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These Stars Will Guide Us Home

Feysand set post-ACOMAF. Feyre has been undercover in the Spring Court for months, missing her home and her family, but on Starfall she decides to surprise her Mate.
(This is my first attempt at ACOTAR fan fiction, i’m still getting used to how to write these characters so any feedback would be so appreciated! Title from All of The Stars - Ed Sheeran)

She knew what day it was. She’d been keeping a count of how long she’d been away from her home, her family and friends, her Mate… At first it was days, then the days became weeks and on and on until there were more months between them than she could count on one hand. They’d had moments together of course, notes magically transported from one court to another, times when Rhys found reasons to travel close enough to the Spring Court so they could communicate words and images through that bond between them rather than just the strokes of emotion they had become used to. And that one meeting. The time Tamlin had been away and Feyre had managed to persuade Lucien to help her get to the border, to see Rhysand, her beautiful, powerful, wonderful Mate, her equal standing on the other side, her feet in Spring, his just outside in a patch of neutral territory. Feyre couldn’t risk leaving the court that had become her prison, and Rhys couldn’t step inside. They couldn’t touch, lest Tamlin catch his scent on her, they could only speak. But there were no words between them, just an earth shattering feeling sent down the bond by both of them; a feeling of relief to see the other alive and as okay as could be expected in that situation, of anger and despair that they couldn’t be together and would likely be separated for many weeks and months more, of sadness and sorrow and guilt and heartbreak. But most of all there was the strongest feeling of love, enough that it had nearly brought both of them to their knees, an ache so deep it reverberated in both of them still.

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