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Hey there everyone! Quick update for you all! 

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I am trying my hardest to write, but it’s been a crazy time since I came back home a few days ago. A lot of family things have taken up my time as well as Nugget.

My little kitten, Nugget, went in and got her lady parts snipped yesterday. After being out around people for 12 hours without a break to recharge and then thrown into helping Nugget adjust back home after surgery made it a rough night. I am very much an introvert in the way that I need to have some time each day to “recharge” after being around even one person for a considerable time in a day. I was a very short fuse and very fragile last night, so I couldn’t bring myself to write.

I am home all day with Nugget to make sure her recovery goes smoothly for the next few days. So I took today to rest. This is my first time on my computer for longer than 5 minutes because Nugget it doing well enough for me to not be completely focused on her. 

So what does this all mean for you guys?

I am working on a few different writing pieces right now that I’m hoping to roll out tonight and send off to be beta-ed (get ready @witchymarvelspacecase ) and post sometime soon. I have a lot of ideas, so now is the time to get them out on paper (well, google doc lol)

Please feel free to message me if you want to be added to any of my tag lists or need someone to beta read anything. I love hearing from you guys!

Stay safe, spread love. Hope all is well in your worlds! 


- DreaSaurusREX 

McDonald’s has their 20 piece chicken nuggets on the 2 for $3 menu right now. You’re supposed to mix and match items, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting 2 orders of them for $3. Which means, for the low, low price of $9.63, I just got 120 chicken nuggets. The lady asked me three times if I was sure I wanted that many, and then when I rolled up to the window, she looked in my backseat like she expected to see four kids there, but it was just me. I took my 120 chicken nuggets home and ate them all, and I gotta say, this is what life is all about.

GOT7 working at McDonalds

Jackson: cashier. hates his job but gives 110% in everything he does. gets in trouble for letting kids pick out what toy comes with their kids meal, and if the kid is really cute he gives them two. doesn’t believe in charging senior citizens so the old women who come in love him because he always gives them something free off the menu. does bad impressions for customers. one time a couple got into a fight in front of him while ordering and he gave them counseling for 5 minutes. they ended up breaking up and the girl came back and asked him out. started crying when mark accidentally got punched by a customer.

Jaebum: assistant manager. (but might as well be the manager because the real manager is either A.) napping in the back or B.) doesn’t come in at all.) has only been working there for 4 months but everyone is so incompetent he shot up the work chain. knows jackson is giving away food but the last time he tried to stop him one of the old ladies ‘accidentally’ tripped him with their cane. takes chicken nuggets home with him and then blames yugyeom for the shortage. he knows its not real chicken but hey! hes on a budget damn it! waited a good 5 minutes before finally stopping jinyoung from assaulting a customer. secretly applied for the manager position at gap and waiting for their call.

Mark: custodian/busboy. gets in trouble for listening to music while busing the tables. doesn’t really mind his job because of the free food and his fast metabolism. gets hit on by nearly every person that comes in but never hears any of it because of his earphones. carpools with jinyoung ever since he nearly got ran over in the parking lot when he used his skateboard to get to work. almost missed the fight between jinyoung and a customer and incidentally got punched in the commotion. threw up after a kid threw up in front of him, jaebum made him clean up both pukes.

Bambam: drive thru. hates his job but hey, these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes won’t pay for themselves! had to work drive thru because he will be damned if he’s going to risk a grease burn over some fries. dabs to the music customers have playing in their cars. says “oh shit man! turn that up!” about 5x a day. has been shared on twitter A LOT. mocks jaebum’s chin when he gets in trouble. got caught by jaebum giving a girl his number and free fries. the girl came back around asking for jb’s number and he shut the window in her face. caught the video of mark getting punched and posted it on twitter.

Youngjae: cashier. employee of the month every other month because Jackson can’t be it all the time. gets picked up from his shift by his older cousin. nearly dropped kicked yugyeom once for flirting with her. women and dog lovers love him. he gets tipped nearly every day but never tells anyone. he’s collected more than 500 in tips alone. sees kids ask for a water cup and get soda but says nothing. threw a tray at the guys head when he accidentally punched mark. is lowkey addicted to the hashbrowns but jaebum doesn’t say anything cause youngjae threatened to tell yugyeom who has really been taking the chicken nuggets.

Jinyoung: drive thru cashier. used to be a cashier for the front counter but a rude customer smacked a drink out of his hand and he jumped across the counter and almost caught a case. only got this job because his dad insisted he build a work ethic. “Hi, can I have a McFlurry?” “I’m sorry our machine is broken.” “Hi, can I have a pancake platter?” “Sorry we stop serving breakfast at 10.” “but your menu says all day?” “did i fucking stutter? who’s gonna serve you, the menu or me?”  once had a woman ask him for a three layer burrito and he threw his headset out of the window. 

Yugyeom: fry cook. accidentally deep fried his phone once. talks shit about jaebum’s bum lip when he gets in trouble. sneaks in paper with a link to his dance videos into bags. whipped out his phone and yelled ‘WORLD STAR’ when jinyoung fought that guy. only started working at that mcdonalds cause chris brown got a big mac from there in 2014. his friends always come to visit him at work and it annoys the shit out of jaebum so he insists they visit him at least once a week. tries to get his schedule as close as a match to Youngjae’s so he can check out his cousin. puts videos of bambam getting rejected at the window on snapchat.

BTS React to their ‘little’S/O acting bratty

Requested:  Their S.O is a little and has been acting bratty all day

Thank you for the request <3 I finally have it done. I actually had it done once before but tumblr glitched (I honestly don’t know wtf happened) and deleted it from my queue, so I had to rewrite it :/

But it’s done now! I hope you enjoy it. 

Note: this is a lg/dd request, no one depicted is underage. 

- Admin Crys


Tsundere Daddy. 

He likes to think he’s this tough strict daddy, and that he doesn’t tolerate that kind of behavior. He would act like he’s pissed at you, not offering a kind word the whole day. 

“Why do you have to act like such a brat?”

“That’s okay, Daddy’s going to show you that bad behavior is not rewarded.”

Yet he:

- Fixes you your favorite meal when you get home (Chicken nuggets and Mac ‘n Cheese).

- Snuggles with you while you watch your cartoons

- Lets you have extra playtime in the bath with your ducky. 

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He would be exasperated with you, and a little bit fed up. He wants to be a good daddy though, and lets you tell him your side of the story, without getting angry or punishing you right off the bat. 

“Baby, you’ve got to tell daddy these things.”

“How am I supposed to know what’s wrong? I’m not a mind reader, you have to let me know, okay?”

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As soon as you both get home and have walked through the door, he turns to you, grabbing your arm and leading you over to the couch, pushing you until you’re leaning over the back. 

“I have to spank you, baby.”

“What kind of daddy would I be if I let you get away with being so naughty?”

*he unbuckles his belt and starts pulling it through the loops

“You get 15, and I want to hear you count every. single. one. of them.”

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He takes his role as being your caregiver/daddy very seriously. That means not letting you get away with such awful behavior, but that also means not just mindlessly punishing you either. 

He knows exactly how to put you in your place. 

“When you act like this baby, it really hurts daddy’s feelings.”

“It makes me feel like I”m doing a bad job, like I’m the worst daddy in the world.”

Hearing this, you start to tear up. 

“No daddy! You’re the best in the world! The best!”

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings daddy, I’m so sorry.”

The rest of the day you’re on your best behavior, wanting to make it up to him. 

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He does his best to scold you, but when it comes down to it, he is no match for how cute you are. You know how to use your charms to your advantage to wriggle your way out of it. 

As he’s getting onto you for being bratty you go up to him, looking up at him with pitiful eyes, and wrap your arms around his neck. He does his best to resist. 

“Don’t think I’m going to let you off so easily.” You just continue to pout, and he finally sighs, the tension leaving his shoulders. 

“Okay, I’ll let you off just this once.”

“If it happens again you’re in big trouble missy.”

*quietly whispers to himself “Why am I so soft?” 

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He tries his best to be a good daddy, but it can be hard for him. Sometimes he doesn’t have the best temperament and can easily get overwhelmed and emotional. 

When you arrive home for the day, Taetae has had enough

“You’re not the only one that knows how to throw a tantrum!”

“It’s times like these when I hate this!”

He sees the effect his words have on you, and the heartbroken look on your face tears him up inside. 

“Baby, god baby. I didn’t mean it.”

“You hate being my daddy?”

“No! I love being your daddy, you know I do. It’s just been a really horrible day and I shouldn’t have said it, because it’s a lie. I’m sorry.”

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J Hope: 

He doesn’t get angry or yell at you for being so bratty. He just sends you to time out. 

“Go to your room. After you’ve thought about your bad behavior today and why that was unacceptable you can come out.”

Later, when you finally venture out of your room, you immediately head for him, crawling up into his lap and hiding your head in his neck, crying softly. 

“I’m sorry daddy. I was really bad.”

“I’ll be good for you, promise. Please don’t send me back to time out. I was wrong.”

He would shush you, gently rubbing his hand up and down your back to comfort you. 

“It’s okay baby, I know you’re a good girl.”

“Let’s do something fun, okay? Why don’t you pick a movie to watch? Or do you want to play with your toys?”

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One week since we flew Huffle nugget home with us. She’s settling in very nicely! She’s very sweet and loves people (but not as much as she loves Gatsby).

She also has a lot to say: aroo-roo’s, baroos, howls, and gremlin noises just to name a few.

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Getting a dog w/ Shawn?? Bulletpoint..

  • Ok so we know he’s allergic to dogs so you two getting a dog together would be his desperate attempt to grow out of it
  • But because he’s still actually allergic the pup would have to stay at your place
  • You two would go to a shelter so you could adopt (always adopt - never buy ok guys)
  • And he would instantly fall in love with a tiny baby husky and you’d take that lil nugget home
  • So, having the dog is a different thing
  • At first, you’d both be extremely obsessed with it
  • Shawn would be pumped full of antihistamines at all times so as to not die
  • Side effects of some antihistamines include drowsiness so Shawn would be sleepy and giggly all the time
  • And he would try to name it something from Harry Potter I bet ya that boy is such a nerd
  • Something badass, like Fawkes or Hedwig
  • He would try to teach the pup tricks from day one because he’s always wanted a puppy to be his best friend 
  • You two would watch tv with your new baby between you two, always dozing off
  • And that’s cool at first, you guys can cuddle in bed
  • Until the lil fucker won’t leave the bedroom during sexy time, the cockblock he is
  • But when he grows a little older, he starts to get it and you guys can finally enjoy some time to yourselves without a barking ball of fluff showing up between the sheets
  • And hopefully, Shawn becomes desensitised to the pup and he can actually move in because he practically lives there anyway

Who wants me to write this


When Cas stood there, staring at Dean, eyes nearly overflowing with tears, it wasn’t because he was feeling sad. No, he was feeling Dean’s suffering. Like longing and prayers, everything that had coursed through Dean since he had died, came at Cas in a rush. And in that moment he found words that could tamp down the onslaught of emotions, bare facts and flat explanations. But then Dean moved to him, hugged him close, and welcomed him home. It was too brief and too beautiful. As they parted, in that smallest of moments, Dean’s hand quickly slid over Cas’ cheek. Dean smiled at him, and all of the suffering before, the wreckage of a too long absence that had filled his heart, disappeared and was replaced. There was love in the glance. This was home.

Daddy Osterfield pt.1

Purely because I had an idea and I felt like writing because everyone’s been so nice to my first imagine. So enjoy this first part in a story I am so excited to write.

Warnings: none unless you don’t like one night stands or families disowning members.

Word count: 1312.

Tagging: @misshollander1 because you supported me :)

Part 2 is here

Watching your daughter run around, a small smile presented itself on your lips. She seemed so happy, as unaware of all life’s important lessons as she chased after your Dog in the park. The little ones blue eyes blinding you, much like her fathers did on the night you met. For a second you forgot and began to remember how that night progressed.

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Kaneki: ….the sweet taste of blood coated my mouth. I kept walking, my goal vague…trying to dispel the building unease in my chest…

I can’t believe Hide is dead.

Kaneki: Why is it that the beautiful things are entwined more deeply with death than with life?

We won’t be able to walk together like we used to anymore.

Kaneki: Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction then you can never return back to your previous state of being. I wish I could bring him back.

Kaneki: Please, Hide, don’t be dead.

Kaneki: I’m so lonely without you….

Kaneki: I’m consumed by the desire to meet you again, so much so that I cannot fathom a path on which to follow.

Hide: ………XOXO …

*clears throat and brings up a notepad instead* 

I’m Hideyoshi Nagachika, 

lend the strength to carry your nugget ass home, Kaneki.

Kaneki:   Hide; why are you alive?


Based on this post on the show ‘Shiki’ and the equivalent of Hide in it:

Warning, Shiki spoilers, it’s best you watch that show first.


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Hello awesome Avs people! This is probably a stupid question, but isn't your arena used for other events that aren't hockey games during the season? What happens to the ice? Do you put boards on it? But wouldn't the boards get super cold? Can you tell that I've been thinking about this for a long time?


Pepsi Center is also home to the Nuggets, Mammoth and concerts during hockey season. Our conversion team is AMAZING.

They cover the ice and then either put the court down, turf down or a concert stage. Our friends at the Mammoth posted a timelapse of it once and it’s soooo cool.

In general, though, we have some super awesome, high-power tech stuff that keeps the ice cold no matter what’s going on on top of it. We’ll get more into this next week as we build the ice :)

Meeting The Parents | Luna Fluff

Anon: Not a lot of Luna out there so, could you write a scenario in which you meet her parents for the first time? “She means everything to me.”

Character: Luna (gn!reader)
Word count: 888

Masterlist Link :)

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“Don’t be nervous! My parents are going to love you, I can tell!” Her words did nothing to soothe your nerves.

You felt like the main character of a cheesy comedy, the type to hyperventilate then mess up when meeting their partners parents. Although you didn’t expect to knock of a vase of beloved grandma’s ashes over or to clog the toilet and pour it out the window, that didn’t make your nerves any less intense.

She wore a timeless little black dress that only added to your nerves as you worried her parents would catch you checking her out. ‘Eyes on the ground,’ you told yourself. ‘And maybe this night will go quicker.’

The house she grew up in wasn’t especially fancy. It was no white mansion with acres of lawn and a house maid. The house was medium sized, in an average sized neighbourhood next to other very similar houses. Nothing too intimidating, you thought, until the front door opened.

“Sunyoung!” her mother gleefully exclaimed.

She was how you imagined Luna to look in the future. Now you knew where Luna got her good looks but as you turned to her father, you realized she wasn’t exactly like her mother. Because she had her fathers eyes - Brown, almond eyes that now pierced through you.

“And this must be Y/N,” he states, as it was no question at all.

You nod shyly.

“No need to look so scared!” he laughs, eyes crinkling from his wide smile. It was the same smile Luna wore when she was happy. It eased your nerves just a bit. “Come on in! We’ve got the dinner still on but it will be ready soon. Would you like a glass of wine while we wait?”

You’re led through the entrance hall into a dining room of a home you could only describe as .. well .. a home. Luna’s home, to be precise. Pictures of her from all ages hung on the wall, from gap toothed smiles to graduation day. The one thing you noticed in all of them were the smiles. Everyone was smiling. Not the false kind for pictures but true, beautiful smiles that made your whole being glow. It was no wonder Luna grew into such a positive, amazing woman. She was raised by great parents.

Dinner went smoothly, to your relief.

No vase of grandma’s ashes had been spilled and no toilet was clogged. You didn’t even slip up and stare at Luna’s ass in that dress too long (which was so, so hard, you don’t understand).

The night was going well.

Her parents told you all about Luna’s childhood, all the good and the bad and the in between. From all the sports she championed to the first time she got drunk and came home with chicken nuggets stuffed in her bra.

“They were chicken goujons, Mom, there’s a difference!”

After one particularly cute story, Luna rushed off to her old bedroom to proclaim the art project that won her last place (despite being the only kid to enter). This left you alone with her parents, not that you were fully aware of that until she had vanished upstairs. You weren’t as nervous as earlier but this was your first time being alone with them.

This was new territory, scary territory.

You sipped at your wine anxiously.

“So,” her mother begins. “You two seem to be a perfect match.”

You weren’t sure what you had been expecting but this wasn’t it. Her parents were so welcoming, so charming and funny, that you were glad to have met them. Not only that, but they seemed to like you.

“I don’t know how I got so lucky,” you admit. Or maybe it was the wine loosening your tongue. Either way, you were so filled with love for Luna and so ready to spill all of it to her parents. “Luna’s like a star. She shines brightly and makes everyone happy. I never imagined she would agree to that first date with me and yet here I am.”

“You really care for her, don’t you?” her father asks.

Without hesitation, you say, “She means everything to me.”

“Good.” Her father smiles so you know he’s joking but isn’t at the same time. “Because if you didn’t treat her like the star she is, then me and you would have a problem.”

At that moment, Luna rushes into the dining room, proudly holding up the thing you think is her art piece. “Look, I even wrote a date on it. The eleventh of February, 2005. The day my art teacher lost all hope in me.”

If she could sense how the atmosphere has died when she left, then she didn’t comment on it. She only brought it back up and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

“Why haven’t we thrown that thing in the bin?” her father mutters. “I walked into her room once and thought a mutant had broken in.”

Luna gapes in disbelief as you share a laugh with him.

As far as first meetings go, this was a good one. You felt that her parents liked you and as you knew you would adore Luna forever, you had no fear in them ever disliking you. Because Luna was a star and you would always treat her that way.

headcanon time !! 

okay, it’s obviously canon that there was an instant attracting between renee and charlie. so, i’m thinking that there is some fae blood in the family, on charlie’s side. it’s very deluded, as it’s been watered down over the years. charlie got it from his father’s side. 

the thing with fae blood, people with it have a tendency to be more attractive, it’s why charlie’s romance with renee was a whirlwind, why they got married and had bella so quickly. it’s also why bella’s thoughts are guarded, why her thoughts are private. 

each fae bloodline have a certain gift besides having the typical fae magik, a certain tell, that makes them different than the rest, and in their bloodline. it’s a family treat, and a way for the fae that reproduce with humans to locate and keep an eye on their own bloodline. bella, that family fae treat it being a shield.  it’s passed down through generations, and for some, it’s stronger, for others it’s weaker. 

now, all fae have a type of glamour magik, and and it’s how human’s with fae blood always come across as more attractive. it’s in the way bella starts a new school and human’s find her more attractive. it’s not that she’s a shiny new toy, it’s her fae-ness, the subtle otherness about her. human’s can sense it, but they can’t put their finger on it. 

and unfortunately side effect to the fae blood, is that they’re singers. they’re appealing to vampires, because fae, primarily those in the seele court, are light based. and the human’s are no different. they prefer light and warmth. they grave sunlight. it’s one reason bella was miserable in folks. there wasn’t enough sun. charlie, having grown up there and not willing to leave his parents, made due with fishing trips with billy and harry. 

the light and the warmth, it’s reflected in their blood. now, the scent comes across different to each vampire, and it effects each vampire differently. even alice, when hugging bella comments that she does smell good. and vampires that have shown incredible self control have lost it when she was bleeding. ( rosalie when bella was giving birth and a bloody mess. rosalie who kept it together while killing her rapist. ) 

fae aren’t singers to all vampires, but their blood is a little bit more appealing then a normal, pureblooded human.