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GOT7 working at McDonalds

Jackson: cashier. hates his job but gives 110% in everything he does. gets in trouble for letting kids pick out what toy comes with their kids meal, and if the kid is really cute he gives them two. doesn’t believe in charging senior citizens so the old women who come in love him because he always gives them something free off the menu. does bad impressions for customers. one time a couple got into a fight in front of him while ordering and he gave them counseling for 5 minutes. they ended up breaking up and the girl came back and asked him out. started crying when mark accidentally got punched by a customer.

Jaebum: assistant manager. (but might as well be the manager because the real manager is either A.) napping in the back or B.) doesn’t come in at all.) has only been working there for 4 months but everyone is so incompetent he shot up the work chain. knows jackson is giving away food but the last time he tried to stop him one of the old ladies ‘accidentally’ tripped him with their cane. takes chicken nuggets home with him and then blames yugyeom for the shortage. he knows its not real chicken but hey! hes on a budget damn it! waited a good 5 minutes before finally stopping jinyoung from assaulting a customer. secretly applied for the manager position at gap and waiting for their call.

Mark: custodian/busboy. gets in trouble for listening to music while busing the tables. doesn’t really mind his job because of the free food and his fast metabolism. gets hit on by nearly every person that comes in but never hears any of it because of his earphones. carpools with jinyoung ever since he nearly got ran over in the parking lot when he used his skateboard to get to work. almost missed the fight between jinyoung and a customer and incidentally got punched in the commotion. threw up after a kid threw up in front of him, jaebum made him clean up both pukes.

Bambam: drive thru. hates his job but hey, these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes won’t pay for themselves! had to work drive thru because he will be damned if he’s going to risk a grease burn over some fries. dabs to the music customers have playing in their cars. says “oh shit man! turn that up!” about 5x a day. has been shared on twitter A LOT. mocks jaebum’s chin when he gets in trouble. got caught by jaebum giving a girl his number and free fries. the girl came back around asking for jb’s number and he shut the window in her face. caught the video of mark getting punched and posted it on twitter.

Youngjae: cashier. employee of the month every other month because Jackson can’t be it all the time. gets picked up from his shift by his older cousin. nearly dropped kicked yugyeom once for flirting with her. women and dog lovers love him. he gets tipped nearly every day but never tells anyone. he’s collected more than 500 in tips alone. sees kids ask for a water cup and get soda but says nothing. threw a tray at the guys head when he accidentally punched mark. is lowkey addicted to the hashbrowns but jaebum doesn’t say anything cause youngjae threatened to tell yugyeom who has really been taking the chicken nuggets.

Jinyoung: drive thru cashier. used to be a cashier for the front counter but a rude customer smacked a drink out of his hand and he jumped across the counter and almost caught a case. only got this job because his dad insisted he build a work ethic. “Hi, can I have a McFlurry?” “I’m sorry our machine is broken.” “Hi, can I have a pancake platter?” “Sorry we stop serving breakfast at 10.” “but your menu says all day?” “did i fucking stutter? who’s gonna serve you, the menu or me?”  once had a woman ask him for a three layer burrito and he threw his headset out of the window. 

Yugyeom: fry cook. accidentally deep fried his phone once. talks shit about jaebum’s bum lip when he gets in trouble. sneaks in paper with a link to his dance videos into bags. whipped out his phone and yelled ‘WORLD STAR’ when jinyoung fought that guy. only started working at that mcdonalds cause chris brown got a big mac from there in 2014. his friends always come to visit him at work and it annoys the shit out of jaebum so he insists they visit him at least once a week. tries to get his schedule as close as a match to Youngjae’s so he can check out his cousin. puts videos of bambam getting rejected at the window on snapchat.

Daddy Osterfield pt.1

Purely because I had an idea and I felt like writing because everyone’s been so nice to my first imagine. So enjoy this first part in a story I am so excited to write.

Warnings: none unless you don’t like one night stands or families disowning members.

Word count: 1312.

Tagging: @misshollander1 because you supported me :)

Part 2 is here

Watching your daughter run around, a small smile presented itself on your lips. She seemed so happy, as unaware of all life’s important lessons as she chased after your Dog in the park. The little ones blue eyes blinding you, much like her fathers did on the night you met. For a second you forgot and began to remember how that night progressed.

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anonymous asked:

Getting a dog w/ Shawn?? Bulletpoint..

  • Ok so we know he’s allergic to dogs so you two getting a dog together would be his desperate attempt to grow out of it
  • But because he’s still actually allergic the pup would have to stay at your place
  • You two would go to a shelter so you could adopt (always adopt - never buy ok guys)
  • And he would instantly fall in love with a tiny baby husky and you’d take that lil nugget home
  • So, having the dog is a different thing
  • At first, you’d both be extremely obsessed with it
  • Shawn would be pumped full of antihistamines at all times so as to not die
  • Side effects of some antihistamines include drowsiness so Shawn would be sleepy and giggly all the time
  • And he would try to name it something from Harry Potter I bet ya that boy is such a nerd
  • Something badass, like Fawkes or Hedwig
  • He would try to teach the pup tricks from day one because he’s always wanted a puppy to be his best friend 
  • You two would watch tv with your new baby between you two, always dozing off
  • And that’s cool at first, you guys can cuddle in bed
  • Until the lil fucker won’t leave the bedroom during sexy time, the cockblock he is
  • But when he grows a little older, he starts to get it and you guys can finally enjoy some time to yourselves without a barking ball of fluff showing up between the sheets
  • And hopefully, Shawn becomes desensitised to the pup and he can actually move in because he practically lives there anyway

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dekujin  asked:

Hey Nugget, since we know you are clearly not of earth have you and the rest of the imps ever wanted to go back 'home'? Or what is the reason if you don't want to even if you could? What would become of Gold if you were say forced to return? I am certainly not gathering intel on your species...

*At the mention of ‘home’ the rest of the imps gets clearly nervous, looking at Nugget and Ore hides itself beneath one of the big couch cushions.*
*Nugget sits up and glares through narrow glowing eyes. Home… it has been a long time since it has thought of home. Nugget blinks its eyes. Imps always want to return home, being away from home is difficult. Most do not survive being away from home.*
*But… at least this place is not too bad… a lot of good food. It also helps that the dominant species are an arrogant and foolish one. Nugget shakes its head with an amused gleam in its eyes. Most believe that Nugget and the swarm is harmless and instinct driven creatures simply because they are small and do not engage in a primitive form of communication based on noise. Using noise to communicate is a silly thing. But… the poor two legged’s brain have trouble handling higher forms of communication. Nugget has learned this through experience.*
*At the mention of Gold it creature’s eyes narrow again. It does not matter. Nugget is not going to leave Gold. Nugget promised that. Not that it matters really. Should Nugget be recalled home, Gold is coming with him. So is Belle… and so is the rest of you.*
*Nugget seems to grin as the rest of the swarm grows excited at the thought.*

geeko-kat  asked:

middle school au! Where the hidden block and normal boots guys have a chicken nugget fight. No one survives. Not even hipster Shane or emo ian

Tears spring to Caddy’s eyes as he cradles Ian’s body. His eyeliner rimmed eyes are closed now. He clutches Ian’s unironic MCR shirt in his hands, howling to the heavens. Curse you, chicken nugget war. You have taken a good man.

Wiping tears from his face with the sleeve of his unironic monster energy drink hoodie, he readies his throwing arm. He would avenge his misunderstood friend.

The chicken nugget hits home. He sees his plaid shirt and beanie-clad enemy fall, but it’s a hollow victory. Nothing could bring back Ian. Not even a a signed Evanescence album.

“Caddy, why!” He snaps out of his grief filled stupor. He realises what he’s done.
Shane. He’d hit Shane with that chicken nugget.

He finds another chicken nugget in his fist. And this time, it’s pointed to himself. He flings it in his own direction.

The chicken nugget war has consumed yet another life.

“Oh my gosh Hana, they’re SOooo immature.” Mai reapplied her blue eyeshadow, tossing her hair at the boys moaning and throwing chicken nuggets.

“ew. No. Boys are gross.” Mimi flipped her hair as well.

Mai snapped shut her $2 LAcolors palate she’d bought from the local riteaid.

“Maybe you’re the immature one, Mimi.”

“I flipping hate you, Mai Sasaki.”

Hana gasped. Such language