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tumblr theme park idea

-when u enter the park you have to have a tag on you that has your url on it
-all of the rides are based off of famous tumblr posts such as “Randy Your Sticks Ride”, a roller coaster where you get sedated and shoved into a giant oven
-mickeys dick smasher is there too
-a memorial statue to daddy david karp is on display in the entrance
-daily cs:go lan partys
-the tumblr theme park is also home to the most polluted lake in the world
-there are no bathrooms
-the music playing in the park constantly stops to buffer and just not work
-the giftshops sell firearms
-all of the rides are consistently out-of-service 
-there are fursuiters everywhere (with firearms)
-there is no exit
-there is no escape

The Stars in Your Eyes

Request from anon: hey, can you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are best friends and the reader just LOVES constellations? So at night they sit together and look at the sky and the reader starts naming the constellations which makes Draco fall in love with her? Thanks x

Thanks so much for requesting, incidentally, I love constellations! As soon as I’m old enough I want to get a tattoo of my parents constellations! I think the stars are so cool (probably because i’m a ‘science nerd’) anyway, I’ll stop blabbering now 😂 I actually added some stuff about the constellation ‘Draco’ because a lot of the HP characters are named after constellations.

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You stand, your hands gripped gently around the rusty railing of the astronomy tower as you stared up at the stars. You’d always been mesmerised by the infinite possibility of what could be out there: it excited you, but not nearly half as much as it worried you. You always enjoyed stargazing at Hogwarts because it was in the highlands; back home, there was light pollution and most nights you could barely see the night sky.

“You gaze at the stars like they have stories to tell.” Draco, your best friend of God knows how many years justifies with a smile on his face. You break away from looking at the glistening white dots for a few seconds to glance over his features that were lit so perfectly in the dim light. “They do,” you began. you pointed up at the sky, showing Draco the loose outline of the constellation you so often admired. “This one’s Cassiopeia. It’s named after a vain queen named Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her incomparable beauty.” You smiled, quarrelling the reality of Greek mythology. “And this one’s Scorpius, notice it’s scorpion shape?” You note, as Draco watches you intently, realising for the first time how much you really knew about the stars. 

“What’s that one?” Draco asked, pointing at the cluster of stars that lay near the horizon. You thought for a few moments before answering. “It’s Ursa Major. It’s so beautiful.” Draco smiled at your passion. He watched as you smiled up at the sky. It had hit him like a tonne of bricks, but he began to wonder when you’d become so beautiful; he’d never thought this way about you before, but all he wanted to do was lean over and kiss you. You looked so gorgeous. 

“What’s your favourite constellation?” He asked, not daring to look away from you in case he missed anything. “You’re not going to believe me.” You chuckled, breaking away from your mesmerisation with the sky to look at Draco. “Try me.” He said, a smile forming upon his lips. “Okay, well, it’s actually Draco.” You breathed. You could’ve sworn you saw Draco blush but you couldn’t tell because of the black and white light that had been cast from the night sky. “Look.” You began, gently placing your fingers under his chin so that he could see the constellation that was by far the prettiest of them all. “Do you see it? It looks like some sort of dragon-snake hybrid. It’s amazing.” You whisper, smiling as you take in it’s beauty. 

Draco nods, turning to look at you once again. “It’s amazing, Y/N. You’re amazing.” He mumbles, scratching his neck. “And, it’s named after me.” You chuckle. “Well, technically, you’re the one named after it.” You justify. You both stand in silence for a few more moments, analysing each other. “What are you thinking?” You ask after watching Draco’s expression turn into a smile. “It’s weird,” Draco begins. “I swear I can see the stars in your eyes, Y/N.” 

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Father Angel, I recently had a conversation that troubled me. Someone was saying that since God will provide for Mankind in the world, we do not need to labor by our own power to secure God's gifts against environmental damage, use sustainable energy, come up with new technology to irrigate tbe deserts, etc. To me this seems like an outrageous presumption, like somebody not bothering to feed their family in hopes of manna from Heaven. Can you comment on this?


I don’t blame you for feeling bothered. We can’t dump everything in God’s lap, when it comes to the care of our planet, as good stewards.

We are in a partnership with the Lord, a team effort of collaboration. Our heavenly Father provides strength and His Spirit. We take that and do the work that Jesus has entrusted to us as disciples. I suggest to the “somebody” who talked about God providing, would read the parable of the talents.

Jesus speaks of a worker who is provided with ten talents, a worker who is given two, and a worker who is given one. The Master returns and asks for an accounting of His talents. The workers with ten, and with two, labored with initiative, and doubled the Master’s investment.

The worker with one talent, did nothing out of laziness and used his fear of the Master, as an excuse for burying the talent in the ground so that it did not improve or yield an interest. The Master is angry at that worker for being useless. He orders that servant to be thrown out (Matthew 25:30).

When it comes to the environment, and the planet, we are dealing with a treasure our Master has entrusted to us, to be kept well, taken care of, and stewarded. 

It is not the job of a steward, a caretaker, to go hog wild, to waste, to despoil, to pilfer the Master’s treasure. Our dominion over nature, over creation, over animals, does not take away the Creator’s dominion, as if God abandons everything to us to do as we please.

We will have to render an account to God, for the way that material creation has been stewarded by us, and not just how we grew in spiritual matters. When nature, when animals, cry out to God, that they are abused and blighted by our gluttony and waste, the Creator hears. 

Thus, the more we can show a loving attention to creation, and to take better care of it, the more we can show God that we respect and love the beautiful world He gave to us as a common home. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

you don’t even realize you’re shaking until you start dropping things
you can’t get a grip on anything
your body trembles with want, with need
you clench your fists, try to ignore it
grit your teeth, try to fight through the pain
you want you want you want
you need
it’s a craving that nothing can satisfy
you try to sleep it off
drink coffee until you can’t stand the taste
chew gum or sunflower seeds or your own nails
nothing suffices
you go for a walk but everything you see somehow brings you back to what you’re trying to avoid
you don’t want to go home because every inch of home is polluted
it’s a type of mold only you can see
it’s growing in your walls, seeping through tiles and cracks in the foundation
it lingers above your head when you try to sleep
no one else knows what you’re talking about
they think your house is immaculate
they think you’re immaculate
they don’t see the way you’re grinding your teeth into nothing but dust
they don’t see the blunt indentations in your palms from what’s left of your fingernails
they don’t see the way your bones are aching and no amount of medicine can take the pain away
they don’t see the sleepless nights
they don’t see the four am breakdowns on the bathroom floor
they don’t see how all you want is to just give in
they don’t see any of that
they just say how proud they are of you for lasting this long
and to keep going
but what are you supposed to keep going towards?  where’s the finish line?
and what exactly is the prize?
somehow that doesn’t seem like enough of an incentive

it’s as if there’s a little devil sitting on your shoulder, egging you on
and some days
the angel is nowhere to be found
—  fuzzychaosdinosaur said: Hey, um i was wondering if you could write a poem abut the addiction. but like dont specify what type of addiction.
(cc, 2017)

In 1980, Congress established Superfund, a federal program tasked with cleaning up sites contaminated with pollutants and hazardous waste. Many of these sites now have housing developments on or around them, because what could possibly go wrong with that?

As you might have guessed, many, many things could go wrong with that. At the West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, signs are posted warning residents of the 109-building complex to stay the hell out of the dirt. Contaminated with arsenic and lead from a defunct factory, the EPA is racing to remediate the site and make it safe. In Brooklyn, homes lining the industrial waterfront are experiencing “vapor intrusion” – fumes rising from contaminated soil and groundwater carrying airborne pollution inside homes. Also in New York, a Halloween night rave – a legal one – was shut down by the fire department. The problem? Nobody realized the warehouse used for the rave was a toxic site that was flooding party-goers’ bodies with harmful chemical substances (of the non-recreational variety).

What are the effects of living on or near a seething pool of toxic sludge? That’s not an easy answer to give, and not just because the EPA isn’t super eager to divulge just how deeply into shit we’ve waded. 

6 Under-Reported Ways Big City Life Is Slowly Killing You

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Can u do more HC on grumpy/sour merman Jk with prince jimin? :)

+ Jungkook is constantly mad because he can barely swing without getting some Human gunk stuck to his fins.

+ So as revenge Jungkook throws all the trash he finds up on streets and beaches and has even hit people who walks by.

+ It’s easy to do cause the Park Kingdom as channels of water all over the place.

+ Jimin has heard the council talk with his father about the sudden trash problem they have and no one knows what to do.

+ Jimin curiously walks the streets of his kingdom in commoner cloths as he spots pile of trash and people gawking at it.

+ Jimin passes over one of the many bridges then gets hit in the head with a can. Jimin curses as he rubs his head as he looks around for who ever threw it.

+ Jimin didn’t see anyone and walks over to the side of the bridge. All he sees is ripples and Jimin looks at it curiously.

+ Jimin picks up the wet can then walks over the other side of the bridge to drop it into the water. Seconds later the can shoots back up and barely miss Jimin.

+ “Yah! Take it back!”

+ Jimin stares in shock when a male with a glare pops up from the water. Jimin blinks as he leans forward.

+ “y-you’re a merman?!” “And you’re a filthy human that likes to pollute my home!”

+ Jimin blinks as he look at the can on the bridge before back at Jungkook.

+ “you mean all this trash is from the ocean?” “There is alot more. I’m just giving it back.”

+ Jimin smiles at the angry pout the merman give him. So cute.

+ “I’m sorry.” “Sorry won’t change the fact my tail got cut last week. Or how my friend died cause of a bag.”

+ Jimin frowns as he shifts to sit on the edge.

+ “That’s horrible.” “It’s your humans fault.” “I know. But I can help.” How can you help?“ "Well, I have some power.”

+ Jimin heads back to the palace to explain his findings and come up with a plan to lessen the trash in the ocean.

+ Jimin sees Jungkook a week later, still tossing trash onto the bridge. Jimin smiles and leans over.

+ “hello. How’s the trash?” “Not as much. But still everywhere.”

+ Jimin smiles as he picks up the plastic bottle and examines it. Jungkook stares at him for a moment before scoffs.

+ “Thanks.” “Don’t thank me yet, I still gotta clear the ocean so you’re cute tail doesn’t get hurt anymore.”

+ Jungkook blushes as he dives back into the water as Jimin laughs.

+ But they meet everyday at that bridge.

Fathoms Below

Seafarers have been telling each other stories of monsters of the deep for as long as humanity has been crossing the waves.

Many of these tales can be written off as simply the wondrous work of the human imagination, failing that they could be the eyes of a tired sailor deceiving him or her, perhaps still just mistaken identity. Lord knows humans have coined some truly odd creatures due to mis-remembering appearance in the days before cameras.

Some, however, are true.

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Selling a dragon with art/lore, trying something a little different:

A bitter dryad doomed to slowly wither away from the toxic wastes that polluted their home. They are the sole remnant of a once lush forest, a haven for their kin. Now all that remains is a poisoned land, barren and unsurvivable. They too, will one day rot away like their fellows. But before that day comes, there is something that they must do. They desperately search for something before their time is up, but what? What is it?


They Came

From the stars, they
came, from outerspace–

primarily for the produce,

though they also like
our drugs and our women.

It’s been a boon to tourism,
and for the pushers of flesh

and vice.

They won’t pollute their homes,
with what they do here–

but that’s fine.

They pay us well, and the women
are happy. And everything

rolls on

until the first of the children
are born.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

What did you think?


M: Brocade, I think you and I both know why I’m here.

A: I’m sorry, but I got married. That’s no longer my name.

M: *grumbles* Oh right, that atrocity happened.

A: Look, I know you have some moral issues with me, but please leave my husband out of this.

M: I didn’t even come to criticise you. Your private life is none of my business. What is of my business is the fact that you intend to make everything about you a public issue and spread your ill views all over this country.

A: What did I ever do to you???

M: I CANNOT let you pollute MY home country, Aureus. I cannot. When I grew up, values still existed. We were a great community-

A: With tons of discrimination.

M: Shut up! We were a great community, and then it went downhill! I will not sit idly while you ruin it completely. Don’t pretend like you’re more suited for this than Boulder Nickel. You and your…ridiculous goals and childlike imagination. I will not let you win this election.

Open Water: Pt. 6

A Bucky x Reader / AU

Master List

A/N: Here is part 6! I hope you guys like it. You’ve been sending me some great responses so keep em’ coming! I love hearing from you. Your reactions give me life (especially about Steve the iguana, who has become somewhat of a mascot of this series)!

Word Count: 1,830

- language.

Tags: (at the bottom)

*gif is not mine.

Hand in hand is how you and Bucky walked back to your camp, the orange glow of the fire he’d made showing you the way. With no choice but to put your disgusting clothes back on, you vowed to go back to the spring when you woke up to wash your clothes. Your skin felt less dingy now, which was a plus, and your lips were still tingling where Bucky had kissed you. You bit your lip as you thought about the kiss, your mind wishing for more. He glanced in your direction on the way, a huge smile spread across his face.

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“It seems impossible to avoid the observation that the alien abduction phenomenon is occurring in the context of a planetary ecological crisis that is reaching critical proportions and that information about this situation is often powerfully conveyed by the alien beings to the experiencers." -John Mack, M.D. 

Our Earth, our home is over polluted and over-populated. Our home, the only on in the universe is being carelessly destroyed at an alarming rate. Our home, the only one we have is dying and we don’t have another place to escape to. Oceans, rainforests, deserts and mountains. Clouds, wildflowers, valleys and treetops. All beautiful members of Mother Nature ~ equals to ourselves. We are all Earth’s inhabitants. We all belong to her. She created us and she will destroy us. Something so beautiful and so rare should be protected and preserved yet look at what’s happening. People need to open their eyes and their hearts and become more aware and more caring when it comes to OUR home. We cannot leave but what if the time comes and we cannot stay? Think about it.

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HC for human JM falling headover heels for sassy/grumpy/cute merman JK XD

+ Jimin always thought mermaids were lovely creatures but Jungkook is anything but lovely.

+ Well Jimin thinks the pouty mermaid is lovely even though he is a dick.

+ Jimin smiles as Jungkook bitches about the cola can he found in his part of the ocean.

+ “I swear on day I’ll drown all you humans. Polluting my home and shit.” “I’m working on informing everyone. But you’re so cute when you’re cranky.” “I’ll drown you first Jimin.”

+ Jimin and Jungkook swim together and Jimin shares food with him.

+ “I must have more of this chocolate.” “Ok, I’ll bring more tomorrow.”

+ Jungkook splashes Jimin when the human makes him mad.

+ And threatens to drown him whenever they meet.

+ Jimin just smiles fondly and Some times sneak kisses on his cheek.

+ Jungkook gets so embarrassed and happy he swims away making Jimin laugh.

Even Devils Are Afraid (my poem)

Even devils are afraid,
Of this planet we have made,
Not even they can bear,
What we have here,
Even they prefer to live and grow,
In the depths below,
Cos this world is not good enough,
For devils below or angels above,
We’re stuck inbetween,
Where nobody wants to be,

Even devils are afraid,
Of this planet we have made,
Not even they are that brave,
They have been saved,
From this hell of a world,
Where humans kill over pearls,
And war over ideas,
So it is no wonder that devils do fear,
This planet we inhabit,
We’re a global bad habit,

Even devils are afraid,
Of this planet we have made,
The one we created, the one we destroyed
The one that one day will be no more than a void,
When we wipe out eachother,
No love for our mother or brother,
No respect for the animals who were here long before,
We broke down the barricade at their door
And ruined the land they called home,
So we could pollute and build drones,

Even devils are afraid,
Of this planet we have made,
Does that not say something to you,
That hell is preferred over this cage of a zoo

One Year in American Junk Mail

It arrives in the mailbox and often goes straight to the garbage. Here’s why it’s worth stopping the endless cycle.

The mailbox ritual goes something like this—open the box, and out spills a slew of envelopes and catalogs. Bills get separated from coupon mailers. Holiday cards and invitations get dug out of a tangle of credit-card offers and other solicitations.

No one loves it, but everyone gets junk mail. It’s a relentless tide of paper that comes to your doorstep unbidden and often ends up in a garbage can moments after entering the house.

The production, distribution, and disposal of all that junk mail creates more than 51 million metric tons of greenhouses gases annually, the emissions equivalent of more than 9.3 million cars. That’s more than all the cars registered in Los Angeles and New York City combined.

MORE WAYS YOU CAN:  Shrink Your Waste

There are ways to cut back on mailbox clutter. CatalogChoice.org allows users to search for the catalogs that come to an address and opt to stop getting them or reduce the frequency. For example, if you only want to see the Crate and Barrel catalog for holiday shopping, you can opt to get only the seasonal publications. You will need to enter the customer number or key source code from a copy of the mailer at the website page.

Doing a little paperwork there and on sites such as dmachoice.org and optoutprescreen.com can reduce a lot of future paper clutter.

Besides, the trees are more worth keeping around than the flood of marketing materials. Yale researchers estimate that since the dawn of humanity we have cut down half the trees on the planet, and there are about 3 trillion left—which leaves us with about 400 trees a person.