home protection jar

Home Sweet Home Spell Jar

A Spell to Banish the Old Energy and Welcome in the New for A Home


  • A glass jar (must have a lid or stopper)
  • Black Salt (banishing old/negative energies, protection)
  • Rosemary (love, protection, 
  • Basil (balance, love, relaxation, prosperity, cleansing,  protection, 
  • Cloves (cleansing, growth, purification, repels negativity, 
  • Lavender (peace, money, cleansing, happiness, sleep)
  • Sugar (love, sweetness, luck)
  • Pink Himalayan Salt (love, protection)
  • Rose Petals (love, happiness, peace, blessed home, 
  • Garlic Powder (banishing old energy, anti-theft, prosperity, cleansing, health)
  • Sea Salt (cleansing, protection, purification, absorbs bad energy)
  • Oregano (warmth, comfort, vitality, joy)
  • Sesame Seeds (prosperity, protection, health
  • Cinnamon (banishing negative/unwanted spirits, love, wealth, success)
  • Thyme (releasing negativity, cleansing, balance, purification, health, sleep)
  • 3 Bay Leaves (cleansing, strength, repels negativity, success)
  • Clear Quartz (protection, cleansing)
  • White Candle (cleansing, purity, peace)


  1. Open the jar with the intention of beginning something new.
  2. Next layer each ingredient on top of the other while focusing on all the good things you want to occur in the house. The order is as follows: first black salt, then rosemary, basil, cloves, lavender, sugar, pink Himalayan salt, rose petals, garlic powder, sea salt, oregano, sesame seeds, cinnamon, thyme, 3 bay leaves, more sea salt, and finishing with more black salt
  3. Place the piece of clear quartz on top of the last layer of black salt before putting the lid/stopper on
  4. Seal the jar with the white candle wax and wait for it to harden.
  5. Place the jar somewhere in your home where you feel it belongs or give it to a friend.
  6. Follow up with your favorite cleansing method.

Notes on what I did:

I made this spell jar for my uncle as a gift for his first home. I wanted to make sure that both he and his pupper, Dixon, have the happiest and most love filled home possible. I also smoke cleansed his house with sage prior to him moving in next weekend.


“Little Lurkers” Home Protection Spell

My roommate has some people staying a few nights in our apartment, but I’m wary of strangers in my home. So, I came up with a quick little spell jars to keep an eye on them & protect my home from any wanted energies or situations while they’re here.


  • Sea salt - To absorb any negativity that may be brought in
  • Black pepper - Banishing negativity, protection, & uncrossing any destructive behavior
  • Rosemary - Protection
  • Basil - Harmony, peace, protection
  • Fresh thyme - Protection, clarity, cleansing
  • Fresh mint - Protection while sleeping

I had a little spell chant, but I had to make it up on the spot since my boyfriend was headed home, so feel free to revise it to make it a little more clever. I wispered this to my jars as I filled them, with two white candles burning. 

Keep this home safe, 
from all that is bad,
the strangers come and go,
with only what they had.
You lurk and you loom,
keeping watch as we sleep,
being sure to alert me, 
of what I may not see.
Only good enters here,
and the rest at the door,
this home is protected,
celling, walls & floor.

Last, I sealed them with a kiss! 

I made three mini little vials of this, and tucked them away in the common areas of my apartment where they’ll be staying, and now I have a little peace of mind! 

Good luck my witchy friends🥀


You’ve Fucked with the Wrong Witch jar. 

Recently someone stole personal items off of my patio within the night and it really irritated me. A few days ago in the morning I saw someone out of the corner of my eyes while I was making tea and they were wearing a grey hoodie, hood up where I couldn’t see their face. It looked weird to me but really when you are home alone all day you feel everyone is suspicious coming by your house (at least that is just me, note, I live in apartments and on top of that live right near a trail everyone walks on, so I get people passing by all the time.) The next day lighters were taken off my patio, and it isn’t like I can go to the police. “Oh, some person in a grey hoodie stole lighters from me.” They can’t and wouldn’t do anything, there isn’t anything to go off of. Plus there lighters, who cares? People might say let it go but I won’t. Honestly, no matter how big or small of what was taken the fact is I feel violated. Someone jumped my enclosed fence onto my patio, trespassing and took my shit. That isn’t okay with. 

By this incident I was inspired to make this jar and I hope that it can help you if you come across something similar within your life. Justice comes to those who yield the sword. 

A black candle
Dragon’s Blood incense ashes. 
Tobacco or tobacco ash (optional)
Coffee grounds 
Lily of the Valley (optional, warning, this herb is poisonous. If you use, use with care) 
A pinch of salt. 

Light your candle. Open your jar, place your ingredients one by one as you wish. You can say whatever you would like to set your intentions or say nothing at all, this is what I said though: 
                “No harm or thievery shall come to me because this is my home and I will protect it. With my power and my two hands I shield those away who want to cause harm and tricks and if you come across this threshold without permission then you shall feel my wrath that will cause a storm of unfortunate luck for you because I am not the person you should be fucking with.” 
Once you are finished, cap up your jar, and let it sit next to the candle as it burns out. (If you can, don’t leave a candle lit if you won’t be home) Once the candle is done, charge your jar as you’d like. (full moon, crystals, incense, etc.)

To Use: 
Sprinkle this powder under your front door mat or around your patio/balcony in the corners. Make sure it is where you won’t accidentally get any on you. I don’t recommend placing this on the bare ground either. There is salt in this and you don’t want to kill that spot of the earth. 

I do not recommend placing this powder inside the house. This is more for an external barrier to surround your home. Plus, there are toxic ingredients within spell and you don’t want any to harm you, others, or pets. 

🍃🌕My Home Is Protected Spell Jar!🌕🍃

I made my first spell jar! Its purpose is to protect and cleanse my home, or the room it is in. It’s perfect for my dorm, and very easy to make!

🌱Everything inside this jar has some association with protection or cleansing or banishing negativity and creating a loving environment.

🌱What’s Inside:
-3 dried bay leaves with various protection and safety sigils drawn on them
-sage leaves
-mint leaves
-charged full moon water
-sea salt
-a pinch of black pepper
-some lemon peel
-a small piece of clear quartz
* I added some chicken bones in there since I’m very connected to the earth, and I feel as though the bones strengthen the spells connection and gives it an extra oomph, but that’s optional.

🌱You can add a chant or any other ingredients that fee right to you. I just told each ingredient its purpose in the jar and charged it with white candles and intent!

🌱Let me know if this jar is of help to you! I think it’s a perfect and simple spell jar for your altar or your room. 😊

“Let’s build a home“ jar requested by Anonymous

Ingredients :

  • a little bottle/jar
  • wax
  • salt for purification
  • sugar for peace
  • sage for purification
  • dried basil for protection against evil and negative energies
  • dried mint for positivity and success
  • lavender for peace
  • cloves for protection and banishing of negative energies
  • dried orange/lemon peels for prosperity and happiness
  • a protective stone such as agate, obsidian, labradorite, jade, etc
  • clear quartz to enhance the energies

How to proceed:

  1. Take the time to light a candle, meditate if you wish to and focus on your intent: a happy and positive place to live in, safe. Visualize it cleary and with as many details as possible.
  2. Add the salt at the bottom of your jar, then all the other ingredients in layers. If you do not have all of them, try to have at least one of each category. With each ingredient, repeat your wish for a peaceful, happy and protected house.
  3. Finally, add the lid to your bottle and seal it with the wax (I used vanilla wax here), focusing on your intent one last time
  4. Add the ribbon if you wish.
  5. Place the jar/bottle in the main room of your house, hidden or in plain sight, as a decorative element!

Note: you can also do the same thing as a charm bag, using a green or golden fabric!

And of course, for any question, shoot me an ask!

Spells/charm bags/jars requests are OPEN


Here is the Jar spell I made for my parents! It’s a House Protection Jar.

It has 16 Ingredients (in the order I put it in the jar):

  • A sigil “This Home is Protected”
  • Black Salt (Protection)
  • Ground Black Pepper (Dispels Evil)
  • Coffee Grounds (Peace and Energy)
  • Ginger (Positivity and Prosperity)
  • Cinnamon (Protection)
  • Oats (Health)
  • Chamomile (Purification and Health)
  • Cloves (Protection)
  • Rosemary (Protection)
  • Lavender (Peace, Calmness, and Love)
  • Rose Petals (Domestic Peace, Happiness, and Love)
  • Vanilla Extract (Energy and Positivity) (I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have put this in, since it’s a liquid, but hopefully it’ll be fine!)
  • Sunflower Petals (Protection, Happiness, and Energy)
  • Dried Orange Peal (Happiness) 
  • Himalayan Salt (Sea Salt is for Protection and Purification) 

I put the Sigil down and sealed it with wax to “activate” it. Added each ingredient, layer by layer. Each layer putting my intent on the herb while I grabbed it and poured it in. Then I sealed it with some candles: First blue, then black, then white (I didn’t just set it on and waited for it to burn down, I just ended up dripping it around.) The colors of the candles weren’t as strong, slightly faded, but it still fit (and matched my parents house.)

Pretty proud of this! Being my first witchy thing this year (and ever, really) and it went well~ 

Here are some sources I used to start off my thought process! They’re Tumblr posts I’ve reblogged and tagged to use.

a witchy masterpost [updating 2]

this is my masterpost of all things witchy, and i’ll be adding stuff whenever i find something to add to this post, so it’ll slowly grow to be my ultimate witchy masterpost.  



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*Couldn’t find the original source

anonymous asked:

What are some simple spells you'd recommend to someone just beginning the craft and needs to build confidence in their magic?

“Simple” is largely a subjective term, but I’ll try to compile a few spells for various intents that require little or easy to acquire ingredients. They may not be perfect for everyone, but yeah.













Locating Items:








Also, sigils. Seriously, sigils freaking everywhere. Don’t discount sigils.

Good luck!

TwitchyWitchyOne’s Aggressive Home Protection Spell Bottle

I used every item I had on hand for this spell bottle, because we’re going through a mildly nasty separation from our roommate. I went for equal parts aesthetic and function (because I want it to be on display in my living room), so I’m going to include the order in which I added ingredients, but it’s not really necessary. Feel free to use as is, modify for what you have on hand, or for your personal preferences.

A bottle/jar/container with a cork/lid.
A brown candle.

Ingredients (remember you can use whatever you have or prefer instead):
Black Beans (dry): protection, defense, strength.
Red Beans (dry): health, energy, compassion.
Chilli Powder: repelling negative energy.
Cinnamon (ground and stick): protection, strength, prosperity.
Cloves: banishing, protection.
Cumin: protection.
Garlic (ground and whole): protection, guard against negative energy.
Nutmeg: protection, prosperity.
Rosemary (ground and whole): good health.
Black Pepper: protection against evil.
Salt: protection.
Ginger (ground and whole): strengthens the other ingredients.
Charged/Infused Water (feel free to charge however you want or infuse with any herbs or crystals you feel would be helpful. I spit into the water for a mild taglock and spoke to it about what it’s purpose was.)

While adding each ingredient, focus on the property you need from it. Say “I/We are ___” inserting the property you are focused on. When something had a property other than protection, I used it. Protection is the point of the bottle as a whole, so you don’t need to say it with every protection herb you add. You know?

The order in which I added ingredients:
1. Black Beans (“We are strong.”)
2. Salt (“We are safe.”)
3. Cloves (“We banish negative energy.”)
4. Cumin (“We are safe.”)
5. Chilli Powder (“We repel negative energy.”)
6. Nutmeg (“We are prosperous.”)
7. Ground Garlic (“We guard against negative energy.”)
8. Ground Cinnamon (“We are prosperous.”)
9. Black Pepper (“We protect against evil.”)
10. Ground Rosemary (“We are healthy.”)
11. Ground Ginger (“We strengthen.”)
12. Red Beans (“We are compassionate.”)
13. Whole Garlic (“We guard against negative energy.”)
14. Whole Ginger (“We strengthen.”)
15. Whole Cinnamon (“We are prosperous.”)
16. Whole Rosemary (“We are healthy.”)
17. Charged/Infused Water (whatever you charged or infused it with.)

Close the bottle/jar. Heat the bottom of a candle to make it stick to the cork/lid of your bottle/jar. Light the candle. Think (or say) “Our home is safe. Our home is whole. Our home is blessed.” Let the candle burn out to seal the bottle/jar.

If you want to, at this point you can add any sigils, symbols, ribbons, anything else that will have meaning and also be nice to look at.

EDIT: 1. Please don’t leave a burning candle unattended, and be extra careful if it’s burning on a cork! Make sure to put it out before it can catch on fire! 2. I didn’t think about it when I made it, but happened to put exactly the right amount of water in. If you’re using dry beans, they will expand in the water! Make sure there is plenty of room for them to expand so it doesn’t overflow!

🔮Witch Bottle 🔮
~to protect and bless my home, sacred space and self.~ 🌛🌝🌜
•sharp objects to repel negativity and harm away. (Nails, safety pins, thumbtacks, broken glass, etc.)📌
•unakite stone to aid in protection and balance of spell.💎
•strands of hair or nail clipping to infuse self symbolization and power.〰
•myrrh incense to increase power and bind spell.💨
•herbs: mint (protection), heather (peace and attract friendly spirits), sage (cleansing), rowan (home protection and inspiration), rosemary (purification and health), clove (warding negativity), rose (love), lemon verbena (strength and positive attraction).🌿
•black candle for wax to seal. 🕯
“I conjure the, protective herbs and objects, on this day and in this hour, to be a protection and safeguard against all adversity and evil. Protect this house and all who dwell within. As I will it, so mote it be.” 🗝🔮🌛🌝🌜🔮🗝

Through the Veil challenge Day 5

How are your protections/wards?? Have you checked and reinforced them latley?? Spend some time reinforcing your protections and wards today.

  • Recently I made my very first jar spell! I made it to protect my home. At the moment I live in a dorm on a Native american reservation so there is alot of activity here. There has been alot of students to go in and out of this room, so when I first moved in the energy was very manic. What makes these things more extreme is the fact that we live on a rez. There is ALOT of spiritual energy and spiritual activity on reservations due to the extreme trauma that occured here as well as the fact that sooooo many of us Natives are really intuned to the spiritual relm. Almost everyone in our dorms has had to deal with spirits coming in and talking to them and moving things around. So, I decided a jar spell would be a great solutions since people kept ruining my salt lines. I just made it a week ago so I’m not sure if I need to really reinforce it. I also would have no idea how to do that. I’m new to dealing with jar spells so if anyone has any tips on how to reinforce it or make it stronger I would really appreciate it!

Spell Challenge Day 13: Simple Home Protection Spell

(word inspired by: Soil)

A spell to protect your home and those who dwell in it from negativity and harm.

You will Need:

  • Soil from your home/property
  • Container with a lid (such as a jar, bottle, box, tupperware, etc)
  • Sea Salt (or table salt)
  • Crystal for protection of your choice (examples: quartz, obsidian, agate, jasper, sunstone, hematite, petrified wood, etc)

Place your soil into your container and even it out. On top of the soil sprinkle salt onto focusing on your intent. Place your crystal atop the salt and dirt in the center of the container and imagine the jar emitting protective waves of white energy across the room as you seal the lid. Place your container somewhere in the open, preferably eye level or higher. Best to place it in the ‘heart’ of your home whether this be the most busy room or the center of the house.

Hallowe’en Spell Jar

I hope everyone had a good Hallowe'en last night! I wanted to share with you a spell jar I’ve put together to celebrate Hallowe'en and to refresh and strengthen the house charms ready for the darkness of Winter. It’s my first spell jar so I’m thrilled with how it turned out and wanted to share it with you.

What you’ll need…

Small jar
Candle of your chosen colour
Black peppercorns (for protection and banishing)
Crushed dried chillies (to give any harm bringers a good kick!)
Black onion seeds (protection)
Sea salt (protection, cleansing and purifying the house)
Sand (protection, cleansing, washing away of problems)
Ash from incense you have offered to your house spirits
Sigils (Below)
Cinnamon (prosperity)
Lavender (for a peaceful home)
Frankincense (blessings of the gods)
Rose petals (for love and joy)
Dandelion seeds (for luck and wishes)

Get your ingredients ready. Light the candle to start melting the wax. Ask your house spirits to join you, watching as you put together the jar. Begin layering your ingredients, with the protection ones at the bottom of the jar and the dandelion seeds at the top. Focus on the meaning of each ingredient. You can chant their correspondence as you use them to help stay in the right frame of mind and to build energy. Alternatively, I like to hum as I work, I find that my house spirits enjoy music and so a tune is a small offering I can give them.

Once you have put your black pepper, sea salt and garlic in the bottle, it’s time to deal with your sigils. I used two sigils this time:

“House spirits are content” and 

“My house is safe from harm”        

Once you’ve drawn them, breathe life into them and then burn them carefully. Take the ash and pour it into the bottle along with your incense ash. Continue layering your bottle with the rest of the ingredients.

When you are finished, pop the cork in and spend a moment with the bottle clasped in your hands, so that your warmth goes into the jar and think about a happy, peaceful and protected home. When your jar is warm and you are ready, dip the jar in the candle wax or dribble wax over the jar to seal it. The wax can be a colour that you associate with protection or happiness. I chose natural beeswax because yellow is my favourite colour! Yellow means warm, happy days full of light to me, and the beeswax symbolises prosperity and productivity thanks to the bees that spent their days working hard to make it.

Leave the jar near the heart of your home, somewhere you will see it often or somewhere you most associate with your house spirits. I leave mine on my hearth, of course! Ask for the blessings of your spirits and let them know how much you appreciate them.

my first spell bottle! its a home protection spell <3

*i used the number 4 in this spell because there are currently 4 people in my household

- rain water and holy water (blessed by the priest from my local church)

- a protection sigil written 4 times on paper

- rose pedals from my flowerbed

- 4 small rocks from around my house (to protect the grounds that my house is on)

- beads from a broken Christmas ornament that was passed down from older family (used to symbolize my family)

- a small piece of citrine to soak up negativity 

- all things used in this spell were charged with my intent to protect my home and the people in it from negativity and evil spirits 

- white candle wax to seal 

I recently made my first spell jar, and I want to share it with you all!

Occult-Witchery’s Home Protection Jar

You will need:
-A glass vessel with a lid or stopper
-Sage (dried is best) - cleansing
-Crushed Eggshells - protection
-Salt - protection
-Black Pepper - banishing negativity
-White Candle - to charge and cleanse

Make sure your vessel of choice is clean and dry, and then add your ingredients to it, focusing on the intent of each ingredient as you place it in the jar. Stopper the vessel, light the white candle, and shake the jar gently while focusing on keeping your home safe and free from negativity. Place the jar beside the candle to let it charge by the candle’s heat, and when you feel it is ready, snuff the candle and seal your vessel with the wax.

Place somewhere central in your home - mine is in the living room on my altar.

Love and light to you all ❤️

Simple Home Protection Jar Spell

(written for kie-the-faery-witch)

In a jar, however large you want it, layer any / some of the following:

  • sea salt
  • rosemary
  • bergamot (as in, earl gray tea)
  • cinnamon
  • crumbled up bay leaves
  • mint
  • basil
  • thyme
  • dill seeds
  • marjoram
  • cumin
  • garlic flakes / powder
  • black peppercorns (or just black pepper)

As you add each layer to the jar, focus deeply on your intent and pour that energy into the herbs. If you’d like, repeat a phrase to bring protection to your home and all those in it. (Don’t tell anyone else that phrase.) If you want to lock this spell on to anyone specific in the household, add some of their hair or other personal materials; otherwise, just state whomever is in the home at any given time is protected from harm. Feel free to also add any other items you associate with protection and safety. Tie a black ribbon or string near the neck / top of the jar to tie it off, and keep it on a windowsill in a common area of your home. (If you can - otherwise, wherever you can keep it safely is good).

Note: If a jar doesn’t work for you, a wee sachet is a good alternative.

Happy Home Protection Spell Jar!!!

So I was looking for a protection spell jar, but I couldn’t find a specific one I liked, so I decided to make my own!!! I know it’s a big jar, but it has a sunflower design on the front, which is a personal correspondence of mine for happiness!

In order:

Sea Salt (purification)
Majoram (purification)
Lemon Peel (purification)
Whole Bay Leaves (protection)
Cloves (protection - whole and ground)
Basil (protection)
Rose Buds, Leaves, and Hips (happiness)
Orange Peel (happiness)
Cinnamon Sticks (love)
Hibiscus (love)
Fennel Seed (positive energy)
More Sea Salt (extra boost)
Pink Salt (personal aesthetic)
A Rose Quartz shard (love, happiness, personal)
Clear Quartz (all in all goodness)
Seashell (personal correspondence)
Passion Flower (emotional balance)
Peppercorn (banish negative vibrations)

On the bottom of the cork I drew a heart, and then sealed with white wax!

I took a choker of mine that had broke, and wrapped it around because I’m charging the jar with the power of the Sun!!!

There’s a lot in this jar, just for personal reasons! Feel free to use this jar, condense it or expand it how you see fit!!!


Eggshell powder!
This is a handy witch ingredient to keep in store, as well as a great fertilizer, whether you have potted plants, a garden, or both! (Epsom salt is also a great and inexpensive way to feed your plant babies, but using eggshells is a nice way to recycle and reuse!) Eggshell powder has been widely used in different forms of witchcraft, often for drawing sigils or circles. It has protective qualities, so it is also incorporated with salt for wards of the home, or in protective jars, etc.

-Rinse the remaining yolk out of the eggs, and carefully peel the membrane from the inside of the shell. This will make the powdering process much easier on you!

-Allow the shells to dry however you wish (I wrapped them in a dry paper towel and sat them in a bowl in front of a hot air vent), but make sure they’re dry all the way before you continue because it’ll be frustrating working with them when damp!

-Once dry, grind them up in a mortar and pestle until they’re a fine powder. If you don’t have this tool, you can put them in a plastic bag and crush them with your hands, but you won’t be able to get them into powder form (which is fine if you’re just using them for fertilizer, but for witchcraft usage I recommend the mortar and pestle method).

Once you’re done, bottle it however you wish! If intended for plants, you can sprinkle it directly on the surface of the soil, or (for best results) you can save it for when you repot your plant, and pour it around the plant’s roots before you cover them with dirt. Eggshells without the membrane and yolk don’t go bad, so don’t worry about not using them in a timely fashion!