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There’s a lot of good Uzumaki family fics so here are a few oneshots :’) I hope you like some of them 

To fall in love by MissCherryVampire [ONESHOT]
After hearing a drunk story about his father’s first love. Boruto/Bolt is determined to find out how his father really fell in love with his mother.

What I Wouldn’t Do by  Alabaster Ink [ONESHOT]
Someone hurt his son. Naruto could not forgive that.

Who Said Idiots Can’t Be Decent Parents? by  aznlolienvazn [ONESHOT]
As Hokage, Naruto finds himself in the situation where he feels he barely sees his family anymore. This night was not so different until a small welcome home awaits him.

To Welcome You by  elfish [ONESHOT]
Naruto and his children have chores to do before Hinata comes home again.

A Scrap of Crimson Cloth by  Mists [ONESHOT]
This story takes place after “Naruto:the Last” and right before the Epilogue/Beginning of Boruto’s series. So MAJOR spoilers for both those things. While doing the laundry, Naruto’s children find a ratty old bit of crimson cloth stuffed in his pocket. Why does Naruto care so much about it?

Chocolate by  Ziltoid [ONESHOT]
Himawari decides her father needs something to cheer him up, and makes him chocolates.

Responsibilities by  goNxH [ONESHOT]
His duty as Hokage are overwhelming but he doesn’t see how much this affects his son.

Sister’s Hand by  ChloboShoka [ONESHOT]
Hanabi reflects on her nephew whilst she supports Hinata in labour with her second child.

Snowball Fight by  shyhinata144 [ONESHOT]
It started out as a tense walk home between the family.

The Princess and the Fox by  DragonWriterZZ [ONESHOT]
When their first born children are sick, Naruto and Hinata must get them to sleep quickly and painlessly. When their son asks for a story, what does the Rokudaime have up his sleeve?

Perfect by  The Sound Of Thunder [ONESHOT]
He tentetivley reaches out a trembling finger, and with painstaking care, slowly caresses his childs cheek for the first time. Baby lets out a mewling sound, and one of its tiny hands is gripping his finger. He thinks his heart will burst

Anxiety over a Loved One by  jojo07 [ONESHOT]
Uzumaki Naruto assigns Team 8 an S-class mission and feels dreadful that his wife, Uzumaki Hinata, would leave for two weeks. The possibility of her dying leaves him shaking out of fear and concern for her. Follow how the absence of his wife not only effect him but the rest of the Uzumaki family.

Summer Healing by  Chewie Cookies [ONESHOT]
Hinata has been injured, and has just recently gotten out of the hospital. So, her husband, Naruto decides to make her recovery into a family project, and finds a way to spend the summer with them. Takes place after the fourth shinobi world war.

eruri ficlet #3: adopting a dog

eruri ficlets in 300 words or less
prompt: Eruris adopting a dog, requested by stereobone

“Its a mutt.”

Levi complained when the dog first showed up, sniffing around outside their new home for scraps.

“Its filthy. It stinks.”

He protested when it came back, again and again and again, until Erwin, unable to keep himself from falling for its doeful eyes and wagging tail, asked Levi if they could keep it.

“Its a he.” Erwin added, perfectly content to crouch down and let the mangy thing lick all over his face.

Levi cringed behind crossed arms, visions coming to mind of muddy footprints littering his floors, and of tufts of fuzzy brown fur sticking to his clothing and ruining his furniture.  

They’d just settled down together outside the walls. It had been years of fighting and then more years of cleaning up, and now that they’d finally found peace, Erwin wanted to upend it with a dog?

“Please, Levi?” Erwin’s request was backed by a smile, one that grew wider when the dog faced Levi and barked.

Then he padded up to him and licked his hand, and Levi sighed in acquiescence. He’d grown too fucking soft in his older age.

Besides, the dog made Erwin happy, and Levi couldn’t deny him that after everything they’d been through.

“What should we name him?”

Levi raised an eyebrow at the question, eyeing the dog’s stupid face and dirty feet. He watched while Erwin played with him, throwing a stick that he determinedly brought back no matter where it landed. For some reason, though, he kept bringing it back to Levi, despite how he continued to ignore or shoo him.

After the 10th time when he sat down in front of Levi and looked up reverently with his tongue hanging out, he realized the dog reminded him of someone.

“Hey, Erwin.” He said. “Let’s name him Eren.”

I hate that half the furniture in Fallout 4’s build mode is broken or like the rugs have a fold in the middle… like I can build an entire home out of scrap wood and steel from toy cars and wrenches but I can’t straighten out a rug


Small details about Rey (according to the SW:TFA: The Visual Dictionary):

* She lives in a toppled AT-AT walker, not far from the junkfields that surround Niima Outpost. A hatch in the walker’s exposed belly leads to the sloping interior that Relly calls home. Here she refurbishes scrap prior to trading it, and sleeps in a simple hammock. Rey has maintained the weatherproofing on her toppled AT-AT in excellent condition, keeping the desert heat out during Jakku’s scorching day, and the warmth in on chilly nights. Traps keep other scavengers out of her home.

* Rey’s interaction with offworlders has allowed her to learn nonhuman languages such as Wookie and astromech binary.

* Her junker speeder is a cobbled-together transport that she built for travel across the Jakku wilderness. The craft sits between the classifications of speeder bike and swoop, not quite fitting in either category. A modified tractor web keeps Rey in place as the speeder rockets up to immense speeds, and well-positioned heat sinks keep the engine thrusters from burning her.

* Rey’s fighting skill with her staff translates well into other short-ranged melee weapons, include those she has never wielded before.