home of the vain


Summary: In which Bucky sends you to voicemail without realizing it’s the last time he’ll ever hear your voice.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,235

Warnings: Angst, Character Death

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When Bucky’s phone starts ringing, he knows it’s you for multiple reasons. One, you’re the only person who ever calls him. Two, you programmed his phone to play a specific song whenever you called. He constantly forgets the name of it, but he knows the female singing really likes saying ‘I woke up like this’.

“Are you gonna get that?” Steve asks, gesturing to the ringing device in Bucky’s pocket.

“No,” he responds, silencing his phone the way you taught him to. “I’ll just see her when I get home.”

“Home?” Steve’s lips tilt upwards into a smirk.

“Her home,” Bucky corrects in vain. It’s not a secret that he spends all of his free time with you.

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We are all just stars that have people names.
-Nikita Gill

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Garry Newlove, a married father of 3, lived in Fernhead, a close-knit community in Warrington, UK.  The area had increasing problems with drunken teens roaming the streets, an issue that came to a head for Garry Newlove on the evening of August 10th, 2007.  After confronting a gang of youths for vandalising his wife’s car, Garry was viciously attacked in front of his home. His 3 daughters witnessed the brutal assault, and tried in vain to ward off their father’s attackers.

After suffering numerous catastrophic head injuries within the space of 2 minutes,  Garry fell into a coma, and his wife Helen made the decision to turn off his life support machine a couple of days later.  Thanks to a number of eyewitness accounts, Adam Swellings, Steven Sorton, and Jordan Cunliffe (aged just 19, 17 and 16 respectively), were soon identified by police. The day of the attack, Swellings had been released on bail for assaulting another man just weeks previously.  Sorton had been identified by police as he was missing one trainer; the other had come off while kicking Garry Newlove in the head. A further 2 assailants were also put before the court, but are unable to be named for legal reasons.

During the trial, the defendants reportedly laughed and joked throughout the Newlove family’s witness testimonies, even dropping off to sleep at points in the proceedings.  However, they soon stopped laughing when all 3 named suspects were found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.


hélène is very much a product of the society around her.    given the rapid changes of society throughout time,    especially considering the culture of the rich,    hélène’s natural characterization will change drastically when placed into different time periods.

her canon era,    taking place in early nineteenth century russia,    sees her as composed and quiet in public.    her paranoia about her image in society keeps her from acting out,    making her seem much more polite and soft to most than she really is out of the public’s eye.    however,    this also has an extremely negative effect on her mental state,    as it forces her to essentially separate her personality into two identities:    the parts of her that she deems acceptable for society and that parts that aren’t.    the silent and calm persona seen in drawing rooms is starkly contrasted by the cruel and vain hélène of her home.    her anger and negative traits are heightened by the inability to show them,    as well as having no healthy way for her to deal with them.

in a modern setting,    hélène would be drastically different.    prim and proper is no longer the image typically of the rich and beautiful in high society.    she would be much more vocal and overall healthier.    she would no longer have to shield her emotions,    at least not as much as she did in canon.    her mental illness would still be an issue,    of course,    but she would also have access to treatment and would be able to actively work on getting better.


잠깐 시간내줄 수 있어요? = Can you make some time for me?
지금 이러고 있 시간이 어디 있어요? = We don’t have time for this. (Where is the time for this?)
그럴 시간 있으면 공부나 하세요.= If you have time to do that (that kind of time), study or something.
이번 프로젝트에 시간을 많이 할애해 주세요.= I hope you can spend a lot of time on this project. (할애 = to spare)
한국 시간으로 5월 2일 오후 7시에 시작할 거예요.= It will begin at 7 pm on May 2nd in Korean time.
여행을 가고 싶은데 좀처럼 시간이 안 나네요.= I want to travel, but I just can’t find the time.
괜히 시간 낭비하지 말고 그냥 돌아가세요.= Stop wasting your time in vain, just go back home.
제가 시간이 남아도는 줄 아세요? = Do you think I have that much time to waste?
아무리 바빠도 그렇죠. 잠깐 전화할 시간도 없어요? = Even though you were really busy, you didn’t even have time for a quick phone call?
시간이 어떻게 가는지 모르겠어요.= I can’t feel the passage of time.= Time flies.
시간을 되돌릴 수 있으면 좋겠어요.= I wish I could turn back time to the past.
저는 주말에는 가족들하고 시간을 보내는 편이에요.= I usually spend time with my family on the weekends.

시간 내다/내주다 = To make/spare time for
~ㄹ 시간이 어디 있다? = Where is the time for/to?
그럴 시간 = Time for/todo
시간을 할애하다/해주다 = To spare time
시간이 나다/안 나다 = To have time/not have time
시간 낭비하다 = To waste time
시간이 남다 = Time remaining/left
~ㄹ 시간도 없다 = Not even time to/for
시간이 지나다 = Time passes 
시간이 가다 = Time goes (flies)

@occhiterrestrivolumedue mi menziona per il gioco della lista dei brani musicali:

1) Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (tutto l'album, non solo il brano omonimo)… e altro di loro

2) CapaRezza: La Fitta Sassaiola Dell'Ingiuria, Abiura Di Me… e altro di lui

3) Franco Battiato: Prospettiva Nevski, Gli Uccelli, Stranizza D'Amuri… e altro di lui

4) Iosonouncane: Die (album)

5) Vinicio Capossela: Il Ballo Di San Vito, Con Una Rosa, Signora Luna… e altro di lui

6) Robert Johnson: They’re Red Hot, Sweet Home Chicago, Love In Vain e altro blues anni ‘30-‘40

7) John Frusciante: To Record Only Water For Ten Days (album)… e altro di lui

8) Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here (album)… e altro di loro

9) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenata (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) K525, Rondo in D-K382 … e altro di lui

10) Alborosie: Kingston Town e altro di lui.

word party: 費

費 feì is “to cost” or “to charge,” so it’s pretty straight forward in a word like 免費 miǎnfèi “free of charge” or 浪費 làngfèi "to waste, to squander.“ It’s also really productive as a noun, so here’s a batch of handy nouns (for not really fun things…) :

  • 小費 xiǎofèi "tip” (as in money)
  • 生活費 shēnghuófèi “cost of living”
  • 路費 lù fèi “fare”
  • 學費 xuéfèi “tuition”
  • 水電費  shuǐdiàn fèi “utilities”
  • 費用 fèiyòng “cost, expense”
  • 破費 pòfèi “to spend a lot of money” (破 is “to break,” so think like “breaking the bank”)


白 bái as a prefix usually means something was done “in vain.” So if you were trying to meet up with someone but maybe they weren’t home you 白去, “went in vain.” So if you spent something in vain? 白費 báifèi "waste.“ 

One day when I was out riding, I met a very beautiful girl accompanied by an elderly lady. Our eyes met and she made such an impression on me that I reined in my horse to gaze at her as she walked on. Every day I went riding on the same road, at the same hour, hoping to meet the lovely stranger again. I waited in vain and then wended my say way home. But one afternoon the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Alexander called on us accompanied by their daughter, the Princess Irina. To my surprise and delight I recognised the girl I had met on my ride. This time I had plenty of time to admire the wondrous beauty of the girl who was eventually to become my wife and lifelong companion. She had beautiful features, clear-cut as a cameo, and looked very like her father.

Prince Felix Yusupov: Lost Splendour

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