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title: after the storm
fandom: kuroko no basket
pairing: akashi/kuroko
summary: after the winter cup, akashi falls into depression. kuroko’s the only one who can get him out of it.
notes: for the fourth day of akakuro week, under the prompt the phrase ‘who are you?’ set in the weeks following the winter cup. spoilers for the end of the manga if you haven’t read it.

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I think one of Lorelai and Luke’s sweetest moments is when he buys a T.V. for his bedroom for her. (ep 5x12-Come Home) At the beginning of the episode, Luke says she doesn’t have to go to bed early, but she says “every night you have early deliveries is a night we spend apart, and seriously, where’s the good in that?” He kisses her goodnight, which is really cute… then she asks him why he doesn’t have a TV in the bedroom, he says that watching T.V. in bed screws up your REM sleep and he goes on a little rant. Lorelai clearly has trouble getting to sleep after that, so apparently, she reads his oven manual, which she tells him the next day as she helps him fix the oven. At the end of the episode, they’re going to bed again, and after a bit, she notices the T.V. Although he doesn’t like watching TV in bed, she does, so he compromises, and I love the smile on his face when he sees that she sees the T.V. ( see 1st pic) She says that he’s too good for her and he teases that he might meet a nice girl at R&E’s vow renewal. Then, once he’s settled in bed, she smiles at him (see 2nd pic) and reaches out and runs her hand down his back affectionately. I think this moment shows how much Luke loves her and that he just likes to see her happy… I just thought I’d show my appreciation for this adorable moment :)  
(screencap credit goes to home of the nutty)

SPN Positivity 20 Day Challenge–Day 2: Courage

(screencap from Home of the Nutty)

Trying to pin down individual moments from this series isn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. There are so many moments of courage in Supernatural. From facing mortal peril to emotional vulnerability, there are almost too many to choose from. Eventually, I narrowed it down to this moment from 2x06 No Exit.

Jo doesn’t have the broadest range of experience as a hunter, or even just as an adult. She lives and works at a tiny bar in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. While her age isn’t explicitly stated, it’s implied that she’s fairly young, certainly younger than Dean and possibly even Sam. She’s a small blond woman with no reason to assume that she will be successful as a hunter.

But she does it anyway.

Jo is incredibly courageous. She fights for what she wants even to the point of ignoring reason. She never backs down from a goal. If she fails once, she stands back up, dusts herself off and keeps going. Hunting and playing bait may not be her best idea, but it is hers. She never lets anyone make a decision about her without having a say.

But what really makes Jo incredible is that here, when she’s trapped underground by a serial-killing ghost with no hope of escape, she cries. She lets herself cry and be terrified and vulnerable and alone. She doesn’t deny her emotions or her lack of omniscience. Courage isn’t about never being afraid, and it isn’t, as a lot of people assume, about being afraid and pretending that you aren’t. It’s about acknowledging the fear, accepting it, and then standing back up and saying, “What next?”

Jo keeps her head. She stabs the ghost with an iron knife, and she calms the panicking woman in the cell next to hers, and eventually saves the day (with the help of Sam and Dean of course). She doesn’t do anything superhuman, doesn’t bend iron bars with her bare fists or fight her way through the whole ordeal single-handed and unscathed. She does something far more incredible, because it’s so much more believable. She is real, honest, human: vulnerable, and strong despite it.