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Dragon Maid Headcanon 2/?

Tohru and Fafnir are best friends, like the relationship Kobayashi and Takiya have.They meet up sometimes when both Takiya and Kobayashi are working and Kanna is at school, to discuss human behaviour and just general small talk.

Tohru likes to give Fafnir relationship advice for him and Takiya, to which he always replies with how he’s not interested in that way. One day Fafnir comes to Kobayshi’s apartment to find Tohru, his face red and general behaviour completely off. Tohru offers him tea and biscuits, which he gladly accepts, before ranting to Tohru about how ‘humans are stupid and I can’t believe he didn’t pick up on my hints and subtle flirting and so I just full on kissed him and then he left oh no I fucked up what do I do’

Meanwhile Tohru sits there sipping her tea with a smug expression.

A maid for Ahkmenrah (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

A/N: I’ll probably do a second part of this story! So enjoy and stay tuned!

Word count: 1,488

It was a very warm night in Thebes.  You were walking across the hall to your chamber after the hard work you had to do all day. Your body was very exhausted and all you wanted to do was to lie down in your bed and sleep before you had to wake up early in the morning again. Tomorrow was going to be a hard day as well. Some royal families, who were the king’s best friends by the way, were going to pay a visit and everything had to be perfectly fine.

As you almost reached your chamber, you heard a voice calling after you. You instantly stopped in your track, turned around and looked at Kiya, a woman in her late 40’s. She was very strict and a controlling person. That’s why you and the other maids respected her, but also were afraid of her.  It was better to do everything she said and not to deal with her. Then everything was okay.

Kiya came towards you, no emotion was visible in her face. “Is there a problem, Kiya?” You asked politely, wondering what she wanted. “No,” She said.  “I’m supposed to tell you that prince Ahkmenrah wishes to see you.” You looked at her questioningly. The prince wished to see you? But why?  

“Is there any reason why he wants to see me?” You asked. Kiya only shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. But you should hurry up. Don’t let him wait.” Then she left, leaving you totally dumbfounded. There were so many questions in your head. Did you do something wrong? Were you going to be punished or even rewarded? Why did especially Ahkmenrah want to see you? You hadn’t really something to do with the young prince except for a few occasions. Normally, you served for the beautiful queen Shepseheret, his lovely mother.

With all those questions in your head, you made your way to the prince’s chamber. You felt very nervous the more closer  you came to his chamber. It was the prince after all. He was very, very handsome, kind and a caring young boy at your age. Every girl in whole Thebes would do everything to be his wife or even at the same place as he was. Sometimes you felt a bit jealous because some other maids were allowed to serve the prince themselves.

You finally arrived at your destination. Your heart pounded against your chest with a quick pace. You inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm down. Knocking on the door, you were allowed to enter Ahkmenrah’s chamber. You bowed down in front of him politely, not making any eye contact with him. What you didn’t notice was the happiness in his beautiful green orbs as he saw you.

How many time had he wait for this moment? It felt like an eternity. You had a perfect view on his muscular chest.  “Your highness wishes to see me?” You asked, eyes staring to the ground, not daring to look at the young prince. Ahkmenrah, who leaned against his window before, came towards you. You felt his body warmth radiating as he stood in front of you. “Indeed.” He spoke, his voice sounded low but smooth, causing goose bumps on your skin.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, (Y/N).” He said, lifting up your chin and forcing you to look in his eyes. You were surprised. He was watching you? For what reason? So many questions. Your body tensed, while your cheeks turned red at the same time. The fact that he was observing you the whole time without you even noticing it was very embarrassing somehow. You averted your gaze away from him, still feeling the warmth in your cheeks. “I’m sorry.” Ahkmenrah apologized. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” You shook your head.

“N-no, your highness. I’m good.” You assured although your body told him otherwise. Meanwhile, your body began to tremble slightly. “(Y/N), please calm down.” The young prince tried to soothe you. “I mean no harm to you.” You nodded you head understandingly.

“The reason why you’re here , lotus, is because I know very well what you’re going through every day.” Slowly, he put his warm hands on your cheeks, caressing them softly. “W-What do you mean, my prince?” You tried to pull away out of his grip, but you couldn’t. You felt safe with him somehow.

“I know how you’re being treated, (Y/N). Everyone is so hard on you and although you give your best, you’re never rewarded for it. Nobody is pleased with your work. You feel lonely because you don’t have any friends to talk to or to share your secrets with. And when you try to make friends with the other maids, the only thing you get is rejection. You want to be loved but you don’t get any love.”

Tears were brimming your eyes, threatened to fall down your cheeks after his speech. How did he know all that? How did he know that all you wanted and expected from others was only to be accepted and loved? You closed your eyes and tried to hold back your tears, but you failed. Warm tears were escaping your eyes. Ahkmenrah wiped them away, leaning his forehead against yours. “Shh… beautiful flower, don’t cry.” He said with a soothing voice.

“You don’t deserve to cry.” He continued speaking. “You deserve happiness and love. And I want to give that to you. I want to show you love.” Your heart stopped for a moment as you realized what he did offer to you. Instantly, you shook your head.

“I don’t mean to offend you, my prince,” You sniffed, “but I can’t accept your offer.” Ahkmenrah’s expression turned to sad abruptly. But then he realized how strange it must have been for you. It seemed like he only wanted to see her because he wanted to be close to her sexually.

He began to laugh. “(Y/N), I don’t want to use you for my own needs. I’m not that type of guy. Honestly, I care for you. You can say, I developed some feelings towards you.” You looked at him with big eyes and your mouth wide open. Did he confess his feelings for you a moment ago?

Ahkmenrah was waiting for any reaction of you, but there was none. You were too shocked right now to say something. “(Y/N), I want to show my feelings for you tonight. I know you doubt my love for you, but I swear to Ra it’s true. I fell for you the first moment I saw you entering the palace and asking my parents to serve for the royal family. Inwardly, I hoped that you would be assigned to me but it didn’t happen. I just want to spend only this night with you. “

“How can your highness be in love with me, a maid?” You mumbled. He gave a kiss on your forehead. “I love everything about you, (Y/N). You’re special.” Although you craved for this moment a long time, you knew that it wasn’t right. You also developed feelings for the young prince at the first time you saw him but pushed them aside because you were aware that they would never be returned.

You shook your head. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, my prince.”  “Why not?” You could hear a trace of disappointment in his voice. “ Are you aware of what you’re doing, your highness? You’re asking me, a maid, to spend a night with the prince. What do you mean will your father think if he finds out? He’ll punish me. Or even worse: kill me. For seducing his favorite son.”

He pushed a strand of air behind your ear. “He won’t find out.”  “What makes you so sure?” You asked curiously. “I just know. Otherwise I’ll protect you with my whole being.” You wanted to reply something, but he interrupted you as he planted his lips on yours. You didn’t respond the kiss at first out of shock, but after a little moment you also moved your lips against his. Ahkmenrah smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his hard chest. Your hands went through his soft hair, tugging at his soft curls.

Your kiss, which was innocent and gentle at first, turned into a heated make out session. Ahkmenrah lead you to his bed, slowly pushing you down and laying on top of you. He tugged at your clothes, taking them off of your body. His soft hands were caressing every inch of your body tenderly. He treated you with so much care, as if he was afraid that you could break down under his hands. Ahkmenrah gave you his whole attention, making you feel cared the whole night and showed you how important you were to him.

Now you knew what love felt like.


I made a Sacred Stonesona? Idk it just happened cause I love the twins so much…

She’s a Renais castle maid who escapes with either one of the twins (I’m thinking Eirika?). No name yet. She’s a Cleric whose canon promotion is Valkyrie but is afraid of riding horses… (She loves animals but horse riding seems just…too…high and dangerous to her)

I wanted to go along with FE8 aesthetics more but I ended up designing her whatever way I wanted… Feel free to join me in SSsona hehe~


Dragon Maid & Dragon Butler 

@ my rimworld colonists: if you shoot an animal, bring it back home. it’s not that fuckign hard. don’t just shoot the raccoon and go “all right that’s done then” and leave it in the woods. why are you fuckers so… stupid…


before they were dating justin would always try to subtly get alex to take off clothes like “alex wanna go for a swim” “those aren’t high waisted sweatpants, standall, you can tug them down a little” or maybe he accidentally walks in on alex in the locker rooms (too many times) and perhaps alex would notice and one day he lounges around bryce’s pool shirtless (i like to believe bryce went to jail but justin and the guys still crash around there bc bryces parents were never home anyways and the maids like them) but instead of loving shirtless alex justin’s a bit jealous that everyone else can see alex half naked and (after a beer or two) sweeps alex away inside the pool house away from the guys which makes alex ????? but justin, once they are out of sight, just reaches his hand out to touch the fragile boys chest and curling both hands possessively around his sides and just letting his hands guide him up and down “you’re a skinny motherfucker” “you suck at flirting” an then justin laughs n he leans forward to kiss alex who obviously obliges

mykie-doll  asked:

RFAs reaction to MC who always wears heelies

A/N: I’ve never worn heelies ;~; ~ Admin 626

-He thought they were really cool!!!
-That is, until one day you literally took off after the ice cream truck
-He couldn’t catch up!!! What if you tripped and got hurt!!! MC!!!
- literally starts saving up for a pair of his own

-Came home to his maid wiping some tire marks off the floor??
-What the fuck has tires in his penthouse?
-When you come zooming around the corner with a string and Elizabeth the Third trailing you at high speed, it made sense
-MC that’s not professional stop it
-He does think it’s cute when you grab onto his arm and skate along side him when the two of you need to get somewhere in a hurry cause of his long ass legs you cant keep up

-The two of you Heely literally everywhere
-Also like to prank each other and hide the others wheels
-”LOOK AT THESE ONES MC” “Those are ugly though” “DO IT FOR THE MEME”

-god daMMIT
-You and his brother have to wear those damn shoes ALL THE TIME
-Gets a pair just so he can have competitions with you and his brother


- obviously he isn’t the biggest fan bc every time you get into an argument you roll away???
- hell, u roll away from him when he tries to kiss just to diss him
- he’s so petty that he will take those wheels right outta ur shoes, don’t even doubt it

- your heelies look like so much fun to wear that she actually steals them???
- she LOVES wear them to work because she can roll around serving customers instead of walking
- Jaehee is actually a lazy booty confirmed
- she has to stop wearing them when one day she somehow managed to lose control and she skated through a glass door

- he never sees you in them??? Hahacauseheblind He doesn’t know you have them for the longest time???
- he did think you walked really fast but he never questioned it
- after his surgery, he sees you roll into his room???
- he finds out he loves taking photos while skating away omg

In the dead of the night

Pairing: Thomas Sharpe x Reader


Summary: You’re the daughter of one of the richest men in town, and you’re bound to inherit his business and that is how you met Sir Thomas Sharpe, a mysterious English man that is just about to find out that you rule town and you want things your way, and your way only.

A/N: I’ve never done a Thomas one shot, and actually, this was a mere exception for a dear person of mine. Enjoy!

Originally posted by mercilessraven

You saw him walking out of the main office. His suit seemed to be a bit old; you could tell from afar, but it was quite well-kept for the years it must have had. His black hair was longer than the usual for a man, and if you really looked at him, behind that pristine skin, he showed some sort of misery, the typical misery from a life that was most probably not easy.

He was tired; the bags under his eyes gave him away, but you couldn’t quite decipher if it was because of the long journey from one side of the ocean to the other, or because his soul was a rather tired one. You were taken away from your thoughts as your boss coughed loudly next to you. You took a deep breath and looked up at him.

“Miss (Y/L/N),” Mr. Hughes started with his deep voice, “could you please take our future associate somewhere nice tonight?” He pointed at the slim, tall man with his fat fingers. “Maybe going out for dinner? Perhaps a show at the theater? Get creative.”

“What do I look like to you, Mr. Hughes?” You asked in a melodic voice. “You know, there are special women for that job, and as far as I am concerned, I am not that, am I?” you smiled widely and from the corner of your eye you saw the man, the future associate, trying to hold back his laughter. “And I’m quite sure he’s a grown up man and he could get by on his own, right?” Mr. Hughes tried to say something, but his words got stuck on his tongue.

“As much as I’d like to, ma’am,” the black haired man chimed in, with a dazzling English accent, “I have arrived here just a few days ago, and I still don’t quite know my way around town, but it seems like you have something else to do, so it’s quite alright—”

“Well,” you sighed dramatically, “someone’s got to save the company, right?” You rolled your eyes in exhaustion. “Lucky you, I’m the heir to this so-called throne,” you stood up and extended your hand to the English, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you, and I hope after tonight we can really be associates,” you flashed a smile, ignoring everything that happened around you, Mr. Hughes included. His green eyes were like a siren’s song and you were nothing but a fool sailor on the way to doom.

“Sir Thomas Sharpe,” he held your hand in his pale one, and leaned forward to gently brush his lips on the back of it, “the pleasure is all mine, I hope.”

“Mr. Hughes,” you said as you took your jacket from the back of the chair, “if my father comes tell him I’m making business, nothing to worry about.” You pulled from Sir Thomas’s hand and lead the way out of the office.

You took him for a walk near the park, just to get to know him better. He was Sir Thomas Sharpe, the last Sharpe –along with his sister—in a long line of Sharpes. He had a big, old, house back in the mother land and he had nothing to rely on more than the family business that had been kept forever: clay mining; something you never thought it could be a thing. His sister, Lady Lucille, hadn’t married, and she still lived with him; unfortunately –not for you—she wasn’t able to come along with him so she had to stay at home taking care of both the house and the business.

“Are you and your sister very close?” You asked. “For the way you speak of her, you must be.”

“Quite close, yes,” he nodded, but in his voice you could tell there was a taint of gloominess.

“And do you miss her?” You bit your bottom lip nervously. “Do you wish she was here now?”

“Not as much as you would think,” he shrugged carelessly, and obviously absent from the conversation. Once he felt the tension in the air, he asked, “and do you have any more siblings?”

“They all died at a very young age,” you shook your head, “I am supposed to be the oldest, but truth is that in time, I’ve become an only child,” you sighed, looking away, “my youngest brother took my mother away when I was just 10.”

“I’m so very sorry to hear that,” he gulped, finding your eyes with his piercing ones; for a minute, and even though you were sitting, your knees felt week. “So, are we really going out for dinner tonight?”

“Yes, I’ll make the reservation and pick you up at 9. Be ready,” you smiled wickedly and kissed his cheek goodbye. For a woman your age, you were quite the daredevil and all girls gave you a nasty look just because you couldn’t care less for their opinions.

Just a few minutes past 9 you arrived to the restaurant that you had so carefully picked. The food was incredible, and with his company, it tasted even better. With a bit of liquor, Sir Thomas seemed a lot more eager to share his secrets; a life of abandonment, the constant pressure that his sister put on his shoulders, and even the need for freedom that he longed so badly and that in just a few days he was getting. He did say he envied you, for being the only child of a very loving father, and the freedom and financial independency you had from it.

“A woman involved with the economy and money?” Sir Thomas asked as he took the glass to his lips. You tried to look away, but the way they pressed against the clear glass was absolutely mesmerizing. “America is quite a wonder, isn’t it? Are you sure you’re not interested in politics as well?” He laughed, showing his perfect teeth in his wide smile. You noticed how his nose wrinkled and his eyes slightly closed; you wondered how long had he been without laughing so purely.

“Things are not that much different in this side of the pond, Sir Thomas,” you replied with a quick rise of your brows and a slight smile. “Although women do give me a strange look whenever I go around, apparently I don’t fit in the pattern. You’d have to live here a lifetime just to start understanding my conception of the American way. I can’t imagine how things would be like in England.”

“They are much different, as you could assume,” he give you a quick nod, “and are you happy with the life you’re living? Doesn’t it get a bit lonely?”

“I don’t know,” you replied with a sigh, “I have to admit that sometimes it does; men are too afraid of my personality and my only friends are the maids at home. I talk to them a lot because I don’t want to worry papa with my nonsense, he’s got a lot of work on his own to be worrying about the female struggles,” you shrugged and took the glass to your lips and let the amberish liquid run down your throat. “But I think my life is bound to be very busy in a matter of years so probably I will have no time for a husband.”

After hours of conversation and drinking, your head felt a little light and your senses were numbed by the amount of beverage you just had. It was not a common thing that you could drink like a man, but with such a great companion and with an even greater conversation, hours flew away and alcohol ran down your throat like water.

Somehow, you woke up the next day wrapped in the comfort of your sheets but you were not sure of how you’d made it there. Your maid knocked softly and made her way inside your room with a silver tray full of things so you could recover your energies.

“A fine, English gentleman came around earlier today,” Anna said in a melodic and accusing voice, giving you a knowing smile, “and he wanted to see you.”

“What did you tell him?” You hurriedly asked, feeling less hangover now.

“That you weren’t feeling alright,” she assured you, “but he promised to pay you a visit at 7,” just when she was about to leave the room, she turned her head to you and said: “Beware, (Y/N),” her voice was now more serious, “he might be English and charming, and have a pair of green eyes that would make any woman melt from the inside, but even I can tell he’s a fortune hunter. Do what you want with him, but don’t let him trick you.”

“I thought you knew me better, Anna,” you took a hand to your chest, “he might be everything you said, but I have an empire to look after when the day comes. I have greater things in mind rather than a man who might only like me for the fortune I have… Papa raised me well,” you replied; it took you a second to realize how cold your words sounded and how cold-hearted you actually were. “And he did not raise a fool, at least not entirely.” She sighed in relief and left you alone with a hunger that was out of this world.

At 7, and as promised, Sir Thomas Sharpe was welcomed inside the house. You came down the long staircase wearing a long, baby blue dress. Anna came down with you, giving you her final warnings on the English. You told her that you knew quite well what you were doing, but being completely honest, the minute you saw him there you were lost. His eyes were all you could see, and the necessity of making him reveal his deepest secrets grew ardent in you; well, not only that, but also the need of undressing him to witness how England blessed the men.

You invited him to have dinner together; just the two of you again, and he seemed a lot more reserved than at the restaurant. Michael, your butler was there to keep an eye on the stranger just as Anna told him. Nevertheless, he was still as charming as usual.

The night was still warm; summer was on its highest point and people walked around town as if nothing could ever interrupt their happiness. You told Michael that you’d go for a little walk and that you wanted to be alone for “as long as you needed.”

“Sir Thomas,” you said, when you were far enough from the house, “you ought to know that I’m the kind of woman who always gets what she wants, always” you smiled wickedly, “and I hope my intentions with you meet yours towards me. If you don’t feel the same, then it’s quite alright and we will never speak of it—”

Sir Sharpe interrupted you by cupping your face with his slim hands and pulling you closer, crashing his lips on yours to kiss you so ardently, yet so softly that you thought you’d melt right there. Your hands held on to his wrists, not wanting to let go of him because he was without a doubt the best thing he had happened to you in many years.

He seemed so eager to have you in his arms, to be finally able to kiss you even though it hadn’t even been 24 hours since you two had met. It wasn’t love, you were sure about that, but what you felt for him was more than that and you didn’t need to put a name or label on it. You felt something for Sir Thomas Sharpe, and that was all you wanted to know. Well, that, and that he was apparently on the same page as you.

You were not sure how, but in just a matter of seconds –or at least that’s how it seemed in your mind—you were back at the house, completely unseen by the staff. You took him to your bedroom, and after you locked the door as you usually did, the fun and games begun.

He kissed you again, and walked you to the soft mattress in which you fell, and in the dead of the night you’d surely go unnoticed. You slid away from your dress and started peeling off his vest and shirt. The garments revealed a pale skin that seemed to shine under the moonlight, and there were also some rough parts on it. His childhood must have been difficult, otherwise you couldn’t explain why there were scars on such canvas.

His long fingers traced your side, moving along with your curves and melting with your skin to be just one. His lips parted from yours to kiss their way down your breasts and stomach, reaching your throbbing innermost thighs, where his free fingers lazily played with your sex, making you squirm and tremble under his greedy touch.

“So sensitive,” he growled in between kisses, “so ready.”

He positioned in between your spread legs and when you were about to beg him to fuck you senseless, his mouth was capturing your bud and sucking hard on it. You threw your head back and had to suppress a loud moan. Your hands tangled with his soft hair and kept him in place while he worked your folds so right that you couldn’t have sworn you were seeing stars, and not exactly those up in the sky.

Once he decided it was enough torture, he kicked off his pants and positioned himself on top of you. With his hands on the sides of your body, he began thrusting; slowly at first, so you could have the time to adjust to his size. He had his forehead pressed against yours, and when you started to feel better, you nodded to let him know that he could increase his speed, which he happily complied.

He glued your lips to you just for the sake of keeping you silent as he had you at his mercy; you wanted him to do whatever he wanted with you. You were his, and he was yours. He pounded you hard and fast, and it was blissful. You were a mess; a shaking, sweaty and complete mess.

After coming, he stayed with you, caressing your hair and just being a complete sweetheart. He looked at you with the most loving eyes someone had ever given you, and if it wasn’t for Anna’s words earlier that day, you would have given him everything.

You covered yourself with the silk robe that hung on the door of the wardrobe, and saw Sir Thomas as he dressed up again. His eyes were shining, and when he looked at you, a wide smile spread on his thin lips.

“I have to go,” Sir Thomas said as he buttoned up his shirt and fixed his hair, “my time here is very little…” if you didn’t know better, you could say he didn’t really want to leave. “Thank you, for an interesting evening and a pleasant night,” he bowed his head.

“Sir Thomas…” you bit your bottom lip, reaching out your hand to hold his, “if you ever come back… we might have another dinner just the two of us, wouldn’t you like that?” You lingered with his fingers, tangling yours and not even looking at him; if you had, perhaps you would have told him to stay there with you for an eternity.

“(Y/N),” he placed his free hand under your chin and made you look up, “you have made me the happiest man in just a matter of hours and I can never thank you enough for that,” his voice was softer than ever, “but you know I cannot stay here even if I wanted to…”

“I know,” you nodded, shaking your head, “but first…” you placed your hand behind his head and pulled him for one last kiss. “Thank you,” you sighed.

You walked him to the backdoor, making sure no one would see him sneaking out; he was one with the shadows and soon after, he disappeared from your sight and your life.

Brown moms: my daughter should be able to cook and clean and manage an entire home on her own without assistance and also have a degree from a good university and also a nice job

Brown moms: you need a husband who can give you money in exchange for you being his maid at home

Brown moms: my son is going to be my support in my life and take care of me

Brown moms: but he doesn’t need to cook or know how a washing machine works all he does is make money my bahu will take care of everything else

Brown moms: isn’t my son so accomplished and successful and independent and wonderful. Daughter who??????