home office in a closet


New Video! Got so many requests to make a House Tour video! Big thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! <3 :) 


Lecter Manor is up!

A fully decorated, fully functional Lecter Manor is now up in the gallery!! The lot is 30x40, approx 250000 simoleons and has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, foyer, office, kitchen, pantry, basement,living room, walk-in-closet, home cinema (if you have Movie Night) and a lot of space for your add-ons. 

Its as close as I could make it resemble Hannibal’s house from NBC Show Hannibal! Enjoy :D And send me pictures of your households living in the house! I would love to see them!

Look it up as: Lecter Manor or by my EA-ID: Kikyo0Takarai

Be sure to have CC allowed on your search for it to appear! I used no CC items, I think, but you will have to allow it in advance settings for it to pop out.