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Day 3/100 

I’ve been planning out my days in lists before moving into my new Erin Condren planner. Today is a catch-up day trying to get my apartment in order before a busy week!

Erin Condren Notebook, G2 Pilot Pen .07 Black

A bit morbid but

An AU where due to his close encounter with death and seeing what it did to nearly destroy his brother, Genji decided to take up being a Funeral Director to help people through the most tragic time of their lives. 

Hanzo, wanting nothing to do with the end of life but instead, finding himself drawn to new beginnings, takes up being a Wedding Planner.

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5.3.16 Mother’s Day is tomorrow so I went out into the rain and hail and come home to no central heating! Lit the fire and started working there until the plummer comes! Feeling pretty cozy. xxx emily

These Nights Are Endless

written by: @spacexualkids | Tierney

prompt: ‘Bellamy and Clarke meet on a cruise, Clarke is there with her mom who she doesn’t get along with and Bellamy is there with his friends.’ for anonymous

word count: 5661

Clarke is exhausted, which is sort of the opposite purpose of an all-inclusive cruise.

To be fair, it’s hardly the cruise’s fault that Clarke is stuck with her mom for two weeks. On a giant boat. In the middle of the ocean, where there’s no real escape.

She supposes she could fake her death or something, but that might come across as a little over dramatic.

And it isn’t her mom’s fault either, Clarke knows, which just makes her even more aggravated, because it means she has no one to blame. Her mom is just always on , she had been even when Jake was still alive, but he’d been able to temper her a bit, relaxing the situation. But once he was gone, there was no one to balance Abby’s constant stream of itineraries and to-do lists.

Honestly, Clarke might just hate that she has a day planner at home that looked scarily similar to her mother’s. But that was the point of the cruise, wasn’t it? To relax, and forget about her responsibilities? Wells has explicitly given her the time off, so that she won’t be bothered with issues at the gallery, and she doesn’t have another showing until next month. She should be laying out on a lawn chair with some shitty young adult para-romance novel, pretending that she might get a tan.

But instead, here she is, hiding at the tiki bar, while her mom’s in the gift shop looking at the throw pillows with cross-stitched dolphins saying ridiculous things, like you’re fin-tastic!

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