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The only thing you’re hoping as your car climbs the sweeping driveway to Stevie Nicks’ Los Angeles oceanfront home is that you won’t be disappointed, that the house will be as you imagine it. When its owner is the ultimate rock poet, a woman who has spent 30 years channeling gypsies, sprites and goddesses, it’s only natural to envision velvet surrounds and lace shawls - bohemian meets heavenly.
So as you make your way past the hedges blooming with bougainvillea, roses, honeysuckle and jasmine, up the white steps inlaid with Spanish tiles, your heart starts to beat a little faster, your curiosity gets the better of you. What if, privately, Stevie Nicks keeps things simple? Then you step inside and immediately start smiling, relieved. It’s everything you hoped - only better.
It’s early afternoon and there are candles lit and dripping, the sweet smell of incenses fills every room. There are fairy dolls and life-size sprites, gold scarves and velvet couches, beaded pillows and antique lamps. The Pacific Ocean outside provides the perfect soundtrack, as the sound of waves lapping the shore seeps into every corner of the house.
I designed this place, it’s all me.

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The setting: Nicks’s Los Angeles residence, a Spanish-style, hilltop hacienda overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The dècor: The home resembles a cozy museum of mystical art - paintings, illustrations and figurines representing dragons, witches, fairies, angels and gypsies abound.

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Since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called magical girls.


“For me, Arizona is a very spiritual place, and my rock ‘n’ roll life is very crazy”, Stevie explains. “What’s important in life is having a place to always come home to.”
The home, which holds her collection of souvenirs from her world travels, vintage guitars and awards, has also been there for the rock diva though a steady stream of rough romance…“ 

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→ I know this article looks a lot like this one, but there’s an extra dog picture. ♥

Scan - George Harrison in the garden, 1973, from George’s camera

Scanned from Living in the Material World

“He’d garden at night-time until midnight. He’d be out there squinting because he could see, at midnight, the moonlight and the shadows, and that was his way of not seeing the weeds or imperfections that would plague him during the day, so he could imagine what it would look like when it was done. He missed nearly every dinner because he was in the garden. He would be out there from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night.” - Dhani Harrison, Living in the Material World

Unwanted Guest

The next (somewhat shorter) chapter of ‘My Mistake,’ a distinctly not fluffy Darkiplier story. I would recommend reading that part first. 

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“I accept your…invitation.” The man in the suit stepped through my doorway with an intolerable smirk, like a cat with a mouse between its paws. Rain poured down outside, drenching the overgrown garden, but he was still completely dry.
He strolled down the hallway with a soft, satisfied hum. I closed the door, shutting out the wind and the rain. I shouldn’t have. I should have tried to leave, but curiosity is a powerful motivator. I followed him to the dining table. He sat atop it, as though he owned the place.
“Where is my soul?” I repeated, arms crossed over my chest in anger, but also to mask my growing sense of unease. He waved my question away with a little grin.

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Scan - George Harrison outside Upton Green, Liverpool, 1950’s, scanned from I Me Mine. Photo © Harrison Family.

It was most likely on 6 February 1958, when The Quarrymen performed at Wilson Hall, Garston, that George Harrison joined The Quarrymen.

“I first saw the Quarrymen when they were playing at the Wilson Hall at Garston. Paul was playing with them and said I should come and see them. I’d probably have gone anyway, just for the night out and to see if I could get in any groups. With knowing Paul, I was introduced to John.
There was this other guitarist in another group that night, Eddie Clayton. He was great. John said if I could play like that, I could join them. I played ‘Raunchy’ for them and John said I could join. I was always playing ‘Raunchy’ for them. We’d be going somewhere on the top of a bus with our guitars and John would shout out, ‘Give us “Raunchy”, George.’” - George Harrison, The Beatles Authorized Biography [x]

Imagine your mate Alec finding you sleepwalking for the fifth time in a week. Being concerned, he takes you to Carlisle to determine if something is wrong.

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“This is the fifth time, (Y/N)!” Alec snapped as he gently tugged you away from the wall, grabbing the sheet of paper. “What is this?” He frowned at the familiar scribbles that had just been cleaned from the walls three days prior.
“Are they doing it again?” Jane said from behind him.
“Sister, I think I need to take them to Carlisle, surely this isn’t normal!” He had asked you what they were before - you had no idea what they were when you were awake but often enough you’d get up, still asleep and continue before you wake up or someone stops you.
“Alright, we’ll go in the morning and take Demetri and Felix with us. Should we wake them?”
“No, i’ll get the back to bed and get their stuff ready.”
“I’ll contact Carlisle immediately.” Jade nodded

Carlisle looked at the papers, Alec had gathered from your many nightly sessions. “They only do this when they are asleep?”
“Yes, they don’t know what they are and quite frankly we don’t know either.” Alec explained putting his hands on your shoulders. You were quiet and sitting in front of Alec. You were nervous, what if something was wrong?
“I believe they are calculations of sort…” Carlisle said as he glanced at two sheets of paper. “Do they do this strictly on paper?”
“No, the other night it was all over their bedroom walls. Top to bottom with no section untouched.”
“Edward!” Carlisle called and Edward appeared in the door way.
“Son, would you have any idea what this is?”
Edward tilted his head, looking over Carlisle’s shoulder.
“It looks similar to algebra…very complex algebra.” Edward squinted at it. “But not all of it. I can’t be sure.”
“It’s a mix.” Carlisle said, his face contorted in realisation. “There is some algebra but there is also some DNA things in here… I can make out some of what they were-(Y/N)…how long have you been trying to figure out neurology of vampires?”
All the vampires looked at you. “Ummm, never.” You frowned.
“Do you have a interest in it?”
“Well yeah, I think its crazy how the human functions change when turned into a- why does this matter?”
“I think we’ve found a trigger but we still need to figure out all of this and figure out whats happening in your brain to get up and calculate this in your sleep.  What were your grades like? How was mathematic and science growing up?”
“I couldn’t do math that well, and science had it’s ups and downs - never had a great strength in it.”
“Yet, here you show high intelligence beyond your consciousness.” Carlisle smiled, the curiosity flared in him.
“We’ll monitor your sleep and get some brain scans.” Carlisle turned to the Volturi. “If you don’t mind, I need to take (Y/N) with me for the brain scans and i’ll bring machinery back here to monitor her sleep. Would that be alright? They’ll be gone for a few hours.”
Alec nodded, “Do what you must.”
“(Y/N) how much sleep did you get last night.”
“None, I hate planes.”
“So can I presume that i’ll get a scan of when you’re awake and i’ll let you sleep for a bit to get another scan?”
You nodded. “I’m down for that.”

It was about eight at night when you got back to the Cullen home.
“I’ll get the scans tomorrow morning Carlisle told the Volturi. Now these,” Carlisle knew he’d have to explain how he’d monitor your sleep since he saw Alec’s unease with the daunting looking machinery. “will be attached to various places of (Y/N)’s head with a gel - they’ll need to wash their hair to get it out. This machine has needles that will draw their brain wave activity.”

You were all set up and sound asleep. Carlisle’ had pinned up flat wallpaper-which he determined you’d use if you got up. Then he could just tear it down. The Volturi guards sat beside you, Alec closest. Alec watched you sleep soundly as the scratching of the needle and your breathing was all that was heard.
“It’s fascinating to see how active a brain can be when in sleep.” Demetri said and Felix nodded in agreement.
“It has became more active than the average sleep pattern…But not by much, nothing concern-” The needles moved rapidly, the lines becoming more erratic and zigzagged. You slowly sat up.
And they’re up.” Felix said as Carlisle quickly dropped a black marker pen into the desk drawer in the opposite part of the room. You took a moment to steady yourself before slowly walking forward, your head slightly drooped. You grasped the marker and moved back toward the bed.
Alec began quietly to protest as you began to climb the bedside table. “No, we can’t let them do this, they’ll fall.”
“No one here will let them fall! You have my word, don’t wake them.” Carlisle rushed, his hand out in a ‘stop’ motion. You shakily stood upright, your head slowly moving up to look at the top of the wall. You took off the cap and began to scribble. Carlisle peers around to look at your face. “Their eyes are open, but glazed over…” “They always are.” “This looks like an extreme form of sleepwalking. I’ve never encountered this sort but doing things actively whilst asleep is known.” By a few hours, you were still at it and had covered the whole room. “They are conscious of when they have ran out of space.” Carlisle noted to himself quietly as you clipped the pen lid back on, sat it in the open drawer which you then closed and went back to bed.

Three hours later, it was eight in the morning and you yawned, rubbing your eyes. You looked up to see black smudges on the wall behind you. You then glanced to the other walls seeing the markings. You sat up, turning your head. The smudges turn into scrawled markings that replicated the other walls. You glanced to Alec then Jane before turning to Carlisle. “Don’t worry. Everything is okay. It was impressive to watch.”
“You stood on the bed and everything. If he was human, Alec would have had a heart attack watching you.” Felix said in attempt to lighten your mood.
“How are you feeling? Are you feeling like you haven’t slept?” Carlisle asked “Actually…I feel like I slept quite well.” Carlisle nodded.
“That’s good to hear. I must go and collect those scans but as I can see so far, I’d determine that they are alright, nothing causing harm.”
Alec nodded. “That’s good -”
“But we’d rather be sure.” Jane finished. Carlisle nodded before heading out the door.

Within an hour Carlisle was back.
“This is remarkable!” He gushed as he pulled up the scans on his laptop. “Now this, is a scan of someone (Y/N)’s age. This one on the left is awake, this one on the right is asleep. As you can see, different parts are activated. These shades of yellow show high activity, this is normal, the greens show normal activity. This is a perfectly healthy brain, this person has no physical or mental conditions.” Carlisle tapped a key and two new scans came up. “This is (Y/N)’s awake. As you can see it’s nothing out of the ordinary.” He tapped gain. “This is theirs asleep.”
The Volturi let out quiet gasps. Alec’s grip on your shoulders tightening.
“These red sections show a massive amount of brain activity being used. This would give anyone the impression that they were older and would lead to possible investigation. I can determine right now that this is not a matter of harm, their is nothing wrong with them but Alec, you have a remarkable mate.”
“What does all of this mean?” You asked.
“It means, that you’re accessing high intelligence that shouldn’t really exist. Yet here you stand, you’re a medical mystery. This makes as I previously said, a remarkable human and this could develop into a gift in your change.”

You went on to have a child with Alec before your change.
Your daughter turned out to be the same and would often get up but it was mostly drawing. When she had asked Alec why she kept getting up and not remembering, Alec sat her down to tell her. “Your mother did the same thing. My, did she surprise me.”
Your daughter smiled at the thought.
“Your mother is incredibly intelligent and she showed this when she was human. She could never remember just like you.”
“Now mummy is super smart!” She grinned and Alec ruffled her hair. “That’s correct, precious. Maybe when you get older, you will be gifted too. I’m quite certain of it actually.”
“Will I get in trouble?”
“Sweetheart, you can’t control what you do when you’re asleep. We won’t punish you for such things. Embrace it sweetness, it can’t hurt you.”
Your daughter wrapped her small arms around Alec who gave her a light squeeze in return.


Finally.  My entry for Hannah’s Criminal Minds Classic Quote Challenge.  My quote is:  “I’ve got a Glock leveled at your crotch.  What’s to stop me from taking you and the little ones out right now?”  I’ve been sitting on this for a while and trying to think of the perfect way to incorporate this quote, possibly said by the reader, but it just didn’t feel right giving it to anyone else because it is such an Emily Prentiss thing to say honestly.  So here you go, my entry for Hannah’s challenge!  Enjoy!

A special shout out to @bitnotgood1895, Izzy, for taking the time to look this over for me!

Flood warning.  This is so damn long.  


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Not In The Script ZEN X MC

Imagine being in school with Zen. He was the most popular kid in school. Due to that, it came as a shock when the drama department gave him a lead role along side a “ nobody.”

When your drama club, that you both attended religiously, announced they were putting on a new production, the two of you were stoked. You immediately auditioned, shooting to the stars for a lead role.

It sort pained you to hear envious girls call her a simple “ nobody ” with such disgust, but the pain washed away when Zen came running up to your locker.

“ MC! So you’re the one that got the other lead role? ” his smile was practically radiating charm.

“ Yeah, that would be me ” you ignored the girls staring you down.

“ Well it’s nice to meet you. You should come over after school tomorrow and we can look over the script together. I wanna start rehearsing with you as soon as possible ” Zen leaned against the locker next to you.

“ O-Oh! I’ll ask…. yeah. Definitely ” you stuttered out, feeling your knees weaken at his offer

“ Why do you look so nervous, babe? ” Zen smirked as the heat rushed to your face “ I don’t bite. Now let me walk you to class. ”

Zen took the books from your hand and you were astonished. As he walked you everybody seem as shocked as you were. Envious glares from strangers, excitement from your friends.

The moment you got home you were absolutely terrified. Your mother was on a business trip, so how were you supposed to ask your father if you could go to a boys house to study a script?

“ Dad! ” you called out, closing the front door. He was sitting on the couch, watching his favorite show. “ I got a role in the school play. ”

“ Are you going anywhere to rehearse? ” he spoke, his eyes still glued to the screen.

“ O-Oh well… I wanted to ask you if I could go- ”

“ Be home by ten ” your dad mumbled as the characters on screen began to strip of their clothing.


School was a breeze the next day, and you were standing nervously next to your locker. Zen was extremely late.

“ I’m so so so sorry! Fucking Jumin held me back and I kept telling him I had to go but he told me this bullshit story about how I couldn’t because his damn cat was lost and I ran here- ”

“ It’s okay ” you mumbled, cutting him off.

“ I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Luciel is gonna give us a ride home, okay? ” Zen scanned your eyes for any signs of distress and you nodded. The two of you walked out of the school and to his friends car. You didn’t know the red head too well. All you knew was that he was some infamous genius that played seven pranks on every single staff member.

“ You’re bringing a lady home!?!?!? I should tell Jumin that you’re not gay ” Luciel was practically radiating joy.

“ Zen! Who’s this? ” A younger looking blonde chimed.

“ Luciel, shut the fuck up. Yoosung, this is MC. We’re going to my house to rehearse. She got the female lead ” Zen sighed, visibly annoyed.

He remained tense the entire way home as Yoosung and Luciel yapped in the front seats. You couldn’t believe hanging out with Zen was such a hassle, and he felt so bad about it.

“ Thank you for the ride, Luciel. It was nice meeting you, Yoosung ” you and Zen stepped out of the expensive sports vehicle.

“ MC, I’m sorry about all of this. Can I make you some tea? We can start rehearsing right away or we can talk for a little bit ” Zen opened his door for you.

“ I would love some tea, and let’s get with rehearsing, okay? ”

Zen was truly passionate about acting, and you could see why. He was so talented! Every word that escaped his perfect lips were filled with emotion. His expressions and gestures were absolutely beautiful and you were ecstatic you had the privilege to see his acting when it was just the two of you.

“ My love ” Zen padded over to you, script in hand.

“ Who gave you the right to call me that ” you hissed. Zens face contorted in confusion. Fuck he was good.

“ You gave me the right you started calling me your boyfriend ” Zen brought up his free hand to caress your cheek.

“ And I’m revoking the right now that I’m calling you my ex ” you swatted his hand away, turning on your heel.

“ Are you seriously going to play with me like that!? ” Zens voice boomed, a sudden change of emotion just as the script had said. You face him, snarling at his words.

“ Oh, I’m playing with you now!? You weren’t playing with me when you cheated on me? You weren’t playing with me when you left me to hang out with all of your exes when I went to parties with you? You weren’t playing with me- ”

“ It wasn’t my fault! ” Zen cut you off, squeezing his lids shut. He didn’t even have to look at the script anymore.

“ It… wasn’t your fault? Who’s was it then? Lauriann? You seem to be real close with her ” you snapped.

“ Amira please! Lauriann knows things about me, and she hates you. I was going to tell you sooner or later that she was blackmailing me ” Zen began to pace his bedroom. You padded over to the bed, sitting down and burying your face in your hands.

“ Leave me alone. I don’t need this, Connor… ” you huffed. They had to give him the most basic name?

“ But I need you ” Zen kneeled in front of you. You set your arms on your knees, gazing into his loving eyes.

“ What do you want from me ” you whispered.

“ Your company. It’s all I’ve ever wanted from you ” Zen sat there, not moving an inch. He was like a statue. A sexy, sexy statue.

“ Get company from Lauriann ” you stood and went for the door but Zen quickly got a hold of your wrist.

“ Hear me out! ”

“ Let me go! ”

“ I love you, Amira! I’m not ready to let you go so easily ” Zen pulled you towards himself and wrapped his arms around you, tightly.

“ Let me go ” you repeated in a hushed tone.

“ No ” Zen spoke firmly, lifting your chin and scanning your eyes for discomfort.

“ Let me go ” you repeated.

“ How many times to I have to tell you that I love you…. and I can’t let you leave me? ” tears began to prick his scarlet eyes.

“ If you love me let me gooooo ” you quietly sang, causing Zen to break out into laughter.

“ That’s not in the script ” he lightly pushed you away as you giggled to yourself.

“ I’ll send a complaint to the writers. I felt like it was necessary to spontaneously break out into Panic! At The Disco “ you protested.

” You’re cute “ Zen chuckled.

” Go away I’m a potato “ you spun on your heel.

” You’re a beautiful potato “ Zen pulled you back into his arms. ” How about we restart? “

” Alright, from where we left off “ you nodded.

” How many times to I have to tell you that I love you…. and I can’t let you leave me? “ Zen’s eyes began to well up once again. How the hell does he do it?

” As many times as you like, but I won’t be listening “ you turned your head away.

” I’ll have to force you to then “ Zen narrowed his eyes, tilting up your chin. Your legs nearly turned to jelly being so close to Zen like this.

“ I’d like to see you try ” you hissed. Instead of speaking his next line, Zen closed the gap between the two of you.

The Zen was kissing you.

“ That wasn’t apart of the script either ” you mumbled, turning your head away as the feeling of his soft lips lingered in your mind.

“ Not yet, it’s further on in. Like I said, I want to start rehearsing with you as soon as possible ” Zen stepped away, scanning through the script to point out the kissing seen.

“ Very funny ” you pushed him away further, heat rushing to your cheeks.

“ Let’s continue ”

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Scan - George Harrison and Jim Keltner in the studio, 1990; scanned from Living in the Material World

Photo courtesy of Alan Rogan

“It just hurts so bad to know that he’s not going to be coming around anymore and calling. I want to hear that beautiful, soft accent. Forget his singing, I mean, I used to just love to just listen to him talk. And all the funny stories about him recently about being the quiet Beatle - he was the most talkative person I know. He didn’t stop talking.

But the thing that was beautiful about George was that he always had something to say. I used to see people get their feelings hurt being around him. It was almost as if couldn’t not tell the truth.

[…] With George there was a closeness, like really, truly a brother. I mean, that’s such a cliché.

[…] To me he was just George. He was just George, my beautiful, beautiful friend […]” - Jim Keltner, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002

* * *

The Concert for George was a very palpable demonstration of the affection he inspired among his friends, but naturally little of what he did to inspire such devotion will be told. However, one of Harrison’s oldest musical chums, drummer Jim Keltner, has offered a glimpse: ‘Now, George had this tremendous living room, which was like three stories high, with a balcony overlooking it. My bedroom was on the third floor - "the loft,” they used to call it. It was a beautiful place with a kitchen and den and everything. I used to come down in the morning and stand on this part of the balcony that extends out over the room a little bit. A few times over the years I’d snap my fingers to hear the sound, and I’d say to George, “It would be great to have the drums here,” and he’d just laugh, because he had a major studio built in another part of the house; why would he want to put drums there? But when I arrived for this recording, I walked in and the drums were set up right in that space. I was so knocked out. He did that for me.’“ - While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison by Simon Leng

Dear kiddos, what to say to you? Hmm… how about since yesterday’s lil fic was SO ANGSTY this one is much more comedic? Honestly, I had so much fun writing this, like, illegal amounts of fun. A huge thank you to Binna @ciceroniantrash for laughing with me as I wrote it and for giving me that stellar line. Enjoy this one, bbys! ;D <333

Hi I was wondering if you could maybe write a small jamilton fic where Hamilton gets hurt and needs surgery but cant pay for it and Thomas finds out so he pays for it? Wasn’t sure if request were open sry if they aren’t. P.s I love your storys :D

“Ouch, ouch, FU––” Alexander was seated in one of the library carrels that lined the windows overlooking the quad, hunched over his laptop,.

“Uh, Hamilton? Would you mind shutting the hell up? This is the third floor of the library, ya know, the quiet floor? And if you think I’m past texting the librarians to come up here and shush your ass then you’re––”

“Oh my god, Jefferson, do you ever stop being a complete jerk or is this just a 24/7 kinda deal?”

Thomas stood up and glared down at Hamilton, who was in the carrel in front of him. He was about to go off on him again when he noticed the smaller boy was rubbing at his wrists rather frantically.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he muttered.

Alexander stopped rubbing his wrists and turned to glare back at Thomas. “Creep much, creeper?”

Jefferson rolled his eyes. “Insult much?” He paused for a moment. “Seriously, though, what’s up?”

“Seriously, though, leave me the hell alone,” Alex said, turning back to his work. He’d typed no more than five words when he flinched, muttering under his breath again. “fuck fuck fuck”

“Seriously, did you like break your wrists?” Jefferson cocked a brow at Hamilton even though the smaller boy wasn’t looking his way.

“It’s called carpal tunnel if you absolutely must know, Jefferson. It happens when you actually do your work.”

“Fine, whatever,” Thomas mumbled, sinking back onto his seat. Instead of returning to his work, he pulled up a new tab and googled carpal tunnel cures.

The first result that came up was a list of home remedies. He scanned them, knowing certain ones, like take a break, would never happen. He pulled out his phone and opened up a new message with Alexander.

T-Jeffs: Have u tried brace thingys?

Alabama Hammerman: wtf r u talking about

T-Jeffs: For your carpal tunnel, idiot

Alabama Hammerman: stop mothering me, creep

T-Jeffs: when you’re in pain I can’t focus
T-Jeffs: bc you’re so fucking noisy about it

Alabama Hammerman: for ur information I have tried braces, ice, elevating them, blah blah blah
Alabama Hammerman: nada
Alabama Hammerman: that means “no” in spanish, since I know u only bother with french

T-Jeffs: I know what “nada” means you asshole
T-Jeffs: so what, you gonna try steroids, then? surgery?

Alabama Hammerman: HA
Alabama Hammerman: as if I could afford that lmao

T-Jeffs: I’m a trustfund baby u can trust me

Alabama Hammerman: I know you’re rich no need to rub it in my poor face

T-Jeffs: how stupid are you?

Alabama Hammerman: smarter than u seeing as I actually do my work. are we done here? these papers don’t write themselves

T-Jeffs: and u ain’t gonna be writing either if u don’t get this fixed
T-Jeffs: now what I was TRYING to tell you is that I’ll hook u up with that surgery

Alabama Hammerman: stop. this isn’t funny, Jefferson

T-Jeffs: who said I was being funny?
T-Jeffs: I’m serious

Alabama Hammerman: you’re gonna give the person you hate most in the world enough money for surgery? wow, i must really be annoying u with my pain or something

T-Jeffs: I can’t believe I have a crush on someone who is so stupid smfh

There was the sound of a phone dropping from Alex’s carrel. Then there was a muttered what the ever living fuck?

Thomas got up and waltzed over to Alexander. “You done being dense?”

“You done shitting me?”

“I’M NOT KIDDING!” Thomas yelled. Everyone on the third floor loudly shushed him. “I’m confessing my love here, people!” he said, swiveling his head around, trying to glare at everyone he could.

“LOVE?” Alexander choked.

“Well… shit…” Thomas muttered, running a hand through his hair. For the first time in maybe his entire life, Thomas Jefferson was legitimately anxious.

“Love?” Alexander whispered, his eyes so wide it looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

“I mean, you weren’t supposed to know that yet, but yes, Hamilton. Love.”

“You love me and you’re still calling me ‘Hamilton?’” He glared up at Thomas, who simply rolled his eyes in response.

“You want a free surgery or not?”

“Do you want a boyfriend or not?”


Alexander stood up and kissed Thomas, cutting him off. When he pulled away, he was grinning. “Talk about boyfriends with benefits. Like, literally, health benefits.”

“I like you better when we’re kissing,” Jefferson said before pulling Alexander back toward him.

The third floor of the library broke out in a mix of claps, hoots, and groans.

“Get a fucking room!” Someone, probably Charles Lee, shouted.

“Excellent idea,” Thomas said. “I’ll go get us a study room,” he said with a wink. He made to grab Alex’s hand, but grabbed his wrist instead.


“Sorry! Goddamnit,” Thomas said. “On second thought, let’s make some calls, get you a consultation, then go make out.”

“This is not how I pictured becoming your boyfriend, but I’m totally cool with it,” Alex said.

“You mean you were imagining this?” Thomas smirked at Alex.

Alexander’s face slowly turned red. “N-n–– YOU’RE THE ONE WHO SAID LOVE!”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Come on, idiot. Let’s go make some calls.”

“Give the library some peace!” Lee yelled again.

“Shut the fuck up, Lee!” Thomas and Alexander yelled in unison.

They turned to each other and grinned, and before they knew it, they were kissing again.

“Kiss less, study more,” Burr muttered as he passed by them.

Alexander didn’t pull away, he instead flipped Burr off behind Thomas’ back, garnering one of Burr’s signature I’m-so-done-with-everything groans as he stalked away.

“You’re so hot when you’re upset,” Thomas murmured into Alex’s lips.

“Mmm, talk less, kiss more,” Alex said, biting down on Thomas’ lower lip, causing the other boy to yelp.

“Oh my god,” a female voice said from behind them.

Both boys sprung away from each other and turned to see Angelica staring at them, her mouth wide open, eyebrows high. It was too late when they realized she’d snapped a picture of them.

“This is so going in the group chat,” she cackled.

“ANGELICA,” they both shouted.

“SHUT UP!” Lee shouted.

“Oh my god,” Burr mumbled from some dusty corner.

“You guys think you should take your love fest somewhere that’s not so… academic?” Angelica said with a smirk.

“Shut up,” Alex whined.

“Good luck with that one,” Angelica said to Thomas.

Thomas laughed. “I’m sure as hell gonna need it.”

“Shut up,” Alex whined again.

“Let’s go make some phone calls,” Thomas said, making to gather up his stuff.

“Fine,” Alex sighed.

“Woah, phone calls? What a hot first date,” Angelica said.

“For your information Thomas is my boyfriend with benefits,” Alex said with the pride of a five-year-old child.

“I… I don’t even know what to say to that,” Angelica said, putting her hands up. “I think you need to learn what friends with benefits means.”

“With health benefits, Angie, where is your mind?” Thomas said with a wink.

“I could say something about kink shaming, but I’m just gonna go,” Angelica said.

“HE’S JUST GETTING ME SURGERY!” Alex said as Angelica walked away laughing.

“Maybe you should stop saying boyfriend with benefits, babe,” Thomas said with a chuckle.

Babe,” Alex whispered.

“Babe,” Thomas said again, waggling his eyebrows.

“The library is not your personal hook-up area,” Peggy said as she passed by the boys, sticking her tongue out at them. “And great pic! Saving that one for sure,” she said, holding up her phone.

It was a picture of Thomas and Alexander kissing, right before Angelica made her presence known.

“Let’s get out of here before we––”

“You! And you!” The librarian, Mr. King, stomped toward the two boys. “I’ve gotten multiple texts from students about some obscene hook-up happening here and this library is not the place for your romantic foray!”

“Lee,” both boys muttered at the same time.

“You are officially banned from the library for the remainder of the day,” he said in an incredibly snotty tone.

“We were just leaving,” Thomas said, making sure to take Alex’s hand this time.

The boys practically ran down the stairs and burst out into the cool November air. As soon as they were outside, they were doubled over in laughter.

They both looked into each other’s eyes at the same moment as they said “We are forcibly removed from the library.”

“We’re outside the library,” Alexander said.

“Indeed we are,” Thomas said.

Thomas leaned down, Alexander stood on his tiptoes, and they kissed.

(A/N: There will be a part two to this one sometime soon ;)))

Daddy’s Little Girl

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Title: Daddy’s Little Girl
Summary: John taking care of your daughter on his own. 
Rating: PG
Word Count:906
Tags: @outside-the-government @medicatemedrmccoy @yourtropegirl @dolamrothianlady @imoutofmyvulcanmind @bkwrm523 @imaginenterprise @imagineangryspacegrump @starshiphufflebadger
A/N: If you guys like this I’ll add more like The first time John starts dating again or having the talk so just tell me if you guys like it.

John Kennex was called a lot of things in his life: a great detective, a decent partner, one of the best in the force… the best husband. But lately in his life he’s been working on being the greatest dad. Terra was only two years old when John lost you, he just wasn’t fast enough… again. Losing you led to the biggest arrest in his life, he was finally able to take down Insyndicate and finally get justice for all the men he lost, but none of it changed the fact that he was now left to raise your daughter alone.

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summary: in which the reader is a villain from earth-2, sent by zoom to kill the flash. but when she realizes that the flash’s doppelgänger is the man she unconditionally loves on their earth, she rebels against zoom’s orders and the idea of killing the flash is no longer an option.

a/n: fun fact: i’m really into those plots which involves time travel and the multiverse lol. if you have any ideas up your sleeves and want me to write them, then do not be shy to request them here


You grunted as a man threw you down on the floor, blue sparks coming out from his body while a bright light shone behind him. You instantly recognized it to be Zoom, the most feared speedster in Central City, and you backed away at the realization.

“Kill the Flash.” he told you in a voice that sent a chill down to your spine. “Kill the Flash, and I’ll bring you home.”

“The Flash is already dead!” you exclaimed. “You killed him!”

He clenched his fist. “The Flash on this earth. Kill him and I will bring you back home.” he repeated before suddenly jumping towards the portal, closing it and leaving you alone.

You were confused on what he meant by ‘home’, but as you scanned your surroundings, you instantly knew that this wasn’t the place you grew up in. With a defeated sigh, you stood up and rubbed your hands together, planning to get on with your research and kill this other Flash for the sake of returning back to your earth.

Your first thought was heading to CCPN, surely the building had information about this town’s hero. Due to your ability to teleport to places even without the need to see them, you immediately arrived inside the office and saw a familiar face by a computer.

“Iris West.” you spoke that caused the young woman to look at you in surprise.

She immediately stood up, took notice of your outfit and the mask that covered half of your face, and pointed a gun at your direction.

You chuckled, “Wow, even in this universe you’re still friendly with weapons.” you mused.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I didn’t come here to get interviewed, Iris.” you walked forward, causing her to hold the gun tighter between her fingers, “I’m here to know about this Flash Zoom talks about.”

Numerous papers suddenly flew away and your hair fell back, the sound of lightning cackling audible. There stood behind Iris was a man in a red suit, a yellow bolt embedded on his chest.

“I’m guessing you’re the Flash?” you questioned.

He looked at you closely, “What do you want from me?”

“Your life.” you teleport to his side and grabbed him by the arm, soon teleporting the both of you to the place where Zoom dropped you off.

He staggered in shock at what you managed to do. The Flash encountered a meta before who had the same abilities that you had, but yours were more powerful than the previous one, and you knew how it worked.

“Well, this was easy.” you grabbed a metal tube on the floor. “I thought Zoom was going after some unbeatable guy.”

The Flash tried to run but you already had the chance to teleport in front of him, purposely tripping him over and causing him to fall down on the floor.

It was ridiculous how easy this was for you that you couldn’t help but give this hero an annoying devilish laugh.

“Let me get a good look on that face before I kill you, Flash.” you smirked, reaching down and pulling the mask over his head.

What you saw made you drop the metal tube.

“Barry?” you whispered.

Bartholomew Henry Allen has always been the one who captured your heart even though the two of you were complete polar opposites. He was this nerdy guy who rambled too much and often got flustered whenever you were around; with his big glasses and all, you found him absolutely cute. Barry from Earth-2 was the only person you loved, but he was already in love with somebody else, and you respected that, because that’s how you truly loved him.

“How’d you know my name?” he asked you in shock.

You stepped backwards. “You look exactly like him.”

Barry managed to stand with his two feet. “Like who?”

“Barry. My Barry.” you clarified. “I can’t do this, not when you look like him.” you whispered the last statement to yourself.

Barry was confused at your sudden hesitance, but in a way understood why.

“Then don’t. You don’t have to do this, we could help you. We could help each other in defeating Zoom.”

You shook your head. “I never wanted to be involved. I just want to go back, and he promised he would take me back home if I killed you.”

The Flash waited for you to continue.

“Don’t you get it, Flash?” you angrily muttered, advancing towards him. “I can’t because if I do, my last thought will be his face. And I swore that I would never hurt Barry,” you sighed, “even if it’s not really him that I’ll be killing.”

He nodded, “My name’s Barry too.”

You stared at him. “Why are you telling me this?”

“To let you know that you can trust me. I’ll help you go back to your earth, just don’t do anything bad to this city.”

“You will?” You raised an eyebrow.

He suddenly sped in front of you and your heart started to beat faster.

All your brain was processing was this was the Barry you fell in love with, and you had to remind yourself that he wasn’t. He was completely different from the one on your earth, starting with the fact that your Barry wasn’t a speedster who looked like he had a lot of confidence up his sleeve.

“If you betray me in any way, I won’t hesitate to hurt … someone important to you.” you had a hard time threatening him, your own thoughts messing with you.

Barry chuckled, knowing what effect he had on you. “It’s a deal.” he smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” you said before shaking his extended hand.