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New Orleans: a neighbourhood guide

From the pretty French Quarter to the hip Marigny district, each of New Orleans’ neighbourhoods jive to their own funky beat – learn all about them with our in-the-know guide.


The charming, walkable Quarter is full of step-back in-time architecture and venerable dining institutions that speak to its status as New Orleans’ oldest neighbourhood, but it’s also home to exciting, new foodie spots…


Photo by CC-By-SA-3.0 on Wiki Commons 

For more than a hundred years, Galatoire’s has been serving trout meuniere (trout with a flour-based sauce), soufflé potatoes and champagne to the New Orleans elite in its mirrored, tiled dining room. The French 75 bar at Arnaud’s, has an eccentric museum of vintage Mardi Gras costumes hidden upstairs.


Built in 1886, the Hotel Monteleone breathes old New Orleans character, from its elegant Beaux Arts architecture to its many reported ghost sightings.


Preservation Hall faithfully presents traditional jazz each night, just like when it was launched in 1961, with musicians who were there when the genre was born in the early twentieth century. Expect intimate, late-night concerts with contemporary artists like Elvis Costello and Angelique Kidjo.


Just downriver of the French Quarter, the bohemian Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods have become a centre for hip, laid-back art, music and cuisine.


Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans on Wiki Commons

Grab a bottle at tiny, jewel-like wine shop Bacchanal, then drink it in the expansive, magically lit garden where live bands provide the soundtrack. In New Orleans, there are gigs 365 nights of the year meaning your toes will always be kept tapping.  A block from the Press Street train tracks in Bywater, the aptly named Junction features Louisana’s finest craft brews and gourmet burgers.


The cute Balcony Guest House oozes Creole charm with its pretty characterful rooms. Its eponymous balcony provides a wonderful vantage point to admire the area’s rainbow-coloured tiny ‘shotgun’ houses, and see Marigny’s creative types ambling through the streets.


Photo by Robbie Mendelson on Wiki Commons

At Euclid Records and the Louisiana Music Factory, stock up on sounds to remember your visit to the cradle of American music. Crescent Park runs for two miles on the edge of Marigny and Bywater, and has breathtaking river vistas, as well as running and biking paths.


A few blocks uptown of the French Quarter, this neighbourhood is packed with galleries, plus stylish hotels and restaurants.


The latest from celeb chef John Besh’s team is Willa Jean, an expansive, corner space specializing in delectable bakery items, and brunch accompanied by lemony frozen rosé. Grab a seat on the raw bar at the award-winning Peche, for the best seafood in the Gulf.  In 2016, New Orleans had the most James Beard award nominees per capita over any American city, so come hungry.


The old Roosevelt Hotel epitomises grandeur, with a Guerlain spa and its historic Blue Room, where Louis Armstrong once performed.


Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans on Wiki Commons

Stop by the Ogden Museum and browse its collection of contemporary and classic Southern art. On Thursday nights, local musicians play in its soaring atrium. The National World War Two Museum houses an extraordinary multimedia collection dedicated to telling the story of the conflict that shaped the twentieth century.


Live oaks and magnolias provide lush natural canopies over some of the city’s most impressive architecture


Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

The relatively new Freret Street cultural district is home to a handful of laid-back, innovative bars and restaurants, from the home-style Southern cooking at High Hat Café to next-level cocktails at Cure. Hidden away on a residential street, Clancy’s where generations have enjoyed fried oysters with Brie and lemon icebox pie.  


The Avenue Plaza Resort, is home to locals’ favourite Mr. John’s Steakhouse which serves up prime beef just steps away from oak-lined St. Charles Avenue, where streetcars rumble by.


Tipitina’s, founded in the 1970s to give rhythm-and-blues piano man Professor Longhair a place to play, brings in both major touring bands and local luminaries. Magazine Street offers brilliant shopping for miles, including handcrafted jewellery inspired by the history of South Louisiana at Mignon Faget’s 

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Written by Alison Fensterstock

BTS Mafia!AU Pt. 2

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Hoseok - 

- knives and seduction 

- the MOST seductive member of the mafia 

- he gets in your pants so he can slice your throat 

- hidden feelings for Yoongi, but has sex with him for fun 

- is a master at darts 

- is the mood maker of the group as well 

- a SUCKER for Jin’s cannolis

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Seokjin - 

- runs and co-owns the restaurant (aka the place where they have most of the meetings

- a GOD when it comes to cooking home style Italian food (quoted by Joon) 

- was forced into the mafia business 

- married Namjoon at a young age 

- treats Jungkook almost as a son 

- don’t be fooled, he knows how to defend himself 

- keeps a knife in his boot 

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Jungkook - 

- the Mafia’s “delivery boy”

- expert at bombs 

- Jin and Nams treat him like a son 

- bad boy but is actually very soft 

- notorious for pick pocketing 

- ran away from his home at thirteen 

(Oh, I know what you mean~… In the mood for…)

Scout: ‘Mcdonald’s? C'mon babe, why do you want fast food now?’  Because S/O is in the mood for fast food, dammit. Go get them a double, on the double! He grumbles about it the entire time, insisting that can go get it themselves, but comes back with their order as promised… Although, half the fries are missing, and there’s no ice in the soda.
Soldier:Sure, let’s go rob the nearest fast food joint! All the Fren- ‘MERICAN fries are ours for the taking! Soldier insists in unplugging the sundue machine and throwing it in the back of the truck. It’s an eventful afternoon, one for the papers.
Demoman: Fast food? Do they sell beer? Ehh… He’ll chop up some potato to fry up, throw some salt on it as he fries them. Homemade fast food, boom! By the time he finishes cooking though, Scout it back with the burgers. He’s a little miffed the kid stole his thunder, but S/O thanks him anyway.
Engineer: He sighs dramatically, but drives them all the way to Teufort for the damn burger… Although the whole time, he’s not-so-subtly telling them the wonders of home cooked Texan style food, and how much better it is then ‘greasey commercial mystery meat.’ He grudgingly orders a happy meal anyway.
Heavy: No. Proper Russian food. No, puppy eyes won’t work. No, neither will ignoring. He’ll probably glance away for a minute, then turn back in time to she his S/O climbing into a truck with Scout, in their way to get some fast-good grub.
Sniper: Eh, why not? He’s decides to grab a sundae with them, in a bit of a ‘treat yo-self’ mood.
Pyro: A dozen happy meals with toys, all the ice cream, and he steals all his S/Os fries.
Medic: Has never had fast food, so he eagerly chatters on the drive to McDonald’s. He orders the basic cheeseburger, and slowly cuts it with a knife and fork, before taking a hesitant bite. He immediately grabs his S/O, stating they must get back to the lab! (Ignore the employees insisting they haven’t paid yet.) Once he’s back, Medic goes to work cloning his cheeseburger, because American food is AWESOME. (It fails, and had disappointed, but expect monthly dates out to McDonald’s)
Spy: He has this judging look in his eyes the entire time, but keeps silent. He doesn’t take the fries, and he glares at the burger in distance. Once their back home, he makes a show of preparing an extravagant, over the top French dish for himself, just to spite his S/O. S/O just rolls their eyes, and eats their fries.

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Popular | Chapter 10

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Sam is going to have a rough two weeks, but Bucky is finally able to enjoy having you in his arms without panic.

A/N: The final part! There’s one more bonus chapter, but I’d like to thank you all for sticking with me through this story. And right on Seb’s birthday too! I wholeheartedly hope that you enjoy reading and I can’t wait to write more after this. Love you all ♥

Warnings: Some curses

Series Masterlist

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HGTV’s Home Makeover

“That should be the last one!” You cheered, gently placing a brown box on the floor. You looked around, feeling very proud despite the current mess. It would have felt way too crowded if there weren’t a giant glass window that stretched from one wall to the other. “Wow, the view sure is great from up here.”

From your height, you could see birds flying in their V formation. Other buildings seemed so small. You bet if you borrowed Sam’s Falcon wings, you could leap from rooftop to rooftop. Speaking of which…

“Is that all of it, Sam?” You turned to ask him. He made a grumbling sound as he put down your lamp.

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Summer Lovin’ - Teen!Sam Winchester Pt.1

Summary: What happens when Sam Winchester and his family move down to Corpus for the summer?

Word Count: 1,262

A/N: This is part 1 of my Summer Lovin’  series for lil ole Sammy. Its basically just gonna be following the boys and you for the summer, with a little extra from Sammy and you. ;)

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Dates with 2p Allies? :3

(somehow most of this ended up being total crack like wtf happened here—-)

(the axis version was fine but somehow this one got turned into this huge heated mess—-)

2P France: *lol what even is a date….seriously….this guy just doesn’t date, okay okay….he might just hang around at home eating and watching TV (and fucking) if he really wants to date someone……sorry but don’t expect much out of this guy*

2P America: *takes them to a bar tbh….like seriously Allen wtf bro…..anyway, he gets rip-roaring drunk and does a bunch of stupid shit….he’s wicked protective of them (especially now that he’s drunk as fuck) and if someone even looks in their direction well then someone’s gonna get beaten up….it’s tolerably certain that the s/o will have to drag him home, and then he kinda just wraps his arms around their wait and doESn’T LeT tHeM LeAVe so uh yeah they just end up sleeping on the floor together…..the s/o then has the oh-so-pleasant job of taking care of a hung-over dumbass the next morning….motherfucking relationship goals right there, mate*

2P Canada: *kind of like 2P France but at least Matt bothers to do stuff like brush his hair and put on deodorant before the s/o comes over…..then they probably watch TV (hockey, if the s/o is okay with that) and tbh Matt prolly just falls asleep on their shoulder at some point….and they whip out their phone and take like 1237970193 pictures of Matt while he’s sleeping….damn that shit is adorable….oh look look look, in this one picture, you can see him drooling awh…..anyway when he makes up it’s very important to kiss his forehead because then a wild blushing Matt appears….it’s best to try to take pictures of Matt while he’s blushing because nobody’s seeing that again anytime soon*

2P England: *omg this guy….he invited them over to his place…..he already baked like 14 batches of cupcakes…..but he needs more like “oh gosh diddly darn poppet pls make cupcakes with me” and listen up: YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO THAT FACE so uh yeah Ollie and his s/o end up with like a fucking flood of cupcakes and it’s actually quite pleasant except for when he knocked over like 6 bags of flour and now there’s flour all over you oh well…..and then when they leave he gives them one of those tiny cute hugs and says some random stuff about how lovely they look and how he’s sure the flour will wash out of all their clothes easily*

2P China: *he takes them out to some shady part of the city that they didn’t know existed….tbh Zao didn’t know the place existed either…..he has no idea what he’s doing…all he knows is that his s/o is the most attractive person alive and all he wants to do besides fuck them senseless is make them happy….so he takes them to this dance club thing….oh, the s/o doesn’t wanna dance??…he’s cool with that like “Lol okay whatever babe” and he just kinda takes off his shirt and dances around them like a fucking stripper….other people are looking at him but he doesn’t notice….ALL HE SEES IS HIS PERFECT FUCKING DATE………AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THIS GUY I SWEAR TO GOD…..anyway then when they’re both tired he takes them back to their place and makes out with them for a good 20 minutes outside their door before he finally goes away*

2P Russia: *um yeah so….spoiler alert: this particular pillar of judgement is Not A Fun Guy….but still—- his s/o better feel real fuckin lucky because Vikort did actually try his hardest to set up a nice date….(omfg “Viktort”)….(sorry but it’s wicked late and I can’t even manage to spell his name lmao)……..so he takes them to some obscure, quiet restaurant on the edge of town and it’s actually really great…..it’s southern-style home-cooking, or at least, that’s what the sign says….“oh hey y'all, how bout some cheese and grits"………"y'all are a real sweet couple"….“how long’ve y'all been dating"…….(omfg someone stop me)……so anyway, y'all the two of them finish eating and then go for a walk in the middle of nowhere and just talk about whatever comes to mind……..and then he takes them back to their home and quietly mumbles “I love you” in Russian as he walks away….like okay okay this guy is secretly the biggest teddy bear?!??!?*

Beignet is the French term for a deep-fried choux pastry. They’re a common breakfast and Mardi Gras food in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, served with powdered sugar on top and are traditionally prepared right before consumption to be eaten fresh and hot. Variations of fried dough can be found worldwide - the origin of the term Beignet is French. In the USA, they have been popular within New Orleans Creole cuisine. They were brought to New Orleans in the 18th century by French colonists, and became a part of home-style Creole cooking. Variations include banana or plantain. Café du Monde is a popular New Orleans destination specializing in Beignets with powdered sugar, coffee with chicory, and café au lait. The tradition of deep-frying fruits dates to the time of Ancient Rome, while the tradition of Beignets in Europe is speculated to have originated with a heavy influence of Islamic culinary tradition. Beignets can also be made with yeast, they’re called Boules de Berlin in French, referring to German Berliner donuts filled with fruit jam. On the French island of Corsica, Beignets made with chestnut flour are known as Fritelli.


Vegan style sweet potato wedges with home made salsalina

warning “This can be adictive" 

Photography Murat Ozkasim

“What type of girlfriends would the seventeen members have” 


God this really isn’t easy because I sure all these boys would love to have a very sweet and nice girlfriend. I see S.coups going for a girl who is more shy, I mean would doesn’t love shy girls? He wants to be the person who’s able to bring her out of her comfort zone and have fun. Every time you guys do anything he’d say something on the lines of:I’m the only one who can make you feel this type of way, right?” 


Jeonghan would like a girl who’s almost as motherly as him, but just a bit clumsy and forgetful. He could be there to help remind her things, or the other way around because he forgets things too as well. The two would really balance each other out because you guys would balance each other out. There’s also a very 100% guarantee that you guys would have fun and enjoy each others presence. He would always say something like: “ Jagiya, please don’t forget to feed the puppies. Ah, and remind me later that we need to do that thing. Thank you, jagi~” 


Joshua really doesn’t HAVE a specific girl that he’d wanna date. He’s the type to just fall in love after speaking with anyone who has traits and similarities to him. If we had to pick a specific trait he’d be looking for, it would probably be a girl who is fairly easygoing and understanding. Due to his cramped schedule he understand that most people would get frustrated with him, but with this understanding sweetie ball of happiness called you he knows you’ll always be there rooting for him and waiting for him. He would always remind you that he loves you to itty bitty pieces. 


Jun would really like a girl who’s able to keep up with his fast pace! He would also appreciate a girl he know’s he can rely on. Instead of him always reminding someone to do something, he wants someone to remind he things sometimes. Having a motherly like girlfriend would fit Jun very well in my opinion. This type of girlfriend would really help allow Jun to relax more. He would always say something like: “ Ah Jagi, I love how you always keep me on track. Thank you~” 


As we all know, Hoshi would love a girl who always smells nice. Ah he’s so silly, but he really does enjoy a girl who smells nice. Plus with a girl who smells nice, if he’s every smelling nasty he can go to you and smell as good as new. There are many perks to having a sweet smelling girlfriend, Hoshi just appreciates it more than most people. He would constantly remind you how much he loves the smell of you. (that sounds so weird omg) 


Wonwoo wants a girl who’s able to be compatible with him. The word compatible is very vague, but I see Wonwoo dating a girl who is much more active and hyper than him to compliment/makeup for his slightly introverted personality. He also just really adores a girl who knows how to have fun and always has a bright smile on her face. He would always say something like: “ Every time I see you smile, I know I’m doing a good job as your boyfriend. Don’t you agree, Jagiya?~” 


Woozi would want a girl who’s patient and very sweet. He would want a patient girl because he would want her to always be with him in the studio. We all know music isn’t a one hour process, so having you there to support him the entire time without getting bored or tired would really boost up his confidence. He would also have you there to see if there music was good or not, you’d be like his little judge! He would often say:  To the studio, my little jagi-judge~” 


Seokmin would really love a girl who’s just as hyper as he is! The two of you would bounce and yell till you both dropped to your knees either out of tiredness or just to have a huge break. You guys would rekt the entire group of seventeen and possibly get kicked out till you guys calmed the frick out and stopped showing so much affection towards one another. Seokmin would just actions to convey how much he loved you by sending you flowers and kisses.  


Oh our little skyscraper Mingyu. This kid right here would totally admire having a very smoll gf! By smoll I mean anything smaller than him! So all girls are his ideal girlfriend! No need to stress over this kid that’s for sure. He would also really want a girlfriend that can cook because we all know this kid is ALWAYS hungry. This kid can’t live off of ramen his entire life!! He would always say something like Jagiyaaa, is that my favorite food your cooking?~” 


I feel like Minghao would love a girl who’s very passionate and dedicated. A girl that’s willing to learn his native language (chinese) would really make his jaw drop. He wants a girl who’s willing to put as much effort into the relationship as he is. Instead of speaking to you in a language you are fluent in, he would say something in chinese like to see whether you’ve tried to learn chinese or not “你想吃什么宝贝?(What do you want to eat darling?)


Okay let’s get this straight, this kid is TOOOO young to be dating. Seungkwan would want a girl who kind of reminds him of his mom you know? Not in a weird way of course, but he wants a girl who can provide him a safe and happy feel just by seeing him. Not to mention he wants hardy home style cooked meals almost everyday! 


Okay let’s get this straight, this kid is TOOOOO young to be dating. Vernon is literally willing to date anyone who can understand that he he’ll probably love his hair more than them! (jk! jk!) He honestly loves a girl who’s just very laid back. He just likes to relax and by having a girlfriend who’s very relaxed there’s a 100% chance of just cuddling and snuggling while you guys spend time together. Keeping things simple and sweet~ 


Okay let’s get this straight, this kid is TOOOOOOOO young to be dating. Dino is the type of boy who wants a girl who’s as hyper as him and just as sincere as him. A girl who’s as hyper as him allows him to be himself around her and do a lot of fun things with a bunch of energy! What’s really important to him is that your always to support him, he wants to see you at almost all his performances! 

Waaaah hello my little tiny tiny babies!!!!Σ(♡@﹏ @☆)ノ” It’s almost 20 years since I’ve actually updated something!!!  ੧| ⊗ ▾ ⊗ |୨ I’m sorry for neglecting you all!ヾ( ๑´д`๑)ツ I’ve just been really busy because I recently started taking college classes along with my regular high school classes! Not to mention I’ve been sick recently! :-( I hope you guys have been taking care of yourselves!!!(ノ*゚Д゚)ノ Please don’t end up like eomma; sick and tired! I’m counting on all of you sweet kids to be healthy, happy, and have full stomachs!(•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ Please enjoy this tiny thingy I did!!ೕ(・ㅂ・ ) I hope you guys enjoy this thingy and give it and me lots of love. Please continue to root for me and wish me luck on my College classes! I’m rooting for all of you! ٩(๑❛ワ❛๑)و

**Reminder that these are based on how I see them!! Please don’t try to prove me wrong, or say that my opinions are irrelevant. Thanks!!!!! **


Vegan style stir fried vegetables with rice and homemade pasta sesame and nigella seeds. If you taste something like this you will never eat others again, so tasty and so flavoursome.

Photography Murat Ozkasim