cares for Ensama, who continues to work for him. Maybe especially then.)

Or that Shmi can pretty much bully Obi-Wan into anything because he reminds him so much of Qui-Gonn, which means that Obi-Wan does a lot of breaking the code and feeling guilty about how he doesn’t feel guilty because Anakin is so much happier. (……..he’s happier too, because Shmi basically adopts them as Her Boys, Her Sons, and Obi-Wan is so hungry for a father or mother or someone that he could almost die of it.)

…….or how Shmi figures out after about five seconds that Anakin and Padme are a Thing, and sits them both down and has the I Got Pregnant Without Even Having Sex You Two Definitely Need To Invest In Some Reliable Birth Control talk. (”Mom,” Anakin groans, his face in his hands. “Look, if you want to carry on a secret marriage in defiance of the Jedi Order and Padme’s role as a senator, that’s your business. But I am not taking care of grandbabies for another five years, so plan accordingly.”)

(…..she does break that rule, sooner than anticipated, because Anakin brings home Ashoka, and it’s game over, Shmi loves her little granddaughter.)

Or that time Anakin comes back to Coruscant and brings home the clone trooper unit he’s been working with—just for dinner, but Shmi keeps flirting with the one sitting beside her, just to watch him stutter and blink and act really awkwardly about absolutely everything.

(“She’s beautiful,” he breathes when she gets up to fetch some dish, and then is very confused by why Anakin seems so horrified.)

He does wash the dishes though, and somehow manages get the words “dinner” and “with me” and “tomorrow” out in a semi-coherent sequence.

And they all have family dinner when they’re planetside, Shmi and Her Sons, and her boyfriend, and her daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, and….

I don’t know. Someone else write this for me???