home run

  • Girl at the bar:I never really watch baseball.
  • Me:Really? I've learned a lot about how to treat girls watching baseball.
  • Girl at the bar:What do you mean?
  • Me:These guys either bat for power or bat for average. The home run guys are flashy, but they aren't as valuable as the guys who hit singles or doubles every other time they're at the plate.
  • Girl at the bar:Okay. But what does that have to do with girls?
  • Me:Would you rather date a guy who did something big for you every few months or a guy that did little things for you every day?
  • Girl at the bar:The guy who did little things.
  • Me:Exactly. But boys grow up being told to hit homers. Buy your girl an occasional diamond, and you can get away with being a loser most days. Baseball taught me it's better to bat for average. I try to be good every day.
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Travis Ishikawa with the game winning home run to send the Giants to the World Series! They are going to be talking about that one for a longggg time.