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TFLN The missus is looking after Lux or Gemma's kid and it's sick but she can't get hold of Lou or Gemma so is texting Harry in a panic xx

Harry. Missus.

Mia was sick.

Like, full on sick. 

And Gemma won’t answer her phone. Harry, she’s sick and I can’t get a hold of Gemma or Michal!

I’ve got Persephone who’s crying in her room because she’s scared that the baby is going to die. 


Hey, hey. It’s okay, love.

I’m stressing out, Harry! Persephone’s crying in her room. Mia’s crying and won’t stop. It gets worse when she gets put down in her bed.

Okay. It’s okay. I’m sure Gemma’s just busy at the moment. Her and Michal are with their contractor, remember?

I know. I know.

Where are you? Can you come home?

I’m on the golf course with Niall right now, love. We’re almost finished with this nine-hole game and them I’ll come home. He’ll understand that I need to come home rather than go for beers.

What do I do, Harry? I don’t know what to do!

It’s okay, love. Persephone was sick when she was a baby, wasn’t she? All you had to do is make sure she’s hydrated and slide in some baby paracetamol, if necessary. We still have loads of it from when P was little. Keep her hydrated with milk, okay?

I fed her the milk that Gemma put in the fridge when she dropped her off and she puked up down my back and it went on the sofa and I can’t clean it up because Mia won’t let me put her down. Persephone’s crying out for me and I can’t go to her. Harry, I need help!

It’s okay. 



I’m coming home, alright? I cut the game off. I’ll keep an eye on Mia when I get back and you can go up and see P, yeah? It’s okay.

Gemma called. She said she’ll come through but the earliest is in the next hour or so.

They can’t get off with the contractor so they’re still talking with him about the kitchen. He was late and then took a while to set up. So we have her for an extra hour and Persephone still won’t settle.

Okay. I’m coming home now. I promise. I’ll pop into the pharmacy and see if they can suggest anything and then we’ll go from there. Everything will be fine. And, if it isn’t, we’ll take her to the GP or paediatrician and get her checked over.


Okay, yeah.

She’ll be fine. x

Aesthetics for the Signs

Aries: Beanies, side-swept bangs, black hair, cigarettes, skulls, purple, hipster glasses, being tickled, inside jokes, fried chicken, an addictive laugh

Taurus: Opinions, politics, religion, spirituality, business attire, working from home, golf, beady eyes, empowering voice

Gemini: Rednecks, camo, fishing, bragging, fun stories, forced laugh, sweet tea, four wheelers, trucks, mudding, falling off motor scooters

Cancer: Roller coasters, red wine, maui maui, lake house vacations, family oriented, family game nights, loving stares, strong stature

Leo: Boisterous, medical field, intelligence, giving advice, Grey’s Anatomy, binge watching, heels, gold jewelry, small yet fierce

Virgo: Red hair, flannel jackets, tumblr, broken necklaces, independence, tempers, bus rides, stubble, a dazzling smile

Libra: Long brown hair, caring eyes, tan skin, skateboarding, relationships, being reckless 

Scorpio: Glares, building walls, shutting down, dark clothing with occasional burst of colors, makeup, piercing eyes, soul reading, energies, the arts

Sagittarius: Flower crowns, floral dresses, band, kindness, sassy remarks, teaching, daring looks, tight hugs, baking, traveling 

Capricorn: Musical talents, college, black grand pianos, ties, putting a guard up, careful, sarcastic attitudes, weird faces, messenger bags

Aquarius: Tight black dresses, modeling, white smiles, beauty marks, bikinis, popularity, vegan apple juice, Chinese food

Pisces: Crystals, pugs, tiny voices, addictive personalities, perfect teeth, dreamy daze, being distant, pushing away, playful smiles, corny puns

rey had collected some good game: three rabbits, a beaver, and even a raccoon. though, the raccoon was a bit feral so he was unsure if it was good to eat. even if one of the carers at saddle ridge deemed the meat no good, fur was fur. to celebrate, he had found a golf club in an abandoned home and a bag of golf balls and its corresponding supplies. he climbed to the rooftop of a nearby building and built a shaky shade for his game. in the looted stores, there were magazines of men golfing on the covers sometimes. it looked fun enough.

setting up a tee, the boy imitated those nameless golfers from the world before. he swung and the ball whistled in the air, the crack of its landing echoing against the streets. rey grinned. he did it again. a third time. with the fourth ball, he paused for a moment. “four,” he said, not louder than his normal voice. he wasn’t sure why golfers said that. he was golfing, though, so he figured it had to be said. and with that, he swung. 

The 2017 Dubai Duty Free Irish Open Hosted by the Rory Foundation is set to be the biggest in the tournament’s history, with an increased prize fund of US$7million to be matched by an enhanced fan experience outside of the ropes. Four-time Major Champion Rory McIlroy will defend the title in front of his home fans at Portstewart Golf Club from July 6-9, adding another level of excitement to the island of Ireland’s national championship.


Britney Spears Purchases $7.4 Million Italianate Villa In California’s Thousand Oaks

The princess of pop—who ranked #82 on Forbes’ 2015 Celebrity 100 list with an income of $31 million—just sealed the deal on a $7.4 million 13,264-square-foot mansion situated on roughly 21 acres of land in Thousand Oaks, California (a stone’s throw away from a 8,456-square-foot Hacienda-style haven she picked up in 2012 for $6.7 million).


St Andrews

St Andrews is famous the world over as the spiritual home of golf. Play a round on the iconic Old Course then take a stroll on West Sands, the beach used in the opening shots of Chariots of Fire. Don’t miss a tour round St Andrews’ ancient university, where Prince William met fellow student Kate Middleton - now the Duchess of Cambridge. Find out more


Belle Abri (Spring Farm, Montego Bay, Jamaica) :: Belle Abri (“beautiful sanctuary”) is one of the newest homes overlooking the Half Moon golf course and vast vista of Caribbean Sea. The architecture is dramatic ~ the view is breathtaking.

Six well-appointed bedrooms are in the main house, including an extraordinarily spacious master suite. The seventh bedroom is a separate cottage with kitchenette and is located just off the pool terrace. Dining tables are in both the large mid-level living area and outside on the long covered verandah.

The infinity-edge pool has the unique feature of a defined children’s pool area, separated from the deeper pool by an underwater partition. Child friendly, Belle Abri provides a complimentary crib, high chair and playpen.