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Inktober Day 21: ‘The Lost Explorer’

Who isn’t lost because he doesn’t know where he is (because if anyone is familiar with Martian geography, it’s Mark Watney), but rather is ‘lost’ in the sense that NASA misplaced him.

Fun fact: I almost never cry at movies, but The Martian gets me (repeatedly, I might add) every single time. I’m such a sucker for optimistic space movies.

Scan - George Harrison in the garden, 1973, from George’s camera

Scanned from Living in the Material World

“He’d garden at night-time until midnight. He’d be out there squinting because he could see, at midnight, the moonlight and the shadows, and that was his way of not seeing the weeds or imperfections that would plague him during the day, so he could imagine what it would look like when it was done. He missed nearly every dinner because he was in the garden. He would be out there from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night.” - Dhani Harrison, Living in the Material World


The only thing you’re hoping as your car climbs the sweeping driveway to Stevie Nicks’ Los Angeles oceanfront home is that you won’t be disappointed, that the house will be as you imagine it. When its owner is the ultimate rock poet, a woman who has spent 30 years channeling gypsies, sprites and goddesses, it’s only natural to envision velvet surrounds and lace shawls - bohemian meets heavenly.
So as you make your way past the hedges blooming with bougainvillea, roses, honeysuckle and jasmine, up the white steps inlaid with Spanish tiles, your heart starts to beat a little faster, your curiosity gets the better of you. What if, privately, Stevie Nicks keeps things simple? Then you step inside and immediately start smiling, relieved. It’s everything you hoped - only better.
It’s early afternoon and there are candles lit and dripping, the sweet smell of incenses fills every room. There are fairy dolls and life-size sprites, gold scarves and velvet couches, beaded pillows and antique lamps. The Pacific Ocean outside provides the perfect soundtrack, as the sound of waves lapping the shore seeps into every corner of the house.
I designed this place, it’s all me.

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BTS’ S/O hides their pregnancy

Sorry, no gifs for this reaction, these are too long to add pictures :)


He’s in the kitchen making dinner for you two when he saw the photos next to the stove. He would pick them up.

“Y/N?” He yelled for you. You walked into the kitchen from the bedroom where you were changing. You then saw the scan photos and stopped in your tracks. “Whose are these?”

“Mine,” You confess, his curious stare turns into a soft smile. “I-I was gonna tell you,” He stops you mid-sentence pulling you into a tight embrace as he kisses your temples.


Earlier, you were in the studio to leave him something to eat while he worked. The photos must’ve fallen out of your bag and you didn’t notice. But, when he came in he saw them on the floor in front of the desk. He picked it up looking at it. “Baby Min..” He read quietly to himself, when he saw your name at the other corner, he immediately froze.

He cut his day short and went home to you. The scan pictures were still in his hand when he came in the door. You were walking past the doorway when you saw him, you smiled. He held up the pictures and you immediately feel tears fill your eyes. “Babe..” You say hesitantly, he walks over pulling you into a hug, then going on his knees to kiss the barely visible baby bump. He came back up to kiss you on the lips.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He asked that’s when a tear rolled down your face. He wiped it away when it reached your cheek.

“I didn’t know how’d you react to it,” He holds your face in his hands, and smiles again.

“Do I look mad?” This was the softest you’ve ever seen him.


You were laying down in your shared bedroom since you’ve been feeling sick lately. [*hint hint*] Hoseok was standing at the dresser going through the drawers looking for a shirt to wear. When he went into yours a photo from your doctor visit feel out. You saw it hit the floor and dove down for it, but he got it first. Both of you held onto it. He then turns the picture over. Your heart races. It’s silent as you let go and sit up.

“Who’s is this?” Sadly, you don’t have a sister to blame for this. You lift your shirt up a bit to reveal the small baby bump growing. “How far along?”

“3 months last week,”

“And it’s mine?” You nod. His straight face brightens as he dances around the room, repeating. “I’m gonna be a dad!”


You were in the shower while Namjoon was in the office you guys worked in together. He went into your desk for a pen, when he took out a folder, the pictures slipped out. He opened the folder to put them back and saw all the papers of the past appointments you’ve had. He took the folder to your shared bedroom and put it in the drawer. He then waited for you to come into the room in your towel.

You walked in and were surprised to see him looking at you with his eyes full of lust. “You don’t need to get dressed if I’m just gonna be taking it off,” You chuckle but continue to get clothes out of the closet. He then walks up behind you grabbing your hips and pulling you close. “I’m not really feeling well..” You mumble, he places his hands where the small baby bump is, and rubs your stomach.

“I can’t wait until this little guy comes out, then I can really make you feel good.” Your eyes widen once he says that. You turn around to face him.

“How did you know?” You ask, he smirks.

“You gotta do a better job at hiding things, babe,” He goes to the drawer and pulls out the folder.


You and Jimin were sitting next to each other on the couch, you were texting a friend while he watched something on the tv. Your friend had asked for a picture of the ultrasound pictures, so you went into your shared bedroom and took a picture to send to her. But; mistakenly you sent them to Jimin. You panic. 10 Minutes pass and he walks in the room sitting next to you.

“Should we start picking names Jagi?” He asks with a huge smile. You chuckle and nod.


You two were making something for dinner together, you watched him open the fridge and pull out sushi. You stop him before he puts it in front of you.

“I can’t eat sushi, I’m pregnant.” You tell him, you didn’t realize what you said until you heard Tae cheer. “Shit,” You mumble to yourself, while Tae runs to the living room to tell his friends the news, you smile to yourself happy that’s he’s excited about it.


You were in the shower when your friend dropped off a gift for you, a few baby bottles and onesies for when the baby comes. Jungkook got it for you, as you walked out in a tank top and sweatpants you saw him holding a pastel pink onesie in front of him. He looks at you throwing it back in the bag.

“Your friend said congratulations?” He questions, you sit next to him and grab his hand. “Are you?”

“Yes, Kookie..” You nod, he kisses your cheek.

“I’ll be a great father, I promise you Y/N.”

Because I Love You (Part I)

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes X Reader

Summary: Adley is Bucky’s secret lover. One day, Bucky’s girlfriend shows up on her doorstep, and Adley found herself asking, why is she here? 

Warnings: Angst (?), Cheating, Long Dialogue, Modern!AU
1.7k Words.

Sorry to those who are named Adley! 

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV 

A/N: A scenario I came up with while washing the dishes. Part II will be up soon, and depending on responses it may have a Part 3-4 if you guys want a happy ending. 

Adley heard the bell rang as she stirred her steaming hot cup of coffee. No one should be visiting her at this hour, or rather, no one she know off. Her hands reached out to adjust the hoodie (his hoodie) she wore, allowing it to cover her quite-revealing nightgown. She squinted her eyes when the early Sun shined through the peak of her curtains, but when she opened the door, her eyes grew wide despite the Sun blasting through.

 Two women stood in front of her, one which Adley was very familiar with. The woman’s (y/h/c) framed her face perfectly, her face had a natural glow to it, without any traces of make up on and her eyes, those eyes that should’ve shone malice, reflected pity. Of course the woman was familiar, Adley sees her picture in his phone every time.

 “Hello,” she said, and her voice was so soft yet determined that a wary look washed over Adley’s face, “I’m very sorry for intruding this early but I just wanted to talk, and I mean no harm.”

If it wasn’t for the other woman standing behind her, a redhead who could probably kill with her glare, Adley might’ve found herself giving a retort. Instead, she hesitantly stepped to the side, allowing access to her house.

 It took a solid five minutes before Adley found her voice, “Please, take a seat. Would you both like anything to drink?”

 The woman sitting across her just smiled, shaking her head. Adley noticed how she observed her home, eyes scanning and printing every piece of object in the living room into her mind. The redhead on the other hand, stood in the corner, eyes solely focused on Adley herself. She stiffened in her seat, heart beating unnaturally fast when she noticed the woman’s gaze linger on the photo beside her TV, framed with a lovely walnut finish.

 “Where were you two when you took take picture?”

 Adley took a sharp inhale before swallowing thickly, “Uhm, w-we were at the Carnival.”

 “The one that was in town during February?” She asked and Adley nodded, “He looks happy.”

 A sad smile adorned the woman’s face.

 “Why are you here?” Adley whispered. She couldn’t take the anxiousness engulfing her insides. What was the woman doing here? Why hasn’t she lash out after seeing the picture of her boyfriend with another woman?


“W-What is your purpose here?”

 The woman bit her lower lip, and with the same smile etched on her face, she looked down to her lap. Her hands that fisted her jeans, gripped harder.

 “I assume you know that Bucky’s on a business trip, and won’t be back for two days so I thought this would be the best time to confront you. I’m (Y/n), you should know who I am. And I know who you are.” She started, and oh God, her eyes were staring right at Adley’s, “I’ve been with Bucky for slightly longer than three years, and you came into his life last year. September, am I right?”

 Adley didn’t bother responding, because the information the woman- (Y/n) has, was absolutely correct. The knot in her stomach tightens and Adley found herself impatient because she expected (y/n) to yell anytime now.

 “Don’t worry, I’m not here to start a fight,” (Y/n) said and let out an empty chuckle. She must’ve sensed the tension rising in the room. “I’m here to do the complete opposite, actually.”

 (Y/n) paused, and Adley watched as the woman’s breathing reduce themselves into shaky gasps. In the corner of her eye, the redhead rushed towards (Y/n), kneeling beside her and asking her if she was okay. (Y/n) all but shook her head, and she must’ve told her friend to leave them alone because shortly after, the redhead went outside.

 “I’m sorry about that. As I was saying, I’m here to tell you that I’m leaving Bucky,” (Y/n) stated.

 Adley stared at (Y/n). Had she heard the woman right?

 “E-Excuse me?”

 “I said I’m leaving Bucky.”

 Adley’s mouth hung opened in happiness and horror, she heart drummed knowing her could finally be with James openly but her brain only screamed reasonable questions.

 “W-Why are you telling me about this?” Adley asked. She needed the answer, because the last time she checked, women who found out that they’ve been cheated on don’t usually go up to the other person and have a conversation about it.

 “…because he doesn’t know. And I’m not planning on telling him directly,” (Y/n) said. “I’m not telling him directly because he would do anything to make me stay and as much as I would hate to admit it, I know I would give in to him.”

 “O-Oh, okay. Well, is that… all?” Adley asked, although her gut was telling her that there’s more to this- and it was right.

 “No, actually. I have quite a few things more to say, or rather, a few favours to ask from you,” (Y/n) took a deep breath, her tongue caressing those dry lips of hers before they turned into a thin line.

 “You see, Bucky has never stayed over at your place for the night,” (Y/n) started, but soon added more words when she caught on to Adley’s pained expression.

 “I’m not saying it’s because he doesn’t love you or anything! I-I’m just saying it because I’ve noticed, and I need to tell you that he,” she paused, “often has nightmares. He has it bad, it’s usually about the time when he got drafted into the army. He has it up to five times a week, maybe more. And I need you to make sure when he knows that he’s not alone, that you’re there with him.”

 James never told her he has nightmares, and that fact alone was clawing its way into her insecurity, but Adley nodded stiffly at (Y/n)’s words.

 “He tends to get into fights with Steve, and sometimes he’s the one who’s wrong, but you have to make him apologise,” (Y/n) said and stared at Audley, as if trying to drill this into her brain, “Bucky and Steve are both too stubborn, but they need each other. They’ve gotten this far and this successful in life because they have each other. And when they argue, they tend to forget about that, but you need to remind Bucky, or he’ll regret it.”

 Adley racked her entire mind in search for a memory where James mentioned a guy named Steve, but none appeared. Adley sucked in a short breath and stared at her lap. She’s been with James for almost a year, why hasn’t she heard anything about this best friend of his (Y/n) claimed.

 “In the mornings, right after he wakes up, he’s really, r-really grumpy. He might say things he never mean, but forgive him. It’s because his parents would ignore him when he was younger in the mornings, so he tends to get like that.”

“He needs his morning coffee, and judging by the smell of your house when I entered, you need it too. You probably know this already but he likes his c-coffee with one part fresh milk. Make it for him, make it for him and k-kiss him in the forehead, cheeks and lips for him to, to know that you’re still around and willing to stick with him through thick and thin.”

 No, Adley didn’t know how James liked his coffee, he never drinks it in her house. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like fresh milk, but all these information got Adley shaking. How much does she actually know about James? And compared to (Y/n)? What was the woman trying to achieve? Is (Y/n) trying to prove that she’s better for James? What the actual hell is she trying to-

 “Uhm, I-I’m sorry, please give me a minute.”

 Adley finally looked up from her lap, and instantly, every single thought about this woman trying to shake her up disappeared. (Y/n) was biting her own lower lip. Her chest was heaving up and down, so quick and shaky, as if she was drowning. He eyes glistened, even in the dim living room and it didn’t take long to tell that the woman’s tears were standing at bay. Adley’s mind replayed (Y/n)’s words and she realised that half way through, the woman sounded like her voice got caught in her throat.

 “B-Bucky actually needs a blanket for him to sleep because,” (Y/n) continued despite all her whimpers, “because he t-thinks that if there’s nothing t-to cover you both, someone will take y-you away from him. H-he will always, always worry that one day you’ll leave… He thinks h-he’s never good enough. A-And you need to be there for him. Tell him, tell him you’ll always be around! K-Kiss his neck, snuggle into him-”

 And Adley watched with tears in her own eyes, the breaking down of (Y/n). The (y/h/c) woman started sobbing, clenching her teeth and gripping her hands so tightly, knuckles all white. Her breaths were inconsistent, sometimes clashing with the gasps coming from her throat. The door opened and Adley saw the redhead rushing towards (Y/n)’s side once more.

 “N-Natasha…” (Y/n) called out.

 Ah, so that was her name. Adley watched as Natasha took (Y/n) into her arms, patting (Y/n)’s hair and nodding her head to whatever (Y/n) throws at her.

 “Why am I so weak? N-Natasha why? I’ve used up my entire life,” she hiccuped, “my entire life to build a wall too keep t-this kind of situation away! I didn’t want to end up like my mom so why… Why? Why? Why?”

 It was then Adley understood the pity that was reflected in (Y/n)’s eyes before. It wasn’t for Adley, no, it was for herself. Watching (Y/n) trashed about in the arms of Natasha, Adley asked herself. Is this really worth it? Is stealing someone’s man really worth another’s life?

Just then, the door opened again. Adley stopped breathing and time seemed to have stopped because standing in all his glory, was James himself.

 “Hey Babe, how’s it going-”

 Bucky’s voice got caught in his throat when he saw the love of his life crying in the arms of her best friend, sitting across his lover.