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ON THE ROOF.      hey turd nuggets i’m here for a lil bit

So when I got off work, I got some mcdonalds. When I got home, I pulled my nuggets out, and emptied the fries into the top part of the nugget container (like I always do). Jaylee immediately dashed over to it, and grabbed 4 fries before I could even react. She then giggled and ran off with them. She’s a mess 😂😂😂


Yvonne vs. the Thailand puppy patrol. A summary of adorable nerd behaviour. [x/x/x/x]

A love affair

Last year, Eli and I decided to get a friend for our cat, Kuma. 

We went to the shelter to get an orange, male cat and we left with Nugget. She’s not orange or male but she is really stinking cute.

Introductions did not go well. Nugget was intrigued but Kuma was determined to hiss and bat the intrudor out of the apartment. 

Undeterred, Nugget began her friendship campaign. Where ever Kuma went, Nugget followed a foot or two behind. After trips, Eli and I would return home to discover Nugget a little closer to Kuma. 

Eventually, Nugget’s determination paid off and Kuma gave into the snuggles. At first begrudgingly and then somewhat enthusiastically.

Now, every afternoon is spent grooming one another and nap snuggling.

Kuma feigns ignorance when I remind her that she wanted Nugget kicked out immediately when we tried to introduce them. 

- Sandy Noto

Am I the only one who doesn’t have fun anymore by dressing up for Halloween? I mean, it could be fun sometimes and it was fun when I was younger but not anymore. But some people have fun, so that’s good for them, I guess. I’ll probably just stay at home and eat nuggets during Halloween.