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  • Aquarius ascending/Sun in the 7th house: attracts 'important' people. Radiates off power and confidence, inspires the individual to be free
  • Capricorn ascending/Moon in the 7th house: attracts maternal and nurturing types, those which soften the world, needs someone comforting to come home to
  • Sagittarius ascending/Mercury in the 7th house: attracts intelligence and teachers, conversationalists, writers, people who offer a wide range of perspectives and knowledge for their cerebral consumption
  • Scorpio ascending/Venus in the 7th house: attracts creative and ground people, those who can provide shelter in the storm, attracts money and prestige
  • Aries ascending/Venus in the 7th house: attracts diplomatic and artistic people, those who teach them to negotiate and resolve chaos
  • Libra ascending/Mars in the 7th house: attracts lively and reactive people who teach the individual how to live in the moment, they may hold out their aggression for certain people
  • Gemini ascending/Jupiter in the 7th house: attracts educated and intelligent types, those who encourage the individual to travel outside the mind, explore ideas in physical reality
  • Cancer ascending/Saturn in the 7th house: attracts quiet,mature, and hardworking people who provide safety, those who understand the person's shyness
  • Leo ascending/Uranus in the 7th house: attracts unusual and eccentric types who show the person how to be comfortable with being different
  • Virgo ascending/Neptune in the 7th house: attracts visionary, inspiring, and unstable people, those who teach the individual struggle so they can help others
  • Taurus ascending/Pluto in the 7th house: attracts complex and reverant people, those who antagonize, evoke deep emotion, and provide temptation
  • Pisces ascending/Mercury in the 7th house: attracts grounded and cerebral types, those who provide logic and calm in the chaos
  • -Cherry
You identify yourself by:
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 1st: Your appearance, personality, ego.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 2nd: Your possessions, values, self worth/esteem.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 3rd: You intelligence, siblings, communication.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 4th: Your home, family, childhood, emotions.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 5th: Your hobbies, children, romantic interests, creativity.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 6th: Your work/routine, health, service.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 7th: Your one-on-one relationships, marriage, enemies, attraction.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 8th: Your passion, inheritance, intimacy, transformation.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 9th: Your travels, philosophies, higher education, spirituality.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 10th: You career, reputation, ambition, influence
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 11th: Your friends, dreams/goals, social groups, humanitarian work.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 12th: Your internal, subconscious self, past life, secrets, solitude, ordeals.




[this is from an article called ‘A Fin-de-Siècle Beauty and the Beast: Configuring the Body in Works by “Graham R. Tomson” (Rosamund Marriott Watson)’ by Linda K. Hughes]

6:45am on Christmas morning, ascending out of Seattle and heading home. I’m shaking violently as we break through the clouds and fog, the rising sun illuminating Rainier’s peak. I imagine the plane tipping sideways, back towards the ground and crashing into the snow. As it goes down, I’ll think, ‘In the next life, I will be a wildflower. I’ll grow on the mountain side the following spring and, maybe, one day, my sister will come through and she’ll see me, the wildflower. Somehow, she’ll know and she’ll address me by name before leaving me be. And that’s how I’ll know she’s grown into a woman.
December 25th, 2016.

Which partners you are the most attracted by according to your Descendant
  • The Descendant is in the cusp of the 7th house, which is ruled by Libra. It's the opposite sign of your Ascendant/Rising and says something about our ideal complement, the one we will probably end up falling for and what we most likely seek for in our potential partners.
  • Aries: (Ascendant Libra)
  • attracted to the fiery, impulsive, adventurous, courageous and “go getter” type; most likely to be attracted to the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • Taurus: (Ascendant Scorpio) attracted to practical, reliable, loyal and grounded partners; most likely to be attracted to the earth signs (Tarus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Gemini: (Ascendant Sagittarius) attracted to witty, communicative and open-minded partners; most likely to be attracted to the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Cancer: (Ascendant Capricorn) attracted to home loving, solicitous partners, who can offer emotional security; most likely to be attracted to the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • Leo: (Ascendant Aquarius)attracted to a partner who is warm, confident and generous ; most likely to be attracted to the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • Virgo: (Ascendant Pisces) attracted to analytical, grounded and clever partners ; most likely to be attracted to the earth signs (Tarus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Libra: (Ascendant Aries) attracted to charming, independent partners who can offer you harmony and balance ; most likely to be attracted to the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Scorpio: (Ascendant Taurus) attracted to mysterious, powerful partners who are a bit possessive ; most likely to be attracted to the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • Sagittarius: (Ascendant Gemini) attracted to free spirited, independet, adventurous and funny partners ; most likely to be attracted to the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • Capricorn: (Ascendant Cancer) attracted to practical, ambitious, reliable and successful partners ; most likely to be attracted to the earth signs (Tarus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Aquarius: (Ascendant Leo) attracted to individualistic, visionary and intellectual partners ; most likely to be attracted to the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Pisces: (Ascendant Virgo) attracted to compassionate, spiritual and creative partners ; most likely to be attracted to the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
The Second Coming.

As was prophesized, The Son returned to Earth. He showed up without warning or fanfare, in a small suburban neighborhood.

The Reckoning and Revelation had arrived. The Son would judge the wicked, and bring about the End of Days.

He was only one man, but He had all the time in the world.

The Son walked through the streets, sensing the souls of the wicked. He ascended the front steps of a nearby home, His linen robes dragging across the concrete.

With a swift motion, He tore the house’s door from its hinges. Two men inside the living room jumped from the couch, alarmed at the intruder.

They were sinners and they would be judged.

Ignoring their cries and questions, The Son walked slowly up to the first man. With a crushing strength, He reached out and grabbed the man’s throat, squeezed, and let the lifeless body tumble to the floor.

The other man wailed and threw himself at The Son. But his protests were in vain, as The Son’s divine strength forced him through the wall.

Calmly, The Son walked out of the house and continued His work.

In another home, a Righteous woman screamed and cried as The Son crushed the skull of her sinful daughter.

As He was leaving the next house, the sound of sirens filled the air. Police cruisers with flashing lights pulled up, blocking The Son’s forward path.

Officers drew guns and took cover behind their cars.

The Son ignored their warnings and walked toward them slowly, inexorably.

When the police opened fire, the bullets bounced harmlessly off His divine skin and immaculate robes.

The Son stepped toward the nearest officer, ignoring the projectiles which struck His face. With irresistible strength, He wrenched the gun out of the stunned officer’s hands.

Methodically, The Son turned and fired the police-pistol, hitting each officer with a single divinely-guided round. Their bodies littered the streets. The policeman who had been disarmed stared up at The Son, but was left unharmed.

The Son continued His journey. It was slow and brutal, and utterly unstoppable by the forces of man.

News spread, and the nations mobilized against Him. However, He easily resisted their efforts. The Son would melt through steel doorways, rip apart tanks, and ignore even the most high-powered gunfire.

Some began to worship Him.

When He found Himself surrounded by throngs of Innocents and Righteous souls, The Son would simply disappear—reappearing somewhere else on the globe to continue His work.

He became a fact of life, an irresistible force on the planet. Entire societies changed. Some ended their lives before The Son could reach them, but millions more repented.

Religions became totalitarian. Governments became theocracies. Unbelievers were forcibly converted or killed. Holy-Wars raged across the globe.

Before long, the world enveloped itself in nuclear hellfire.

Year later, as survivors huddle together in burned-out wrecks, scavenging for sustenance, they will sometimes see a lone figure on the horizon—swaddled in clean linen robes, walking slowly toward them.

customer: you can keep the receipt

me, in utter shock and awe: th..thank you. thank you so much

i take the receipt lovingly in my hands and pull out an old worn scrapbook kept behind the counter. i flip through the pages filled with nostalgia of consumers past. finally, I turn to the back page where one last slot is open and carefully place the receipt in its new home. it is done and the hallelujah chorus fills the store. my soul ascends to the heavens.

Okay so, if you do the current events and want to do the caladbolg collection (get all forms of caladbolg) then you can do the whole stuff, get to the pale tree to get the title and +25 achi. Then wait for daily reset, go back to your home instance and find Ridhais again and you can exchange your ascended to all the other one, one by one (so you will still have 1 ascended, but can do the whole collection) also this way you can swap your ascended caladbolg for 1k unbound magic.

This way you can save all your ascended mats and shit instead.

Coffee (Calum)

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You played with them hem of your sweater slightly, sipping on your latte and setting it aside on the table. It was winter time and there wasn’t really much to do during the vacation other than sled or make snowmen which you were not really in the mood for doing. Hence, you had slipped on your coat and gloves and made your way to the library across the street. All your friends had gone travelling for the holidays so you decided that  anything was better than just sulking at home. 

The snow crunched on the staircase as you ascended, little flecks of white catching in your hair as you swung open the heavy oak door, immediately letting out a sigh of relief as the warmth of the heater took you into  its embrace. 

And now here you were, a little book propped open on your lap as you skimmed through the text, immersing yourself in the world of  fairytales and magic. You always like how reading was  its own airplane. Sure, all your friends were  going on expensive holidays to tropical locations in warm, sunny beaches, but you had a one-way ticket to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Who was the real winner here? 

You laughed at Ron as he made a sarcastic remark in the story.  You cheered for Hermione when she took matters in her own hands and used her wit and intelligence to  solve the problem.   You had to keep your voice down when Harry did something stupid  and risky once again, silently cursing him but loving his daringness all the same. 

You smiled  to  yourself as your eyes scanned the last sentence. You closed the book and checked your watch, seeing it  was already 3 pm. You considered heading back home and just sleeping until it was time for dinner, but you were too hooked. You absolutely needed to read at least the first few chapters of the next book. You stood up from your sofa cushion and headed towards the fantasy section. Your eyes grazed over the colourful binders and interesting titles,  making a mental note of the next series you would read after this one. Finally, you caught sight of the  Deathly Hallows bright book cover and reached out  for it but so did someone else, his hand landing on top of yours gently. 

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What Have I Done [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

Prompt : Based on one of this by @xxfangirlonfirexx

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x OC

Genre : Angsty AF   |   Warning : I’m sorry for this.

Author’s Note :  I had a momentary lapse of judgment. 

Tell me what you think :)

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He made his way back to his home. What is home? He looked up at the building in front of him. The red brick building seemed familiar. He didn’t bother to think it over. It was no use. He had things to do. That was what they said to him.

Home? Home was a small apartment he shared with his long-time girlfriend. Home was the smell of her shampoo and the warmth of her smile. Home was seeing her after a long mission. Home was everything he never thought he could have.

He took his time ascending the stairs. It gave him time to think. How should he end this? They never gave him any specification. He was not used to that but they said this was different. Your choice. Just finish the job. He didn’t ask them questions. He wasn’t allowed to. He stiffly nodded and let them led him out of their secret base.

It was like being in your body and not being there at the same time. He could see where he was going, he could feel the object he was holding, and he knew what he was doing. It was worse that way. He could scream all he wants but his body would never listen to him. No. Not her! STOP THIS! Please.


He trained his eyes on her sleeping figure. She looked familiar. Who? He could feel his stomach coil in anxiety. This was not as easy as he thought. The voices were back again. Just like it had always been when he was with them. Cries for help, anger, exhaustion, and he could hear them again. He shook his head and grip the knife tighter, the metal plates on his arm shifted.

Just this once. Please don’t do this. This is her. Don’t do things you will regret. I’m begging you. He watched her stirred in her sleep as he made his way over her, his left arm ghosting around her neck. Don’t. Please.

She slowly opened her eyes and he froze, hand still wrapped around her neck. Her smile faltered when she looked into his eyes and he wondered what she saw in him. Her hands went to his metal wrist and she started to whimper.

“What is this? Bucky?”

Oh God. Oh God, please. Wake up. Stop!

He shook his head, trying to get rid of the pleas in his head. He needed to finish the mission and the voices will be gone. It would disappear. They told him that. He raised his right hand and paused when she cried.

“Bucky, please. This is not you. Please put it down. I love you. You’re under mind control, Bucky. Please. Just put the knife down and let me go.”

He closed his eyes. He did this to her. Her eyes. He could never look at her the same way anymore. She looked terrified and she kept whispering his name, calling him. And he could feel the soldier’s resolution faltered a little. Stop. This is her. Don’t do this. PUT THE KNIFE DOWN AND LEAVE HER ALONE.

“James…” He looked up in surprise. She gave him a smile and her hand went to caress his jaw. “It’s me. Please…”

His hand shook and the knife clattered to the ground. There was something familiar about her voice and—no. They told him this was just a mission. He needed to finish the mission or they will punish him. He couldn’t risk that. Punishment meant more cyro and wiping.

You love her. Wake up! You are not with them anymore! There is no more mission!

“Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. My name is [Y/N] and I am your girlfriend, James.” Her soothing voice did nothing to calm his nerves. The voices kept getting louder in his head, telling him to stop, to back away from her.

“No.” He roughly said, yanking her back to the couch and tightening his grip around her neck.

“James, I love you. Please.”

“No.” He repeated, watching her struggled under him, gasping for air.

Don’t do this! You love her. You’d die for her. DON’T DO THIS. He begged him, crying, pleading.


He felt it. The final gasp of air before she went limp. Her eyes dull as she fell back to the couch. He quickly released his grasp, his eyes glued on the angry mark on her neck.


“No.” He gasped out. He looked down on his hand and his eyes slowly went back to her. “No.” He fell on his knees. He dragged her lifeless body close to him, praying that she was still breathing. “No no no no no…. wake up.” He whispered, shaking her body.

“What have I done?” He sobbed. He pulled her closer, wrapping her around his arms. “No. I’m sorry. Please.” He cried, kissing her hard as if she’d miraculously wake up.

* * *

They found him a few hours later in the living room. Steve had to pull him away from her and he almost punched him in the process. Sorry, he repeated while Steve hugged him. It’s okay, Buck, Steve told him. But it was not okay. He was not okay. He doubt he would ever be okay.

Steve kept telling him it wasn’t his fault and he laughed. Of course it was, he told him with a cynical smile. It was always his fault. Steve would give him a helpless look, telling him it was HYDRA. But he didn’t know that it wasn’t just HYDRA. Steve wouldn’t understand that and it was okay. He shouldn’t know what his best friend was capable of.

They left him alone after that. They thought he was stable enough to be alone in this apartment. The thought alone made him laugh. Stable. There were millions of words he could use to describe himself but stable was never one of them. But he was alone now and he didn’t know if he should be grateful or not. The voices were gone, just like they always do after a mission, leaving him with his dark thoughts.

She would’ve known what to say, he thought, walking passed the living room. She would’ve hugged him and kissed him, whispering I love you’s to his ear until he calmed down. The bedroom still smelled like her perfume and Bucky had to run to the bathroom because of the nausea. He dry heaved into the sink. He looked up and stared at his reflection in the mirror. A gaunt face stared back at him, his lips twitched into a smirk. His right hand quickly went to the mirror, breaking it to millions of tiny pieces. He crumpled to the floor, crying for the hundredth times. The sting on his arms and his feet could never compare to the agonizing twist in his heart. He choked out another sorry.

What have I done?                        

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🌹 azir

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Golden armor shined brightly in the sun, emphasizing his symbolic appearance. A golden hawk, a gleaming emperor as bright as the Shuriman sun.

ASCENDED. Powerful enough to revive his home, to bring the desert city back to it’s former glory- NO to make it greater than it’d been during his youth!

Today, he awaited a most promising visit, from his only known heir- she carried with her the last traces of his lineage. And hoped perhaps, that he could convince her to work towards carrying on that legacy.

Azir leaves his balcony once he’s received word of her arrival. 

Siv– she is very quick to cut him off( knowing damn well why he asked for her). The emperor is met with disappointment as she argued against his summons. Against what he had to offer, despite the blood that ran through her veins. She would refuse him, and refuse any claim she had to his kingdom. However, Sivir at least agreed to stay for a few days.

Maybe it would be enough time to gain her trust.

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 it  wasn’t  an  important  trip  he  was  returning  from  but  rather  the  much  needed  walk  his  dog  needed.  the  sun  peaked  through  the  clouds,  though  it  didn’t  give  much  WARMTH  it  was  nice  to  see  it  again.  his  dog  barked,  john  instinctively  looked  down  at  his  beagle  noticing  the  bark  wasn’t  for  his  OWN  ATTENTION  but  rather  the  window  of  his  home  that  had  been  shattered.  break  ins  weren’t  as  common  once  john  had  EMPHASIZED  his  residency  but  it  wasn’t  something  he  was  unfamiliar  dealing  with.  he  exhaled  a  sigh  merely  out  of  the  ANNOYANCE  of  dealing  someone  who  made  the  MISTAKE  of  breaking  into  his  home,  of  all  places.  john  walked  towards  his  home  his  beagle  followed  ALERT  behind  him.  as  he  ascended  up  his  porch  he  opened  his  door quietly.  walking  HEEL  TOE  inside  forcing  his  footsteps  to  be  light  and  VIRTUALLY  without  sound. 

 the  handgun  he  concealed  found  itself  in  his  hand  while  his  dagger  was  placed  neatly  in  his  pocket.  the  WEAPONRY  was  light  but  he  assumed  it  was  enough  against  his  threat.  hell  he  could’ve  had  a  PENCIL  and  he  would  be  able  to  handle  himself  well.  he  followed  the  source  of  the  noise,  what  a  foolish  thief  to  leave  such  CLUES  to  their  location.  he  stood  in  the  doorway  watching  the  woman  peak  into  this  things,  SEARCHING  for  something  to  help  her  SURVIVE  in  the  piece  of  shit  world  they  were  FORCED  to  endure.  always  a  clean,  organized  man  he  was  more  IRRITATED  by  her  disinterest  in  handling  his  things  carefully  —  (  what  a  mess  he’d  have  to  deal  with  )

 the  gun  cocked  in  a  way  he  ASSUMED  was  loud  enough  for  her  to  hear.  taking  a  step  forward  he  aimed  it  at  his  TARGET,  there  wasn’t  an  inch  of  hesitation  in  his  demeanor.  she  tired  something,  she  was  DEAD.  ❝  you’re  gonna  put  that  shit  back,  right  now.  ❞

Jupiter Ascending available for legal streaming NOW

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the United States of America, you can watch Jupiter Ascending right now in digital HD. You can stream the film on Amazon here, and I expect it will also be available on other digital platforms (it’s definitely available on US iTunes) from today.

As far as I’m aware, today’s digital release is US only, with releases elsewhere being staggered into June. Do correct me if I’m wrong as I’ll update the post!

If you haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending in a while, be excited - you can watch it again! I can’t wait to see new thoughts/observations roll in as people watch the movie again.

If you haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending at all, what’s wrong with you? Go watch it!

HappyBibliosaurus’ May Book Photo Challenge

Day 24 - Homely

‘Returning through the large and lofty hall, they ascended a broad staircase of shining oak, which, after many flights and many landing-places, brought them upon a long, wide gallery.’  - Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey