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Malevolence malice

♦️ fluff, horror

♦️member: Taehyung

♦️warnings:some swearing

♦️ y/l/n = your last name. Y/n = your name. Y/e/c= your eyes color

Reader pov

My world was perfectly normal as it could be….said no one ever. The world was filled with dangers and fear that constantly ran through our veins like a river. The goosebumps and hair standing on end at the sight of the setting sun had us running for home in record time. There….there was something out there I knew it. Something that waited till the break of dusk to strike. A crime committed so frequently that have the police baffled beyond belief. The crime scenes they encounter to grotesque that even the most trained and undisturbed of them all become repulsed. Nobody even has a word to describe such a thing to do this kind of horror. The victims of such brutality is who I pray for. I cry silently each night and pray they have moved on peacefully, but I knew they hadn’t passed peacefully.

Because of these fears, mothers keep their children inside hours before dusk has broken through the blue skies. Everyone is in doors hours before the sun begins it setting stage. The unlucky are those who are out during dusk and therefore become victims of the grotesque attacks. Me? I was alone at first constantly watching my back even in broad daylight. Call me paranoid but I can feel it. I have a friend now - Jeon Jungkook is his name and occupation unknown. Even as his closest friend he refuses to tell me. It can’t be that bad I mean come on. I’m a seamstress at a little boutique in the town and Jungkook stresses that I get home at latest an hour before dark and I have except for this unfortunate night.


I had cleaned every my work surface of every fabric, wiping my brow in exhaustion before holding up my work of art. The beautifying floral dress I had put my blood, sweat, and tears into had come out absolutely stunning. Falling down to the knees, it was embroiled with elegant roses, lilies, cherry blossoms, gypsophila, and delphinium - radiating a beautiful pastel arrangement upon the soft fabric. I gently folded the dress into the tan box littered with elegant cursive and put the lid upon the top complete with a ribbon and a card signed by me.

I smiled as my final project of the day was done. I’d worked hours into making this dress specifically for madame Prescott who was living on the wealthier side of town. Bless her heart she’d come in the other day, eyes wild, and a pale complexion. Worry shined in her eyes as she danced from seamstress to seamstress before landing on me. She took quick steps and practically begged for this dress to be done. I had blinked in surprise at the request, as she had asked for it to be done in two days and when I’d given my own worried expression she doubled the pay for it and even gifted me an elegant mask and matching shoes from her own shop. So within two days I had done it and I was damn proud of my work.

I grabbed the box before glancing at the clock. “Just past 8 o'clock. I do hope she is around to get this.” I thought not at all thinking about the time of day it was. I slipped on my navy pea coat complete with a waist tie and headed out of the seam boutique, not before locking up of course. The chilly November air glided across my exposed cheeks and already rosey nose. The sky was darkened into a black with twinkling stars. My shoes scraped the ground silently as I bundled further into my jacket.

I somehow felt no fear as I got closer to madame Prescott’s boutique sighing in relief at the sight of lights inside. I picked up my pace and entered the shop with a signaled ding from the bell above the door. “Good evening Madame Prescott. I’m sorry to bother you this evening but I thought you’d like to have your dress on time so here you are.” I grinned at her as she clapped excitedly. “Wonderful thank you y/n, glad doing business with you. Let me get what I owe you dear just a second.” And she disappeared upstairs leaving me alone with her last client…jungkook? He looked just as surprised as I had, eyes wide open and mouth slightly dropped before his shock turned to confusion and slight anger?

“Y/n what are you doing here?” He asked stepping closer to me before embracing me in a hug. I accepted the hug burying my head in his chest with a sigh.

“I was delivering madame her dress she ordered and I had to go this way so I thought might as well.”

Jungkook pulled back worry evident in his gaze. “Y/n, I meant what are you doing out after dusk. It’s dangerous out there. You should be home. You promised me you’d never be out after dusk. Aish. I couldn’t live with myself if one of those things ever got to you. It’d be dead before it got even five feet within you.” Throughout his speech his eyes darkened significantly with malice, as if he’d encountered the thing making the grotesque scenes to be found in the morning.

“Jungkook.” I whispered and his gaze snapped back to me. “You…you speak as if you’ve encountered one of those things. As if you do this often…like it’s your job. Jungkook what do you do? And don’t lie to me anymore. You tell me not to be out at night and yet here you are and by the looks of it you come out after dusk often. So tell me the truth Jungkook, no more lies.” I pleaded. He opened his mouth to reply but closed it upon madame Prescott’s footsteps on the staircase. “Here you are dear. My full payment and the mask plus shoes I promised included.” She grinned politely handing me a bag with exactly what I was promised. I bowed. “Thank you madame I hope you like the dress.”

She grinned back before turning to jungkook and handing him an identical bag, but not near as bulky as mine. “Here you are mr. Jeon exactly what you requested. You have a nice evening now. Be careful. In fact do me a favor and walk Miss y/l/n home. You know how dangerous it can be.” She addressed me this time. “No need to worry dear you are in good hands with mr. Jeon.” And with that we were on our way back out into the bitter cold.

We walked in silence before a Jungkook got tired of one too many calculating gazes and huffs from me. “Alright you want answers I’ll give you answers y/n, but you have to promise not to tell anyone and you have to promise to never be out this late ever again.” I nodded my head compiling with his requests.

He held out his pinky making me sigh before I wrapped my own around his and promised him. We continued walking as jungkook began to speak. “You as,ed if I had encountered one of the things that cause such horror in town and are capable of crimes that no one can explain.” He inhaled deeply as I bit my lip waiting. “The answer is yes I have. They are creatures so horrid and evil, taking the life of others for their own gain…it’s sick. They have no mercy, no hesitation. The victims become beacons, like magnets to them. It’s like a game to them, whoever finds the target first gets to do whatever they please with them…and it’s always less than pleasant. My job is to save as many of those potential victims at any cost. You know Sally Brown the little blonde girl? I saved her, barely, but I saved her. She screamed so loud and luckily I was just around the corner. I rushed to her and found her on her back with one of those things standing above her with a sick grin. Sally’s baby blues met mine and she pleaded for help…my help. The creature was dressed as any normal creeper would wear and at first glance you’d think he was going to rob her or even rape her, but I knew better. Underneath the creepy smile was a monster literally. He heard me behind him and he spun around revealing his weapons, his strength, speed, teeth, the whole nine yards. He snarled at me and dived for me. Too bad I was quicker and before he could sink his teeth into me, a knife was imbedded into his heart and he turned to stone, unmoving. I wasted no time turning that son of a bitch to ash. That’s my job y/n” he whispered the last part before turning to look at my face.

My eyes were wide and my mouth slightly parted with no sound escaping as I processed this information given to me. “Y/n those things aren’t just mythology they are real monsters that live among us.” He said grabbing my hand and haunting me.

“They are the reason I don’t ever and I mean ever want you or anybody else out at night. Those things are sick and if they get their teeth into you, you’ll be dead within a few minutes. Those things took my father away from me and I believe they’ve taken my brothers from me. Well that or they were threatened.”

I blinked. “Brothers?” I barely managed a whisper.

“Not really my brothers but they are…were Ike my brothers. Taehyung and Jimin remember them? The tall loud red-orange haired boy and the equally as obnoxious boy that was a bit shorter than Tae with midnight hair? That’s them. We used to be so close, people called us the three musketeers. We’d cause trouble wherever we went, wreak havoc. Until one day a Jimin just….disappeared. He’d stop hanging out with us and eventually he disappeared from the neighborhood all together. His cousin says he’s fine just a family emergency, but even he doesn’t know much. And now Taehyung has gone too. No warning, no goodbye just avoidance and disappearance like Jimin.”

I laid my hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry kookie. I never knew.” Jungkook sent me a weak smile in return.

“Don’t be. I’m sure they are fine.” We continued to walk in the slightly heavy silence before we arrived at my home. “Well I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jungkook said before hugging me. He went to pull away but I tightened my hold.

“Jungkook?” I whispered.

“Yes?” He responded allowing me to hug him a bit longer.

“Be safe okay? Promise me you’ll be here first thing tomorrow alright?” My voice quivered. Jungkook pulled back and held his pinky to me. I intertwined mine with his the second time tonight.

“I promise. Now get inside before I carry you in myself.” He grinned as I scurried to the door and pushed the heavy oak inside. I waved and he returned it before darting off into the night. I shut the door and leaned gave against it with a sigh. “Please please let him keep our promise.” I whispered before heading up for bed.


I had my dreamless sleep broken by a pounding at my bedroom door.

I groggily sat up rubbing my eyes to wake them up. I then proceeded to roll out of bed and swung the door open slowly with a yawn.

A chuckle met my ears. “Well good morning sleeping beauty. Why don’t you get yourself to a presentable state and join us at the table for breakfast?” My eyes snapped open and my body flung itself as Jungkook who chuckled again and caught me in an embrace. I nuzzled my nose into his chest. “You kept your promise.” I whispered smiling through a yawn.

He snickered. “Yes I did. When do I not? Now get ready before I do it myself and meet us downstairs.”

“Why do you always threaten me?” I muttered watching him saunter down the stairs with a shit eating grin before I thumped my way back into my room and quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face, and her dressed in record time.

I joined everyone downstairs and sat next to Jungkook who was holding two very elegant looking envelopes. I dug into my plate of pancakes humming at the sweet taste. “What’s that?” I questioned as I took another bite into the syrup covered goodness. Jungkook slid the envelope next to me and I caught sight of my name in elegant cursive on the front. I swallowed and picked it up carefully opening it up.

My eyes scammed the letter before I looked at Jungkook with a grin. “I’m invited to the royal ball?” I exclaimed borderline squeaking with excitement.

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “We’re invited to the ball. And it’s tonight.”

I gasped at the info before shoveling pancakes into my mouth and standing up to slip my shoes on. “Woah what’s the rush sweetheart?” My father questioned stopping me from barreling out the front door.

“Dad you heard him right? The ball is tonight I have to make a dress. That’s only a mere eight hours to sketch, design, sew, and decorate! I need to leave now so I can get it done!”

Without a word my father pointed to the boxes on the table hat I just now noticed. I silently walked back to my seat and my mother slid the box with my name in the same elegant cursive as the letter printed on it. I slowly untied the gold ribbon and gasped at the beautiful ball gown. It was a pastel purple with rose swirls decorating the bodice. The bottom was also embroidered with swirls of gold and black. “It’s beautiful.” I whispered staring at it in awe. “But I don’t have any shoes.”

"Yes you do. Remember madame Prescott gave you a mask and a pair if shoes. Both match the dress. Geez y/n you have a bad memory.” Jungkook grinned as I glared at him playfully.

“It’s perfect then. I hope you are ready for the ball my darling.” My mother clapped her hands.

“And you don’t actually have eight hours love. You only have six. You slept in past normal time.”

With this news I sped to the door and slipped my other shoe on.

"Where are you going now?” My mother yelled after me.

“I have to get to madame Pompfrey"s to get my hair done. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon and I’ll be ready Jungkook!” I shouted to m family and best friend over my shoulder before disappearing around the corner.


The dress hugged my waist perfectly and the shoes were just as beautiful matching both my dress and my mask settled on my face. I smiled as my soft curls bounced as I twirled. I really felt like a princess. I took a deep breath before heading down stairs to meet with Jungkook.

Have fun you two! Be safe love you!” My parents shouted before we both got into the horse drawn carriage that Jungkook’s other friend Jin owned.

"Okay stick close to me alright? I’m nit sure who was all invited and I won’t take chances with you okay?” I nodded my affirmative as glanced out the window, seeing many other families head in the same direction as us. The sun began to set but I was surprisingly calm. After all I had my best friend beside me. Correction my slayer best friend.

The palace was enormous up close. A giant driveway in a circular shape, long smooth steps up to the entrance, a beautiful garden in the middle of the driveway, it was breathtaking. We both jumped out of the cart and together headed up the steps, showing our invitations before we were heading inside the palace.

Inside the ball was in full swing, couples dancing, people mingling, many many different dresses swaying to the music. I grinned as Jungkook and I descended the steps onward the people so we could mingle.

Somewhere along the way I lost my hold onto Jungkook’s d spun around to look for him. I felt my heart rate spike the longer I couldn’t see him. No I need to calm down. I inhaled and exhaled glancing the way we came and seeing no signs of him before spinning around and bumping into a ….muscular chest?

“Oh pardon me.” I shyly muttered to the stranger.

“I’ve never seen you here before love. Tell me what’s your name?” The strangers grasped my chin and tilted my head up and I gasped at the fiery red hair of the stranger. His sharp eyes greeted mine and a soft smirk rested upon his full lips.

"Um sorry I’m y/n.” I muttered softly still entranced by his eyes, even from under his mask.

“Well y/n would you care for a dance?” He questioned holding out his hand to me. I blinked at the turn if events before placing my palm in his and gasped as he pressed a kiss to the back. “Lovely. I’d be quite offended if you had said no. Oh where see my manners? I’m Jimin nice to meet you love. Now shall we?” I could only nod as Jimin led me to the middle of dancing couples. My hands was magically placed upon his shoulders and his on my hips guiding me into a slow waltz. We twirled around the room elegantly all the while not breaking eye contact. I couldn’t place my finger on it, but it was as if he was analyzing me…like I was prey and he was the hunter. I shook off the feeling fir a moment and continued to dance. Jimin twirled me our by one hand and twirled me back into his embrace. My eyes were once again captivated by his dark brown….that just flashed…red. Maybe my eyes were playing with me- nope definitely red. I gasped softly before clearing my throat and pulling away. “Thank you for the lovely dance Jimin but I must find my friend.” I curtsied before darting through the crowd as quickly as possible. And to my luck I ran into another body. What is wrong with me today? “Oh my are you alright?” A female asked and steadied me. I glanced up at her and gasped slightly. Next to her was a male with brown hair and a lovely smile that should make me reciprocate it. But it didn’t because his smile was accompanied by two sharp teeth. I glanced to the female and saw her concerned gaze. “Dear you look a little pale.” She whispered to me and she too had two sharp teeth that stuck over her lip as she bit it in worry. I’m sure if I saw myself I’d be pale as the clouds. I managed. Slight nod before pidgin goes past the couple and darting away to run into another body. It was not my day as I looked up and gasped seeing Jimin grin down at me. “There you are! Love are you alright? Maybe I should take you upstairs to rest.” It was an innocent question, but with the mischief in his gaze I wasn’t taking my chances. Especially after he grinned and flashed his own pair of sharp teeth at me.

My head was spinning as I darted away again and ran into a tall male who grinned, exposing a dimple on his cheek. He too had those sharp teeth exposed as he opened his mouth to apologize? I wasn’t taking that risk and once again took off, head darting left and right for any exit. My eyes zeroed in on the staircase and I had zero hesitation. My heels slammed against the ground as I gripped the bottom of my dress, adrenaline pushing me to keep going. Just as I was about to turn he corner I ran into another body and thus time I couldn’t stop myself.

I landed on the stranger with a thump. I quickly sat up apologizing, rocking myself back onto my heels. The stranger rubbed his head and he too sat up and locked eyes with me. Mocha irises met my y/e/c ones. It was like I was gazing into Jimin’s eyes again except I didn’t feel fear I felt warmth and comfort spread through my body. I snapped out of his hypnotizing gaze and basically checked him out. He wore a black suit, crisp and clean with a white button up and a head full if orange-reddish hair. My mouth ran faster than my mind and I mumbled out “Taehyung?” Just as his eyes darkened with love, possession, protective nature, and adoration and he growled out, “mine.”

I gasped scrambling away from him as he crouched in front of me, dark eyes trained on my form. He stood up and walked toward me and my adrenaline kicked it. In one swift motion I had my heels in my hand, the end of my dress in the other and I was sprinting toward the nearest exit…which happened to be downstairs. I took the steps two at a time before I halted abruptly seeing the couple who I ran into in my path. I glanced back up to see Taehyung’s dark eyes on my figure and he looked menacing. I gulped spinning back around before glancing over the rail uncertainty. A growl echoed from behind me and that made my hesitation go down the drain.

For a moment I felt weightless…and then gravity came back quickly as I ungracefully landed and tolled onto my back. I looked up to see the couple and Taehyung rushing down the stairs toward me. I quickly jumped up and took off toward the exit. I could almost taste my freedom before a blonde figure stepped out from the shadows and put his hand to my neck pressure point and it was lights out for me.


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#PiazzaHOF: 5 Amazin’ Regular Season Moments

Check out some of our favorite regular season moments from the Hall of Famer’s Mets career:

4/28/99 - Walk-off Home Run Off Trevor Hoffman

6/30/00 - Go-Ahead HR in 10-run 8th Inning

6/7/01 - Two-run Go-ahead Homer Against NY (AL)

9/21/01 - Homer in First Game After 9/11

5/5/04 - Home Run to Break Fisk’s Record

~Later when they make it home~

-runs straight to the record player-

This is it babe, our first purchased record for our record player! I’m so excited!

-wiggles giddily and sets up the record, music softly starting up making his smile broaden-

Thank you for making that detour with me, just something about a record player is so romantic don’t you think?

-takes a bow and offers his hand-

May I have this dance?


Modern Baseball- Two Good Things (Space Jam Sessions)