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imagine Denmark playing around with one of Norway's magic books after watching Harry Potter and since it's all written in magic language he doesn't know that is says "NEVER summon this demon" and of course he accidentally summons the demon. The demon takes over Denmark and starts wrecking his body from inside when Norway comes home. The demon stops messing around with Denmark's body and instead starts acting like him. It takes Norway out for a date and then when they get home (p1)

(p2) it pulls a knife out on Norway BUT Norway pulls out a charm that burns the demon, because Norway knows Denmark better than anyone and was able to tell the minute he got home that something wasn’t right. He nails the charm and several like it into Denmark’s body so he’s able to exorcise the demon. it’s Denmark who opens his eyes this time and starts coughing up blood and apologizing and Norway just kisses him and calls him an idiot and brings him (p2)

(p3) to the hospital and den gets better and nor starts locking up his books forever

The Beautiful Disaster

One week; 7 days, 168 hours, 10.080 excruciating minutes. An interval Clementine almost couldn’t bear. Time was passing slowly, sluggishly like the movements of attempting to chew stringy meat. She absolutely hated it. No one could fill the vacancy in her heart that diffused in every pore of her body since the day her sister was executed.  She didn’t know how, but  she had found a way to feel the least bit of emotion. The worst part was that there wasn’t even a decent reason for it to happen. Clementine thought there was actually an improvement regarding to her sister’s curiosity, or at least her stopping from trying to get answers as to why they couldn’t feel but she was making this figment up to reassure herself.  To act like everything was going to be alright. “You idiot, Clementine.” She muttered through gritted teeth in a strident pitch as her mocha orbs reflected a picture of a happy couple, glancing at each other in absolute admiration. Sometimes it made her want to smile, to think that she wasn’t the only one clinging to hope. But she couldn’t in which she hadn’t.

Inside the manor, the walls were wainscoted gray marble; the floors covered in dark tile; the fourteen-foot ceiling of the first floor presented in pressed tin. The dark colors and gabled windows gave the mansion a mysterious, gothic, feel. Through the Entrance Lobby led a hallway, which led to a subsequent lobby comprised of three sets of double doors facing south, east, and west, which lead to the dining room, basement, and picture gallery—which was casually used as a billiard room for company—respectively. The kitchen also communicated to another set of double doors which led outside, towards the separate kitchen and servant’s quarters, which was comprised of a small, one story stone cabin. In the basement, a large library formed an inner apartment connected to the drawing room of the same dimensions. Clementine sauntered towards his fathers office, completed documents in hand.

Clementine sauntered around the manor, still amazed each time she came in. She was late, but hoped that his father was still around. Her family, the Freyson’s, have been working for this family quite some time now. They worked for the 'Order,’ a government group that had run the whole system, but their family was by far the most educated. In which after much convincing and proving loyalty, their family was welcomed with open arms. Though everyone was weary of the lower class, even them. Clementine made her way up the steps, an exasperated sigh surpassing her lips. Her fingers curled into a first, knocking on the door as she quirked a brow. “Hello?” she said, opening the door and caught sight of him, instead. “I see you’ve set aside this time to make yourself present. Where’s your father, I wanted to meet him.” Though Clementine had already known he wasn’t here, in which she contemplated going back home.

I want to kiss your face and always hold your hand.

My love, oh how I would live for you. Yes, not die. I want to live for you and with you and I want to love you for the rest of time.

I want you to be home. I want to see your smile and feel all the warmth that being under the covers, curled up against you, brings me just from that. I want to make you coffee and maybe not food because we know I’ll burn the house down, but I want to try. I want to be by your side for the rest of my life.

Damn you, my love. You are my stars and I want to do nothing more than be your sky.

—  I want you to be my home // Sky Series p1
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