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TFLN The missus is looking after Lux or Gemma's kid and it's sick but she can't get hold of Lou or Gemma so is texting Harry in a panic xx

Harry. Missus.

Mia was sick.

Like, full on sick. 

And Gemma won’t answer her phone. Harry, she’s sick and I can’t get a hold of Gemma or Michal!

I’ve got Persephone who’s crying in her room because she’s scared that the baby is going to die. 


Hey, hey. It’s okay, love.

I’m stressing out, Harry! Persephone’s crying in her room. Mia’s crying and won’t stop. It gets worse when she gets put down in her bed.

Okay. It’s okay. I’m sure Gemma’s just busy at the moment. Her and Michal are with their contractor, remember?

I know. I know.

Where are you? Can you come home?

I’m on the golf course with Niall right now, love. We’re almost finished with this nine-hole game and them I’ll come home. He’ll understand that I need to come home rather than go for beers.

What do I do, Harry? I don’t know what to do!

It’s okay, love. Persephone was sick when she was a baby, wasn’t she? All you had to do is make sure she’s hydrated and slide in some baby paracetamol, if necessary. We still have loads of it from when P was little. Keep her hydrated with milk, okay?

I fed her the milk that Gemma put in the fridge when she dropped her off and she puked up down my back and it went on the sofa and I can’t clean it up because Mia won’t let me put her down. Persephone’s crying out for me and I can’t go to her. Harry, I need help!

It’s okay. 



I’m coming home, alright? I cut the game off. I’ll keep an eye on Mia when I get back and you can go up and see P, yeah? It’s okay.

Gemma called. She said she’ll come through but the earliest is in the next hour or so.

They can’t get off with the contractor so they’re still talking with him about the kitchen. He was late and then took a while to set up. So we have her for an extra hour and Persephone still won’t settle.

Okay. I’m coming home now. I promise. I’ll pop into the pharmacy and see if they can suggest anything and then we’ll go from there. Everything will be fine. And, if it isn’t, we’ll take her to the GP or paediatrician and get her checked over.


Okay, yeah.

She’ll be fine. x

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I totally have an idea for your shower head blurb: Niall comes home from golf, warm from the sun and wearing his white pants. He hears the shower running and smirks, knowing the missus is wet and warm in the shower. He peeks in the bathroom and he spots her leaning against the wall with the shower head. He's adjusts himself in his pants, feeling himself get hard and he's trying to decide if he wants to join her or just watch where he hears her moan a name...."oh my god, Liam"


Meet at Mesa by James Belmont
Via Flickr:
Pictured after the passage of piggyback train No. 101, Rio Grande dispatcher No. 5 has lined manifest freight No. 148 east out of Mesa siding near Lehi, Utah on March 22, 1986. Today this once remote area is called ‘Thanksgiving Point’ and is home to a 200 acre golf course, a 740,000 acre business park, and hundreds of new homes.

MBTI Transportation

ESTJ: Subway/Train. Because we will get there exactly when they say we will get there and eliminate all those pesky unpredictable factors, like traffic and the weather. 

ISTJ: Teleportation. We eliminate the journey between A and B and just get to the destination. 

ESTP: Motor cycle. Nothing beats the thrill and speed as being literally surrounded by death at all times of travel. The best part is that no seat belts are required and the helmet is more or less optional. 

ISTP: Only our best home-invented golf cart. The ride’s a little rickety, and the wheels squeak, and sometimes it completely breaks down before we get there, but that’s the beauty of it.  

ENTJ: Via a grand entourage of minions carrying us by a luxury palanquin with a spokesperson in the front announcing our arrival parade in a booming voice. Because it’s very important everyone knows who we are. And limos are just so overdone these days. 

INTJ: Bullet train. Efficient, effective, sleek and powerful. Even though you’re in a crowd, you’re perfectly anonymous and no one will try to talk to you.  

ENTP: Ship. Preferably pirate ship. Nothing is more freeing than open water, wind in our sail, and going wherever our heart desires and chasing that sunset. Arg. 

INTP: Rocket ship. Nothing beats space travel as the fastest mode of transportation. What do you mean I can’t get to my meeting with it? 

ESFJ: Minivan. Because, let’s face it, everyone is going to ask us for a ride anyway so we might as well make sure that they all have seat belts. 

ISFJ: Hot air balloon. Because not only does slow and steady win the race, but just think of all the memories we’ll make along the way. And all the scenery! 

ESFP: Bus. Because the best way to travel is with a bunch of people. Preferably a road trip. We will most likely get lost too but it will be guaranteed best adventure ever. 

ISFP: Dogsled. because we get to take everything in slowly and we have the cutest companions in the world with us. And we’re usually surrounded by wilderness. 

ENFJ: Airplane. We can make new friends with the stranger sitting next to us. And just check out the view from our window! 

INFJ: Bicycle for two. Vintage and whimsical. We can still get to places and still have our profound one-on-one conversation. 

ENFP: Submarine. Because exploration! Adventure! Who knows what’s waiting for us on the ocean floor?! There could be real mermaids! And krakens! Wait, you’re saying we have to actually get to a destination? 

INFP: Walking. The best way to take everything in is with your own two feet and there’s nothing more reliable. But we will most likely be late. 

one of the most exciting days of school was the very last day of school, typically the day after field day. you know, the one day where you would just pick up your report card, say your goodbyes, and leave for the summer.

i remember in 6th grade, my dad and i rode our bikes to the intermediate school, i picked up my report card in the gym (after about two long minutes of trying to figure out where to go because i forgot to put my glasses on before leaving the house), then we rode our bikes back home and he took me golfing right after! it started pouring on us though in the middle of the golf field

tell me some stories about your favorite “school’s out” activity!

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It's not ok for you to make things that fluffy and make me feel the feels that I am feeling😭❤️❤️❤️

You sure? I’m pretty sure you enjoy those feelings, little missy. Imagine what else I have going through my mind now that it’s over. Let me add on a little more…let’s stir up some more feelings for you. Enjoy!

It’s been a year since Enzo had met your parents and you both have never been happier. Your parents love him and your mom absolutely adores him. In fact, you’re pretty sure by this point your dad and Enzo have become BFF’s. Hell, Enzo had taken your dad golfing once because your dad mentioned at one point he wanted to try it and see if he liked it. Those two tend to go for golf whenever you guys are in town. He even invited Cass to go with them…your mom had to go and pick them up because the three of them got wasted. They had lots of fun because your mom said he had been talking about that for weeks.

But most recently, you guys left your parents house and Enzo was acting a little unusual. Everything seemed fine but when he and your dad came home from the golf course, he just seemed a little….jittery. 

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Britney Spears Purchases $7.4 Million Italianate Villa In California’s Thousand Oaks

The princess of pop—who ranked #82 on Forbes’ 2015 Celebrity 100 list with an income of $31 million—just sealed the deal on a $7.4 million 13,264-square-foot mansion situated on roughly 21 acres of land in Thousand Oaks, California (a stone’s throw away from a 8,456-square-foot Hacienda-style haven she picked up in 2012 for $6.7 million).