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so today there was a national strike. puerto rico is tired of corruption at the hands of the government.
this was happening right where i work.
i hope yall are payin attention.
we are usa citizens.
they threw tear gas at innocent protesters. vandals put peoples lives in danger. there were children there. swat was there.
we were evacuated a few hours after things got violent at work.
yall. better. pay attention.
if yall know about venezuela and greece, you better know about PR.

(please don’t unfollow me for this…)

Hey Everyone!

I need a favour, I need your help compiling iconic homestuck videos. Whether it be dubbed comics, amv’s, lyricstucks, parodies, Broadway karkat, etc.

I just want to find stuff to show people but at some point, i deleted my youtube playlist for these things and i can only find/remember so many so if you could help me out, that would be great.

i can also make a youtube playlist of everything so everyone can benefit from helping me.

Thank you!