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Still not over Amara's reaction/facial expression when Dean pretty much yells Cas' name when Lucifer is incapacitated (is that the right word? Idk, but I think you know what I mean)

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Yep and then she proceeds to use Cas to get to Dean and it works.

Then she only contacts Dean through touching Cas’ heart and when Dean hears the word “Angels”.

Dean goes and puts himself in harms way with Amara to save Cas.

Dean reconciles Amara and Chuck through distinguishing familial and romantic love and what she actually wants.

Amara tells Dean that something is stopping him from having it all, what he wants and that she will give him what he needs.

Then she resurrects Mary, enabling Dean to follow his path to self acceptance and starting to believe that he deserves good things, that he is allowed to have what he wants and coincidentally starts giving Cas mixtapes, telling him he is devastatingly handsome, worrying about him unashamedly and outloud for 6 consecutive episodes and acting like hunting husbands then worried husbands all season.

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Iwaoi and 113?

Thank you!

113: “Where did all these puppies come from?” (5/5)

It had been a long day at work, and Iwaizumi was practically dead on his feet. He almost dozed off twice on the train home. Unfortunately for him, the busy season is just starting, so late nights like these will become a regular part of his routine. It never ceases to annoy Oikawa, but he never complains when the paychecks start coming in.

Iwaizumi glances as his watch as he climbs the stairs to their third floor apartment. Half passed eleven. He was looking forward to shedding his confining suit and collapsing into bed, preferably with warm body for him to spoon.

He’s fishing for his keys in his backpack when he hears the most curious noise on the other side of the door. It almost sounded like… a bark? Of course it couldn’t have been, he must be more tired than he thought. After a moments pause, he unlocks the door and pulls it open.

After over ten years with Oikawa, he shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore. But the seven wiggling Labrador puppies that come barreling across the apartment to throw themselves at Iwaizumi’s legs definitely come as a shock. Oikawa had been sitting on the floor with the puppies, and when they all leave him, he jumps to his feet. Iwaizumi slowly looks up to meet Oikawa’s wide, panicking eyes.

“I can explain!” Oikawa blurts, hands raised as if to protect himself from an attack. It’s not an entirely unnecessary gesture, with the thoughts running through Iwaizumi’s head.

“Where did all these puppies come from?” Iwaizumi asks. The puppies are still fumbling around his legs, desperate for his attention. When they don’t get it, they all go galloping back to Oikawa, who is still staring at Iwaizumi like a deer in headlights. Iwaizumi only notices then the fully grown Lab behind him, head on her paws, watching the puppies scurry around.

“Listen,” Oikawa starts, taking a step forward, careful not to step on any wriggling bodies.

“I’m listening.”

“Just listen….”

Iwaizumi raises an eyebrow at his floundering partner.

“Koushi-kun’s dog had her babies,” Oikawa starts.

“Yes, I know. That was four weeks ago.”

“Yeah, but Koushi-kun and Dai-chan had to go out of town. It was really last minute. Dai-chan’s mother is sick. They asked if I could look after the dogs.”

“And you said yes,” Iwaizumi says. It’s not a question of whether he said yes or no, but rather ‘why’.

“I couldn’t say no!” Oikawa whines, dropping back down on the floor with the puppies. They all go crazy, jumping up onto his face and chest. Iwaizumi can no longer meet Oikawa’s eyes and the intensity of his stare is cut in half. “You know how much time I’ve been spending with Koushi-kun and the puppies since they were born. I couldn’t turn them away.”

“We live in an apartment,” Iwaizumi starts to argue. It’s a weak argument though. He knows he’s already lost.

“I know I know! They’ll just be here at night so we can keep an eye on them. During the day they’ll stay at Koushi-kun’s house.”

Iwaizumi sighs, rubbing at his eyes. “It’s too late for this. I’m going to bed and I’d really like for you to join me.”

Oikawa’s head lifts up out of the pile of puppies, his panicked expression immediately transforming into excitement. He works his way out of the pile, hurrying after Iwaizumi on his way to the bedroom. The puppies bound eagerly after him.

“The dogs stay out of the bedroom.”

“Aw, Iwa-chaaan!”

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Prompt Request! - Soukoku // Both are home schooled, and they live right next to each other. They started off as just good friends, but then they started going to each other’s houses so often, that they’ll just do their lessons at one house or the other, with each other.

Hello there! I am very sorry that it took me so long since I wrote something. But I had to deal with a writers block and I’m still not completely over it. But I try my best to overcome it with picking up writing again. It’s nothing really special and not very good but I hope you like it anyways D:

note: Home School AU and Fluff. Don’t expect much!
words: 1.040

A long and agonizing sigh escaped pale lips when the brunette young man lied his head down onto the table. Almost everything of his body was hidden under the warm kotatsu and while he was resting his head on the wooden surface, he didn’t bother himself with shoving away the books and papers of his homework. In fact it made lying down even more comfortable.

But when Dazai finally started to enjoy the warmth and dozed slightly, he suddenly got hit by his friend with a stack of papers on his head. A noise of displeasure was heard before the chocolate brown eyes opened again and looked at the fiery redhead next to him, looking at him in a not very amused way.

“Listen shithead. I’m not doing your homework for you, so get your shit done yourself!” Sky blue eyes narrowed as he huffed in annoyance. With a grunt Dazai slowly sat up again and rubbed the back of his head.

“But Chuuya… it’s already afternoon… and your place is always so comfortable. I can’t do anything against it if I get tired.” That was not the best explanation for it and Chuuya knew his best friend was just lazy as fuck if it came to study or doing homework.

It has been a long while since they started to get to know each other. It all started when Dazai moved here in the house next to his own. At first they both didn’t take any notice of the other. Spending their time mostly inside because they both were home schooled by their family. Chuuya always thought that the brown-haired boy was some kind of weird guy. He actually caught him a lot in some kind of situations which could be named ‘suicide-attempts’… but after the first several shocks and being scared to find a dead body next door, it somehow got some routine. And now the blue-eyed student most of the time just rolled his eyes when Dazai tried again to kill himself.

As if he would ever do that.

Well… after those first meetings they noticed that they both were taking private lessons and mostly in similar courses. So somehow they started to come over from time to time to do their studies and homework together.

And that was why Dazai was now almost curling up under his kotatsu and complaining about being productive.

“If you don’t want to study, why are you even here huh?” Chuuya said and turned his attention back to his textbooks, lying in front of him. Sometimes he just tried to ignore his too lazy friend, but on other days it was just not possible. Like… the younger one was really provocating it that he lost his temper sooner or later.
Finally the brunette sat up again and straightened himself before yawning so loudly. Not even bothering to cover his mouth with his hand.
“Because it’s boring to stay alone at home. And it’s much more fun to watch you working hard.”
“Well.. at least I am working! Unlike you. I don’t even understand how you can be that good in all this stuff if you don’t study at all.” The redhead rolled his sapphire blue eyes and tried to ignore his friend. Dazai didn’t answer on his words but what should he even say to that? He didn’t need to study that much because it wasn’t very difficult for him to just remember what the teacher told him. The younger one was good in remembering all of this stuff.
For a long while he just remained silent about it and observed the other. It seemed like Chuuya wasn’t taking any notice of him but that wasn’t true. He could see that little frown on his forehead, how he was pursing his lips lightly. In those moments Dazai more or less noticed how pretty his friend was to be honest. If they would visit a normal school the fiery redhead might be very popular. Or at least he was really sure about this. But still… he wouldn’t want to share him with anybody, so he was quite relieved about the fact that they were always taking their lessons at home. Suddenly another idea propped up in his mind, something which he already thought about a lot of times.

He reached out for the smaller one, long fingers lightly brushing against his cheek bevor taking a hold of his chin. The blue eyes shot almost immediately to the brunette. “What the fuck are you doing, Daza- hn!” Before he was able to finish his words a warm feeling spread of his own lips. Realizing slowly that the other student was had kissed him. Sapphire orbs widened until he found his composure again. With a bit of strength because Dazai was still holding him firmly, he managed to get out of his grasp. His cheek had a light tint of pink and the look in his eyes was something in between confusion and rage. Dazai smiled at him cheekily before supporting his head with one hand, his arm back on the table. “W-what is that supposed to mean now!?” Chuuya, completely forgetting that they wanted to study, felt a little bit too warm around his nose. The feel of the gentle touch and his taste still on his lips.

“Chuuya is really cute when he is getting irritated. That’s why I lov-” The brown-eyed boy suddenly stopped in mid-sentence when the flat side of a book hit his face.

“S-Shut the fuck up, Dazai.” The older one didn’t want to hear any of those words, although he had to admit, that his heart jumped more than it should. “Go back to your fucking homework or I’ll kick you out of my house.” He tried to not look at the other on purpose, because he knew he would see a very wide smile on that wicked face of his best friend. Well maybe not only best friend… “… I like you too.” It was nothing more than a whisper. But it was enough to get heard. Dazai smiling quietly to himself.

He really disliked homework. But doing them together with his beloved shorty was not that bad, because he could spend his time with him.

Wish me luck, I have to go on stage today…

Title: Sense and Sensitivity
Pairing: Null Arc Cpt. N-11 - Ordo / Agent Besany Wennen
Fandom: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Rating: PG
Word Count: 550~
Prompt: #16 - the joys of family
Summary: Sometimes all one can do is let themselves be taken up in the whirlwind of energy and find peace in the center of it.
Expect: Fluff. Most of these are fluffy. I’m sorry. Also food mention.

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Vathara why

Yep, that author I used to love is still a disappointing Republican who thinks the solution to gun violence is more guns and that undocumented immigrants are criminals. *Sigh*

When a male character and a female character in a movie/TV show start giving each other the Meaningful Look™