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Making a big post for the Fortune of Happiness including a lot of the WIP.
I’ll post the other Fortunes at a later time, unfortunately most of the rough drawings are at work and I’ll need to remember to bring them home to scan in.

Ive been working on these the past month and the newer images are at the top and older are near the bottom.

For now, here is some info on the Fortune of Happiness.

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Finally got around to scanning another one of my absolute favorite stories, Joker’s Asylum: Scarecrow.

Thanks to @mortalorder for reminding me how much I love this particular comic. I love finding others who relate to it. Here’s a little edit for you!



i made this watercolor and ink painting for my final last year and i really wanted to give it to you for your birthday but then i left it back home so my mom scanned it for me AND THE SCAN LOOK SO UGLY IM SO SORRYYYY

i promise that when i get my hands on the original ill send it to you!!!!!!!!!!!

i love u so much ur the great tofu friend pal


I’m living on this island off the maine coast, 350 year round residents, pretty out of the way and really far from san diego. but, of course, the first day i was here i saw a sticker for the record store in my town, Lou’s, on the back of an old tacoma. turns out the truck’s owner grew up in carlsbad, is a music nut (and also genius), and has been living on the island for 14 years with his wife and their daughter. it also turns out that he’s a photographer with a home developing/scanning set up, thus the negatives are now positives. the paths that bring people places are always unique, but it’s the similarities between disparate life paths that are surprising and heartwarming and make it feel like being a human isn’t just isolation and lapses of empathy

Scan - George Harrison painting Kinfauns, 1967; scanned from Living in the Material World

“Manfred Mann’s KLAUS VOORMANN painted the outside of GEORGE’S bungalow [Kinfauns]. All the white parts of the outside walls now adorned with beautiful floral designs. GEORGE did a bit of the painting himself and MAL dropped in to lend a hand, earning himself a plate of baked beans on toast for his enthusiastic brush-work!! […]
American Beatle Person EILEEN D’ANGELO on a three-week holiday in England fortunate to have her dearest wish come true when she met GEORGE and he helped her get a photograph of herself standing with him. She also took pix of George’s freshly-painted bungalow with all its fantastic KLAUS VOORMANN designs.” - Freda Kelly in her newsletter for The Beatles Book monthly, August 1967


Scans - George Harrison inside Kinfauns, on one of his “favourite seats”, a “woven chair” and “on the sofa which was his favourite place for songwriting at home”, 7 October 1965

Photos: The Beatles Book

The following is an article I’ve typed up from The Beatles Book’s January 1967 issue… an interesting, descriptive look at Kinfauns around 1966, written by The Beatles Book editor:

“Long before the others got down to searching for that very special permanent pad, George brought himself a house near Esher in Surrey. It’s not so much a house, in fact, as a long rambling, white-walled bungalow and an exclusive way of life. From it George regularly commutes along the A3, to recording sessions, London Airport, and all the other favourite Harrison haunts. You drive to Esher, turn off at the crossroads and after a few lefts and rights you end up in a private road. Half a mile along is George’s house.

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